The Final Message of Umar R.A In Jerusalem

Zahir Mahmood


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And before what are the alanda leaves? He says amazing thing well, like he says, Oh Muslims, let me advise you.

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So let me advise you. He said that Allah subhanho wa Taala has fulfilled his promise to you, meaning that he said that he would give you Jerusalem he gave you Jerusalem, and he made you inherited in the earth.

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So remain in the state of shock.

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For as long as you remain in the state of Chicago, Allah will grant you his papers.

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And he said, Never be ungrateful. And listen to the words say, never be ungrateful.

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For when a person begins to sin,

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he begins to become ungrateful to Allah. And if he does not do Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then Allah removes the honor Allah gave him and Allah places upon his shoulders, his enemies, La ilaha illa Allah that's it. Three or four sentences. That's all he said.

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That Allah is fulfill his promise, remain the status choker.

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And if you stopped selling, then you no longer in the state of Chicago. And if that happened, if you don't do Toba, then Allah will take your honor away from you, and He will place upon you your enemies, and your enemies will display.

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No way. Well, like I say, nowhere in the world.

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Is there a greater disgrace for the 2 billion Muslims than Jerusalem?

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Nowhere in the world

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surrounded by Muslims, a place bigger as Wales.

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Look how Allah

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has removed the honor. And it's a collective shame. It's not a shame for the Palestinians actually for the Palestinians far less than anybody else, because they're holding the fort.