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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a man who talks about the benefits of the " pest control" ad, which is a message to stop war. The ad is described as being polite and union among ants, and the message is that people should not be afraid of the arrival of the world. The video also describes a woman who talks about the benefits of the " pest control" ad, including the importance of protecting against the arrival of the world.
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You said to the ants, enter into your habitations, your houses that Suleiman and his army would crush you. And they don't know.

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When they study the ants, they realize the ant is the most successful of all of the creatures on earth. Right now, for every human being, there is about 20 million ants for every one of you.

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There's about 12,000 species of x, the biomass of ants, if you put all the masses of ants together, it reaches one quarter of the biomass of all living things.

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Ads live on every single continent, except the South Pole itself.

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But what is important about the ads is that the app is polite. The app does not think about himself or herself, the ads, think about the other ones. And so you will get a collective of ants, where there is 10 million ants in a colony and they all think with one mind, remember the Qur'an, man nevsun, why human beings were created from one entity, the ants were also created, but they keep their mind. They relate to all of the other ants as one. So the air is polite.

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One air can lift 50 times his weight. It's like one of you lifting up a Mack truck.

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But because he has the strength, what does he do? Does he use the strength against the other hands? No, they will live and they will die for each other. And when a study was done of the ants, Argentinian ants, they blocked the rows of the ants. And every time it got difficult, the more difficult it got is the more polite the ads got with each other, the more polite they were. And so the adds the essence of the end is character.

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The Prophet SAW Selim said who is to leave will tell me ma but cannibal o'clock, I have been sent in order to complete the best in character.

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The ad, the more difficult you make it for the ads is the more polite and more cooperation they have. I looked at a row of ads. I spent 20 minutes in South Africa looking at a roll of s, every single act that meets another ad, he gives him snaps. They give some arms with the antennas, and they send the chemical message. And if there is three ads that is moving, and the one meets him, he gives some amps to the Emir. And then he gives a nod to the other two. Every single time he will not pass a net without given synapse. The promise of seldom said the time would come when there would be amongst the Muslim a Salam al hos

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there would be a special celebs that they would give only to their friends, and not to other Muslims. The Arabs also carry out the will of Allah subhanaw taala. People cry about Neo cons. They cry about Texas, and the Neo cons and what they've done to North American society. Right now in Texas, it is reported and it came to us in our paper in 2002. There was a new type of amps who came into Texas, there was only a few 102,002. Right now there are millions of this act. What is the strange thing about the act? This ad only attacks electronic equipment. They are destroying all of the corporations they have reached in the NASA Space installation till the Russians have called into

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America and say what is happening with our spaceships, the Arabs are attacking. And when they spray the poison on a roll of the ants, they die and the second row has adapted to the poison.

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When you are amongst the ants, there is no revolution amongst ants. Rebellion is futile.

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Everybody gets their rights they are cooperative, complete to our complete cooperation with their fellow beings. They are created from one soul one entity manuf sinuata. And so we need to take the example from the creation of Allah subhanaw taala the more difficult it got for the ants is the more polite they are with each other.

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The more their economic circumstances go down they will sacrifice their life for another act. This is an example for human beings believe that they are the highest of creation, but we can go to the highest level or we can go to the lowest level of astral the Saffy lien. Well, you have to be law. May Allah protect us from greed

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From pride and from Hassan from envy and jealousy, may Allah protect us from this and may Allah unite us and give us the example from the world of the insects and accept our prayers and DUA and have mercy on all those who have fallen under xenophobia and hatred and fear politically Heather was thoughtful.

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kung fu

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hamdulillah and Why hadn't I had a thought of the summit letting them yell at what amulet? Well, I'm Yakuza, who for one. Sunday what was salam ala Fatima and via who were more saline. Hamad bin Abdullah Ali he was happy edge my way back.

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And Hamdulillah

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we thank Allah azza wa jal

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for the life that he has given to us. And we ask Allah to accept us and to make us of those who live and die. In the example of the last and greatest prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah Ali after salat wa salam.

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And we know that Allah has given us

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guidance. And he has sent to us in His glorious book, Mohamed Anwar Amira, in Allaha Inca to you Soluna. That Nabil? Yeah, you heard that Dena Amanu Sallu alayhi wa salim Otis Lima. One masala wa salam ala optika was truly come Mohammed Whalley, he was sabe Etchmiadzin Waldo Hola, hola, Rashi de Abu Bakar prismatic. I will back up Omar was manually

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one kilometer from Morocco he mean Alhamdulillah Allah the Hodeida the hell were my canal the Natalia Lola and then Allah Subhan Allah to Z Kullu bada Bada is her de tena wa have Leonard Mila docudrama in the cantle Wahab Allahumma isn't a slam on muslimin Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma isn't a Snyman Muslim in was in the shirt with Mr. King with de mer. De once or ypad the Kira Alameen Allahu matura majority if we call them a cat, whose work also some preventive matters, be Philistine rocky mean? La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in that could nominate dolly meet

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a llama la ilaha, Fatah, WA Manila for Russia. What are they not in that data? Whatever Maria and Alicia feta for that big 10 Ihlara Hinta well, that had your 10 Madhava dunya in naka de Taha Yakama rocky mean, Amara Hindi you battle your hammock from Allah and Allah Yama been added with the semitones in football, while Yong Han fascia Juan Juan Carlos, Bobby, yeah, he's a cupola look into that cartoon