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Keep Hope Alive

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Abdulfattah Adeyemi

Channel: Abdulfattah Adeyemi

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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whose whole lives conscious frustrations will not deter you with the black cloud will disappear when the with hope the morning stone will appear once again? We have been sick we have got sick we have got sick now you see get well. We've been we've been blessed Robin Pogrebin blessing. Our book now you see,

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having this is what can propel us to achieve our dreams. It will drive us forward towards our pursuits

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will keep us afloat when everything seemed to go wrong.

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will keep us afloat where we feel we are drowning. Hope we catch us. When we feel we are falling from the height. Hope we know the ground force so that we have enough space to rest. Hope will be the site for us when we are blind hope to do the sound for us when we are deaf. Hope we stand for us where we cannot stand who will comfort us.

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Hope is the light at the end of our tunnel. Hope is the light in the world of darkness, who is in touch with we are going to navigate our lives through trials and tribulations and difficulties towards our dreams of a better life. We must keep hope to the root of what we need to find the strength to

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where we were led to further the cause without any direction. Having hope is the most essential thing for keeping our juice upright for keeping our faith operate, for keeping ourselves on the path that is strict, and that will make us to move in the direction of attainment of success in this world. And success in the hereafter

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will be the last thing to die in our lives. We must die first before our hopes

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