His Response to You

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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The speaker discusses the importance of remembering to be present when needed and to receive support. They stress the need for guidance and support from Allah, as it is essential to protect from danger and achieve success. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of remembering to be present when needed and to receive support.

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Allah is with us, he responds to us. When you cry, Allah will comfort you. May Allah comfort all of us. When you are happy, Allah will make people to laugh alongside with you. mela grottoes happiness now lives when you need to talk Allah will listen to you without getting tired of your talks. When you call on him over and over, he doesn't get tired doesn't get bored of your complaints. And whenever we complete to Allah May Allah Please answer our prayers. When you need direction, Allah will guide you all right or sense of you to come and guide you may Allah to guide us right now when we are lonely, Allah will always be there for us. Because in the darkest moments of our lives, and I

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will always be there because he's the one that has created us and He will not desert us in our times of need.

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The person that will can desert you when you're in your time of need is someone who cannot help you. But Allah can help. Also you need to know

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when you are frightened, and as good to protect you from danger, when you are scared is going to give you rest of mind. When you need a friend Allah is good to care for you. And when you need someone to appreciate his good to patch in the back and give you so much blessing. Before you start complaining and complaining, you broke your mouth with more blessings, such that instead of you to complain, you begin to thank him for his business. And when you need hope, he will never let you down. He is the only one you can trust and you can trust him. 100% if you trust human beings, they also have things to do. They have places to go they have their own problems. But it's only another

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you can trust and is going to be there for you in your times of need. Let us all hold on to our last response. Because Allah always respond. When you respond to him you also respond to you.

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Now, your response to Allah, your response to his words, your response to his instructions, your response to his injunctions from time to time.