Omar Suleiman – The Beginning and the End – EP 56 Your Sworn Enemy

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the loss of shavons' independence and the danger of shaver use. They criticize the use of shaver as a tool for damage and discuss the importance of living for oneself and not losing one's way. The speaker also touches on the concept of love and disarming, stating that it is impossible to disarm someone without breaking their neck and walking them out of a loss path. happiness is not just a flower, but a path of desire and a path of happiness.
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So since we've spoken about, you know, being shaped pawns follower, okay, those who follow him being his brother being his sister, you know? Shouldn't it be obvious that he's an enemy to us? Shouldn't it be obvious that we're supposed to be fighting against him? You know, it should be to us but unfortunately what is the loss of hundreds out of point out in the analog pantai says in the shavon, Allah Kumar, I do photography do i do that rarely shape on is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy. And many of the scholars they comment on that, you know, lost contact emphasizing take him as an enemy is that a lot of people don't realize that shavon is their enemy, you know, we don't take

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it very seriously because he's not an enemy that's manifest to us. He's not someone that we can see. And so we just, you know, tend not to fight against him, we tend not to take our precautions with the shape on because we don't really believe he exists at times. And Allah subhanaw taala is saying in nice shape on alaikum. I do. Verily shavon is to you an enemy, okay, to each and every single one of you. All right, fat turkey do i do even when you don't realize that he's at war with you? He's still at war with you. Alright, so he doesn't wait for you to become aware of that, to fight against you. All right. He's not an ethical enemy. All right, he's going to attack you, especially when

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you're heedless. In fact, he feasts on your heedlessness and a loss pantai says about him in his boo. Nia Cornermen has herbicide that barely he calls his people to be amongst those who are burned and torment. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is pointing out to us many different things here with this reckless creation. Now, he says in nama ye do, that Verily, the only goal that he has, the only thing that shavon has to live for now is to take people to *. Right? And that's a really powerful expression. Why? Because Allah is telling us that this enemy of yours, he has no other incentive in life. He he can't get back to Geneva, he is a regime he's completely expelled from Geneva. So there

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is no entering into paradise, he doesn't have that incentive. There is no lessening of the punishment. So whether he manages to lead 300 people straight, or 3 billion people astray. It's the same thing. All right, it's it's not going to lessen or increases punishment anyway. And you know, they always say that the most dangerous person in the world is someone who has nothing to live for. shaitan has nothing, nothing to fuel him, except for leading you to the fire just as he's going to the fire. And in essence, he wants to make sure that he takes as many people down with him, he wants to make sure that he's not lonely in his misery, because he knows that he's going to be miserable.

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He knows that he's stuck in that situation. And this is a very dangerous situation for anyone to be in. And that's a very dangerous enemy to have. Someone who has no limits, has no fear and has no other incentive except to harm you. And also loss. iclm says in the shape, honor, guardedly leibny Adama be a trophy, that barely the shape on his you know, he has placed an obstacle or he is you know, sitting in every single path of the son of Adam, meaning he has, you know, made it a point to be in your face when you wake up. When you're sleeping. The first thing when you walk out of your house, the first thing when you enter into your house, when you when you sit down to eat, when you

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think when you're thinking about going to sleep when you're when you're trying to wake up shavon is sitting there and he is working against you at all times. He doesn't take a break. He's a 24 hour enemy. And so how to love the only way that you can disarm him when you go to sleep, for example, from not tying knots on your head is by remembering the last panelist. Otherwise, he's going to spend the night working on you, you know, tying those knots on your head. You cannot disarm him except with the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he is constant against you. And he is constantly working to lead you astray. And all he needs for you as the profit slice I'm told us is for you to

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just bite on one of those things that he throws your way. Right, he's just constantly throwing out this bait and waiting for you to bite to take you away from the path of a loss pattern sad, which is why the prophets lie Selim when he drew so it often will stop him when he when he made this analogy and he drew the straight path. He said that there are all of these doors on the side of that path. And there's a curtain on those doors. Allah subhanaw taala has protected you from it. But there's a shape on that is on top of each one of those doors saying come this way, come this way, Come this way. And there's a color on top of that shape on saying don't come this way, stay on the straight

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path. All the Cylon wants you to do is to walk into this one of those doors so that he can lead you to your tournament so that he can lead you away from it.

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Loss of hundreds Allah so half of it no kathiawar him a lot out of the author of this beautiful work he says very powerfully he says uh sorry do man holla who was Shafi you Manitoba? A serie de Madhava who was Shaka, Manitoba. He says that a person who is salaried, who is happy, right? is the one who does not listen to him. The one who disobeys The shaytaan was Chucky, you and the deprived person is the one who follows him. Now, why is that such a powerful statement? Because if you go back to the Hadith, where the Prophet slicin mentions the angel coming to the womb and the angel, writing down certain things that have been decreed by Allah Subhana Allah, one of the things that the angel

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writes down is whether he has saved or shucky whether he's a happy person, or someone who will be deprived. Okay, so truly deprivation is following the shape one is following your desires. Even though you're enjoying your desires, you are actually being deprived, what are you being deprived of the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and the ability to have a meaningful relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala true deprivation is not in depriving yourself from your desires, but it's in following those desires and true happiness is not indulgence. true happiness is depriving yourself of things that are impermissible and things that entailed the disobedience to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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In this episode, Omar Suleiman explains how Allah SWT warns us about our enemy, shaytaan whose only motive is to lead us astray and away from the remembrance of Allah SWT. May Allah SWT protect us from the enemy and give us the ability to win over him at all times to attain paradise.

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