Abdullah al Andalusi – 100 Years with no shield! Why each Muslim must take personal responsibility to reestablish Caliphate

Abdullah al Andalusi
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed, including the lack of political control and the misconceptions of Muslims being "the ones who want to be liked". The "monster" of Islam is a shield against attacks and the potential for "monster" to collapse. The speakers stress the importance of protecting Islam and maintaining healthy behavior, as well as educating individuals about the dean's role in the Muslim world and the need for political movements to change the social contract. They suggest setting up a global united movement to ensure acceptance and reestablish deification of Islam, and discuss the success of a talk shop and new groups joining the movement.
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Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for inviting me for this discussion. I was quite shocked to realize that it's actually been 100 Gregorian years since the official abolition of the caliphate system, while the Khalif

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in 1922 the Turkish state under Mustafa Kemal detached the sole Tawnya. From the Khalifa, the Khalif didn't have any official authority anymore, he was a figurehead. But that still wasn't good enough for Mustafa Kumar,

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who didn't want the hassle of having a potential rival to his authority. And also he didn't want the the pressure from foreign governments who were might be concerned that the Khalif was influencing Muslims in their countries. And so he done away with it completely. And He abolished the Khalif himself so it was no longer a figurehead. He had no status at all whatsoever.

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And this is what was in about a week's time will be 100 years ago.

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Now many Muslims look throughout history.

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And they say well,

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you know the way people talk about Halawa, it's like it's some you know, idealistic utopia. You know, king offered Camelot to from an English perspective, some mythical realm, where, you know, everything was rainbows and no one suffered and it was just it was just an awful art.

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no one's ever said that helluva is that

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no one's ever said that establishing the deen of Islam is going to be without the imperfections inherent in human beings.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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The best rule of the Muslims have ever known, had to suffer with Managua pain in his time, had to suffer from the even the Sahabas sometimes almost getting into dispute with each other, talking about old past divisions that between them.

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We are the reason why we have examples of the had been applied. Where the prohibition of Allah had been breached. For someone drinking alcohol, someone committing fornication is because people did it during the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Some people breach these rules.

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Right? People sometimes had bad

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luck during his time, but no one ever says oh, that was an imperfect time the programming was a was a I will develop our ruler or this is why we should establish it no they will never say this

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in some ways this leads us to the problem of why the the OMA don't have any mum and don't have a * of

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now you see obviously there's a colleague fellow colleague who's also has a revert I'm also revert even though I'm kind of military and background, some people say, Well, if you don't have blue eyes and blonde hair, you're not real revert.

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Right? I met someone who used to be Hindu and they converted to they were Indian, they used to be Hindu, they convert to Islam. People said, don't really reinvent you just Pakistani now.

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Like even though I would, I would Lord and and respect that person's conversion process more than someone who has relatively easier in England because from their background, that the resistance they face was much worse but the side point but every revert whenever they become Muslim, and they just read about Islamic history. And they see that Muslims had a one Imam, uniting the Ummah,

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or at least the very, at the very least, in the central Crux leading the central jemar of the Ummah, the Central Community of the ummah.

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They look at the Muslims today. And they see Muslims for this from this. And not only this, Muslims don't seem to want to implement Islamic law, the outcome of Allah Spano Allah, which they will tell you is the most perfect system. They don't want to implement it. And this baffles reverts. They wanted to understand but you still you're Muslim. You say you believe in this, but you're not implementing this. What's going on?

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What's happened to the mind of the Muslim that they're not doing this?

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Now this

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this mystery, I've spent 20 years banging my head against the wall trying to trying to understand why what's going on there. I funnily enough, my encounter with the concept of Halawa actually came from a book was written by funnily enough, a modernist or a stickler for me

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Just type Muslim quote unquote Ziauddin Sardar.

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He was like an old school. Stickley reformist. And he was just talking about Muslims, right? His Muslim 14 goes on some Muslims believing that the Muslim should bring back allow for and I was like, Oh, what's this philosophy? And I really? Oh, that's a very good idea why? Why are we doing this? Because it seems natural that what is wrong? And what actually is unwise about us actually uniting and pulling our resources together, pulling our manpower together, and making the purpose of the state the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Imagine it was the national interest of a state to please Allah subhanaw taala? How different would that be to what you see in the world today? But isn't that what most of us are meant to be doing anyway? So what went wrong?

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And so I spent 20 years trying to work out in a way, what has gone terribly wrong in the Muslim mindset, that they're totally okay and happy with the status quo? Well, not happy, okay, because we're suffering and bitter and miserable, and being removed, left, right and center, massacred, humiliated, banned from all our practices. And yet, the most obvious solution is the one that receives the most obstacles from the like, if you want, if you want, unfortunately seems today seems today that as soon as you mentioned Laffer, the first people to attack you are people who call themselves most of them.

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Of course, they can't say that it's not an obligation, of course, because this goes beyond the realm of Islam. But it's okay. It was the obligation and once you're implementing it, it's almost like they're trying to deny it without denying it this obligation to do everything else except everything by the night. What's going on?

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Well, let's, let's first, get into some responses, I think, to the misconceptions that Muslims have, because really, it's misconceptions that Muslims have their own Deen which is why they don't work for it.

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And this is where in lies the solution.

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As it was mentioned, the Imam is a shield the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that the Imam is a shield behind which the OMA fight and by which to defend itself. Notice the Hadith that doesn't have a plural to that not the IMA the or the Imams, but the Imam singular is a shield.

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And people often say, oh, but if it was so perfect and so strong, what have you How comes that the ultimate caliphate collapsed and fell and so on? So for when it was in World War One surely didn't work there? Well, that's that's a bad argument. Because even United you'd have a better chance than you are divided anyway, against any outside aggression. So you're, you're you're now like, he was just saying why I might have one leg but you know what I might as well just, it's better to have to let a two legs cut off, then. Then one leg cut off is like that's ridiculous. At least bit better. One leg, the no leg. But But even then that's not exactly true. During World War One, the Ottomans

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despite the economic weakness, but despite the decline of the Muslims, actually held off against multiple world powers for a significant portion of time, beating the British British armies in many battles where they were outnumbered by the British.

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Right? For example, the campaign in Iraq, the Ottomans, not only the was sorry, there was a British army that invaded Iraq.

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It was the it was called the code campaign, I suppose. They had Indian soldiers that that bolstered the ranks of the army, they came by Afghanistan.

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What did the Ultimates do? They not only defeated them, they captured the entire British Army

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in Iraq.

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What about collaterally Gallipoli?

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Churchill's idea that they're going to take Constantinople by attacking Turkey directly the Anatolia where it is we'll talk more day Turkey directly, eventually, they'll take they'll cut the head of the opponent as they viewed it, it takes Constantinople they launched it was actually a precursor, the idea was a precursor idea to D Day, so they would do some landings, massive British forces, and just push the Turks and take us on to Nepal eventually failed. With mass casualties on the British hundreds of 1000s of British soldiers dead.

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The Ottomans beat and defeated and pushed off the British army. There

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are you might say but what about and currently with the town of Gaza, which is being bombarded by some you could say another creature in the British Empire Vasa was subjected to three attacks by the British Army each

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won. The British Army were free battles. Each one the British Army outnumbered the Ottomans, about three to one.

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For the first two battles of Gaza, this is how the under attack, you didn't see what you didn't see what was happening, even see what repetition of what you saw, you're seeing happening there where the husbands who are unable to defend themselves are just getting bombed and obliterated and massacred. Now the Ottomans as the shield of the Ummah, pushed back, the British twice, defeated the British twice.

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What happened with the third one, the third battle, the battle they lost. But that was only about a year later, after the British had made a deal with Sharif Hussein in a Hejaz. And the tribe you might have heard of called the salad, made a deal with those people to B support the British against the Ottomans. And then these people started to attack the Ottoman army from the rear attacking their supply lines, pinning them down and ultimately the set 100,000 troops to hold down Arabia against the guerrilla warfare, some would say, terrorists campaign by these tribes, they have these factions. And it was only after this weakening of the Ottomans, that on the third attempt by the

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British, then they were successful. And they took Gaza and then open up the way and even then, the Ottoman army wasn't defeated. They could stay still had fight in them.

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Right. But most of the commands the commander said, I don't want any more Turkish lives being wasted on on defending the Muslims down there. So he withdrew the armies even though the Ottoman armies was still was still there. He claimed the Arabs had betrayed the Turks and tried to incite ethnic conflicts between the Muslims, even though Syrian Arabs and Palestinian Arabs were part of the Ottoman army. Yeah, but they're not Arabs.

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So, and at the same time, as all this happening, the Ottomans fought the Russians coming down the Caucasus. And the Russians have massive armies fought them to the point that the Russians asked for a truce, which the Ottomans made. And then when they saw the Russian Revolution happened, they continued fighting, not the Turks, but they fought the Persians, the Ottomans didn't really care about the Persians, because obviously, they weren't a splinter group from the Muslims. But

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they fought the Russians until there was a truce. They did all this, they fought the Russian Empire that the British with the French, in alliance,

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all at the same time, and of course, the Arab tribes from the south all at the same time.

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And they scored victories, and they held back causing hundreds of 1000s of dead

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in the British Army, monks, some of the French and the Russians and so on so forth. That was how powerful they were the Ottomans of man philosopher.

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We would be lucky to even have

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the state of Armenia be pushed back by a Muslim country today. A small states right, a conquered part of Azerbaijan only recently Azerbaijan took it back with Turkish help. Right. But that was the situation. Will we be lucky to see that today. So what is the point of all this? The point is that it's quite common sense that the Muslim ummah is stronger when we are together.

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Right people say and this is this shows, I think the misunderstanding that Muslims understood have the deen of Islam.

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They say

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if if the Halacha is obligatory, whereas it mentioned in the Quran, why Islam mentioned the Koran case mentioned the Sunnah, right that you should you shouldn't have been leaderless and if there's a Khalifa you should obey on so and so for but they say but where does it say explicitly that you must appoint a Khalifa? Why is it not say this in the Quran and Sunnah.

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Must say, Well, firstly, I think there's actually there's a hikma why it's not That's not saying the Quran and Sunnah. Because it says everything else it says, You must rule by the hokum of Allah. In the law of Allah's point, Allah, the good and the bad, what He prohibits, or he declares, good way declares but what he obliges, this is how you must judge your fellow Muslims, how you should resolve disputes. Right? And the collective obligations for distributing money, taking care of the poor, prohibiting river interest banking, right.

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During the collective defense, the Muslim man fight Jihad and so on, so forth. Right. These are collective obligations. You can't do them as individuals.

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The Chronos will says, do not be divided amongst yourselves.

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Don't be divided amongst yourselves. What does that mean? That everyone has to share the same opinion that everyone shares the same beliefs for the same month have? Is that what it means? What does it mean don't be divided.

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All about Muslims shouldn't dispute with each other, lest we we lose heart and our we become weak, our strength departs ourselves, we go in so much disputes that we basically don't want to work with each other anymore. And our strength departs. The Quran is all about Muslims maintaining strength, uniting their strength together, face to beat Allah.

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How can you achieve that with anything else except the philosopher.

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That's why even the Mozilla even the Mozilla who argued that one of the one of the arguments of ilimitado was that the there was a faction of the Mozilla who said that, well, the Halacha is not a specific obligation. It's just the only way you can satisfy the obligations the Quran requires you to achieve, right? That was their way of arguing it. But the standard way is the standard argument is the aim of the sahaba. On the death of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, they said the Muslims must have an imam.

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The Muslims month the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem was the Imam of the Muslims. He was the Imam of the Jamar, the Congo, the Muslims have come together. Right? Now he has passed away. We need a new Imam. We need someone to succeed him.

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And that's what the word Khilafah means. successorship

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the one who succeeds, the Prophet Muhammad sometimes plays as the Imam of the Muslims. We don't need a success a prophet, we the success of Imam

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it said that the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets. Yeah. Right in, in, in knowledge. But who inherits the prophets? Allah

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authority? It's not the scholars.

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It's the Imam.

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So we have an incomplete inheritance from the Prophet Muhammad Salam. It's incomplete.

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For the 100 years, it has been incomplete. And what have we seen over this 100 years? We have seen invasion after invasion after invasion massacre, after massacre, and there's gonna be new massacres occurring. Some maybe even worse ones. There are like two but 200 million Muslims held hostage in a sense to the BJP in India.

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Right? 200 million. Right. So do you think the Holocaust is bad with 6 million? But 200 million? Do you think World War Two was bad? With the amount of people who died and that 200 million Muslims are a threat in India? Who's going to rescue them?

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You might say to yourself, well, you know, it's very bad. It's it's saddening, but what can you do? Well, imagine, Modi, the president of of India, Prime Minister of India wants to invade Saudi Arabia and destroy the Kaaba. Imagine he was preparing an Indian army and they're going to invade Arabia.

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And they're going to destroy the Kaaba.

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What would you do? You say, Oh, aren't too bad? Oh, well, you know, bad things happen. Alright, I think everyone here would volunteer to join the local forces and defend that. And yet,

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Allah Spano Allah.

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It is narrated that to ultimate Allah, for him. The blood of a Muslim, the one drop of the bow, the Muslim is worth more to him than the Kaaba and all its surroundings.

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In Gaza, the Kaaba has been destroyed 30,000 times the more than that, because the blood of Muslim includes the wounded as well. 100,000 times because there's 70,000 wounded let's not forget 100,000 times the combat has been destroyed. Right? No response, no real response from the Muslim leaders in the Muslim world.

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Why is that? Why do you think it is?

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You might say well, because they cowardice because they just some people say they're secretly Manaphy keen. I'm not going to comment on that.

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Do you know why? It's because what is the purpose of Turkey? What is the purpose of job

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what is the purpose of Egypt? What is the purpose of Pakistan? What is the purpose of Saudi Arabia?

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What else that question what is their purpose? Its purpose is just to survive a comfortable home affairs. They don't have a purpose that there's this this what is no answer question they just exist. What is the purpose of Halawa?

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It's the pleasure of Allah subhana wa to Allah. That's why Kalif more testing biller would care about the honor of a woman, because it's the purpose of Halawa to care about Allah Spano Allah's pleasure to avert His wrath and his anger, to do what pleases Him, because that is the purpose of life for mankind.

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So don't be surprised when any of these factions are fed up in the Muslim world, don't do anything for us to be the law, because that's not their purpose. These countries have not been given that purpose when they were created by the colonial powers, or clear art created after the collapse ultimate state. That's not their purpose. And this leads me on to the on site I found why the Muslim ummah doesn't do anything, generally anything real? Yes, they feel agitation about what's happening. And they feel anger, they feel sadness. They feel this, because there is that sentiment. Now, why is that? Not any real action? Why? Because

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the purpose of life for most Muslims is not Islam.

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You might think, What do you mean by this? Because they say that Muslims, what does that mean that your purpose of life? Well, there are Christians who say their purpose that they believe in Christianity, but I mean that Christianity, the purpose of life, same with Judaism, same with any other religion, why is this is because of how Muslims are taught Islam by their parents.

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Right? You're taught that Islam is part of your life. It's not the purpose of your life. That's how you're taught it. That's how most Muslims are taught it. Right? This is your purpose of life. They don't even say it they just say son or daughter, you know, maintain your family honor good reputation in society, maybe get a good job, have you know good life of ease and relaxation, we even whiskey, which is a DUA, may Allah make it easy for you ease and then we wonder why Muslims are scared of anything difficult?

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Because why we have one, right love of life, fear of death, because we've made our purpose of life, Justice life.

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Its birth as a Muslim saint. But while you're while you're living this life and trying to get these things in life, just make sure that you pray five times a day, you fast during Ramadan, and you testify the Shahada. That's fine. Right.

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But everything else, you know, you should follow. Follow what society is doing. And what do you think these kids here right the front right, what do you think these kids here? What do you think? The kids like them around the Muslim world? Yeah. What do you think they do? When they see their parents? Just just not doing anything really just living just focusing on on getting some interests in their life, wherever they think is important. And then in their life, even though in the cosmic? The cosmic scale of things, it's all meaningless. Only Allah's pleasure has any meaning to it. But what do you think? It teaches them their parents teach them when they see their parents who tell

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them about Islam who tell them about Allah Spano? Allah, who tells you about the Prophet Muhammad? So Salam, what do you think the kids, which are the parents teaching these kids, when they see that the parents teach them, hey, here's an up to now pass it. Now, rest of life, here's what I expect you to do in the rest of your life, you know, job, marriage, blah, blah, I'm almost I mean, not saying these things are wrong. But these that is the end of all things, but it's the end. There's nothing beyond that. Right? What do you think the kids will think? See, the kids will say that Well,

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the reason I'm Muslim is because my parents told me that this is what the hook is the true phase is small.

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But if their Islam comes from their parents, then don't be surprised when they go no further than what their parents did.

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If they don't see that parents do anything, then they're not going to do anything. They think it is acceptable.

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Just to focus on your own life,

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and worldly interests, as they say, right. Whereas a Sahabi,

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the compound's the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when they encountered Deen of Islam, and they embraced it. They realize something

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that Muslims minimal so they don't realize they realized that apart from the pleasure of Allah's Prophet, Allah, everything else is meaningless.

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Those stone statues are meaningless

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or the wooden ones or Kureishi culture or the cool the culture of the Arabs that people used to praise and so on so forth, are baring your daughters alive because it was a shame. This is all meaningless, empty and even evil, actually. Right. They realize that there is no purpose in life except Allah's pleasure, everything else, family, honor, national pride,

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has no weight on the Day of Judgment, completely empty. If you fight and die for national pride, you're you've lived a meaningless life and you've died for nothing. So the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that those who call for fifl, dive and die for a phobia, like nationalism, tribalism or grouping together any kind of group rather than the ALMA of believers, than they have died the death of Janelia the depth of ignorance before Islam.

00:25:58 --> 00:26:04

But also the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that if you die without a bear on your neck,

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right, a pledge of allegiance to the Imam is not to anyone else, not to any not your local beer. Local, most mystical would have you know, a pledge of allegiance your neck, you die deaf of Janelia. Because you can only manifest Islam in its totality with an imam with a Halle Vincent, why is that? Why is that is because you might pray, and you might fast and that's great. But do you know what you spend most of your day doing? You spend most of your day interacting with other human beings and society work neighbors. So that's where you spend most of your day. Unless you're doing it, you have to cough every day, for the rest of your life, you're just isolated in the match, just praying all

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day, at least that's you. Most of the time you'll spend interacting with other human other human beings, your fellow Muslims. And in that area, if Islam is not implemented, then most of your life doesn't Islam has no relevance to.

00:27:08 --> 00:27:33

That's why many youth when they grew up in the Muslim world, they see that Islam is religion, but they don't see any relevance to their life. Because Muslims have made Islam irrelevant. Yes, secularism was taught to them. And they they made it irrelevant because they took this belief. But basically, that's the bottom line of what it is they think it is irrelevant. So if you want to, if you want to bring back the law for being bring back the shield or the armor,

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or combine our resources, combine our power, combine our minds, if you want to do this, then it starts each and every one of you must take personal responsibility to revive the OMA by reminding Muslims, and in many cases, actually just teaching Muslims, that Islam is their purpose of life, not just a part of their life.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:23

Ask them why are you muslim? If they say my parents made me so then how would they be any different to the general Arabs? Who so I follow my video because my parents told me, right? They have to have your teen have to have knowledge why they're Muslim, from their own thinking. The Quran tells you to think the Koran expects you personally to ask questions and think and come to the conclusion yourself find by observing Allah's ayat his science,

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most simply to have that as a foundation, when they have that as a foundation, when this foundation of why they become a Muslim is not society, but it is reality itself, then they will no longer be slaves that to John society, and they will be revived. That's one point. Second point is that and this concerns the methods now is that well, how do we change Muslim societies? upwey. One of the one point is we need to remind Muslims why they were reminded, I teach Muslims from the foundation first why they're Muslim in the first place, why you must have What is Islam?

00:29:02 --> 00:29:09

How it deals with every every aspect of life, how we can solve economic problems? How can you have an economic system that doesn't rely on interest banking?

00:29:12 --> 00:29:52

And this needs to be solved. You know why? Because you don't solve that problem, the more Muslims will think is, well, interest banking is now at the ruler is necessary, because there's no other way I can imagine. And therefore if it's necessary, it becomes Hello, hello stamp, get to your local chef. Because today, most of these today, their main job, not all but many of them of the major movies is just to rubber stamp halaal is the laugh. That's a different discussion. But I will I will simply emphasize that, for example, shallow thinking means that they will read Hadith and get it completely wrong. That we had the about, you must obey the ruler and think okay, but it must apply

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to any ruler or rulers, right? So it's like it's the equivalent it's the equivalent opposite

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solidity have a Muslim reading about how you should treat women. And, you know, and look after them and maintain being maintained as women and say, Okay, well then, you know, my local prostitute, I should help maintain her and look after her because she's a woman, right? Yeah. You know, like, you know, it's, this is like a swage. Right? Like, no, it's not like marriage. Yeah. And in a way, it's a great analogy for the modern rulers compared to what Islam considers to be the rulers. Right? What is what is we've seen many Hadith for the Prophet Muhammad Salam said, obey your leader, even if he is because of because the Arabs were racist. Even if he wasn't Ethiopian. He was not an Arab like

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base like you. But in essence, that's, that's the intended meaning.

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As long as he our karma Kitab, Allah establishes the book of Allah amongst you. Always there was that as a condition,

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it only a ruler, as long as they are ruled by Islam. And then they say, oh, but you know, it's not it's not all conditioning. They don't have to do it, you know, as long as they they really just have to obey them. And I say no, because the why do we have rulers in the first place? What's the point of rulers is to establish laws, right? maintain order muscle laws, according to what?

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Allah has hokum, Allah's law, right, in the Christian classical scholarship, they do take favor of any ruler that actually implements anything other than the hook of Allah. Why is that? Because when you make a law, when you make a law, you're saying this is permissible. This is prohibited right?

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Well, most of them are today their shallow thinking and the lack of understanding is so bad that they don't get it they think no, no, it's only the rule it says this is halal or haram according to Islam but they say it's halal or haram to them. It's okay that's not that's not competent. That's It's wrong. It's bad but it's not covered I say no, but it is because we're on this plot. We're on planet Earth and the whole universe is there a separate space for you to declare a separate system of Hello Mahara? What is permissible? And what is prebid was legal or what is illegal? Okay. So shallow, thinking the Muslim ummah has to be challenged. And lastly, it's time of the method as been

00:32:15 --> 00:32:46

* don't define for us an effort to revive the Muslim ummah, that revival must come with organized groups of Muslims, who worked in a coordinated manner to change society. Why is that? Why can't it be as individuals? Right? It can't be why, well, even I don't discuss is that an individual can be taken out. And that's the end of their movement. But he mentioned that hadith saying that no messenger was sent that did not enjoy the protection of his people had people around him basically. Right. So we've been huddled mentioned.

00:32:48 --> 00:33:29

In essence, society, every society has a social contract. It's an agreement between everyone, you call it culture, maybe it's called culture, right? Although the song was recorded the dean, because there's no such thing as dean and culture, it's just been, wherever, wherever you're following, whatever you think is good and bad amongst the people. That's your dean. Right? The question is Dean of Islam or not. So everyone has this, there's a social contract, everyone has a certain set of expectations from each other. You might not even agree with your culture, but you still have to follow in public practice, because you understand that it's expected from you and you're expected

00:33:29 --> 00:34:08

from them. Now, here's the thing. You could have a society of only 100 people, let's say, and they all believe that Islam is the only basis for the hook up for the hook comes for good and bad, or what have you. But if they don't know what each other thinks about it, they can be they can follow sign that's against Islam, their coach could be non Islamic. Right? If you saw that the only way to change that is someone comes in because he Guys Guys, guys, everyone, come come come in. Do you all believe that? Only Allah Subhan Allah can make hokum? Yes. Do you believe that only him he is the basis for good and bad? Yes. Okay. Well, then, let's implement the deen of Islam.

00:34:09 --> 00:34:24

And here's what, here's what it doesn't everyone. If they say I agree, I agree. They look at it, oh, you're agreeing and you're agreeing, okay? Suddenly there's a change, that the social contract has changed because you've seen everybody else acknowledging

00:34:25 --> 00:35:00

this change. This is what we call political campaigning. It's why you have campaigning in the first place. You can't just go to I can go to 100 individuals and tell you and convince you and go to I can go to 7 million individuals and convince them about to change their mind about something I can go to everyone in Pakistan and say we don't have to talk about Allah, the basis for state everyone personally agree with me, but in public, they will still continue doing the same thing. Unless people see a group of people going out in public. It's an guys everyone. It's time to change society to a new

00:35:00 --> 00:35:17

new social contract a new well an old, Dean, right? And when people see this public Oh, okay, then it's safe for me now to to follow that and I can, and we can now change the social expectation. That's why you need to have political movements you can't do as individuals.

00:35:18 --> 00:35:21

Right? And I think And lastly,

00:35:22 --> 00:35:38

while doing this while educating your ma, while raising the level of thinking, making them understand why they're Muslim, why what's the purpose of life? Building multiple groups, it doesn't have to be one group can be multiple groups. They're all working to reestablish the deen of Islam in the Muslim world.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:08

Also simultaneously, doing the same kind of Dawa to those people who are powerbrokers and interstate the actual Halal Act, as the classical scholars call them, those who are the kingmakers because behind every dictator, there's a little group of generals and commanders that who are influential, and these dictators need their support, to still to be dictators. Basically, that's why

00:36:09 --> 00:36:25

Hosni Mubarak, he was removed from power and there was no, there was no fighting whatever, because his his power broker said that this guy is not good figurehead for us anymore, change him. Right? Or why, you know, some might say certain Pakistani politician was sent to jail because the power brokers in a

00:36:26 --> 00:36:51

certain set of power brokers and Buxton realized or thought that, that, you know, he was he'd be a liability in relation to their international commitments or support from other people internationally from foreign powers. So you need to do this power to these, these power brokers, or those underneath those power brokers, because it's like a pyramid, you know, because they are not foreigners.

00:36:52 --> 00:37:28

They have family from amongst you, you probably have probably collected one or two, at least, an attachment of one or two divisions between you and one of these powerbrokers guaranteed, you might one of your churches might know this might be best friends with them your uncle's or what have you, right. These people up these power brokers, they are the product of the same society, every other Muslim is right. They think Islam is part of their life, not the purpose of their life. That's why for their perspective, they're acting totally rationally, which is, yeah, you know, let's not let these assignment movements get into power, because they are to make Islam, the purpose of the state,

00:37:28 --> 00:37:54

and not just part of the state is extremism. Because how I was taught Islam was that Islam is part of your life, not your purpose in life. That's why they call it extremism. Right, even though anyone opens up any history book, or any classical scholars text, and they, they would say that Islam is the only purpose of life. Right. So this is what we need to do, collectively.

00:37:55 --> 00:38:13

And I will finish up the absolute last point, which is I had a potential idea I wanted to offer. And it was an idea I got from seeing unfold, the success of unfortunately, how design is more able to take Palestine

00:38:14 --> 00:38:20

100 years ago, since it's about 100 years, but the theme is 100 years to today, more than 100 years ago.

00:38:22 --> 00:39:05

Zionists or people, Jews that were living in different parts of the world were deeply divided, and bickering and arguing over how to save Jews from persecution in Europe. Some said just assimilate, become like Europeans 100%, they'll accept you. Other said, you don't have to assimilate. But just go to countries where you can basically be respected. Oh, one said, No. We have to find the country, maybe a maker state for Jews, by Jews. It could be anywhere in the world because they didn't really care. What were Argentina, even part of America? There was, there was so much of all this said, no, no, those are the state for Jews, because we have to wait for the Messiah to come. We have to wait

00:39:05 --> 00:39:05

for the man who's got

00:39:07 --> 00:39:09

the Messiah to come might sound familiar.

00:39:10 --> 00:39:49

We have to wait for the Messiah to come to establish the state. Right? And so there was this division amongst them. So they couldn't set up one group and say everyone join us one group because there was so much factional infighting. So they came up. So Theodor Herzl, you could say he's not the the inventor of Zionism, but he was the guy who, who drove it forward. He had his great idea, which is, let's set up a talking shop a place we just get multiple groups to come. And let's just talk to each other about how about finding a solution to saving Jews from persecution around the world and setting up a state. And this was called the Zionist Congress. Now it's called the World

00:39:49 --> 00:39:59

Zionist Congress, but it's called the Zionist Congress. Right? And through that talking shop, despite the fact that was different factions and different movements,

00:40:00 --> 00:40:14

as they started to begin working together, if someone had an opportunity look locally, I have guys like this opportunity, would you like to give me give some resources or help me with this. And that's what happened. I think this is my humble suggestion

00:40:15 --> 00:41:01

is for people to accept or reject. But I think as Muslims, we should set up a worldwide united in a sense Congress, where we get multiple Islamic groups movements, anyone who cares about the deen of Islam who wants to see the philosopher reestablish, just to begin talking to each other, as well as new movements and new groups if need be, right, as long as you're guided by knowledge, and understanding, to talk to each other, and see how we can advance the cause of reestablishing Islam. And I put it as a responsibility, but not just me, but me putting responsibility last month I was gonna ask you this was all his responsibility on you, every individual to take it as your personal

00:41:01 --> 00:41:40

responsibility to revive the unit Islam. Right. What do you think me and many of these duart and others you've seen? How do you think that we were able to get involved in power and to achieve whatever whatever whatever meager things I've achieved, but how do you think we got this done? Our mentality was simply take personal responsibility. Don't let someone else do it. Do it yourself. If you don't do it, no one else can the next person have the same idea? You? Well, I'll let someone else do it. I'll let someone else do it. Let's see. If everyone thought that like that nothing would happen. take personal responsibility. Who knows? You could be the key to reviving the deen of Islam.

00:41:41 --> 00:41:52

Right? Fit a hustle wasn't wasn't able to it wasn't for the hustle himself, who managed to get the British to agree the Balfour Declaration to agree to give them Palestine it was a contact of his Okay, the Rothschilds but

00:41:54 --> 00:42:03

they the there was their influence he got he got through to them and they contact with the British managed to make that deal happen. So who knows, whichever one of you

00:42:05 --> 00:42:48

could be the new messiah middleman. Musa middleman because the trip wasn't the prophet that went to Yathrib. At that time, salam, it was more sub middleman and he as an individual Muslim, with those who have initially embraced Islam amongst that Asajj went and gave that out to the people of yesterday yesterday. He didn't convert all of them. But his vow for one year, just one year of his Dawa of not it wasn't a profit doing it. support my fingers Hickman in this in short because if a prophet did it, you must today we will say we would we have to wait for a prophet only a prophet can be reestablished Islam no Musa have been Oh man. He goes to Yathrib gives down to the point that

00:42:48 --> 00:42:54

society is ready to accept the deen of Islam or even to accept it in their affairs and that was sufficient

00:43:01 --> 00:43:09

so particular FICO and if you if the take home messages this be the next more sub bit on their particular feed.

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