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When his brothers suggested taking Prophet Yusuf out into the woods to play, their father Jacob’s reaction was one of deep insight. He said that it saddens him that they will “remove” Yusuf from him, signifying a gut feeling that something bad will happen to his son which he has no power to prevent. Believers must never underestimate or dismiss such feelings because sometimes these precautionary, protective thoughts are a form of divine inspiration to warn us against or prepare us for pending harm.

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Nouman Ali Khan

Nouman Ali Khan is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah and serves as a lead instructor for several programs including Dream, traveling seminars and Bayyinah TV. His serious Arabic training began in the U.S. in 1999 under Dr. Abdus-Samie, founder and former principal of Quran College in Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Nouman served as a professor of Arabic at Nassau Community College until 2006 when he decided to take Bayyinah on as a full-time project. Since then he has taught more than 10,000 students through traveling seminars and programs. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas and is focusing on teaching his students, developing Arabic curricula and filming material for Bayyinah TV.

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