The Fortunate Few of Hajj 2020 #1 – SHE WAS RIGHT THERE!

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Because I think we're gonna get there now this villa Mara him May Allah make it easy

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Bali como Salam Rahmatullahi wa barakato I'm so sorry about all the technical glitch maybe it was my excitement we went to speak to someone who went for Hajj here Mashallah, how are you?

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Good at hamdulillah a bit tired.

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Are you

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accepted? And we're all excited for you the whole Boma? Mashallah.

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I mean woman, the woman co made Mubarak to everyone. I mean,

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tell us, my sister, how did you apply for this?

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So we were waiting for the HUD registration to open. And so when I finally did, I registered, it opened on sixth of July, I was accepted a week later. And then hamdulillah. The process was ongoing. From then we were sent our luggage is to our home, we went to get our health checkup. And we got our wristbands that are connected to an app that we install on our phone. And that tracks your location to make sure that you are adhering to the isolation prior to traveling for Hajj. So the moment we left our isolation was the moment we started our had to travel. And then we even had another quarantine in Mecca before we started our Hajj rituals. So hon Allah Subhana Allah. So when you

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found out you were accepted, I mean, was it by email, or the phone you?

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They send a message for everything. If for every notification for every news for every development, they just send you a message to your phone. And so that you can answer as quickly as possible. And you can keep up with all the news and all the requirements as soon as possible. So did you believe it that look, I'm accepted to go for hash Did you did you actually were you because obviously you're one of millions of people who wanted to do the Hajj. So how was that excitement

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Subhana Allah the excitement.

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I just kept thinking something will go wrong in this whole process. And I'm surely not gonna This is just, you know, hope, but it won't actually happen. Because the message that you get after you are accepted is that you are accepted as a candidate for Hutch, you don't directly get your Hodge permit directly. You are supposed to apply for a permit afterwards and then receive your hedge permit. So it was I was worried I was sleepless, I was hoping everything every step will go fine so that I can finally i was

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i was just fearing that I would not actually get to go. That my test. I would be positive for Corona, or something. Something might come up until I actually was standing there in front of the Kaaba, first row in front of the Kaaba and I was just overwhelmed. I was so overwhelmed watching the crowds and we were just saying who are these lucky people? So Allah so Alhamdulillah we're speaking to you. So where are you from? Originally?

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Originally I'm from Macedonia. Mashallah you live in Saudi Arabia?

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Yes have been here for six years, Masha Allah, may Allah bless you and grant you ease and goodness. So you know, we saw on the television the order there was so much of order you guys entered in single file, like a school trip with the school teacher. You know, it was amazing how you went in, you walked in you knew your place where you trained, or were you told what to do? What happened?

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We actually weren't trained. We I actually was getting most of my information visually, from the haramain underlying info or I could see the tracks being placed for every HUD to know their place.

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They know we're back to normal.

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They said

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The amazing things of Hannah law that I also noticed was that everyone just knew.

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Everyone stood around the Kaaba and suddenly like, was there a sound? Or was there a signal to say now we're starting to see people walking?

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No. So the way the way it

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was the first time

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And then the rest of

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it was the men. And we waited.

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That's amazing.

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So did you did you find?

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Did you find that amazing?

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Actually, I did not expect for that to happen. I was. I thought that just like in Salah how the men come first and the women are in the back. That's how off would be. And it I was I was surprised. Just seeing us being there. Being there in the first row. Just being so close to the

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last time I saw that. I was standing on the top top top floor.

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There was no

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there was no way when I went through all my there was no way to be any closer.

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Amazing. So heinola and obviously the hjem and everything was closed, right?

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The excuse me The what? Gotcha.

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Yes, yes. Yes, it was, it was and there was security on each corner of the Kaaba. And our leader was the first one to stand on the green line where you're supposed to save some Allahu Akbar, and they fell on to the Blackstone. And then we just saw that there was a a social distance placed between each Haji and there was a black square for where each person is supposed to stand. We knew exactly where we were supposed to stand. Can I tell it was absolutely perfect. Amazing. Did you bump into anyone throughout your journey of heart?

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No. So how long

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have you been for oma before?

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Yes, I have been for over twice. And this was easier than Amara because I remember after ombre, having lower back pain from the walking. And this was just the Damara especially, we just hopped off the bus grabbed our pebbles stone the jamara and once a minute and I was like wow that took like five minutes May Allah bless you guys and really so you were kept in a hotel and and how did the food come to you did you was there like did you have to go down because of Corona. They might have brought the food to your rooms. Yes, the food was brought to our room. But there was a food box amazing food and handling now Masha Allah, so we use that time to

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familiarize ourselves with the rituals of Hajj we were doing has a fraud. We took that time to really get into the mental states and read and get information and see how everything is going to go just really prepare ourselves. It was a very good time well spent. We needed that time to prepare ourselves. Mashallah, something I noticed is everyone was concentrating on a bad day. No, I saw nobody was trying to take photos. Nobody was being distracted by phones and all of that and meaning Did you guys put away your phones or maybe for concentration purposes or how did that work?

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We did not put away our phones. However, this was an experience where you are not.

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You are not distracted by other people. You can pull out your dualist

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And make dua you can use your time however you wish. You don't have to think about hopping into you or stepping onto your shoes, or I have not been to Hajj before so for me as amazing as it was, I don't have really I don't have much to compare to, except for my previous ombre experiences. It was even easier than that this was even easier than making regular ombre Subhanallah you know that was amazing so when you went to Milan the first day did you you were all in specific tense I saw some of the videos of the brothers they were quite spaced out like you know they gave you a place on your own. How was that

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in a minute Actually, we had I was in a room with three other sisters so at the corner of the room at each corner was was one sister with her bed with her table with everything and we were and we had to you know keep distance between them as well. And so we would just talk standing from our from our bed, and we didn't we didn't go to other rooms we didn't have anyone come to our rooms it's just the catering people and our admin and our leader just people to give us news and everything but we didn't really we kept a social distance that we weren't really each other's rooms hanging out joking keeping close. No no no we all stuck to the rules. Masha Allah May Allah bless you and grant you

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ease and goodness I don't know if anyone wants to ask a quick question. Perhaps they can type it out. But my sister you really give me a little bit of an insight there. And we thank you for your time and Masha Allah, Allah Allah May Allah bless you and your love

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did you make any new friends there from the two from probably the two sisters you were within minutes?

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Yes, yes, I was I am so I'm such good friends with them now. We became best friends overnight.

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I really enjoyed there.

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The whole so happy we were all saying that there must be something that these people have done that Allah has taken them there the struggles in your life, the difficulties, the uncertainty, the tests from Allah calamity, whatever it might be, you know, it may be there is something you may know you may not know but Allah chose you over all of us so Mashallah, we're so happy to be speaking to you this evening. Mashallah. So, yeah.

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Thank you so much. And is there anything else you want to add? Like maybe something you want to say to those who organize it all? Because I see no one has any negative comments. It was just so so so positive, Mashallah.

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Yes, it was a very positive experience. It was very, we felt very safe. Knowing that everyone is looking out for us, everyone is trying to make sure that we adhere to the rules. And

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I would I would like to thank the Ministry of hygiene Amara, I would like to thank every person who was working backstage that we didn't get to me that we didn't get to talk to everyone that was involved everyone that helped me everyone that tried to find the solution to every one of my problems, every one of my complaints that worked with me that answered my questions that tried to get translators for me, as my Arabic is not the strongest I'm especially spoken Arabic here in Saudi Arabia. And everyone was just work cooperating, cooperating so well, that we were able to focus on a bada and focus on making the most of Hajj and focusing on getting the most rewards. We actually

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there hasn't been a house like this in a long time, where we practice every sauna we went to, we went to mosque namira

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listen to the, to the hood bar.

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We followed every sinner we did it at the right time when it's supposed to happen. We did all the extra extra deeds and in sha Allah May Allah accept everyone's hearts, and May Allah make it possible for everyone that wants to go to go there. Definitely inshallah everyone has used the day of arafah to make to offer Hajj everyone that wants to go into our they've made for HUD, because I made one for HUD last year on day of arafah and Alhambra. Now my daughter was accepted. So please make dua anything is possible. Mashallah, and how many were you do you know, the the number of Li was it? Some people were saying a few 1000 some people were saying 10,000 1000 Do you know the

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it we don't know the number but it actually looked like a lot less. It actually felt a lot lighter.

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feel very blessed. Yeah hamdulillah It was so good. And you know, I want to give a shout out to my friends that have domain underscore info who have done who have arranged this particular live with you. And they are

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so many of Judge they have a live

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24 seven handler and you say you've been through so many other students

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that have said to them, they were covering every detail, we knew everything that was going on. And Alhamdulillah they've been very helpful just to see visually how what had to take place at home.

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Thank you so much

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for your time with your family, and Jazakallah Hey for agreeing to speak with us and it's so beautiful. I just want to say that the whole woman felt that these were the special few who represented us who wanted to go so Mashallah. It's just so nice to be speaking to. Did you manage to get Did you I'm sure that was there of the project, you must have spotted yourself in some of those videos, right?

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I spotted myself at the democrat stoning. I was one of the two women that was photographed with someone else donate there was so many cameras, so much crew, so many, so many people just making sure they were chained to the wall. So many people just saying social distance, social distance. So it's definitely going to help me now to maintain that in my everyday life.

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to Allah grant you acceptance and take all of us in Shall I pray that everything is close to normal? Does that mean

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Mashallah, that was a sister who had gone for Hajj this year. I was trying to get hold of her earlier in the session, but unfortunately, I couldn't see that name. And then we managed to get hold of her. She's from Macedonia, living in Saudi Arabia somewhere. And she had applied and online and she was accepted and told that she is a candidate. And then the excitement was such that she couldn't even believe that she was going to be there until she was right in front of the car. She says the women were given preferential treatment that they were put closest to the cabinet and then the men and I'm supposing the reason is, the circle around the cabinet is smaller, closer to the

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cabinet. That was for the sisters and the one the one that was further away was was for the men you know, so Mashallah, it was good. The food was good, the accommodation was good. They took care of them completely out of Amina was delivered everywhere. And Mashallah, it was really good. She had some very, very good words to say about the organizers, the ministry and all of those who made this happen. May Allah accept it from everyone. And may Allah grant everyone goodness and acceptance by the coffee cup, my brothers and sisters, I hope you enjoyed the session. I really did and I listening to what the sister had to say just made me Subhana Allah feel that you know that Allah has

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definitely chosen people for a reason. She said something very interesting. She made a dua last Hajj during the alpha. On the day of Allah, Allah T for Hajj and this year, Allah took her for Hajj against all odds, the message she had was, don't lose hope Anything is possible make dua to Allah and you know Allah will grant it to you. So Baraka feeco my brothers and sisters As salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah when I get