5 Pillars Made Plain – When Do We Give Zakat, Almsgiving

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. Welcome, I'm Abdullah oduro. When do we pay the cat?

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When do we pay the cat? Well, that varies based on the commodities are based on the actual product, as we mentioned from the products of the cat are gold and silver, and what derives from that crop yields or what comes out of the Earth from agricultural products or minerals and treasures, livestock, from from camels, cows goats in sheep's, and also business inventory. These are the four things. Generally when we talk about the majority of them from gold and silver, there is a lunar year that must elapse. And then the lunar year we're talking about the Islamic Hijri calendar, not the Gregorian calendar, not January to January but rather ramadan ramadan. And this is important

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because the lunar calendar differs from the Gregorian solar calendar by 11 days it is approximately 11 days less so you will see Ramadan shift every year. So it's very important to calculate and start from the lunar calendar. Once that surplus wealth that you have has elapsed, a lunar year has elapsed on its surplus wealth you have then you take 2.5% of that. Now, there is also something called the nisab. Or that is the ultimate threshold as we mentioned, and as a cat as an obligatory amount of your surplus wealth, once it reaches a certain threshold or a certain amount. So gold in particular is 85 grams of gold. And silver roughly is 595 grams, this is rough between 85 and 87

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grams of gold and silver, the likes 595 grams roughly, if you have what is equivalent to 85 grams of gold, and that has set for a lunar year, then you take 2.5% of it. So we see here roughly today, gold is roughly 85 grams of gold is around $4,190. So let's say it's $4,190 85 grams of gold. If that is set in your bank account being cash, which is a derivative of gold being cashed, if you have $4,190 in your bank account that has set from the first a Ramadan, till the first of Ramadan, the next year, you take that amount, and you multiply it by point 025. Or they say 2.5%, or you can divide it by 40. So if we were to look at today, on our calculator, the amount of 85 grams of gold

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in cash is roughly $4,190. If that $4,190 has set in my bank account for a lunar year, let's say the first of Ramadan, till the next year the first of Ramadan, then I would take that $4,190 multiply that by point 025, which would come out to roughly $140, I would take that $140. And I would give the cat accordingly. And the same goes for silver, whatever the amount is, at the day of you giving the cat you take that amount. And if it is in cash to the equivalent of 595 grams of silver, you would take that multiply that by 2.5. And you would pay this a cat on that. So a lunar year is a condition for the the cattle amount concerning crop yields. It's a little specific if there is in

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irrigation induced labor, then one would take 5% of that. And if it's not irrigation induce labor, there's no labor but you still have the crop yields then it would be 10%. Now the amounts it which is considered these acceptable wealth, or the threshold is roughly around what they call humps. It's also five oh sock, which is roughly around 653 kilograms. Now alumier doesn't have to elapse on that once it reaches that, then you would take the 5% or the 10% depending on if there is irrigation induce labor. As far as animals, it gets a little more descriptive. And we're not going to get into all that here. But just to give an example are really the general rule is that depending on the

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animal, once they reach a certain number that is that is the actual is a castable amount. So for instance, goats and sheep, once they reach 40, then you have to give one sheep. So when we talk about animals depending on the animal, it will change and camels For instance, if it reaches five, once you reach five camels, then you have to give one sheep not a camel. So seeing that there is difference and a little more explicit and it gets a little more, more once the number increases.

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Then you will have to give more of a certain animal. And this study Ivan gets a little more descriptive when talking about the type of animal that is given to where it may transition from one calf to what is called a bit mahato, where it'll be a female young female cow. So, when we see here roughly, when giving the cat, there is a certain timeframe. Once it reaches in that timeframe has elapsed, then you would take 2.5% or divided by 40. From that amount, or if it is a certain amount from your crop yields or that which you have found from treasures, you would take 20% or 2.5, depending on which opinion you may follow, and you would pay the cat accordingly. So in conclusion,

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when looking at the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And taking from your surplus wealth, and taking an amount of your surplus wealth, not the surplus, but taking a specified amount from that. When we look at this, on a yearly basis, the community is providing for one another. And that's exactly what the prophet peace and blessings be upon him. He mentioned to one of the companions when he was talking about buying and selling. He said, Let mankind provide for one another, but I'm NASA, about Obama, let mankind provide for one another. The more the dollar bill goes through the hands in a local community, the more we are investing in our local businesses, and do we even say to a degree

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national businesses, and even on an international level, we can invest globally, but when the dollar bill circulates through the hands of the people, firstly the immediate community then after that, that is benefiting the general community. Which if you fit when you think about it makes us more like a family that we're spending on each other that we look after each other. As we will learn the cat is not only for the poor, the cat is for people that are not the the eligible to pays a cat. So if you are not a person that is eligible to pays a cat, you are a person that is eligible to receive the cat and it's not a condition that you are poor. So we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us of

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those that are truthful with ourselves and with Allah when it comes to paying this charity or paying this money, or means of helping our society and empowering those that need to be empowered as someone akin to a better captain. Thank you