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The speaker shares a story about his experience with doubts and misconceptions, which led him to become a woman and pursue his job as a teacher. He also talks about his journey to become a woman in the field of philosophy and religion, which led him to pursue a career in teaching. He encourages people to support his work and contribute to the work.

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So I'm going to tell you a story that I haven't really ever shared before. When I was younger I remember watching athma deedat and other preachers and died. They were just mesmerizing. They had a deep impact on me the absence of a physical father figure in the house, the bowel became the replacement policy. My love for Dawa, and my school experience actually led me to suffer from a lot of doubts. I remember some of my teachers in the school as well were slightly new atheists trying to push that kind of worldview and these kinds of things would actually have an impact on me I came frustrated because I didn't have the intellectual tools to deal with all the doubts. This actually

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all started to have a spiritual effect on me why when I started learning classical Arabic with my mum, who is an Arabic teacher, this was the key role in accessing the tools not only deal with adults, but share Islam effectively, a key milestone in dealing with my Dallas was during Ramadan when I was about 17 years old. And from Alexandria, Egypt, we went, and there was a beautiful kind of Ramadan experience we had. And I remember I made to I when I was in sujood, in that Ramadan experience, and I said, may Allah test me with anything except for doubts. I never want to be tested with doubts ever again. And Subhanallah sometime after that, that was it that you know, was has done

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I'm not when I'm actually confronted with these doubts. Now, all these kinds of misconceptions actually raises me in the mountain humbler, my path towards dow has now he could say accelerated. Every decision I made, every step I took, I would always think of ways I could benefit the doubt. So even if I'm in education, etc, I would be thinking about that. I believe that this has to do actually with my mother. Now we all know the power of a mother's diet. My mom tells me that she wasn't getting pregnant for about seven years. So she went to Alberta. One time I lost, she was drinking Zamzam. She made to have a son who would be a Diane, she mentioned some of the things that

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adapt. So then after that I was born, I credit everything, actually to my mother's die. I've had Jordan support throughout these years, because she is my inspiration. And actually my role model, I will not be the person I am today without her. May Allah bless her, when I got married, actually got married, I was 20 years old. And I was involved in the Dow, but I needed to be able to support my family. So I wanted to get into teaching. So I considered this as an occupation because of my interest. So I already had the kind of the channel at the same time. Many of you may remember I attended a right wing protests at a time with Tommy Robinson, free freedom protests where you were

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and unfortunately, after that, I lost my job. And this was like two or three weeks before I would actually get the Qt s so I didn't get the teacher's license. And all of those years while I was trying to get the teacher's license in order to get into teaching was gone in a moment after that though. I was tutoring a freelancing and kind of working in different kinds of things for scraps, it was a matter of survival. At this point, I started to take the doubt even more seriously, so I don't have a master's degree in Islamic Studies. And another one. In applied theology, I realized that things like philosophy or religion, which I spent a lot of time focusing on, are needed in the dour,

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like for example, improving God's existence, the arguments for God's existence, etc, theodicy, all these things. So handle after that, and I applied for the Ph. D. program in the philosophy of religion to further my work. And that's why there is Muhammad hijab navodaya I'm not Muhammad hijab, the history digital life. I feel I understand why Allah made me lose out on being a history teacher, he did so to guide me to teaching people about Islam. What's amazing about my story is that I started with doubts. And now I'm trying to answer the doubts. So Subhan Allah, how Allah has blessed me to be part of the Sapiens Institute team, which is this institute which we share and defend Islam

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academically and intellectually and empower and develop others to do the same. In under one year, we've developed and trained over 6000 people to intellectually share and defend his lab delivered over 33 in depth webinars, delivered 10 courses and seminars published three books, a lot stapled thoughts and produced 30 videos launched our lighthouse mentoring services is a one on one service for people that like x Muslims and people that have doubts. Well, we actually go through data and much more, all for free. If this story has inspired you in some way. Please support this noble work and start your monthly donation today. charlo. The link will be found in the description box or

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