How Can Muslims Survive in the Era of Fake News?

Abdullah Hakim Quick


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Speaker 1 discusses the importance of trust in society and acknowledges that humans have built false assumptions about what people think is their true self. They argue that trust is crucial in avoiding false accusations and acknowledging one's own abilities. They also mention a study that shows that people tend to over-interpret their abilities when they acknowledge they can do something.

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Are you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah

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and be with Assad to pin, the truthful.

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And the Sonatine are those who are truthful not only in their words, but they believe in what they are saying. They don't just say to say,

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and they implement these words into their life.

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So the Sadhak is the one whose words translate into actions. And this is so critical for us in the times that we are living in, when we are in an age of advanced information.

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Where information numbers, sight, sound, constantly bombarding our minds. And in many cases, this information is this information. It is given to us so that we won't really understand what is going on.

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And so when these times are said, truthfulness,

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complete trustworthiness is a crucial factor in our lives. And we need to culture this in ourself, and try as much as we can to be around people who do what they save,

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who hold to their words,

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and our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. He was an example of this for us and he gave us living proof of the importance of truthfulness, trustworthiness, and how critical it would be in the times that we are actually living in right now.