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Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of taqwa, the consciousness of Allah, and the fear and hope of achieving the Day of Resurrection. They also touch on the use of recreational drugs and the negative impact on society, including the use of alcohol and the social implications of it. The segment concludes with a call to action for young people to take care of their health and use their influence to save others. The use of drugs and alcohol in various cultures and their impact on people's lives are also discussed.
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Alhamdulillah hora Bella mean? While I pee but a little more talking

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while there with one Illa Allah dalemain one shot one La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika Allah wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo solo la la la la la while early he was happy woman da da da what he was then be suniti illa Yomi de Salaam to Sleeman kathira Amar bad for SQL will not see be taqwa Allah azzawajal some evil Tara coolock suparna belaire humanus shaytani regime? Yeah, are you hella Dena harmoni taco la la kulu colenso de de use left local Malecon biographia. Local do new back home woman UT la vida Sula, who for codfather fosun Halima

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our praise due to Allah Lord of the worlds and surely the best reward is ultimately for those who have Taqwa. And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor. And I bear witness that our law is one and has no partners.

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And Mohammed, the son of Abdullah, is a servant and his last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, his companions to all those who called his way and establishes Sonia to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows I begin by reminding myself by cautioning myself of the importance of taqwa,

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the importance of the consciousness of God, that this consciousness guides us in everything that we do.

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And Allah has revealed to us in His mighty book are you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah, and speak a straightforward word.

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So it's not enough just to have the consciousness of Allah kulu colenso Dida speak a straight word.

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And then Allah said,

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He will forgive you of your sins, He will release you of your evil deeds, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, has surely gained a mighty triumph. And so in that spirit of Colin sadita

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we again, look at the example of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. And through his example, through his colon sadita, straight direct words. And he would say, he would say fatal Calum mipela Waddell, the best of words, is that which is short and to the point.

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And so with this consciousness with this understanding, we look at the miracle of the Prophet seller seller who has given us guidelines, guidelines to keep in our minds as we move through life, especially as we are nearing the Day of Resurrection.

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And it is reported Sula Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salatu salam on X 30 ma unikl anassa Jana

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Kala taqwa La Rosa

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was soo in an accident my unicolor NASA not for Karla alhfam while Farage

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the Prophet peace be at peace and blessings be upon him was asked on one occasion, what is the main reason why people will enter Paradise

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and he answered

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taqwa law, was no law. This is a direct answer.

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To a law, the consciousness of a law and good character. That is the main reason not your family lineage, not your clothing.

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Not your wealth.

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But this taqwa, this consciousness of Allah, this fear and hope, this conscience and good character.

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And then he was asked about what is the main reason why people would enter hellfire.

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And he said, the mouth and the private paths.

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This is straightforward speech. And what this gives us is four categories. And we want to look at two of the categories today. in relationship to what is happening around us. We want to look at taqwa and the mouse.

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These are four categories.

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In terms of taqwa, we have a beautiful example. And it is reported that oh

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Marble hottub rhodiola one as Kobe ebene cob rhodiola one about taqwa. So these are two great sahabas and one as the other. Give me an example of taqwa. What do you think what is taqwa?

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and obey said?

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Have you ever walked on a path that has stones on it, oma and suggests obey then said to him, he asked him then what do you do then?

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And then Omar said,

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I rolled up my sleeves and I struggled.

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Okay, so the question is, you're on a path is thorns on the path? What do you do? Almost I rolled up my sleeves. And I struggled, and obey answered he said, that is a tough one, to protect oneself from sin,

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through throughout life's dangerous journey, so that one can successfully complete the journey, unharmed.

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Beautiful example.

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That is the essence of what taqwa is. And

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taqwa is that fear, it is that hope.

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It is a it is a consciousness, it is a way of approaching things, that we approach things with the consciousness of the Creator. So, whether it be not only in the masjid and your business, at school, in the normal society, you approach this with the consciousness that there is a mighty creator above everything.

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And that we first have to relate to the pleasure of Allah before the pleasure of the creation.

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And in terms of the mouth itself,

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the mouth we could say is divided into two parts. One is that which comes out of the mouth,

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but the other is that which goes inside.

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And normally people think of the mouth with those things that come out of the mouth. That we need to be aware of this because again, it is one of the main reasons why people would enter Hellfire

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lying, scandal backbiting,

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hurting people with your mouth, swearing

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But what about the other part? What is it that goes in the mouth and we know that food goes in the mouth drink goes in the mouth. Now there are all types of things going in the mouth, smoke is going in the mouth, chemicals are going in the mouth.

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Remember, the prophet SAW Selim said this is one of the main reasons why people would enter hellfire.

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This Wednesday, October 17, Canada became the first major world economy to legalize recreational marijuana.

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Many look at this not just as a little amendment. This is a national experiment. This is an experiment. And this is going to have profound effect upon our social life, our cultural life, our economic life. And out in British Columbia, Mike Farnworth, who's the Minister of Public Safety, he made he put out a warning to his people. And British Columbia may have one of the highest levels of the use of drugs in the country. And so Mike, fun word said. Amongst the words he said, he said it is an octopus is talking about marijuana.

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He said, it's an octopus with many tentacles. And there are many unknowns. As many things are known about this.

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Allah subhanaw taala is so merciful to the Muslims, so merciful, that in the last revelation,

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the basis of life in different societies in different parts of the world was dealt with.

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The religion was complete.

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And in the early part of the prophethood of Mohammed Salah salam, when he was in Mecca, he was raised amongst a people who enjoyed intoxication. They enjoyed what is called Hamas.

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And it was mainly in a liquid form.

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And there are at least 100 words in Arabic to describe wine to describe the goblets for the wine wine parties.

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It was part of their life, and this is the way it was in many parts of the world.

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Some people gained some social benefit out of it. Some people may relax when they when they did it, but it was something that was pervaded all over the society. And so Allah subhanaw taala in his infinite mercy, and wanting this door to be totally closed, prohibited, hammered, in stages to doddridge

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and so when in stages, the first stage came about, we find sorts of bacala verse 219 Well, yes. aluna carnal accompany while maser kullfi Hema is one Kabira and one woman nafion The next one is mu Houma Akbar Roman Nef, Lima.

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So within this verse, Allah reveals they asked you, or Mohammed about intoxicants and gambling safe in both of them is great sin and benefit.

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But the sin is greater than the benefit. This stage.

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There's sin in it ism.

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And there is Menaka nefa. You can benefit from some profit, isn't it. But the sin is more. So it's easing the Muslims toward

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a prohibition.

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And these are the first two issues that come in.

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The second stage now comes in and you will see in the great tip says fatso pudiera. And many of the other great ones, you'll see discussions about what was happening to the Muslims, because surprisingly enough, and we have to speak a straightforward word.

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Drinking of alcohol, Muslims drank alcohol in the meccan period.

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And going into the Medina period, they also drank it was more of a social thing, but they did drink but the effects of it, there's some unknowns in this. It can affect you sometimes in ways that you don't know.

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And it is reported in a number of Hadith and one of a companion who was leading salaat he had been drinking and he led salaat and he said in the press Kalia I you healthcare for your own Abu Mata Buddha.

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He said Oh, you carried on disbelievers I worshipped that which you worship.

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Imagine being in back of him. So does the harbor says so pano La

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La abou

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matar Buddha.

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He forgot the laugh. Because the mind was changed. His memory was affected. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed in certainly salvors 43 year old Latina amanu Latta kotoba salata and tomb socata hot Talamo mata pollun an ayah. Allah then revealed oh you who believe do not approach prayer when your mind is intoxicated be fogged until you know that what you say

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so that's another stage and in that stage, it is saying very clearly do not have any drinking social anything around the time of the prayer it's easing them now. But that wasn't enough. That was not enough. And

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as time went on, and then leading into after the bad luck or hurt

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this decisive battle in Assam three Ah, after the

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after this Allah subhanaw taala then close the door telling the believers in the fifth chapter verse 90 to 91 Yeah, are you Hello Dina Armando in the Malcolm Gladwell makes little while ensemble well as Lambo read Superman ominous shaytaan fudge, Tony boo La La comme toughly horn a lot and reveal clearly in turn, oh, you believe in toxicants, gambling,

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idol worship, during lots for Fortune.

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They are all an evil abomination from the handiwork of the devil. Stay away from it in order that you will be successful. And so in this clear discussion came

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no more doubt at all as to how you drink when you drink what you actually do.

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And the prophets have seldom said to them clearly if you're a believer, you'll get rid of it.

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And it is reported that they took their jugs of wine because it was mainly a liquid form. They took the jugs of wine and they broke them until

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The Streets of Medina were running with the liquid.

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They broke it, they ended it. And by ending it ending it in that point of time with this clear definition from the court and from the mouth of the prophet SAW Selim, it close the door

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of taking intoxicants until the until Yokoyama.

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The door was closed and there's no difference amongst the other man.

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But when they look at the other verses, the verses are there we understand there is even a category of the court anyway which is called mansukh. And that is that that there are verses that were time based and they were superseded by other verses. And it shows the divergence shows the stages in it.

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And the prophet SAW Selim had to make it clear.

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And so, he said kulu mosquito and karma workqueue covenant Hara

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made it clear every form of intoxication is karma and karma is prohibited. And then he said ma scarica theodorou for Kalia la cuchara. So, whatever will get you drunk in large amounts, then small amounts also is prohibited closing the door.

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And it is reported sometime later on. After a few 100 years, there was a big discussion that went on amongst the Muslim ummah. Because when the Mongol hordes were coming out of the east, and they had passed through India, and they picked up hemp with them, they were carrying hashish.

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And so it entered into the Muslim world in a way that never been before. Now new forms have entered in hashish and opium

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and marijuana, all these forms entering in.

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This is not the regular

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in toxic intoxication, which is a liquid form.

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It is not the kind that necessarily makes you drunk. So you can't walk straight.

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It's something different. It is affecting the mind. Omar Katara de la one in one of his favorite famous statements dealing with this, he said el Hama, ma you hamanako

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he said karma is that which covers up your intelligence. It veils you over. So we took it a stage further now.

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So that which is covering it up. But they debated and especially in the Hanafi school they debated because they said we understand it's supposed to be wet.

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We understand that it's supposed to flow. opium doesn't flow.

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And the old ama and the great debate brought the Hadith reported in Abu Dhabi would on Ohm Salah, Rod de la nada Sula, la sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Cooley mosque in Burma.

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In this Hadith, which is authentic and Abu Dawood, the prophets boom Selma, who is the great wife of the Prophet peace be upon him, known as the hidden advisor, she made it clear reporting on behalf of the Prophet that he prohibited most scares and most TIFF

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maschere is that which make use a cron it is the intoxicating that makes you drunk alcoholic beverages. But move tear

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is what gives you the head. It gives you It changes your consciousness what we would call today, narcotics. So clearly in the tradition, all forms were prohibited wet form dry form, all of it and automatic Close the door.

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And so hashish an opium was stopped and they were seen as part of the corruption in the destruction of the society.

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We are now under a test.

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Our young people are under a test. We are part of a society that has given us in most cases freedom. It has given us employment safety, and we appreciate this. But part of being Canadian is that you have the right to choose things that you do

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that you are not forced to do everything that everybody does, and you should respect your religion, respect your culture.

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That is very Canadian.

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And we have to understand now that it is clear that the Hummer all forms and marijuana now falls in this category.

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You can call it Mary Jane if you want or anything, it's still the same.

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It falls in that category because it has mind altering effects, it will alter your mind it is psycho active.

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So, we will literally change your mind it weakens senses, your senses become weakened.

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In some cases with different forms of marijuana, it is also we will give you hallucinations.

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It is also addictive.

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And these things will take us away from Victrola from the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. So, the automa clear in its prohibition. However, the question is raised medicinal marijuana.

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What about if it's medicine,

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from the words of of many of the other markers This is an area called a to Tao we bill haraam. You are taking medicine with something that's haram and they spoke about this.

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So our position is very clear

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we are using a haram substance. Number one, a qualified pious Muslim doctor

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or a non Muslim who is sensitive to Islam knows that we care about our Islamic law.

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That doctor has to has to prescribe this medicine has test to say that I cannot find any other medicine to treat your illness. And normally it would be a psychological psychiatric illness. I cannot find any other medicine to treat your illness. And so you can take it this thing with near certainty will give you a cure.

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Number two,

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no alternative medicine should be available.

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homeopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, different forms of medicine, we will need to try different forms. Before we go to a Today we will haraam using a haram substance in order to cure number three. If it is prescribed to somebody in a limited way, it should only be used for the Cure and nothing else. Remember what is illegal in Canada is recreational

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marijuana recreation. That means when you play sport and play, that's not what we're talking about. It's a limited door that is open. And we should try our best to stay away from that which Allah subhanaw taala has clearly prohibited because really if we look at our society, in many societies in the world, if you look at the hospitals, if you look at the mental institutions, if you look at the accidents on the highways, if you look at abuse in the family, if you look at violence, you will see that in most cases there are drugs and alcohol in back of it.

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So it is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that we are a drug free society and alcohol free society. Allah blessed us, let us not throw away the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala and let us speak with wisdom to our younger generation. So they will be protected inshallah, from this fitna, and from all of the trials and temptations as we move to the Day of Resurrection are colloquially how the world stock for lolly welcome when we say the Muslim medium and Columbian istockphoto in the whole photo

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