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Well we can I move to a lake and mostly I'm saying no, I'm Santa Monica de la Harambe La La mean hola hola in earnest Luca Fado her the Lena Fatah wa sallahu wa new Raha Rocca wa Huda when we can share the mafia we shall be my brother. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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Docomo. cleadon, for hosting me in your messages. May Allah subhanaw taala, put Batoka in this community and accept from all of us and make this a gathering in which we are forgiven and our knowledge is increased. And our nearness to Allah subhanaw taala is magnified Allahumma Amin, I want to dive right into the topic because it is actually a condensed lecture from a one day seminar seven hours condensed into a short topic in sha Allah. So we'll try to get right into the issue here. One of the questions we hear often is a rhetorical question, am I capable of changing Are we truly capable of change? And often times, we run into the trap of the devil, in which a person struggles

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many times to change. So they assume that change is impossible. It becomes a challenge, a struggle, a difficulty that they think cannot be overcome. And we have many issues, or rather many ways to respond to this. In fact, there was a youth in my community who said, I can't change it's like trying to change an apple into an orange. He said, You can't change me. I said, Brother, first of all, why are you comparing yourself to a fruit? Second of all, we look at the realities around us amongst the famous quotes from Imam lasagna, Rama, Allah, responding to this claim that people say I was born this way I cannot change along the lines of the response is that he said, if you look at

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the animals, you look at the birds, you can train them, you look at the dog, you can turn it into a guide dog, a guard dog, a hunting dog, you can tame bears and lions. In other words, if animals can change, then the human being with their intellect and their status and their consciousness, blessed to them and from ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada is a reason and a cause for them to realize that change is always possible. In fact, just earlier today, I was speaking to some of the amazing youth here in Malaysia. And we were talking about the amazing transformation that most of us see every year, in the last moment of awesome in Shaba, to the mother of time of Ramadan, a massive transformation. In

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fact, we find that people who say they cannot pray all year, suddenly they're able to pray today, every single night. People who say I can't open the Quran all year, I'm not able to I'm too busy. I'm too distance from Allah. Suddenly in Ramadan, they're able to read an abundance of the Quran. People who say they cannot fast at all all years, suddenly they are able to fast for an entire month. What changes externally, nothing. Everything that changed for them was internal. They wanted to change, they wanted to do something, they knew the reward and there was a motivation. They knew the obligation so there was more incentive. We are capable of this kind of change at all times. But

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we must know why. We must believe that we can. And we must trust that Allah subhanaw taala every time we fall short, that we are going to get back up and continue getting closer to him SubhanaHu wa Tada

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as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us for every disease that exists Allah subhanaw taala created its cure. For us. This also includes on this topic, the spiritual diseases, the diseases of the heart, and they are many and we can talk about them for weeks upon weeks, we will try to summarize in other words, some of the things that will help you and I to have our hearts soften by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada so that we are able to overcome some of our struggles.

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The very first point, the very first way to have our hearts soften when you feel a moment in which your faith has decreased or fluctuated away from Allah subhanho wa Taala is through real sincere reflection, on your purpose, on death and on the Hereafter. And all of these can be combined as reflecting on the reality of life.

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Autonomy the reports that are found in our federally Allah one.

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He was crying in the graveyard as he was

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Visiting and a companion of his son, or a man I noticed when you hear about paradise and hellfire, you don't cry. But when you think of death or in another narration when you visit the graves you cry until your beard is wet. Why is that the case? Earth man? Well the alarm one responded thoroughly I heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, every time we hear his blessing name sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that the grave is the first stage of the hereafter. Whoever passes through it with ease, everything after that will be easier for them. But whoever passes through it with difficulty, everything after that will be more difficult for them. May Allah subhanaw taala

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make your time and my time in the grave a moment of ease Allahumma Amin

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I heard a woman say to her husband at the airport once, if only we had more time to pack if only we had more time. And if we think about this, this statement, it's a statement of regrets. And often times, we don't realize that the door of departure for you and I to leave this world is there any moment we don't know, we are not guaranteed anything in this life except death. And this is something everyone agrees on. Rationally, if we know we're all going to leave at one point or another, it only makes sense to prepare for that moment.

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And we find that often times when we're attached to this life too much, we're distracted overly, we find that it becomes a source of sadness or depression to think about death. When the reality is death is simply the gateway the door the departure points for us to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and to love to meet Allah subhanaw taala. To know that His mercy is vast to know that we are preparing for that day. And oftentimes we don't realize that these types of statements when we run away from the thoughts and the preparation are statements of regret later on. We don't want to be people of regrets. We want to be people who are proactive, productive, optimistic, always moving forward, no

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matter how many times we fall short, we want to know that we are getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala by getting back up. In fact, Allah subhanaw taala gives us a scenario in the Quran

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of a person who died rejecting life after death, and wishing they could go back. So they could utilize these blessings of this life in a way that is truly meaningful in a way that fulfills one's purpose. So Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in Surah Tomomi known as 99. Had,

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to build your home until when death approaches one of them he says, My Lord allowed me to go back to go back for what? Literally, our man who saw the Hon FEMA talked so that I can do something good with what I left behind. Can you imagine when somebody dies? Begging Allah, please? Oh Allah, let me go back and pray one last prayer. But let me perfect it. Let me go back and give Zika let me go back and give some other fun, use my wealth in a way that is pleasing. Let me go back and make sure my parents, my wife, my children, my neighbors, my relatives, I want to make sure that they are forgiving me for the things that I've said and done. Let me go back one more time, one more moment,

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one more opportunity to do something good with the blessings that you gave me. Allah subhanaw taala says Kela nay, this request is denied.

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And from behind this person is a barrier, a barrier, a barrier so that the soul cannot return to this life until the day of resurrection when they are resurrected with the rest of mankind and the jinn. So Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us of this scenario so that you and I are not people who say Oh Allah, let me go back. So that we are not people who say I wish so that we are not people who say if only we have every day many opportunities and every moment when your heart is beating is another opportunity. Every day you wake up is another day, and every day is another chance. And every sign that we see around us the reminders that we hear, whether it's in person or it's on

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social media, you browse through your newsfeed you find many Hadith and reminders. You browse through Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you find many people posting many reminders, some beneficial some not every single reminder that can bring you closer to Allah is a sign is an opportunity. So let us utilize and maximize these opportunities so that we have less regrets later. For the one who prepares now will have blessed

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regrets and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us of those who prepare properly. In fact, usually on the day of July we hear the reminder, you will know the inner ailment or you will have believed it tough Allah be conscious of Allah will tell little left. So now God, definitely one and let every soul reflect on what you have sent forward for tomorrow.

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Think of an exam that you have to take at your university at the end of the semester. But this class is very intensive, it's very difficult. It requires a lot of preparation, a lot of studying, it's not one of those easy classes. So you spend a good amount of time every day preparing for it. Your friend says I'm going to wait until the last few nights and I'm going to pull an all nighter. You get to the last few nights. Your friend is exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed out unprepared. On the day of the exam, you're ready to go. You take the exam and you say and Hamdulillah I passed. I worked hard for him. I know I deserve to pass. I worked really hard for this. And your friend says I

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didn't really work hard. I didn't deserve to pass. Imagine on the Day of Judgment when Allah gives us a scenario sooner it will help all of the people receive their books in the right hands. And how you feel on that day.

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For a mum and oh dear kita Bella, who will be Anini he Fay up on Oh Ha. Oh kita be. So those who received their books on the right hands or in the right hands on that day, we'll go around saying come read what I did come read what I earned. Come read my book. And I always give the example of a scenario that took place perhaps a decade ago, in which as I was walking to final exams and university, a door opens to another classroom and somebody runs out running full speed right at me. And as he's running at me, he's saying in a loud voice. Guess what, bro? Guess what? I've never seen him in my life. I have an exam to get to.

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So he runs right up to me. Guess what? Guess what? I said? I don't know. I have no idea. He said just guess what I said, I don't know. Did you do something you know, in the classroom and run away? He says no man, I passed my exam. I passed my exam. He runs down the hall, guess what? Guess what? I passed my exam. And I thought Subhanallah how many times in life? Do we go through milestones moments in which we achieve some goals of ours, we find happiness. And then we move on very quickly to the next semester to next goal to the next phase in life. And we forget. But on the day of judgment when you pass the exam, when you pass the objective, the reason for which we were created,

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there is no exam after that. There's no trial after that. There's no hardship after that there's no pain after that Jannah pure bliss, pure happiness eternally, something we cannot grasp or imagined in this life. And the rewards of gender are beyond comparison to anything in this life. In fact, if you took a person who has every blessing in this life, every type of vehicle, every type of house and mansion and Palace, they have all the fame and luxuries of this life, they have good health, and so on and so forth. All of this is nothing if they have nothing in the next life. All of this is meaningless if there is no gender for them. And so when we think of the comparison of these two

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worlds, Imam Muslim reports that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, this is an authentic report. And I want to paraphrase and demonstrate to you part of this hadith, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us the life of this world, compared to the next life. So think of all the luxuries of a dunya compared to the hereafter. It's like one of you would take their finger and dip it into the ocean, rather into the sea, let them then observe how much water they retain. How many drops will you actually retain when you do this? At most, one or two drops of water. In fact, the first drop has still not fallen. I want you to imagine someone who's thinking

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about this one drop. They're so attached to one drop, they're so distracted by it, they're ignoring the rest of the ocean. Someone who's so distracted with a few crumbs of this life. They're forgetting an eternity of Jannah. Someone who's focused on one hour of heedlessness disobedience to Allah, losing out on an eternity of blissfulness and happiness. If you don't know Allah says it's foolish. It's insanity, to give up that for this, it's not an equal trade. You worship Allah with boundaries, knowing it's good for you, it leads to true success. And you ended up being the one who's happy in this life and the next. So again, one of the greatest ways for us to really soften

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our hearts is to reflect on our purpose. Why

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Are we here? And where are we headed? If you know you're going to leave this world and we all will leave this world, what are you doing to prepare for that moment? This question is a daily question for reflection for introspection for action, to be optimistic, not to be depressed, to move forward not to stop in our tracks, and to never give up on getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala keep your eyes on the prize of Jannah. Number two, is to connect with the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. Many times people only connect to the Quran when there's a calamity in their lives when somebody passes away. When Ramadan comes around when it's Hajj or Umrah time, many times the Quran

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is a secondary matter. It's something that's simply there. And we don't realize that for us, the Quran is a light for every type of darkness in this life. It's a guidance for every type of misguidance in this world for every fad and innovation and ideology and movements that will come and go rise and fall. We have the Quran keeping us stagnant and firm. The Quran is a Shiva a healing for every type of illness in this world physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in Surah Mohamed is 24 FLIR to the balloon and

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KHUDOBIN Luna, do they not comprehend or reflect and ponder upon the Quran? Or are their seals locks upon their hearts. One of the greatest ways to destroy the seal the lock on one's heart is by connecting truly and deeply with the Quran. Find every citation or reciter that you feel moved by enlist and frequently have your house alive with the Quran for yourself and for your children, your car, your phone, so have an abundance of the recitation of the Quran available to you and engage in it as well. There is nothing like the Quran in this world. So recite the Quran in proportion to how much happiness you truly want. recite the Quran in proportion to how much happiness you truly want.

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I mentioned to some of the profiles that I met earlier here may Allah bless them and their parents and their teachers. I mentioned to them an incident that took place about seven or eight years ago. I was leading today we are in a city approximately an hour away from where I live. And after which had a prayer a brother 20 or 21 comes up to me and he's obviously crying. So I said As salam o alaikum and he did not respond. He took out one of those phones that used to have keyboards. Now everything is smartphone Masha Allah to cut a phone and started typing very quickly. So I realized right away he couldn't hear me. He typed a Salam o alaikum. My name is such and such. And he started

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telling me his history. He said when I was 16 years old, I completed the memorization of the Quran. And less than a week later, less than a week later, I lost the ability to hear. He said sometimes, especially in Ramadan, sometimes I'm able to hear the Quran at a distance very vaguely. He said tonight I heard the Quran. Tonight I heard the Quran. And I'm not crying because I'm angry are ungrateful to Allah. But I cannot hear. I'm crying because I am grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala that I finished memorizing the Quran, before I lost the ability to hear. Yeah, Allah. How many times do we reflect on the blessing of being able to listen to the Quran? Not here. But listen, how many

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times do we reflect on the blessing of looking into the book of Allah, to recite, to reflect? How long will we have these blessings we don't know. Use the blessings that Allah gave you while you have them. That is one of the greatest forms of Shoko to have gratitude to Allah subhanho wa taala. So connect with the book of Allah on a daily basis, even if it's a minimum amount, have a daily amount that no matter how busy you are, you're connecting with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala even if it is one I am, that one I can make a difference in terms of the state of our hearts. Number three, amongst the ways to soften our hearts is through reflection and action with regards to

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telecon trusting ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and living with this trust and really believing in our reliance upon Allah subhana wa Tada. Now sometimes people translate telecon as trust in Allah. But telecoil is not just to trust Allah. It's not only to rely upon Allah, to what God requires us to be happy and content with the results regardless of how they may see wasa into crochet and when we're lucky, you might hate something but it is good for you. You might hate that you fail, but it might be a divine reason. You might hate that problem that came

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into your life or that divorce or that issue at work, but Allah knows that perhaps there might be some clutter in it for you, there might be good in it for you. And I always give this example I want you to think of children who are very young. And how, how much they love sweets and desserts and chocolate. Everybody likes chocolate, right? How many people here like chocolate? I know I do. Not everybody.

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So imagine your child four or five years old. They had a lot of chocolate and you say that's enough. Enough chocolate for today your child is like going hyper the sugar is like rushing to their brain masala, super hyperactive. So you say that's enough. It's not healthy for you, your child says I want more. Like I know you want more, but it's not good for you. I want more they started crying, I want more. As a parent, you understand this is bad for you, the child? No, this is good for me. It makes me happy. The child sees what chocolate equals happiness. parent does not want me to have chocolate. Therefore parent does not want me to be happy. They don't understand. Four or five years

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old, you cannot expect them to understand their whole life, their wisdom, their knowledge is limited. As we grow older, sometimes we fall into similar mistakes, where we see something we absolutely hate. I don't want this in my life. Why am I going through this? This perceived hardship, but Allah knows that it's good for you. It's building you. It's purifying you it's increasing your rank. And perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. This entire life is a test. And tests come in different forms. But in the end, all of the tests are for our benefit. And Allah will never test us with something we cannot handle. Therefore our trust in Allah subhanaw taala is to be content with

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the results regardless of how they may seem. While we put trust in Allah, we cannot be lazy. We cannot stop in our tracks and say I put my trust in Allah but I'm not going to do any effort. Think of the students who goes for his exam and he says, I studied all night, but my friend may do our own light and did not study. My friend said he had to work who does not know at all what we're going to be tested about. He comes to the exam and he looks at the questions and says yeah, Allah in the law, why do you need your own? What where's your token? To what good is not just trust in Allah, to what good requires action and effort. And we have many examples of this. The only one will mention in sha

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Allah attended media reported that he Bedouin man came to the machine, and he left his camel untied. And if you know anything about camels, they love to run away, right? Imagine a Ferrari brand new Ferrari. May Allah bless you in the Ferrari imagine taking the Ferrari to a city or a neighborhood with high crime rates. And you need to go down to the store. I don't know why. So you leave the keys in your Ferrari, you leave the door open. And you say I put my trust in Allah.

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Yeah, see, this area has high crime rates. Your car's gonna get stolen. No, no, no, I have to work when he goes into the store. Mashallah. He goes into the store, he comes out with his token. He has no Ferrari. What happened? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked the Bedouin man, put your trust in Allah tie it and put your trust in Allah. The Bedouin man understands Tahlequah is what I put my trust in Allah. I don't need to do anything. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said here a pill whatever can Allah Allah, tie your camel, tie it and keep your trust in Allah. It's not tight. And then put your trust in Allah Tala is not like an on and off switch to liquid is

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constant for the believer. It's constant and our efforts are constant. Another point related to this is often times we don't realize that we need to really think of Allah in the best terms possible. Assume good of Allah when calamity first strikes. How do you think of Allah know that Allah loves you more than you love yourself? Allah cares for us more than we care for our well being. Allah wants us to succeed more than we truly want to succeed. Allah is Allah dude, the most loving and the most affectionate, whose love is continuous and intense. It is not conditional. Allah subhana wa Tada for His creation. Even those who don't believe in Him are accepting still provides them with

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things that they do not truly deserve. Had Allah cared about this life in terms of its value. But as the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam informed us this life, it's not worth to Allah subhana wa Tada anything, even with regards to the wings of a mosquito. If it were that valuable if this is the priority of this life, in the sight of Allah, then even the disbeliever would not have a drink or a sip of water. In other words, don't think of your hardships in this life as a way to measure Allah's love for you or hatred for someone. Rather, we don't measure things by what you have of worldly possessions, right in a Croma command Allah He is powerful, the most honorable amongst you are those

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who have the most Taqwa God call

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justness something which other people cannot see or measure, it's between you and Allah subhanaw taala. When you go through that pain, that hardship, that difficulty, that calamity, take Allah as your Joaquin, the one who will fulfill your problems for you, the one who will fulfill your affairs, the one who will take care of everything as it shouldn't be taken care of. But trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala and assume good of him. Number four, another means of softening our hearts is through gratitude.

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One of the nicest quotes I've heard, imagine you and I wake up tomorrow, with only the blessings that you thank Allah for today. When you feel like you thank them enough. Yeah, Allah, our gratitude to you, our praise of you is deserving of praise. Our ability to say Alhamdulillah deserves its own praise. And the blessings of Allah upon us are countless when taro dunya Rahmatullah Hila Suha. If you try to count the blessings of Allah upon you, you would not be able to count them. And in fact, in psychology and psychotherapy, one of the things that utilized to help people through pain and through difficulty is gratitude. It's really empowering. It really opens a person's mind and heart,

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it really softens a blow from a calamity. When you think of the blessings of Allah upon you, two people side by side will go through the same exact problem, but they will react very differently. One person will completely lose their faith, complain about decree, lose hope and all lights and the other person will say Alhamdulillah the other person will say to Allah, we belong unto Him as our return. We reflect is when we go through hardship, how do we react? Do we praise Allah subhanaw taala knowing that Allah will increase us with the Nura bucola in Chicago to La XiDan Nico your Lord proclaim that if you are to thank me or be grateful to me, I will increase your blessings. We ask

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Allah to make us amongst the thankful along with me. Number five, amongst the ways to soften our hearts is through repentance on a daily basis. In fact, one of the greatest ways to soften our hearts to open the doors of relief from hardship is to open the doors to solutions from difficulty and to open the doors of blessings from sources we never imagined or expected is through daily is the vault and tilba repenting to Allah subhana wa Tada. And many times we don't realize that the one thing that stopping you from a certain blessing or certain relief could be that one sin that you refuse to abandon a one major sin that you are continuously committed. And this is according to what

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the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam informed us. Somebody came to Hassan muscley Rahim Allah and he said, I'm complaining to you of poverty, what can I do? He said, seek forgiveness from Allah. Later on, somebody else asked him, my wife is barren, she cannot have children. Is there anything we can do any dua we can make, what should we do? He said, seek forgiveness from Allah. And later on somebody else said to him, our village, our crops are dying in our village because there is no rain. What can we do? He said seek forgiveness from Allah. One of his students asked his teacher, we noticed you're giving the same answer to these different questions. Why is that the case? He said Do

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you not recite the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada the words from Surah newer for Paul to start with the role of Berco Minda who can have a photo. He said seek forgiveness from your Lord. He is the oft forgiving he will always forgive as long as you always turn to him. What is the result of you and I seeking forgiveness from Allah continuously. You will see this summer on a committed rara he will send down the rain to you in abundance meaning he will take care of your crops for you your worldly matters. While you indeed can be unwell in what arena he will give you an extend for you an abundance of wealth and offspring wire John let him Jana tin and he will grant you gardens via John

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lagoon and Harrow and he will grant you rivers, in other words, is still the fall and Tober is one of the greatest keys to unlocking a lot of the relief and blessings that we need in our lives. How often do we make this stuff far? How often do we take time every day to ask Allah for sincere forgiveness? Imagine two people side by side comparison. One person who waits and procrastinates their Toba for a moment in which they remember, they are not proactive, they are reactive. They wait for a reminder or they wait for some calamity. Or they wait until they need something from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So they wait. They wait. They wait. It's not a daily habit. And then one day they leave this world who knows that moments before they left

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Who knows when they last repented, Allahu Allah. And then think of a person who every day at least once a day, takes a few moments to ask Allah for sincere forgiveness sincerely imagine that one of those days will be his or her last. But when they depart from this world, at least sometime in the last 24 hours they had repented to Allah sincerely, they had a clean slate. We need to connect with Toba with repentance on a daily basis. In fact, for the believer, it is your daily companion. It is something that we cannot abandon or procrastinate for another time. Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us surah Taha Karim Yeah

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Are you ready

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to boo oh you know Allah He told button those who

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are you who are believed returned to Allah any return and he told me there is no so how they asked or what I'm gonna hug Bob. What is tilba Nasu Ha he said and YouTuber Roger Lumina law many say from Mala you're all doing it for a person to repent from a sin, but then to never ever return to that sin again. That is the greatest objective of Toba. That is a great sign of remorse of sincerity. However, if somebody performs Toba sincerely, and then they fall short again, and then they repent sincerely, and then they fall short again, and then they repent sincerely, and then they fall into the sin again. What did they do? What is their case? They asked that hustle and bustle worry about

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the same exact scenario. They said, How long is someone going to keep doing the cycle? You make a mistake and then you repent? Shouldn't they just stop? In other words, should they feel bad guilty, shameful to keep going back to Allah and saying Oh Allah, I won't sin. He says no, they should keep repenting. Shaitan wants you to feel this way. Once you to give up or lose hope. No matter how many times you fall short. With go back to Allah and Allah will always accept you. No matter how many times you make mistakes, always sincerely turn to Allah and Allah will forgive you in Allah Hale funeral YouTuber, Jimmy are Verily Allah forgives all sins, but we have to turn to him while our

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hearts are still beating. And the last point in sha Allah is that of dua.

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Amongst the greatest ways to soften our hearts. Ask yourself, how is your habit of dua with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada? Do you make dua for everything or only when you think it's a calamity? Do you make dua only when you're sick or only when you need to pass an exam or only when you need help at work? Or do you make dua for everything major and minor? The more we make dua, the more Allah loves us, the more you ask of your friend, your neighbor, your relatives, the more they might get irritated. Allah loves us, the more we connect to him, Allah wants us to connect to him. And Allah subhanaw taala reminds us when we make dua to make dua, knowing that Allah will accept, be persistent, be

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patient and put your heart into the DUA. There's an incident that took place a few years ago, and I will close with this in sha Allah, in which a student of knowledge in front of the collar he saw somebody who's closed were torn. So he said, I put five three years five Cerruti riyals in my hand, and I waited for him to finish making dua, but it seemed he was taking a while. So he said a Somali come to the brother, the brother turned around, he reached out to say salam, and then he felt that there was money in his brother's hand. So he quickly retracted his hand, and he turned back around and continued making God. So the brothers said, I started praying sunnah. And as I was praying that

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the person he tried to give money to turned around and started staring at him until he finished summer. He said, I finished salon I looked at him and the man said to me, how much were you going to give me?

00:33:45--> 00:34:22

He said, What? He said, How much were you going to give me? He said why? He's like telling me by Allah how much you're gonna give me? He said, Don't swear by Allah, this matters over you rejected it. Why are you even asking? He said I was making dua to Allah when you interrupted me. I was making dua to Allah subhanaw taala that I needed five riyals just to be able to get home. So tell me how much were you going to give me? He said by Allah was only going to give you five Yes. But why did you pull your hand away if you needed it? He said I was still making the DUA and I was not done with it. I couldn't believe that Allah had accepted it that quickly. Don't underestimate the power of

00:34:22--> 00:34:58

DeWanna in your life. Allah subhanaw taala is the most generous Allah is the one who's always listening and Allah has taught Eve is very close to all of us. Make dua at all times in places and don't underestimate the weapon of the believer. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who benefit from what we hear. We ask Allah to soften our hearts through gratitude, through repentance through reflection on death and the hereafter. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us and our loved ones and our children are amongst the people of the Quran. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us and guide others through us and to allow us to die upon Allah Allah in the law. And we ask Allah

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subhana wa Tada as as he

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gathered us in this beautiful gathering to reunite all of us in the highest levels of Jannah when the prophets and our loved ones was Selena whom Allah Muhammad wa early he was asked me to marry and we're just talking long