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Adnan Rajeh
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I have Rahim Al Hamdulillah Helmand Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad while early he also he urged me you know bad yellow imam or Muslim and V sahih Hadith in

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Hadith marooned under Buhari EB themselves, the lovely must have

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an Emirati Amir Hatami, while the Allahu Anhu called the Hadith tonight is called Hadith Djibouti. And so you know the Hadith you This is probably the first one that you learned as a child and you heard it like a million times. But if I were to choose, I would narrated it yesterday as the first Hadith that you would talk about when we tried to comprehend EMA and appropriately and see what it actually means and what it requires for us to have to be able to feel or claim that we have it. Amen. Hold on, you're at first but I don't like not being long Hadith on weekends. Because it's hot o'clock next. So I'll do it tonight. And the hadith is narrated in collection, my * and Muslim

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and disabled until the end when Muhammad did and almost every collection has it. And depending on the collection, you'll find a little bit of a difference in the wording of it. For some reason, the collection the narration of Muslim is the most famous of them all. I think just because of the it's a little bit more descriptive than the rest of them. It really wasn't the one I'm going to actually narrate tonight is rate us by annually meaning album photography Allahu Anhu. He said, gerosa Rasool Allah He said Allah Allah you early you said that a young prophet Isaiah was sitting one day how Raja Allah you know what you doin? Shady do baya with fear the shady do sir the sharing the Euro

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ally I thought was Saturday while I already flew home and so he described someone that came to enter the masjid and he just driving the fourth thing he said he had his hair it was was His clothing was extremely white. It was very clean. It was shiny white. And his hair was very black. Very dark black and there's no evidence of this person traveling and no one none of us know him.

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So this is again this is not something that we think about because if that happened in our time, he wouldn't this wouldn't be weird at all if someone walked in right now and clean white clothes with him

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that have black hair, you know, I think it was easy Young. Otherwise nothing you're not going to even if you don't know him doesn't make a difference. But living back then if you walked into a place and you look like that you're all scrubbed and you're truly healing that you must you must be a local because if you're traveling you're not gonna look like that by the time even if you go for maybe a couple of kilometers you're not gonna if you're on a horse or a camel you're walking you're not gonna look like that when you get there. So like he was saying in so many words that this person no one knew he looks you know he's speaking Spanish and we know traveling is very weird he walked in

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he didn't say anything but if I tell us what Allah has little lights and he came to the roof it is awesome escena de roca de la casa de Woba Cafe he I love to see the so you get to the rock Valley you're so tell me he stuck his knees with his knees so just like you're sitting over there he came and then he took his hands and he put them on the thighs of the property so it was it was very very close contact of it is awesome. Never you know.

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You would never even glitch like it didn't matter if you can come in you can come up with them as close to his face as you want it out to you. So to a certain would never bother him. And so people like doing that to see if they'll intimidate you. But he didn't it didn't bother him at all. He was very close very close contacts and when he didn't know. And then he started to ask him qualifies for Carla. Yeah, Mohammed community, annual Islam telling me about telling me about Islam, aka al Islam and Tasha Allah in the LA OneNet Mohammed and Abu rasuluh. When the team of solid were to tears, kurta, Otter, su Mala Madonna or the gel beta and it's Jakarta EE sebelah Gollum. Islam is for you

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to bear witness or give testimony of Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and the prophecy of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and for you to establish your prayer and to give years ago and to pass the month of Ramadan and to perform Hajj once in a lifetime if you're capable of doing so.

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Bacala whose product? We told him that is correct. Or if I died Jumbunna Yes. Oh, who told me also deco so we were all like all looking at each other. You ask and then you confirm. And it's very weird. Like if I asked you a question, and then you say the answer I say yes, you're correct.

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Or what are you doing? Are you quizzing me? That's i Yeah, a consultant will do that to a resident. Professor will do it to an intern. You ask the question to see if they know. So it seems like that but this person was not known and he was not of any status. So they were a little bit. Alright, fine. Makara Mahamadou activated accompany Anil Iman. explain, explain to me faith.

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And we all know that there are differences. They're not it's not always a hierarchy. So just so it's clear. When we talk about Islam and Iman, they're not it's not always a hierarchy where Iman is higher than Islam. Sometimes it is. So there's different So Islam and email can exist horizontally and they can exist vertically and they can even exist in the third dimension. There are three ways of looking at them. I'll talk about them as we go along. But it's not always an issue of one by

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Other than the other, and this hadith is good example, this hadith is not talking about three levels, it's talking about three categories. There's three things that you need to be able to do you need to do in order for Islam to be for you to fulfill the concept of your deen

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of the religion. So Islam being one category, in this case, Islam was looked at as the practices meaning the law, the commands the rules, and Eman when he was asked what mill Iman pada and took me below him. Now Omega Iike T are good to be here are also li Oyo Mercury Well, Kadri hiree Hiyashi in another Asian lady, he was angry he made a lot. He said Iman, is for you to believe in the Oneness of Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala and his angels and in the books that he sent and the messages that he sent and revealed to and the fact that there's going to be a day of judgment and destiny and the good and the bad, the predestined aspects of your life, the good and the bad, the stuff that you

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like, and the stuff that you don't like. pakora the whole sadhaks Yes, that is correct. Mercer earlier call from makalah. Yeah, Mohamed Verni annaliesa Tell me about your son, please. Paola and tabooed Allah kaneka, Tara Hoover ylim Techwin. Allah HuFa in the hole, Your luck is for you to worship Allah subhanaw taala serve Allah, as if you can see him. And even though you cannot see him, you know, when you take comfort in the fact that he sees you. And axon is, if it were to be translated word for word, it would translate into excellence. So if you're going to translate these words, literally not understanding exactly what they're symbolizing, and in this question, line of

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questioning, then you have submission, belief and excellence, and they really don't jam that well. Like there's really they don't really fit because the but that's not what he's asking about. He's, the question was about the three aspects of deen the first one, which is the rules, the law, the practice. The second one is the is the ideology, what is it? What is it rooted in? What do you believe? What is your perspective, like, believing in Allah subhanaw taala and his mother, each one of them actually meet actually means something like a man Billa whom Allah eager to hear to be rosary, each one of those things means something, it's a prospective, actually, if you if you take a

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moment and look at it, that's how you add up there's actually a hadith that requires a lot of unpacking, and it requires a full series of just breaking it down word by word, because actually doesn't matter. Meaning, it's not just the like, it's not just a shovel, alright, here's an email and below when I get to know each one of them means something leaving in the books of Allah subhanaw. Taala is believing in the in the evolution of, of law and believing, believing in the prophets, meaning believes in the communication that Allah has done and the different cultures coming from that basketball background and believing in destiny of culture is is a whole other

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aspect of belief. So these are very important and monadic is the same thing. And they represent the wave that which exists in the world that we do not, that we don't have access to that we can't measure that is not tangible. So each of these things actually are very important in terms of what it means for us to believe that it's your ideology is what you base everything on. Because it's different when you believe something and then you your practices. They're actually a little bit separated. They shouldn't, but they are because what I believe in what I do, sometimes there's going to be a gap there. What is the gap is the third question. So the third question is the gap. Because

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technically speaking, if you believe in something, then unless unless there's an external force, that's going to stop you from practicing your belief. It doesn't make any sense. If you're in control, like it doesn't doesn't really make sense. If you believe this is the right thing, then why aren't you doing it? If the unless there's an external force holding you back, and you're being basically chained down? Then why is there a gap between what we believe and what we do? Isn't it very weird? There's a gap between what we believe and what we do if I asked you, what is the paint for me the picture of the Ideal Muslim, you can do it to Allah, it does. You don't need to you don't

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need to study a master's in Islamic Studies. And you don't need to go to your knees with 25 years of Islamic good knowledge. But seeking you don't even know that you can just sit here you can explain that I asked you do you do that? You'll say no, then I'll ask you why. And then you'll basically start squirming in your spot.

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And there's really no answer. Like there's really, you don't really offer me an answer that is meaningful, you'll give me words that we just made up, you'll say, Well, I'm lazy. What does that even mean? What is that? What does that word explain that word to me? If I were if I were an alien, if I just dropped down from from a different planet, and as you told me the word I'm lazy, you have to explain what do you mean? What does laziness mean? You know, I don't feel like doing what do you mean? Don't feel exploited? Isn't this the thing you should do? Yes. You know that right? Are you capable of doing? Yes. So why are you doing it? It's very hard for them to comprehend. Like, it

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doesn't make any sense that unless they have the same problem that we have, they don't have certain is that third piece and it talks about the connection, the spiritual connection you have with Allah subhanaw taala. So there's, there's the law, there's the belief system, and then that spirituality that allows you to take the belief system and turn it into law, turn it into practice, turn into something that's tangible and actually has an impact on yourself and others. And the way that the Brock Valley is awesome, beautifully explained that he's entitled Aloka and Nicola, is 20 There's nothing left between you and Allah Subhanallah in terms of closest except that you haven't seen him

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yet. That's it.

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meaning your senses just have not reached him. That's all. But everything else is there all is lifted that you need, you'll see him soon. But everything else has been completed everything else in terms of the relationship has been taken care of. And that means you have conquered the

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part of you on the inside that doesn't care for this. And there's a part of you on the inside that doesn't want any of this doesn't matter to the nest, it doesn't care for it. It's very, it's extremely driven based on his instincts and survival. The only instated primitive basic needs that it doesn't care for any of the things that spirituality is a joke to the neffs it thinks it's funny, it doesn't understand what it actually means. It takes a long time for it to understand you have to actually show it, it has to feel as too sensitive. That's actually I need to enjoy it for a long time for it to see. Okay, this is actually something I want or else it doesn't care.

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So the man will continue I'm sorry, I'm tickled when you ask the question. makalah Yeah, Muhammad Amir any answer? Anissa tell me about the day of judgment that you just mentioned father, Mel masu and her. The dilemma Minister, the one who was being asked this question is not nor is not more knowledgeable than the person who's asking it, meaning. I don't know more than you when it comes to when I don't know Bacala community I'm Allah to tell me certain things that will happen before a game there are signs that is coming near Baba, let's analyze them and tell you the answer to a better one. I'll tell

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you to power Luna Filippo Nyan pointed out I started on two things that went when when a person will give birth to the one who will later on be their master.

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Meaning in this is symbolizing a whole community. You give birth to someone who was supposed to help you and you become an enslaved by them or they basically run your life or ruin your life. They take away what you have. And so we're talking about Hulk and the other one is just pointing out his specific action where her fat and oratoria Isha and this is referring to the Arabs that all of us

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prefer, I would prefer the ones who are you know, shoeless, and are those who are clueless.

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eyeshadow, the people who take care of shepherds of sheep in animals will become rich to the point where their buildings will become very high. And they'll start competing and how high their buildings are going to look into our Luna Elbonian.

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There's other narrations, but I like the one that found talakad module. So the man after this question, he left Karla filibus to Malaya on capacitor I sat there for a while. Assume that after a year or so to last I said the problem is I'm looking to Macaulay three minister. Do you know who the person who came and asked what's called the Law Allah He? Allahu Allah? Su? I don't know. I don't know what to call it. Could you believe a tap on our limo? Come? Deena? Deena, that is Gibreel he came to teach you your deen. So you understand your religion, he asked you the question that you need to know. So what do you need to know, you need to know the practice piece. But you can practice

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properly it to know what you actually believe in so that you can build your your ideology and you can build your value system, you need to know what is going to be required for this to work, you're going to need that little piece that's gonna allow this to become fruitful and meaningful, because without it, it's all going to be just mechanical, and it will fall to pieces, it'll be essence, listen, and it won't mean anything eventually. And you need to understand what it is the piece of the of the equation, the part of the equation that you is under spendable, you can never you can never ever survive without this piece of the equation. You could never forget the fact that the

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reason that all of this is actually that has has any meaning at all, is that there's your multi, without your milk em, and nothing we're doing makes any sense at all, remove your milk, Yama, and we are insane. We are crazy people doing things that make no sense at all. But because there's your military, because justice is coming. Because we were going to be held accountable for our actions in detail, we have to behave the way we behave, because there's accountability coming. So that piece you should never forget. And you should also be very interested, and all of the actions that can lead to it so that you continue to prevent them, that you work hard to prevent them it's not so that

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you staying there is one and you're taking filling out your diary with the number of items that they saw. So you can post them on Facebook. So you can take everyone telling them so that you prevent them from occurring. So if a hope is one of them, you prevent that. And if it's trough, which is the symbolism of the second one, those who could live on very little decided that little is no longer even remotely enough. So they're going to do is throw off they're going to you know, overuse or over consume but they do not need. So these things you stop these things so that you keep your camera far away to keep people safe from a time where they're going to be held accountable, and they don't have

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the ability to repent anymore. So this is what the prophet Ali Asad was meant by teaching that this is like a horrible overall summary of a very deep deep Hadith, but I think it leaves us with something to kind of reflect upon and contemplate I'm sorry for taking longer than I should have yet to read email Muslim and fucile Hey, and I'm Robin katabi. Only Allah who I know colleges jealous Rasulullah he said Allah Allah you early you're setting them the yo min for karate and judo and Shadi do Biographia Alicia DE SILVA DE sherry. Now you're on Ali as a rose

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Jeffery when I already flew him in I had for Java you know Sula, he Salalah Holly you early he was a lemon, but escena de Luca te La Rocca T O Baraka fee I love the dawn Macaulay Mohammed barony Annalise la mia for Cara al Islam or and Tasha Allah Allah illallah wa and Mohammed and Abdullah who are Zulu and to pain are solid our two years ago there was room Ramadan by the hotel beta in his Tabata la he said Isla de la whose product for the adjuvant yes Allahu Mossad deco to makalah Mohammed workability and in Iman Bacala Lima and took me and I believe your mother Kathy here are called to be heroes today he will, he will call Jerry hiree He was your propeller whose product to

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makalah Mohammed barony annaliesa and recorded Buddha Allah hookah Anika Tara who failed lambda Contura HuFa in New York Takala whose product from Nicola Mohamed workability and is on wellness guru unhappy dilemma minister in taka, Bernie either and I'm here to tell you the Maduro better why don't I will tell

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you the power Luna fill Bruneian for her Raja Raja one follow up follow up is to Meridian filter Fattah Illa. Yasuda Allah Himself Allah Allah He early he was selling them Africa they attended events according to law your rasool Allah Africa Jubilee at Lehman come Dena come sadakazu Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah,

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Allah who was telling them about a cannon of you know Muhammad, while he was like us Rangers Arkham lokalen Baraka equals

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