Abdullah Hakim Quick – Introducing The Ten Tenets

Abdullah Hakim Quick
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Alright just fill out a harbor hamster I wanted to like I don't know what to call to come everyone I hope you're doing well. This is a live stream we share up the lightning quick. I'm just waiting for a couple people Charlotte to join us we Mila Hey Darla, my name is Mahmoud Hassan and I will be a host I guess really an a guest at the same time shall be able to conversate with the chef inshallah and bring him on. Going to give us a couple of minutes. And the meantime, if you are joining us from far away, go ahead and comment on where you're joining us from. Let's see where we're getting people from today's show Lone Star last. Last time we went live with the chef we had people come in joining

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us from Nigeria he will joining us from Gada Diana who will joining us from Malaysia Today's a little bit late in the nighttime so we may not have people from that far. But go ahead and comment in Sharla on where you're joining us from Ladakh along with the mela Bless you all inshallah.

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Once again, welcome everyone to this live stream which share how bollocky and quick My name is Mahmoud Hassan. And I will be your host and guest shalom Darla and I want to see where you're joining us from. So I want to come on a lot but live from Los Angeles. there and how are you man, I hope you're doing good. I hope you're you're you're living it up, I hope you're it's nice and warm where you are. It is nice and cold where we are. Wait a conference in Charlottesville. When we reach 20 people inshallah, I'm going to bring the shift back in the light Allah. And as you're joining us, this is a really important talk that we're going to be talking to this year Hello, which is

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basically about the last video that he has released on on his YouTube, we're talking about the 10 tenets of, I think with a show called Islamic revival or

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we'll let him actually use the word to use it itself right? Because the chef loves to talk about the revival reform and the bringing back of the actual nation and the kind of work that we're doing on the law for the parent says that it is nice and warm where he is love so I think it's about time for us to go ahead and bring the chef Mila

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so on the line when I got to Chicago, how are you when they come Sarah would like to learn about a cartoon. It is always a pleasure Always Always a pleasure to be with you and to have you may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you and janeshia and hamdulillah it's always a pleasure to come together alive attic fukishima tshabalala are let's get into it because I think

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it's a really important topic to be talking about First of all, this is the last week of the ice to release and and before we get into it, you are recently you've been quite active on YouTube

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in producing a lot of your content so on so I don't know if you there's a conscious movement behind what you're trying to do or what's going on if you just wanna introduce us to what the project that you're working on now inshallah. Yes, Miss Miller Manor hemicycle sounds hella bad. hamdulillah after many years in the field,

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I felt it was important to bring

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To gather the information, and to put it out in an organized fashion, so that people could actually get a definite benefit from it. And they could reflect. And they could also have their own, you know, feelings to it. Because really, what has happened to me by the will of Allah is that I've been able to be with Muslims in 63 countries, in four continents, you know, and to live with them and to cry with them to laugh with them, to to enjoy, you know, our Islam, and to actually investigate the societies itself. And so after this period of time, and so many different incidents, so many different insights that I was able to get, I felt it was important to bring it together. So what has

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been happening over the few months is a coming together of a series of interactions with Muslims, and a series of openings that have happened over the years to put it in a reasonable form for people Mm hmm. malice, pinata Bless you, inshallah. Okay, let's talk about this recent video shall live data. So this, whichever you name it,

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I believe the the 10 tenets, yes, that the recent visit, video that we put out, we call the emergence. And the concept of emergence is coming out, usually from the earth or coming from a door, you know, but actually coming out, you know, from darkness into light. And so, um, the concept is based upon Islamic revival. And probably the word that made most sense to me, was an awakening. But awakening has been used in so many different ways by people, and not to give the wrong image and to have something, you know, new and fresh about this, we, you know, we use one of the synonyms of awakening, and that is emergence. And so these 10 tenets are basically 10 issues 10 pillars or

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principles of Islamic revival. And they came about, in a very practical way, this is not an intellectual academic discussion. What this is, is I don't servation of the condition of Muslims, and what was happening to the community, and some of the ideas and direction as to how to come out of the present condition that we are in, and to renew ourselves, to reinvigorate our communities, and then, you know, be more relevant to what is happening on the ground today. So, so these are 10 principles. They're not cut in stone, they're not the five pillars of Islam. You know, I'm not claiming to be a magette did, or Maddie, but they really, observations, practical observations over

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the years. And it's actually interesting that you say this, Jeff, because one of the things that I quite respect about

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your words, when you say things is the fact that you've been around pretty much every single continent.

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And you've not only have you been around, but you've lived in so many different places. The question that I always have for your chef is, is our situation as Muslims? Is it the same everywhere like I like I, you know, I know what's going on in Canada and in North America, a lot of times I see a lot of things are happening in the UK, for instance, I've become a little astonished about what's happening there. And, and then you look at what things are happening in France, as a new kind of all of a sudden you start to, you've lived in all of these places, you've been there, you've lectured you, you've had deep conversations with committed leaders.

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are the issues the same?

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Well, basically, if we look at Islam, you know, as the revelation from the Creator of the heavens and the earth, to humanity, well, then, you know, how we interact with the revelation is based upon how humanity, our faith, and also the circumstances. So really, what I found that was different about Muslims condition was more based upon the circumstances that they were in, and not necessarily as human beings, how they were relating to the revelation. For instance, if a person is living in a hot zone, meaning that there's a war,

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this conflict, then naturally, there's a lot of trauma and a lot of pressure that people are under whereas if a person's in a peaceful zone, what appears to be a peaceful zone, then you know, they're dealing with

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lifestyle challenges are not actually going to be the same. But in terms of coming out of these conditions, whether they be in war or peace, whether they be in poverty or enriches, there is something similar. There's a thread that goes across Muslim experience. And it is that thread, which is connected to the revelation that, you know, has caused people to reinvigorate Islam. This is what I what I believe is touch deed. It is a revival, the renewal of Islam. It's not a reform.

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But but it's the take that thread, take those, those principles that are similar based on revelation, and based on humanity, you know, we have taste and smell and sight and hearing, you know, we have a certain human experience. So that thread that that goes across, you know, there's certain principles that are the same. Uh huh. And I was surprised in meeting Muslims from the Arab world, on the African continent, in Asia, in the Americas, and Muslims in Europe, I was surprised at how similar people actually were, like, you would think that Muslims in Denmark or Sweden, would be very much different than Muslims in Malaysia. And yes, the temperament is slightly different. But

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the challenges of making a lot of believing in one God and not submitting to idols and you know, different other powerful forces, the challenges of not being tribalistic and racist. Yeah, the challenge of calling to the good and forbidding the evil, very similar. When you go through the superficial parts of our culture, you see how close we actually are? Mm hmm. What are these? So you're talking about certain threads. Can you give us some examples?

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I want to know for instance, you know, what was happening to me actually you a living experience in 1985, after I had embraced Islam, of course, you know, back in 1979.

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You know, us, excuse me, you know, right, going 1970 I had embraced Islam, I had gone to Medina, I came back in 1985 I was asked to be the mom in the Jami Mosque, the director, and this was probably the largest Masjid in Canada at the time. There were people of all different nationalities There are over 1000 people were coming to Juma because only two major places in Toronto at that time where you could pray. And so I was forced into this this position. I looked up there were people from Asia, Africa, Arab world, new Muslims from the Americas.

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All the schools of thought all the Islamic movements. And so how you going to pray? And so the process of them said Salou, come out of a timoni who suddenly pray as you have seen me pray. And we use this as a basis. And we went into history. And we and we tried to understand the relationship of the great imams one to another. And we found out that they were actually teachers and students of each other. They were not racial groups. It was not an identity, a tribalistic identity, but they were merely teachers coming out of the same position so that, you know if the prophet SAW some prayed sometimes, and standing up, he raised his hand all the times he didn't, and he actually did

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it. Then we learn to appreciate those who raised their hands and those who didn't raise their hands. And so, you know, it took us out of that school of thought fanaticism,

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that people sometimes connected even to their own tribes, their own personalities. I mean, I'm in a Masjid with all people. And one day I got so frustrated, I stood up, and I said, Abu hanifa ready allow Rahim. Mahalo the greedy mom. He was not a Pakistani.

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He mama Shafi was not a Somali, they were Arabs,

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because people were taking the school of thought as their racial identity. And so what we were doing in that what we call the golden years in Toronto, we were rising above the tribalism.

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And we were coming together as an online learning to appreciate differences.

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Okay, uniting ourself, even though there was some slight differences that I believe you know, is the Sunnah that is the way it was with the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. So that

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To read that was in the early times. And if we if we take that principle, and then apply it to our condition today, of course, dealing with our own challenges, that inshallah we can get positive results, because that's like the spirit of the Sunnah. That's right, like the thread that runs through the Sunday. So this is the idea coming out of the 10 tenets, you know is, is that spirit of Islamic lifestyle in practice, then can be taken to different parts of the world. Of course, these points were really, in the beginning focused on the western world, meaning the Americas, Europe, and even South Africa.

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But now, the world is a village. And because of globalization and internet, many of the challenges that we have in the West, you know, the youth are having the same things in Africa, Asia, Middle East, so many of these principles could be applied to the Muslim world, as General. Yeah. So this is the concept. You know, to look at it in a practical way, we have to start to get some on the ground practical ways to approach our Islam because people today with the COVID-19, and with economic crisis, and the great fitting of the world, trials and tribulations people are many people are confused. And so we need some practical solutions to come out of this confusion from darkness into

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light. Allah bless you Shahada la Vega. So if you're joining us, just right now inshallah, for those of you who have just joined us, we are talking about the 10 tenets

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of Islam. And before that this year, has actually written these are 10 points that Chicago mahaki and quip has been speaking about for years, I should have been hearing you talk about these points for quite years, for many years. And every time and this is the amazing thing that actually not to mention specific names, but just a couple of days ago, I told him and that, that I had a I had a meeting with you. He says, you know,

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the only time I saw the show was in his whole body. And he talked about he said, this was years ago, at a local Masjid in Scarborough in Toronto. And he said to me, you know, but it's so funny because I like I remember what he said like it was yesterday, as Oh, is he talking about? He said, he said he was talking about these 10 points of Islamic Islamic revival. And I think one of the things that he was talking about one of the points that he really really, because I knew it stuck in his head, because I said he was talking about this thing called operational Unity's. And he said, when he said that I was I was amazed, like, NC Polynesia was a blessing upon Allah subhanho wa Taala, that people

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would remember whether you gave years ago, where you've mentioned, these kinds of posts by Mrs actually had really struck and actual really important aspects of their lives, something that not only do you as a chef see as important, but also things as the committee itself is seen as important.

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So this, this is important for us to be able to, now in these times of where there's a lot of gray areas, and a lot of deception, to be able to bring together our experiences, and to share them with each other. And so while we have access to these platforms, it is important for us to be able to share our information and to come together. And the recent video that we did the emergence. So So this brings together all 10 points.

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And inshallah we're hoping over the next few weeks to be doing a series of inter toxin interactions, going one by one through the points, because each one of the areas are very important, in a practical sense. And I found this out from dealing with people directly I came into the machine, thought there would be a lot of differences and schools of thought and Islamic movements and tribes and you know what not here, the different theological discussions going on. But I found out that a lot of it was based upon tribalism. And a lot of the reason why they divided was not one was a selfie, and one was the Sufi. One was 150, and one was a Shafi. It was the tribe. So it was because

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of a nationalistic feeling that they didn't like that other individual or that group. But they masked it in school of thought. Or they covered it with an imaginary Islamic movement

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to try to cover their tribalism, sometimes which bordered on racism. So the actual issue is the racism it's the tribalism

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It's not the school of thought, the moms were not divided amongst themselves. Even when they differed, they different, they loved each other. They were teachers and students of each other. And so you know, that's what I want to do is tear off the shell, and go to the core itself of the problem. So that through understanding our internal issues,

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that maybe Allah subhanaw taala, would help us to come out of this feeling of instability,

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you know, into a more solid type of community, or at least give some direction for the youth, some direction for those new Muslims who have zeal, who are coming in want to bite onto something, they need an emphasis, you know, if you look at Islam in practice, in different parts of the world, and this is the basis of a lot of the great Islamic movements. And I won't mention names, but you will find that in some cases, the Muslims had madressa they had Masjid, but they lost the spirit of Islam.

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And so a group is formed in order to bring the spirit back to the people to love the Sunnah, to love the masjid. And that is the basis of the movement. There's another area where people were very spiritual, but they lacked knowledge. They didn't have sound knowledge. So movement develops, that focuses on Islamic education, and clearing up confusion of the ignorance in another area. People are mired in bidda, they are mired in innovations. They're praying to trees, they're afraid of chimneys, and whatnot. And so these innovations are crowding their life. So movement develops in order to purify or to clean up people's Arpita their belief. And so these movements come about to deal with

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specific areas and circumstances in the past 30 years.

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After traveling around actively in the communities, there are certain issues that we have to face. We have to reprogram our Islam. I'm not talking about the basic principles of Islam, because our Sharia is clear. Our principles are clear. But it's your orientation towards it. It's your orientation towards your deen what area do I focus on? What do I emphasize? You see, and so these points can can help us to reprogram myself and inshallah make a type of emergence. That's what we're talking about and awakening, right that we our eyes open up in the 21st century, a lot of collaboration from Allah subhanaw taala. Bless you. For those of you who are joining us, I want to

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again tell you that we're talking about the 10 dependent tenets of Islamic revival, the emergence, the last week of the Shahada, Hakeem cwip has released out on his YouTube and I'm actually going to share it on.

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I'm going to share it right now in the comments and share along with Darla, so you're able to go ahead and watch it on YouTube. If you haven't seen it. Go ahead and share it. today. We're introducing you to this. Chuck, we don't want to talk about the points today. The video is only about I believe about a shorter than 18 minutes. So what we're going to do is we're going to be able to kind of break it down a little bit so we can get a lot of this information explained by the share can go through the points one at a time, I guess rule or even a couple of times in the next couple of weeks. We've made $1

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I do want to give a shout out before we go to some of the people who have joining us here so we have Baron from Los Angeles has joined us

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and he's saying 100 light is a warm it's warm over there, which is

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we envy you brother Baron, because it is freezing out here.

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We have

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Rothstein from Cape Town, South Africa.

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We have someone from I don't know where that is. I'm really sorry. I'm afraid of saying that wrong.

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I don't know if you know that city or not. But then we learn. It looks like it. Maybe Indonesia or Malaysia, Indonesia Malaysia looks like that. And we even have one from

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from Ontario here.

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So they can design a lot. And we have some people are joining us from Yemen as well. Medina Madhava

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where do we have? We have

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a good moment from Zion, Illinois.

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With more data from Pittsburgh, law quick convergence must be as cold just as us right now.

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Yes, and Alexandria, Virginia.

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So a lot of people are joining us from all over the world $100 bill Allen from San Antonio Austin is joining us from there and all the way from beautiful Texas

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man joining us as well inshallah. So, a shout out to all of you who have joined us mela soprano, Allah bless you in sha Allah, if you have any questions, if you have any inquiries that you want the chef to respond to will be midnight Allah. In this upcoming live session, I think the next slide that we have here is Saturday shift

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330 Toronto time, so Eastern Standard Time, so that you have to look for what time that would be for you and Sharla. That's what will be our next live stream, where we're going to be talking about at least the first couple of these tenants, we can shadow anything you want to finish with the show, before we end this live, oh yes, we also want to invite our brothers and sisters and viewers to the YouTube channel itself. Now, because there is a number of valuable programs, you know, that are there. There's a discussion that came out in this recent crisis on the real black high

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is what we call it. And that is a interesting discussion, in terms of

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the racism and things that are going on in the world. And also those who are interested in history.

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We have the Empire Strikes black, which is the Islam in East Africa, there's a series

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there's also a series, The Black Muslim experience, from Mecca to the Americas. Mm hmm. And there are a number of other our videos and books and things that you can go to find in the website and at the YouTube channel. So we invite you, you know there for this source information. And this series of the emergence the 10 tenets of this emergence is the beginning of a series that we hope to continue

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which will take us through a number of areas and these 10 are practical tend to get us going and then inshallah we hope to continue on to the 40 hadith of Islamic revival

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and to the Add complete advice and sincerity there's another visit is important issues to deal with internal change and how we can prepare ourself for an awakening and emergence to to to come out of the stagnation that we are in and then become more relevant to our present situation. So we welcome all our brothers and sisters to come along many of us are locked down so you've got a lot of extra time if you're prepping a slob or you don't have to worry about your Christmas tree and your Christmas presents them you know your New Year's alcohol so we are we have plenty of time during this time for us to study and to start to go into certain issues and to really analyze ourself to

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see how we can make some specific changes now loss aparthotel can help us out of our condition

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and if again, I've shared the actual YouTube channel so you can go ahead and and subscribe there have actually been showed some of the screens that we have on their show log data go ahead join us on the YouTube channel go ahead and join us on Instagram as well she'll have delays that at Apollo quick and I am at this underscore moon discord lives shahidullah judoka locker Bella soprano Nana bless you and give you Jenna, you have been a true inspiration follows and your talks have always been

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quite helpful to our movement. So Monica, when it comes to Lady about a cat

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