Yasir Qadhi – Understanding the Ruling and Wisdom of Hijab – Ask Shaykh YQ #262

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss negative impacts on men and women due to pornography, including negative health and loss of bodies, the decline in marriage and fertility, and drug addiction. They also emphasize the importance of shaping women in context of women's health and fitness requirements, and address the need for parents to address their religious views. The speaker emphasizes acknowledging the reality of the situation and working towards a bare minimum job, while also highlighting the importance of not giving up on anyone and art.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Ali, he was something big mind about. So this is a continuation of part two of our lecture that I gave I began last week about the reality of the hijab. And last week, I had mentioned the fact that the hijab has become a symbol between a very brutal battle of two different camps, it is no longer about the woman's head covering, it is about identity. It is about, frankly, one civilization, the Western civilization, trying to super impose its understanding upon our Shetty on our understanding, and this is happening around the globe, whether it's in France, whether it's in

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whether it is in India, and of course, I forgot to mention I got a lot of mixed messages Quebec and right up north, right from from us up north in Canada. So it's happening all over the world. So I wanted to talk a little bit about that from a sociological perspective. That was last week. This week, we're going to move on and talk about the issue of the covering more from a textual ie from the Quran and from the Sunnah perspective. And before I begin, again, I have to take a step back, because the topic has become so charged and so sensitive that it is important that we give these disclaimers. The the the sensitivity arises from the fact that some people say that men are always

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obsessed with what women wear and don't wear, and they're telling women what they should do and what they should not do. And there's a level of irritation that comes from this. It's an understandable nuisance. So in this lecture, I want to ask you to ignore the speaker, and ignore the speaker's gender and ignore everything about the speaker, and listen to the speech. Because this is not from me, I will be quoting you the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala I'll be quoting the Quran, and I'll be explaining the Quran. And I asked you, if you disagree with my explanation, then you have every right to go challenge it, but do it from within Academic parameters. If you disagree with what the

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Quran is saying, then in you say My interpretation is incorrect, that's fine, then show me where and ignore my gender. So when I'm speaking today, please ignore who I am. And listen to the content of the speech. Because what is really interesting when it comes to the issue of men's and women's hour, because both men and women have a certain hour and a certain protocol, that when it comes to this hour, the Quran is actually very explicit. And the fact of the matter is that you know, unlike most accounts of the Shetty, I want you to have to go to a hadith for details. Generally speaking, when it comes to the issue of hijab, we don't even really need to go to the Hadith, the Quran itself is

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sufficient. And it gives us the broad parameters, that hadith just fills in some missing details and whatnot. But before we began with the hijab, and once again, I have to do this because I understand this topic is very sensitive. Before I jump to the hijab, I'm going to go to a society where there is no hijab. And I'm going to start from the alternative paradigm. So here we are, saying that our Shetty I says men and women should cover up and our Shetty, I says men and women have this protocol. And our Shetty says that men and women have to act this way. Okay, I'm going to get there in a while, before I get there. What is the reality of a society that abandons these laws? What happens

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when there is no our what happens when there is promiscuity? What happens when there's no regulation whatsoever when it is a free for all? Well, we live in one such society, where by and large, the rise of social media and the rise of the Internet. And by the way, today's talk will be somewhat explicit. So any, nothing that explicitly is still I'm going to be mentioning issues like * and whatnot. So if you feel uncomfortable as a parent that is between you but I'm not going to mention, you know, anything that explicit but this is a reality that even nine year old understands sometimes better than their parents do, unfortunately, but I will mention some effects

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of what happens when you remove these restrictions. Because the Arabs have a saying by the opposites. Do you appreciate what you're talking about? By the opposites do appreciate what you're talking about. When you study the opposite. You appreciate

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The subject at hand. So here we are talking about the hijab and covering of women and covering of protocol. Okay, before we get there, what happens when you remove the hijab, and what happens when it's a free for all, and what happens when we have the rise of social media and explicit images everywhere, and promiscuity, and * in almost every single household on Earth, because we are now seeing for the first time in human history, the effects of promiscuity at a global level, the effects of explicit images, they're still being studied, because this is the first generation. This is the first generation in human history where your average teenager in the broader society has

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been exposed to more * than all of his ancestors combined. Think about that. This is the first time this is happening. So we're studying the impact and the effects. And there is a general consensus in the psychiatric community amongst academic researchers, that the adverse effects of sexually explicit images that the harmful nature of *, we cannot fully still grasp it. But overall, there is almost a consensus that the harms far outweigh any perceived goods that might be there. And in fact, the harms are direct and tangible. You can measure those harms, you can actually measure those harms quite a few studies have been done, about the effects of *, on the

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family, and on the breakdown of the family, and even on the structure of the family. And again, I have to be just a little bit explicit here. But * destroys a man's manhood, a father cannot become a father, there has been a direct linkage between * and between the fact that young men cannot actually become fathers. They're not capable of being fathers and producing children. There's a direct correlation between * and between Edie, a study by the Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine survey 28,000 men, and they found that the addiction to * lead to a lower sexual drive in their actual lives, they cannot function as biological human beings,

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because they're in an imaginary world, think about that. They're in an imaginary world online. So their real lives under real families become impacted. And we now see, for the first time in human history, young men are not able to be intimate with their spouses, because they're addicted to images, and not actual women, they want images, and they're not finding what they want in the actual real world. And this is linked to the decline in both marriage and in fertility. Marriage is at its lowest in all of Western history. Marriage, the institution of marriage is at its lowest in its in Western history. And that is because when you have these explicit images, and the easy hookup

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culture becomes prevalent, while then the incentive for a young man to become a man to because realize, again, this is a very deep topic. But you know, 100 years ago for all of human history, a young man had strong motivation to get a career, get a job, get his act together, earn an income, live a decent and dignified life, because he had to be a suitable partner, he had to find and propose to a lady who's going to marry him, if he doesn't have a career or a job, he needs to start a family he needs to satisfy his human desires. Well, what's going to happen when those desires can be satisfied without a biological woman? What's going to happen when there's all of these fake

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images when promiscuity is everywhere, all of a sudden, that desire to be a man, that desire to have a career. And that's why and again, I mean, this is a blunt topic, but there is a reason why so many young men even into their 20s and 30s, they're sitting at home on their couches, playing ps4 and not having careers. Frankly, there's a reason for this, right? And it's not just *, but it is definitely one of the causes. Also we have seen and this is one of the worst manifestations of this of this disease of * is that * is now viewed as an actual addiction. There is actually statistics and surveys to demonstrate that what happens to drug addicts, what happens to

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drug users, what happens to alcoholics, the same thing happens in the brain of those people that are addicted to all of this fascia, and the amount of time that is wasted. The amount of money that is wasted. The dopamine effects of watching this type of filth because there's a chemical release to happy chemicals called dopamine. Dopamine is the same chemical that cocaine releases, it is released with these factors or images, right, the same chemical is released. So that dopamine effect that is now being released in men when they become addicted to this. It is literally like a drug. They crave it. They're addicted to it.

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Just like a drug, after a while you become immune, what do you have to do? increase, increase. So just like a drug, same thing goes for this filth, this genre of evil, that you might start off with one genre, then it gets worse and worse and it gets violent and it gets even more filthy, because that's what happens when you are addicted. And one study by Pew estimated that over $40 billion in America is lost of potential revenue, because people waste their time while they should be an office while they should be working. Instead of working. They're surfing the net for these filthy genres right? $40 billion of income to just this one country, this is a guesstimate is lost because people

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are not spending time doing their work, and instead surfing the net for this type of filth. Now, obviously, there has also been a direct correlation between violence against women and * and between objectifying women, and between *, and *. Again, all of this is statistics that have nothing to do with their religion. Before I get to the religion, we need to tell the society why they need religion before I get to Allah and his messenger says, We need to explain what Allah says there's a wisdom to it. And if you open your eyes and you see the reality, you understand the wisdom of what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, these types of filth and this genre,

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it directly corrupts the minds of young men, they have an unrealistic expectation of what it means to be a woman, and how does one interact with a woman? And how does one rule a woman and even how is one intimate with a lady, even within marriage, these types of men, they cannot act normally. And brothers and sisters, I have to tell you, Wallahi it is sad and distressing. I constantly get messages constantly from our own sisters, begging me to give public talks about this. Do you really think that this filth is not prevalent amongst us? Do you really think that we are living in some bubble and we are not affected by this? Our own sisters have emailed me constantly, every few days,

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I get some similar type of email, she discovers her husband is addicted. Now she understands why her husband doesn't love her the way he's supposed to love her. And she feels literally one sister said I feel stabbed in my heart. I can't compete with this. I feel my self worth is gone. I don't feel like a woman to him. I feel disgusted to be around him. Now I understand why he cannot, you know, be with me the way that our husbands should be. This is the constant genre of emails I'm getting, because and by the way, of course majority are our brothers. But no, no doubt. Yeah, it's a two way street. And sometimes the women are also you know, addicted to this. But as we know, generally

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speaking, the addiction happens amongst the male side. And our sisters and women, not just our Muslim women, women overall, they suffer from severe self esteem issues. How can you compete with every supermodel out there? How can you possibly compete? Imagine if our sisters didn't have to compete. Imagine a society where all men and women dressed decently imagine that society where everybody dressed decently in such a society. Every single average young man, an average young woman, when they got to the age of marriage, they would appear super handsome and super beautiful to one another. In that society. When a woman and man are not competing with the latest supermodels,

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then marriage would be healthy. Generally speaking, sexuality within marriage would be healthy. Every husband would be attracted to his wife, every wife would love her husband because there's no competition, no drama, but what's going to happen when you remove Allah's calm of the shitty? What's gonna happen when the most beautiful top point zero 1% of women are displayed everywhere with nothing left to the imagination. How can the 99.9% of others compete not just that those 0.01% They're not even real, they're fake images. They're photoshopped or they're, you know, generated with plastic and surgery. How do you expect the average lady whom Allah has blessed to be feminine?

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How can she compete with the point 0001 imaginary percent? That's why Allah azza wa jal shut this door shut this door completely. Because this genre corrupts the mind this genre destroys the reality of manhood and femininity, and SubhanAllah. Again, this needs to be said here that what what worse methodology of corrupting our young men and women then by opening the door of capitalism and combining with immortality, when you have no higher in Adam Testa, hey first nama shoot, as the President said, when you have no higher do as you please, what is going to happen when a struggling vulnerable 1920 year old 18 year old struggling to work a decent job 10 out to 10 to $10 an hour and

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she is told hey, I can give you you know $1,000 In a day by just doing something for her show. I could sit on your in your home and log on to your account.

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didn't create you know some of these filthy websites and do it from your home and you can generate 510 $1,000 a month, what's going to happen to this young lady who wants to have a job, she's not old enough to understand the repercussions. She's just thinking, okay 510 $1,000 is better than going and toiling in a factory or going to some, you know, a, you know, some type of industry or whatnot. Let me just do this. And she doesn't understand the scars, the mental trauma that is going to happen. Billions of dollars are wasted in this filth and fascia. And one of these Yandy websites. I don't want to mention its name. It has over 200 million subscribers, and it has opened the door for

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every single person, every young lady to be in her room and the entire world of filthy creepy men are paying to see her what to evil combination of capitalism and immorality. And of course, as we're all aware, 1/3 of the intranet downloads are related to fascia and *, can you imagine 1/3 of the internet, and its downloads are related to this fascia and ridiculousness. And of course, the stories go on and on. And again, the any, these are things that will lie, I hesitate to say, but people need to hear and if it stops, even any one of you from going here, I've done my job. I apologize for being so explicit in this talk. But you know what brothers, especially brothers

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Wallahi, don't think that we are immune, don't think that your own sons and people are don't know what's going on here. We are all affected by the fascia around us. So if you feel uncomfortable, somebody has to lay the facts out for you. This whole industry is meant to corrupt the minds, it is meant to prey on vulnerable young women who don't know any better, who think that it's just a matter of a few weeks or months, you know, and I have to mention one particular famous story that was in the New York Times and all people are mentioning it, an out of Lady and out of young lady suffering from depression, from family issues, decided to enter this industry. She was 19 years old, she

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didn't have a job, she didn't have money. And she became the number one in this fashion industry. The number one this is a few years ago. And she became one of the most viewed and what not she generated not millions, hundreds of millions of dollars, understand this hundreds of millions of dollars for that evil industry. And then later she exposed the very industry she was a part of. And now she has many articles. She's launched a website, and she said for all of that I've done I suffer from trauma. I take you know antidepressants now I'm thinking of suicide, my whole life is gone. Everywhere I go, I feel disgusted and dirty. And all that I got she said was $12,000 that's all they

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paid her. They got hundreds of millions, they got hundreds of millions off of her. And for her work, she just got some pennies. And now her whole life is gone. And now she says to young ladies out there, do not make my mistake, don't go down this path. Understand there are repercussions when you do this to yourself. See, this is what happens when you remove hire, and you remove modesty and you remove hijab and you have a complete free for all and brothers especially and also sisters, there's lots of good material out there that's clean, you can watch it and understand it. Many TED talks about the dangers of *, go on to YouTube and say TED Talk * T D Ted you know,

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Ted Talk TED talk for an hour, you'll find multiple where people have discussed the academic side of the dangers of fire show. And there's many good documentaries as well on this issue. And by the way, before I get to now, the Islamic side of things. Please, anybody who's still thinking that men and women are the same biologically, Allah who wake up and smell the coffee. This industry shatters this ridiculous myth, this industry, of * and of escorts and of arrangements and of sugaring and of online and all of this * this industry completely demolishes this ridiculous myth that is being propagated by the politically woke leftist crowd of our times where they said that go

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to Cologne, the man is not like the woman, this industry it is predominantly catered by and to and from men and it is exploiting vulnerable women completely this is well known here. Allah created the two of us differently, we all have our weaknesses. And when it comes to explicit images, clearly the weakness is more in the one gender and so the other gender is taken advantage of the point is brothers and sisters before we get to what Allah azza wa jal has told us, let us understand. When Allah tells us to do something, it is for our own good and we see what happens when we don't obey Allah and His messenger. This is the reality of the world that we live in. Well, we as Muslims have

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to understand from reality and turn to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. The damages of this of this entire industry are long term, not short term, and shaytaan himself wanted to

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This to be his main tactic and the story of Adam that I'm doing in my Wednesday. Halaqaat I have a whole lecture about the story of Adam and *. Because Allah says in the Quran yeah Benny Adam are Children of Adam life Dinan Nakamura Shavon make sure shaytaan does not cause you to slip and fall like he caused your parents to be expelled from Jenner by exposing their nakedness. Notice literally in the Quran. Ian's your own Humala, Basa, Huma leiomyoma, Swati Hema, he caused them to become naked, and he caused their outer to become exposed and to be expelled from Jenna. Allah says oh Children of Adam do not fall for the traps of shaitaan This is explicit in the Quran, Allah is

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saying the primary mechanism to be expelled from Jenna and one of the main goals of shaitaan because this opens the door to destroy a man's psyche to destroy family to destroy the building block of society. When Fae Asia becomes prevalent when * becomes prevalent, it destroys the backbone of society and that is why Allah says life Tina comerciais THON don't let shaytaan cause you to go astray by taking your clothes off. And Allah says in the Quran in the same Surah your bunny Adam, but the answer Natalie calmly Boston we have sent clothes down to you. Allah blessed us with clothes like he blessed us with rain like he blessed us with the Quran and Sunnah. Allah says We sent down

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the rain, Allah says We sent down the Quran and Allah says We sent down clothes, even close is a divine gift from Allah to us. Now, all of this was a huge introduction, so that we understand that there is a psychological and a and a societal reason why Allah has ordained men and women both to have their hours covered up with that, let us now get to the the meat of the matter if you like the crux of today's talk, and that is what is the requirement of a covering. And of course, because the talk is about women's hijab, we're gonna you know, talk about the Women's Gender, obviously realize men also have an hour, and men also have to cover and that's a more detailed talk, but generally

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speaking between the navel and the knee, and the outer, for the man is different, but between the navel and the neither requirements are the same, must have loose cannot be tight, cannot be see through, so the navel and the knee. And also when the man is praying that the chest must be covered as well, just like a woman has an extra hour when she is praying. So to the man when he is praying than his upper body must also be covered, he cannot pray with his upper body uncovered. So a man must have the navel to the knee covered at any time in public. And when he is praying, he must put a shirt on, okay, women have a different outer. That's what we're going to talk about today. And our

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talk today will be about her outer in front of other men. As for the prayer order, that's a fifth class. Now I'm going to because time is limited, I'm going to restrict myself to two verses in the Quran. And I want you to go back home and read these verses.

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These verses, they are all that you need for the hijab of a woman that they're all that you need. It's amazing that the Quran includes the major tenants of the hijab within it, that hadith just add certain factors that are there, but you don't really need a hadith in this regard to understand the rulings of hijab, the hijab, the rulings of hijab, they came down in the fifth year of the hedgerow to be more precise little card of the fifth year of the hedgerow. And it is interesting to note that the rulings of hijab were revealed as one of the final rulings of Islam. They were not the first way before this was the Salah, the Siyam, the Yeah, the fasting of Ramadan, you know, most of the hoodoo

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ordinances that came down before this. So one of the final things revealed was that of the hijab, and that's puts us into perspective that yes, indeed, hijab is important, but you cannot equate hijab with salah or hijab would slam hijab is a fold, but it's not to the same level of followed as any of the other can of Islam. Nonetheless, it is the fault and Allah revealed it in the fifth year of the hedgerow in the month of the quarter. And there are two primary verses that we need to study number one is suited to new verse 31. And number two, is suitable Azov 59 memorize these verses, nor 31 and Zarb 59. And I want you to go and read these verses on your own, but I'm going to explain

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them with some level of Tafseer. So new 3132 33 onwards, new 31. Allah says, Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and to be modest, that is better for them. Indeed, Allah is aware of what you do. So the verses of hijab began with the men's gaze. So before we jump to what women should wear, men begin with ourselves, tell the believing men to lower their gaze, whenever you feel lost or what not lower your

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gaze that's where it begins and to be modest and that is better and pure for them. Indeed Allah is aware of what they do now and tell the believing women to lower their gaze and to be modest, then Allah so exact same. Then Allah says wala ueber Deen, Xena Tahuna Illa Malveaux Hora minha and let them not display their beauty. Let them not display their Xena, Xena is anything that beautifies anything that jewelry is beautification. Your body is a type of Xena. Allah is saying let them not display. So there is an obligation for them to not display their beauty in Lama Vihara minha except that which is apparent that which they cannot control. So notice here Allah is saying, they have a

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requirement, women have an extra requirement than men because this, this phrase does not appear in the men's verse. And again, as I explained to you look at the reality, men and women have different fitness. The fitness of women is different than the fitna of men. And indeed, Allah knows. So the fitna of men is the body of a woman, the fitna of men is the figure of woman, as I said, forget all of this gender stuff, economics and advertisements and the TV and all that we have shows this reality. When you want to lower the man to buy something, what do you use the body of a woman and it's rarely advice of versus not the other way around. So the point being, Allah says, And let women

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not reveal their beauty except what is apparent. The meaning here, you badeen is a verb attributed to the women and let women not make apparent that which is beautiful, except what is beyond their control in lamb Alva Hora Mina. So what Allah is saying, what is beyond your control, even Abbas said the silhouette of a woman, she can't control her silhouette, some women are thin, some women are larger, someone and are tall. This is a Vahagn minha you can't control that. Allah is not going to call you to ask for that. But what you can control you must control then Allah explains what does this mean? And this is the key phrase here. And in this phrase, most of the rulings of hijab are

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given. Allah says what a yellow ribbon be homodyne hinda Allah Gu behind the four words, these four words summarize one of the main principles of hijab while your booty Obinna beholding Hiner Isla Gu be hinda What are your una is the command and they must the WoW and the Lamb The Lamb is the must and you must the shows it is obligatory and you must draw your home or over your Jube so Dora by here means to draw shut borrow by humans to bring together okay because when you Baba you bring two things together. So barraba to bring things together, while your buddy winner be Homare Hiner Allah to up him and let them bring together their Homer over Allah there do you so we have to explain what

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is homework and what is due. And when we explain this really it becomes crystal clear what the Quran is telling you.

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Let them draw their home or Homer is the plural of Famer.

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And Mr comes from hamara. And hamara means to conceal or to cover. camara means to conceal or to cover. And that's why alcohol is called what is alcohol called an Arabic Hummer with a sukoon on the meme Hummer. Why? Because it conceals the Mind Your mind is lost when you become drunk. When you drink, drink, drink your mind is concealed. So it's called Hummer, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded the Hadith in Bukhari OMA Salam, he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded hum Meru Ania TOCOM hum Maru your Ania your your covers before you go to sleep your your water bottles before you go to sleep. The problem said cover your water bottles like don't let

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some mice or some dirty things come in. Come middle Ania TOCOM there's an open bottle open a canister of food by the way this is surrounded by the way it is so now we should memorize this sooner in the fridge is fine but you just leave it outside is just sitting there to cover it up. Hum Maru and the Atacama Desert eaten Bukhari. What does hum Mara here mean? What did I say camara means to cover? Hum Mara, you cause it to be covered. So hum Maru Ania TOCOM. And in ancient Arabic kaymar Was any covering for a man or a woman that covers the head. This is what came out was because it's covering the head. And we learned this that even men's college

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I was called tomorrow we have in the famous Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Can Am Sacco either houfy Well, himari he would wipe both over the socks and Mr.

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What does it mean? He would wipe over the hoof and the hammer? The hope is what you put on your foot and the EMR with the process of work, Mr. Yes, he wouldn't ancient Arabic because the Jamaat here means turbine. The EMR means turbine. So the prophets are some kind of em sakru either houfy Well, himari he would wipe over the SOC and the HEMA, you know, the processes turbine, you know, drop it in turbine, so it is permissible for the one who has a fully wrapped turbine that he just wipes over it, just like it is permissible to wipe over the hole. And the sahabi who's now almost I don't know who's narrating it, called the turbine KMR because in ancient Arabic, any covering on the head was

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called kaymar. Now, we call this covering hijab. That's fine. It's our terminology. Understand when the Quran came down, the terminology that they use for this headscarf was came out, it's simple as that. This is the key point. If you understand this, the whole Quran becomes clear while your group interview homodyne hin let them draw the two sides of their Mr. Isla Gu Behen. Over there jaiib Over their pockets not to be pickpocketed they put them all down over here JBS pocket we all know our abs this is we all know Javed means pocket No. J doesn't originally means pocket j means a slit. And the pocket is called j because you slip the garment and you have space there. So a jig is this slit.

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This slit. Obviously the bosom area this is the jape and the jaw Haley ladies, just like the ladies in Europe of 17th century, just like the ladies here in America in the 19th century, they would cover their hair, and they would throw their bonnets behind their backs. So the bosom area the chest area is exposed and protruding outward. And Allah is saying because when the Quran came down, understand this point, every lady has her hair covered. It's a cultural of the time, but their hair coverings were thrown behind them. So the bosom becomes exposed or I mean you know, covering there but it's not covered appropriate manner. So ALLAH says, take your headscarf and instead of throwing

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it behind your back, put it in front of you. While your group Navajo Marina Isla Gu will be in. This is the meaning here. So we learn from this, not just that the headscarf is mentioned in the Quran, but the headscarf should be loose and covering the upper section of a woman's body. Okay, so the technically correct methodology is mentioned in the Quran that the headscarf shouldn't just stop at the ears. It shouldn't just be a tightly wrapped thing here. No, there is a wisdom beyond the hair and every man and woman understands this. There is a big difference between the headscarf covering the bosom versus the shirt or the blouse without the headscarf. There's a huge difference. And Allah

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is saying let the headscarf come down and let the headscarf act as a covering to the shirt that you're in because the Jahi ladies wearing a skirt obviously, it's not as though they're going without anything on top. They're wearing the shirt, they're wearing the skirt, but obviously the skirt begins from the shoulder and the shoulder will allow the chest area to protrude. So Allah is saying have that extra covering and put that Hey, Mr. Which is what we call the hijab, put that TMR in front of you so that your front area is also given that extra covering. This is what the Quran is saying, well your little bit of bit homodyne in Allah God hinda then Allah repeats the first

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commandment, what are you with Dina Xena Tahuna and let them not show their Xena. Except for then Allah list the Muharram here their husbands and their fathers and their sons and their uncles. So Allah lists all of the Macron here. Notice here Allah says two times what I've done is your deen is either Xena Tahuna Wallah you Denise Xena tahona What this demonstrates is that a woman has two levels of hijab two levels of outer covering one level in front of non biological male or a non Muslim and that is their headscarf has to cover their bosom and the other level in front of their fathers that headscarf is no longer mentioned. So now Allah is saying in front of your father's in

00:34:55 --> 00:35:00

front of your brothers in front of your sons, you may now dress quote

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

unquote normally and don't show your beauty and here our scholars said that her beauty Yanni from her chest to her knee area, this is between her father and her brother and her uncle, you know from her entire body but her hair is not now here. Now it's not there, her hand is not there, you know the lower part of her feet you know the, the underneath the that's not there. So here is a different type of ruling that Allah does not mention the headscarf. Allah does not mention Illa Mahara minha now it's not there. So in front of the Father and the Son and the brother, those rulings have been lifted, and she may dress what is considered to be appropriate, you know, a skirt, you know, a

00:35:41 --> 00:36:01

dress, a loose pant and shirt, all of this is permissible in front of her in front of her biological male relatives, meaning the Mahatama understanding of the matter. Okay, so this is the the first verse, and that is suited to Nora, verse 31, onward. 3132 33. So look at those, those verses over here at the very end of this verse, by the way.

00:36:03 --> 00:36:26

Allah says, while you're doing that, they are duly Hiner, Leo Allama, Maryo, foenum and zenity hin and this is a very key psychological understanding of the reality of hijab. And let them not stomp their feet so that their bracelets their jewelry can be heard.

00:36:27 --> 00:36:59

Let them not stomp their feet while you're gonna be actually hinder. Let them not stomp their feet, because when they stomp their feet, ankle bracelets were common back to them. So when you stomp your feet, you're drawing attention to the jewelry. And what Allah is saying here, Allah did not say stop walking in front of men. Notice, Allah did not say do not wear jewelry underneath recovering. Do not even wear ankle bracelets. No. But everyone knows. When you want to draw extra attention. There are things you can do.

00:37:00 --> 00:37:45

When you want to draw extra attention, there are things you can do. Allah says don't go down that path. So if even the noise of jewelry, if it is done innocuously fine, but if you make a point, draw attention, Allah says don't do it. Then what do you think of that which is more than just the noise of jewelry, you get my point here. You understand my point, because we all know as men, the noise of jewelry is nowhere near as a fitna or attractive than the actual physical beauty. But Allah demonstrates the smallest because in reality that's the smallest fitna the noise of jewelry, right? Oh man knows the smallest fitna, but Allah is saying to women, even this, do not go out of your way

00:37:45 --> 00:38:27

to draw attention to yourself. But he also didn't say don't wear jewelry. He also didn't say take off your ankle bracelets. No, it is helpful for her to wear ankle bracelets. It is helpful for her to dress the way that she does. But anything that culturally is meant to be extra for the men of her time. Allah says don't do that. Be decent and dignified, and don't be flirtatious. This very clear in this ayah Now this is sort of the nor 31 onwards. The next video we're going to do certain Zarb verse 59 scrutinizer Verse 29. And by the way, both of these sewers were revealed within two three months of each other, so they're coming down pretty much at the same time, as turritella has up

00:38:28 --> 00:38:32

it basically underscores the same concept but it has a different word.

00:38:34 --> 00:38:36

Yeah, you have to be you. Oh profit,

00:38:37 --> 00:39:27

cool coolly as wa Chica webinar Tika when he saw in meaning, tell your wives and your daughters and because you are rasool Allah tell all of the women of the believers, this is shows and again we will say this regardless of the consequences we firmly believe. And this is our surety that each one of us is responsible for our families. And a regional Kawamoto either Nisa, we firmly believe this and we have to answer to Allah for our families. And we have an extra responsibility for those whom Allah has put in charge that puts us over in charge of it is a responsive we cannot only physically you know force an adult we cannot physically force but we are responsible. And we must always advise

00:39:27 --> 00:40:00

and we must always understand Allah will ask us. Yeah, you under View Only as logic what is the purpose of why didn't Allah say Yanni Sat Nav by the way, this surah is full of a wives of the Prophet or why is it the Prophet wives of the Prophet? When it comes to this verse? Notice, Allah says, Oh Prophet, tell your wives. Why? Because Allah is indicating that when it comes to this commandment in particular, we do have a bit of responsibility. We will be held accountable to whatever we are a symbol

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

to do according to our times and places, so every one of us bully as well jika webinar Tikka as well, we are responsible. Tell your wives and your daughters and for the Profit System, all believing women and also for the thieves and the people are giving lectures like me, I'm telling all Muslim women, all Muslim women, what does Allah want us to tell them? You Dineen it hin Minh Jalla Bibi when they should let down over themselves. Danna means to draw over to come close right. What what Jenna Jenna Taney done so Donna is to come close. The two gardens became close Allah says go to the right man. So Donna is to come close you Dineen. They draw close over themselves. So let the

00:40:48 --> 00:41:34

believing women draw over themselves there JELA Beeb there Jetta beep, Daddy can Adina and you're off now follow you then that is better for them, that is more appropriate for them, so that they shall be known and they shall not be harassed, they shall not be given irritation will law who will afford Rahim and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So Allah is commanding here are women to wear something called a jilbab. Now what is the jilbab jelibean is the plural of jilbab jilbab comes from the Arabic djellaba and djellaba means to pull something from one place to another. And in the Treaty of her labia,

00:41:35 --> 00:42:27

though, so the terms generally means to pull something from another. So weapons are called any Judo Judo band. They're also called Judo band, because the weapons that are covered up when they're covered with that covering, they're called judo, in the covering. So in the Treaty of Arabia, one of the conditions that the Quraysh puts upon the Muslims they said, You may only enter Makkah with your weapons juban jubin. So your weapons have to be covered up. This is what the Quran said upon them. So the meaning of djellaba, the meaning of djellaba is to pull from one place to another and job is that which is sheathed. So a jilbab is that which covers you? A jilbab is that with Shih Tzu and

00:42:27 --> 00:43:17

therefore, a jilbab is definitely something that is mentioned in the Quran. So the Quran mentions two terms KMR and jilbab. What is a Hammad? In our terminology, we call it a hijab, what we call a hijab, the Quran calls him out. Okay, it's the face that sorry, the covering of the head. Now a jilbab is also mentioned. And Allah says they should draw their Gil Barb's over themselves. What exactly is a jilbab? When you look go and look at some of the classical lexicons dictionaries of the Arabs. The most famous dictionary, by the way, is the sound on a web mambu. He was a great scholar from Africa. And even Mambo compiled, all of the dictionaries that were written before him, he

00:43:17 --> 00:43:34

compiled them in a massive collection called the sound of autumn. This is considered to be the primary Encyclopedia of Arabic linguistics, the lexicon of Arabs, it was written in 700, something original 1000 I mean, six times seven years ago, in risotto if you look up jilbab.

00:43:36 --> 00:44:02

Even Mundo has a number of definitions. He says jilbab is a large shirt, or a garment, larger than Amr, but smaller than a lower garment that a woman uses to cover her head and a chest or a sheet by which a woman covers her clothes from above or a jilbab is a TMR.

00:44:03 --> 00:44:35

So these are all definitions given in the sound on Audible if you want to look it up yourself. This is volume one, page 272 onwards. Now, what this verse indicates is that it is encouraged for a lady to have a covering over and above the clothes that she wears at home. And this is called what we call it a jilbab. We call it a jilbab. So it is definitely something that she should be encouraged to wear. Now. The issue comes is the technical issue here.

00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

What is the minimal level of job and will lie It's sad, we have to ask minimum I understand but at the same time brothers and sisters realize not everybody is the same level. So I will say this unabashedly. I will say this as explicitly as I can and ask Allah to protect me from all negative consequences in harms. There is no question that the Quran encourages kaymar and jilbab

00:45:00 --> 00:45:48

and therefore, there is no question that the ideal is that a lady has her headscarf and a lady also has a loose covering a loose garment that will she will cover herself with. And in our times, if you look at Muslim culture around the globe, it's very common for sisters to have some type of, you know, overcoat or call it what you will write and some type of headscarf. Okay, there is no question that this is the default and the ideal, and you should be strive for I have no problem, you know, with that. But obviously, it has to be also explicit that not everybody is the same level. And some people need to start lower just like the Bedouin comes into the masjid and says, What's the bare

00:45:48 --> 00:46:21

minimum? Right? And the Sahaba shock? What do you mean the bare minimum? Now? Well, not everybody can breed 100 Not everybody can go the maximum. So we also need to know the bare minimum, even as we encourage the maximum. So please understand this point that you cannot expect everybody and brothers, it's not as if we're perfect. So any understand our sisters are at different levels, we're struggling with our issues. And yes, they have other issues to struggle with. And we understand this. So we do have to mention what is the minimum. So there will be obviously a great spectrum of opinion here. But the position that

00:46:22 --> 00:46:46

I'm advocating, which is after after many years of research by the and also asking many of them I that I look up to and respect and trust but in the end of the day, you have to either accept it or leave it it's up to you guys. Like Eben Mambo said and it is in his dictionary, the bare minimum of a gin Bob is indeed a Mr. Hence, a large scarf

00:46:47 --> 00:47:28

will constitute both a jilbab and Mr. As long as the clothes underneath are filling fulfilling the requirements of the Shediac what are the requirements are the Shediac cannot be tight, cannot be translucent, cannot be describing the contours of the body and cannot be overly attracted. When Allah says Don't stomp your feet you don't go above and beyond it's got to be decent and dignified. Okay. So, and again, I know some people will not like this, this is my opinion realized there's going to be multiple opinions out there. Allah knows best the minimal level of required our of a woman is that she covers her entire body

00:47:29 --> 00:48:17

with something that is loose and non transparent, that is dignified and decent. And she covers her hair with a loose headscarf that covers the upper part of the body. If she does this, then she has done the Quranic minimum and she is not sinful. But the ideal which is higher than this is that she dress in something that is over her regular garment. And this is an extra jilbab layer and she has the hijab as well. Okay, so there's no question that the Quran has two pieces here that came out and the job now question. Some people say, Allah never commands women to wear the hijab in the Quran.

00:48:19 --> 00:48:26

And some people say, the hijab was specific to the wives of the Prophet sallallahu it he was selling them

00:48:27 --> 00:48:46

and we say to this, exactly what are the you know, the Allahu Anhu said, when he heard the Kawada say in in hippo, Illa Allah, He said Kalama to have can only be heard about what they are saying is technically true, but what they want is false.

00:48:47 --> 00:48:49

So listen to me carefully.

00:48:50 --> 00:48:51

The Hijab,

00:48:52 --> 00:48:58

as the Quran says, it is only for the wives of the Prophet sallallahu it he was setting them true,

00:48:59 --> 00:49:04

but the hijab as we use the word is not how the Quran uses it.

00:49:05 --> 00:49:06

Do you understand this point?

00:49:08 --> 00:49:10

What we say hey job, the Quran is saying him out.

00:49:12 --> 00:49:17

So, what is hijab? Then, hijab is mentioned a certain

00:49:18 --> 00:49:34

way that says more no matter and first Aluna min wore a hijab. When you ask the wives of the Prophet sallallahu it he was sent him for anything, then speak to them from behind a job, that a job here is an actual physical curtain in the room.

00:49:35 --> 00:49:59

For the wives of the Prophet salallahu it he was set up they had a layer above what the rest of the women had, and that layer was their entire silhouette must be covered. You cannot as a man Ajimobi see the silhouette of the body of the woman of the Prophet SAW Selim. So how do you get by then? You if you have to go to the house of Ayesha to learn

00:50:00 --> 00:50:43

There will be a curtain we learned this from cyber hottie. It's well known every book of adventures it, the show would teach. So that would teach. Almost cinema would teach the men would be in front and not in mud not in front, physically, there would be an actual curtain, she would be behind the curtain, they would be from one side of the curtain, that curtain the Quran calls, what is it called hijab. That curtain is not obligatory on anyone other than the wives of the Prophet. So I said them. So when these people come along and say, Oh, the Quran says that hijab is only for the wives of the Prophet system, we say Kalama to happen would either be her Barton, which you have said is

00:50:43 --> 00:51:29

technically true, but what you intend is completely false. Because when they say that, hey, job, they mean the hammer, the heads covering, and they're saying, Oh, the head covering was only for the wires of the rod. No, no, no, no, no, no, not at all. I just got to do the verses. So we say the Quran is very clear that the head must be covered, the upper chest must be covered, and there must be loose requirements in this regard. Now, before we conclude, is there any difference of opinion about what I have said? So there is no difference of opinion in all of the schools of Islamic law? When I say all I mean, all, all of the Sunni schools and the schools beyond Sunni, the she asked

00:51:29 --> 00:52:19

goes the about the schools, sad schools, the more sad schools, there is no difference of opinion in all of the schools of Islam, that a woman her entire body should be covered in loose clothing, that is not transparent, and that her hair should be covered. There is a GEOMAR beyond Sunni Islam in this point, the only difference comes over what is the bare minimal types of covering? That's we talked about that okay. And the face covering, which I'm not going to get into today. This Yes, I will be honest with you, you will find lots of heated debate. But there is no enough in the history of Islam, that a woman's body must be covered with a loose covering overall, and her hair must be

00:52:19 --> 00:53:02

covered just her hands and her face, this is the area of dispute. And then the minor details of you know, the type of Yanni you know the details of the hijab, yes, like I explained, what is the minimum and whatnot, but the fact that her body must be covered for to be a Knower. We had been Abdullah Barak, who else have a whole list over here. They all mentioned there is Iijima have the OMA that a woman's body must be covered in totality, other than her face on her hands. So in reality, there is no empty laugh whatsoever in this regard. Before I conclude, I wanted to just point out, I was bombarded with emails from India asked me to explain whether the hijab is

00:53:02 --> 00:53:41

obligatory or not because of the Supreme Court issue. And I want to say here, I don't agree with this notion of the Supreme Court deciding whether it is a part of our religion or not, the Supreme Court of India or of Karnataka is not in a position to decide what isn't isn't Islamic. It's not their domain. And it doesn't matter to me what they decide, it's like, you're asking me, What does the Indian Constitution say? It's not my area. So the Supreme Court of India or of that state has no business getting involved in what is and isn't a requirement of Islam, they need to ask the experts of the shittier, they need to ask the scholars of Islamic law, and they will not find a single

00:53:41 --> 00:54:23

differing opinion amongst the reputable scholars of Islam, that a woman's body in its entirety should be covered. The only thing that you'll find, as I said, is the face and the minor details. But in terms of the headscarf, it is a part of our Islamic identity. So I wanted to mention that point here. And also before I conclude as well, obviously, dear sisters, obviously, and brothers as well understand that this obligation, while it is indeed an obligation, it is nowhere near as obligatory as the account of Islam. And I understand sometimes and I'm going to say this bluntly, that some of our sisters who are struggling with this, they feel

00:54:24 --> 00:55:00

uncomfortable by the level of emphases that is given to this obligation versus the other obligations. And I understand this point, in the end of the day, we're all struggling with our sins. And it's very easy for us men who don't have to worry about the pressure that comes to keep on bringing up this issue and making a point of it. So what I say then is that those who are involved so those who are responsible for their family members, husbands fathers, yes, it is your obligation to raise the bar to teach and preach and to gently

00:55:00 --> 00:55:32

Yeah, neat. bring about this within your household. Yes. But those that are not a part of your family. It's not your business to go and talk to other women, strange women. I mean, what are you doing commenting on other women's clothing? It's not your business. And this got me into trouble. Believe it or not, it's gotten me into a lot of trouble, especially our younger brothers, they get irritated, ya hear why are you looking at other women anyway, and commenting on what they're wearing? Don't just don't leave it to the preachers and teachers. I did say this explicitly, I will continue to preach, didn't I just preach now what the job is, leave it to the preachers and scholars

00:55:32 --> 00:56:15

to speak to the whole community, and then leave it to the fathers and the husbands and brothers to deal with their own families. But I will say this, that the individual brother, young man walking on campus, do not just comment on another lady's dress, and oh, I know you I know your father. Yeah, he you're gonna make things worse. And by unanimous consensus, if you preaching the truth is going to bring more harm, that don't preach the truth for that particular point over there. Okay. And we know the reality that our sisters are already struggling and whatnot, and some random man commenting on their body and what they wear is only going to make it worse. So I will not back down. I said this

00:56:15 --> 00:56:56

before, I will say it again. Let the preachers and the hotties preach to the whole community. And then let fathers and brothers and whatnot be involved with their immediate relatives. I say this bluntly, do not to get involved with women that you're not related to. Don't comment, it's not your business, you're only going to make things worse. Now to our sisters also want to say that? Yes, I understand. It's a sensitive topic. And I know we're all struggling. And I know that there are many sins and no doubt the sin of Backbiting is very bad in this. And so we have to mention all of these things. And I understand that prayer is much more important. And in sha Allah, if a lady is praying

00:56:56 --> 00:57:38

her prayers and fasting in Ramadan and giving Zika you know, we hope the best for her, we hope that Allah forgives all of her sins. But in the end of the day, after all is said and done with all the caveats, is it obligatory for a woman to cover her entire body? Yes, it is. I have to say this as well, I can't change this reality. Is it as important as that I know. But okay, but let's let's talk about all of that as well. But you cannot expect us to ignore this reality is what I'm saying. I understand some of you feel that we men bringing up a lot of times I understand this. So let's not counter that reality with the opposite and that is to ignore this topic. Let us bring it up as

00:57:38 --> 00:58:15

gently as possible. Let us encourage our sisters as gently as possible. Let us tell them we understand as much as we can. As men, it is a struggle. We understand we have our problems and issues, and you have yours and we're here to support you. And obviously dear sisters, it goes without saying in lands and in situations where you feel your life is threatened or you feel a mob will come and harass you. There is no question that in those circumstances, it is halal to take it off. There's no question. I mean, this is a no brainer. You don't need to be a scholar even to understand this. If you can eat a pig when you're about to die, then for sure you can take a

00:58:15 --> 00:58:55

headscarf off when men are gonna physically intimidate and and punch in hit you. There's no question about that. And there are times and places and locations around the globe, where indeed your life is under threat when that is happening. So the general rule when the situation becomes difficult, the Shetty becomes easy memorize this. When the situation becomes difficult, the sharing becomes easy. Having said that, there is no doubt as well that every community should come together and help it sisters. And when the situation is that bad in a particular locality, then rather than just tell the sisters to take the hijab off we should tell the brothers to become men stand up and do what you

00:58:55 --> 00:59:29

need to do as well. So again, I'm speaking generically that yes, when the situation becomes tough, may Allah make it easy and perhaps you have some concession sisters, but we brothers also have to do something and I hope inshallah it never gets to that stage in the land that we live in. As for the Lions, that where this is happening, we make dua for them. We know the situation is getting very tense over there. We know that, you know, they're trying to do what they can and we make dua for them and Allah azza wa jal will be there Hasib and Allah azza wa jal will be there molar and with that inshallah Tada conclude for today we ask Allah to protect and guide all of our brothers and

00:59:29 --> 00:59:52

sisters to the best of luck and matters. We ask Allah azza wa jal to grant us chastity and higher we ask Allah azza wa jal yes to to cover our art in this dunya and the akhirah. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to not allow us to call fall prey to the traps of shaitaan and to live dignified and righteous lives full of higher and Eman and Taqwa which is akmola Jorge Ramos Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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