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AI: Summary © The importance of faith and proper relationships with oneself and others is emphasized in the Jana Tata and Kaaba disputes. The religious aspect of the Kaaba is discussed, including the importance of finding fault and not criticizing one or two people for their positions. The segment also touches on the negative impact of actions on one's behavior and the importance of shaping behavior to avoid harms. The segment ends with a discussion of the history of shaping behavior and the reward of good behavior.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Yerwada was salat wa salam ala Mala Nabi Avada Amara Ruffo Villa Jimenez shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In Neville McMahon Hoonah fo for us the homemade Alpha eco Mata Kula Allah Allah contoura Moon. We'll call them NaVi Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam Lacell momento, but whenever Bill

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whenever Forsch what anybody oh come according the view sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a colloquialism. My dear respected scholars, elders and brothers.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a deal which has laid great emphasis upon correcting of relationships. The first relationship that we try to correct is our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. Our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala has a direct impact upon our relationship with other people. Will Emma have written the better our relationship with Allah the better will our relationship be with other people? So when we have our relationship with Allah is good. We will find our relationship with our spouses, our relatives, our children will also be better

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and there are degrees in our relationship with people. The greatest relationship we are supposed to have old is that what Allah subhanaw taala and that is a relationship of obedience and submission to Allah. Then our parents and let Allah in the Quran says, For coverup bukanlah, taboo Illa iya, who will be rewarded in Asana, that Allah has decreed that you worship no one besides Allah and you'll be good to your parents. Whenever Allah makes mention of the rights of parents, it is always side by side with his

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rights, with relationship with Allah, one of the very important and vital relationships which Allah subhanho wa Taala and Islam has laid great emphasis upon is our relationship with people of our own safe our own faith. That means Muslim Brotherhood. There is great amount of emphasis upon this type of relationship. We have all heard the ayat of the Quran in nama Muna ICWA. All believers are brothers unto one another. This is a relationship which is based on faith based on the columella ilaha IL Allah. All people who follow the kalam Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah has brought them together in a relationship. It is not only based on faith, it is part of faith. You have different

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relationships you have relationship based on economic ties, we have based relationship based on ethnicity. We come from the same gun we come from the same village we come from the same tribe, we come from the same city, but this is a relationship based on the columella Allah illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, we are bound together with a Kalama Allah Allah illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, it is based on faith it is part of faith. Maybe a cream sauce cinnamon said in a hadith letter the whole Jana Tata to know whether to mean ohata Taha boo, you cannot enter into Janet until you have Iman.

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Without Iman you can enter into gender and you do not have Eman until you have love for one another.

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For others, we have to seriously consider these teachings. Because today that love is going out of the window. We don't have love for one another more of our relationship is based on hate. But in the vehicle himself some said you do not have a man until you do not have love for one another. And I do look my last show you need to move the hubbub Should I not tell you something that if you do Allah will create love amongst you have to Salem have a nickel spread the salam amongst you make Salem and another Hadith make salaam to those whom you know and to those whom you don't know. Today we only make salam to those who may know or some people who are from our own village our own group our own

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category maybe occur in South Sudan was as which is which Islam is the best that we saw some said make salaam to the people whom you know and you don't know. This is how you spread love and you cannot get into Jannah until you don't have love. This Brotherhood is unique. Look at the Quranic style with Rick

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Got to this brotherhood. It is so it is so remarkable. See in the Quran Allah Allah says filata Tulou and full circle. The message is don't kill one another don't kill your own Muslim brother. But one thing Allah Allah in the Quran says don't kill yourself. No one kills himself by and large. So Allah Allah says don't kill your next Muslim brother but how Allah put it don't kill yourself to kill your Muslim brother is like killing yourself.

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Allah Allah says personally who Allah unphysical make Salam upon yourself it doesn't mean you must make Salam upon yourself it means make salaam to your Muslim brother. How Allah put it. Make salaam to yourself. Allah in the Quran says fanatical Meizhou and Furusato limbs means to Pierre someone it means don't find false in another person, but how Allah put it the old look for faults in yourself to look for faults in your next Muslim brother is akin to finding faults in yourself what pleasure do you get in finding faults in yourself? You correct yourself it's a different matter. But you don't take pleasure unless you don't find faults in other people but I will not put it. Don't find

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faults in yourself.

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This brotherhood then how Allah has put it like we are one day the way Allah has put it. Maybe a dream Saracen

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just said you worried the believers is like one single body it is the guy who is the carpal loop. If the eyes feel hurt, it's not only the eyes that feel hurt, the whole body will feel restless. If one Muslim brother is in pain, the entire Muslim Brotherhood is supposed to be in pain. That is the oneness of this Muslim Ummah.

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I asked you the question and I will ask you from time to time when we speak about this copy. Do we portray that in our interaction with one another?

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Do you know the sacredness of this brotherhood? Maybe a Grimsel salaam one day was making Tawaf of the Kaaba in between, I believe Muhammad Ali, Allah says, And he asked Abdullah Abdullah, is there anything more sacred in the sky and the Baitullah? And can you imagine we all know the sacredness of the Kaaba and Vitola first built by hazard Adam Ali salaam, rebuilt basil O'Brien Melissa mana whole ruku, about the primary serum building the Kaaba in the first part of the Quran. That particular Kaaba, if you even look at it, Allah gives you a reward.

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That GABA you make off of it here in this world, immediately in line with it in the year after, in beta Mahieu. The angels make the wealth of it. That is a sacredness and the greatness of this Kaaba Abdullah is anything more sacred than this? The Sahaba used to say whenever they're asked that question online is Rasul knows best. And maybe a cream sauce. Some say I take an oath and head in with a bead in whose hands my life is. The respect and the honor of the believer is greater than the Kaaba. The respect and the honor of the believer is greater than the Kaaba, do we regard it as greatest?

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This is the sacredness in the honor of the believer that it is even more honorable, more sacred than the Kaaba in the villa. This particular brotherhood, my dear respected let us make certain demands upon us. As the demand was added to lottery and is famously hailed Hulu is written 23 rights of the believers and to one another. 23 we are supposed to fulfill 23 rights to one another.

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Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah he has written and some letters make mentioned with regard to one or two of them from the Quran and Hadith. A letter in the Quran says Yeah, after making mention of this verse, Allah Tala says yeah, you already know Amanu who believers don't mock at one another. Don't look down upon one another. Who is better than another person you don't know for her to Saku and for second, don't praise yourself who?

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Allah knows who is pious. Don't say I am pious. Allah knows his bias. Don't praise yourself who is pious Nicola knows maybe a cream sauce in one occasion said a hadith sometimes a person does so much good deeds is one spend between him and Jana. Allah Tala takes away he died and he become amongst the enrich of Jana. Sometimes he is sometimes a situation a person is one step between him and Jana because of his evil deeds. Allah Tala gives him Hidayat

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in Allah Allah gives him he died he becomes amongst the people of Ghana, who I beat to decide with regard to who is good at who is better liars or Cominform it aside

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perhaps the person you are mocking is better than you in the eyes of Allah Tala. Why are you mocking at the person? Allah Tala tells us in the Quran Don't mock. Maybe a cream saw slim said Lisa.

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When I build a hand when Forsch when a belly the believer is not

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So in this hadith said four things, laser movement, tan, tan means in order with a tan identity, tense Karna it means to belittle another person. It means in order to, to don't another person, it means to speak to someone in a way that hurts him.

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And this This is it can be done with your tongue or it can be done today, this time with a phone, social media and has it moved to shift tonality, it doesn't mean you are behind the microphone or you are, you know, into this type of extension with regard to it. You are behind the phone, you got the right to hurt someone or you got the right to beg by Backbiting is as haram with the tongue the way it is with the phone.

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But somehow the other we feel we got license with regard to it because of the phone we can bet by all the commands of Allah Tala is applicable to us, whether it be with a tongue or with with a phone.

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Now, just don't don't bet by one another. Or you like to eat the flesh of your dead brother, which is akin. That biting means that the Anna and taunting means to hit someone in his face with words. And today's become an ad for you make jokes with regards to it. You know, someone who has told someone something, and after he told him something, you know, he felt that he didn't listen. So he repeated it to the person say Don't repeat yourself I was ignoring you. So we make jokes with regard to it. But today's suggestion is, you know, don't think someone has become an art form. But what he created himself Islam said they sell me know be

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a believer will not taught other people who will not hurt people. And the greatest instrument for hurting is to the means of tongue and through the means of conversation and through the means of passing comments.

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Gera Hardy Sinhala healthy Apple, what are your dharma Majora? How to discern? The Arabic poet it's so beautiful. He said there is a cure for the wound inflicted by the sword. There is no cure for the wounds inflicted by the tongue. How many times I've heard people said this man told me something 20 years ago I can't forget it.

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There is no cure for the for the wounds inflicted by the tongue. So whatever it may be occurring so awesome. What did you say they said

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whenever biller and he won't curse another person, a believer will not plus another person or am I everything you can curse a person directly. Allah Allah Allah in the Quran has cursed people generally for their wrongdoings and around to Allah Allah khalaby Lampi upon the person who is a false who speaks lies, to generally for the person who do wrong, but specifically you can personal specific person Subhanallah there's an amazing incident. That one day Abu Bakr the Latino got angry with his servant and slave. Any you know, when a person gets angry, he starts speaking, and he becomes angry. So maybe Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Turon in anger,

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and he was, you know, in anger, expressing and manifesting Himself. And when the words come out of anger, we all know, we all know what happens. Therefore, they always tell you be careful with regard to what you say in anger. You know, one teacher one day told me a very amazing thing. He said, You are a master of what we have not said. And you are a slave of what you have seen. If we have not said something you are Master, how must I say it? Or must I say until you don't say it you are master. The moment you send it, you are a slave. You have to live by what you have said. So this is something that we have to allow to know was you know, expressing his anger in the vehicle himself

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Salam came first. And he said law attorney. Casa de was Siddiqui colorable cover by the Lord of the Kaaba, a Siddiq and him expressing his anger in such a manner the two don't gel color or appeal taba la Amin was seated in a city expressing his anger in such a manner. What will our appeal cover by the Lord of the tuber the two do not gel one to another. Then to be a cream sauce himself. Well first, what LBD A believer is not someone who, who is vulgar. And neither does he uses foul language.

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Maybe a cream sauce themselves, Shiva will move many forsook to swear another believer is an act of transgression. The great scholar often

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said that to abuse and to swear a believer is the way of the sinners, not the way of pious people. Today amazingly, we associate piety with vulgarity. A person is vulgar. He

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people's names he called people the worst of them. He called great scholars names, very pious. See, Bob will want many forsook

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to abuse men is an act of transgression moved him, to Lolly to abuse, a believer is an act of transgression. It is the way of sinners, not the way of pious people. Whatever push whatever Buddy, he is not vulgar. He does not use foul language. This is the way of the believers Nebia Kareem said Allahu Allah, he was salam and said, subhanAllah lotta Tata who went through without the hassle who don't cut off ties with one another. Don't turn against one another. Don't be jealous of one another. We'll call it bad Allah He Juana SubhanAllah. Be brothers unto one another, because all of these acts that you are doing is against Muslim Brotherhood, which Allah says in

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one of the things that we have to be careful with regard to it, is that we have to be, you know, under trusses for lateral Meizhou and Fuson. Don't Pierce one another. Here's the other means don't find faults in one another. And others to find faults in one another has become something that is very common, you know, I literacies don't find forcing yourself to find fortunately excuse me brothers like finding faults in yourself. So what is Allah subhanahu Uttara says, is one full circle

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Nebia cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said don't pursue Latin who Rata Aki Hill Muslim Okama called.

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Don't pursue the faults of others. If you pursue the faults of others, Allah will pursue your faults. If Allah to Allah pursue your faults, Allah will disgrace you even if you stay in your whole rooms and you don't come out. Now there was a great ally, you know, azimuth idol, Islam qasmi. He came to our country one day he was giving a talk and I just remember this one portion of the Book, very amazing.

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So in this particular talk, he makes mention and he said that you see, the earth throws up good, good and bad. The Earth brings up good and bad, the Earth will give you pure vegetation will give you wonderful fruits, looking at beautiful fruits and Uttara has created where it comes from from the earth in Allah Valley could have been with Noah, Allah tell us grits the seed when it goes into the ground for a tomato. Do you see what you sow and tomatoes?

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Do you bring it out from the earth? Or does Allah bring it up for a tuple Malita shampoo? Do you see the water to drink and the man says to Muhammad almost to you bring it down from the from the heavens or let Allah bring it.

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So this protect everything. This beautiful vegetation, fruit vegetables come from the earth. And the earth also picks up and brings up dirt.

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Now it depends upon your nature what you take from the earth.

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There is so many beautiful fruits, beautiful colors, beautiful flavors, beautiful taste, the swine won't eat, they'll only eat the food. Is it the fault of the earth? Or is it the fault of this way?

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Human beings are in a similar manner, they are good or bad. You get good qualities you get bad qualities. It depends upon you what you want to seek. And that particular looking at the good and bad is not the fault of human beings. It's your own particular nature, what you look at. If you look at the good of people, it shows your good nature. If you can only see the front of other people it tells you about your own particular type of character more than the character of the people whom you're seeing will feed you what inertia you people have faults and you also have faults and people have eyes.

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For you happen to hear about permanecer Tuco Bharara when I started looking at my own phones, no one is bad. You can see you can see a small tweak in the eyes of another person you can see a whole branch in your own eyes.

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As an era the ultimate tool his sons or my son's let your own false prevent you from criticizing the faults of others. Don't look at the faults of other people. They're amongst the things that we have to pay a lot of attention to what if you can't do anything? If you can't do good to another person? Do you know the reward of doing good to another person? Sometimes I think yeah Allah agree to a hadith and I will ask you a question Do you ever ever regard a good deed equivalent to this Apple family it Allah it hello Surya, Allah muslim? Oh, come on can the most beloved deed in the eyes of Allah is to make a Muslim happy.

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So most beloved deed in the eyes of Allah is to make a Muslim happy. I challenge anyone that ever anyone regarded this to be the most beloved deed in the eyes of Allah

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I challenge us, we normally will say a beloved it is to make that and I'm not saying he's not important, but who regards making a Muslim Happy is the most beloved lead in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So there's many much benefit. You know, there's a hadith of our beloved maybe a cream sauce to them. When you console a person who is going through difficulty.

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Let Allah will make you wear clothes of honor on the Day of Judgment.

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How many people are going through difficulty? We don't have time to do that we got time to take our faults, but we don't get time to go and console and sympathize people who are going through difficulty. What type of difficulty people are going through in our own particular type of you know, in our own masajid in our own communities, go in console people sympathize Allah will make your way through to another day of care. You can do all of this the least that you can do don't harm another person. And Muslim woman Solomon was removed me Listen here we are the Muslim is here who save other people from the harms of his from his tongue in his hands. Our Sharia has placed the greatest

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barrier crimson Islam said that hadith in our code one beautiful, you know one beautiful incident of murder the Allahu Terrano Subhanallah maybe a Grimsel some said the highest form of Ismar Eman is a columella ilaha IL Allah at na Allomantic Radha and interlink. The lowest form of Eman is to remove an offensive item from the road. There is no lower form of human the lowest form is to stop giving people the cliff to stop harming people to stop barking in the wrong way that people get this is the lowest form of humanity is no lower form of demand. Rather than our even when we see people with mistakes, what is our way? Tomorrow the allow to one day I heard about a person who had taken to

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alcohol. He was starting to drink alcohol. Tomorrow theologian wrote him a letter. Tomorrow the rotten in that letter started off with the idea of aphorism be workability Toby Shadi read your copy the tone.

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Allah is forgiving Allah except repentance. Allah is Severe in giving punishment, and he has the full capacity of taking punishment and giving you punishment. And he told the person take this letter, give it to the person when he's sober when he's not drunk. The person was sober, the person went to give him the letter. He looked at the letter and he started crying.

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He said Miranda is telling me, he can give me punishment. He's got full capacity to punish me. But he's also half Cognito. But you will accept me and He will forgive me if I didn't watch it. He started crying and he repented.

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So whereas the person after you give him the letter, come and tell me what happened. So when he came back and he said he repented, Omar said that is the way you correct the mistakes of other people.

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This is the way you correct the mistakes of other people and show concern we don't help shaytan against them. You don't speak bad about him that he becomes even more courageous in doing wrong. Brothers this, this brotherhood when it was strong, it helped us against with one another against oppression.

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And when he was strong, it even help non Muslim from oppression. Muslims throughout our history not now we can even save ourselves now because we are fighting with one another. We used to even prevent non Muslims from oppressing one another.

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The Jews in Spain got refuge in in North Africa and in in the Ottoman Empire. When we were strong this brotherhood was through. It even protected his own selves and even protected other people that are strive in making this brotherhood strong. That is the demands of the technical but with our