Turkey and Syria Earthquake – A Message to Muslims

Haitham al-Haddad


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The speaker discusses the devastation caused by the events in Syria and Turkey. They emphasize the need for everyone to be prepared for the disaster and encourage others to donate to help their neighbors. The speaker also urges everyone to support local charities and encourage them to donate as much as they can.

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Santa Monica Monica deliver a Caterham de la Santa to cinema analyse la my good brothers and sisters, as many of us know that a very strong earthquake has hit south of Turkey and north of Syria, near Allah, Allah, Allah help the people that SubhanAllah 1000s of people have lost their homes and shelters. So far, Around 2000 people have been killed is still 1000s of people under those destroyed buildings and relief organizations are trying their best to rescue them. The situation in north of Syria in particular is very devastating. Subhanallah from one side, they have the war.

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They have poverty, the weather is very challenging lack of resources. And on top of that, subhanAllah the earthquake here I would like to send a few messages My dear brothers and sisters, first of all, condolences for those who lost their beloved ones, for those who lost their properties for those who lost their shelters and homes. May Allah Allah Allah give you the best compensation in the dunya and in the era, and they remember that the that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said any calamity that hits you a lot and now Allah remove some of your sins for that calamity. This is number one, number two, my dear brothers and sisters, our to our and our support for our brothers in

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Turkey and our brothers in Syria. Number three, my dear brothers and sisters, we need to remember that anything that happens on this earth happens by the will of Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says in the Quran, in Aquila che in Fela, because we have created everything based on a will based on a calculated will Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah Allah decreed that this earthquake to happen at this time and that these consequences happen. Why Allah Allah, Allah, Allah decree this Allah, Allah Allah, my dear brothers and sisters is the old why's he we cannot question him, although he can question us, however we remember that we should remember

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which is that fourth point, my dear brothers and sisters, that anything that comes from Allah, Allah, Allah is higher. Please brothers and sisters, remember this, especially those brothers and sisters in Syria and Turkey. This is higher, what happened to you is high. Why?

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First of all,

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Allah Allah Allah when Allah Allah, Allah, Allah test Muslims, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah wants either to elevate their status, or Allah, Allah, Allah wants to remove some of their sins, or Allah, Allah, Allah wants to bring them back to him and all of this is high. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the people to be tested the most all that Ambia because they are the most beloved to Allah generado. So if you are tested more, it means that Allah, Allah, Allah loves you more, all what you need is to the only what you need to do is to accept the coder of Allah, Allah, Allah, and to try your best to, of course to help yourself and to help others. So

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please, brothers and sisters, remember this, Allah Allah, Allah doesn't do anything arbitrary. And these things, these disasters, these natural disasters, from one side, yes, they are natural disasters, but they are from the other side, under the control of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah wouldn't allow them to happen for nothing. Allah, Allah Allah sometimes tells us the reason behind the dance behind the that so we can prepare ourselves for that. The reasons can be physical, tangible reasons, or non tangible reasons. We need to be ready and we need to repent to Allah, you know Allah, this is the final the fifth point, we need to repent to Allah, Allah Allah because Allah

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Allah Allah says no one person to feel better you will hurry then you will be Marchesa, but I didn't necessarily know here count Baba de la la me up, John. For earthquakes, disasters, calamities happen because of what people have earned by their hands because of what people have them have done themselves, because we want them to come back

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A to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. So let us all go back to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. And part of our tests, my dear brothers and sisters here in the UK and in Europe who have not been hit by this disaster by this earthquake. Part of our test is a to see whether we are going to help our brothers and sisters in Syria or not. So let us fulfill what Allah Allah Allah wants from us and let us help our brothers and sisters as much as we can.

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I urge all the charities to mobilize as quick as they can, and to and I urge all the brothers and sisters to donate as much as they can to help our brothers and sisters in north of Syria and south of Turkey. Remember, this might just be an obligatory sadaqa and the end of the day, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said sadaqa does not decrease your wealth. May Allah Allah Allah help us to help them? May Allah Allah Allah help them may Allah Allah Allah remove their calamities with Santa Monica