Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Editing your Universe #4 – Remember why you were born

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles people face when they are born and how they can overcome them. They encourage people to focus on their own successes and not to give up. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of remembering the reasons people are born for and the need to be mindful of their own successes.
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Whether Life is good for you or bad for you, you have been born.

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Whatever life means to you is another thing entirely. For some people, this life is a battlefield. For some people, this life is a playground

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is a battlefield for some people because from the day they were born, it had been one struggle or the order, one pain or the other, one strife or the order one way or the other. You find the fact that you were born at the time you were born, you are born into penury, you are born into pain. You are born into luck. You are born into insufficient they were born into struggling to survive. They were born into struggling to live, that parents struggle to feed them, they struggle to send them to school. They also struggled on their own in school, it has been from one toil or the other. They were very poor, or they wretched they were suffering yet some people are envious of them. Some

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people made them to feel as if they are their destinies have even been tampered with. There's hardly anything they want to do and they succeed. Things are that people get at the snap of their fingers. They have to get it with so much sweat. When things have been distributed when get to their tone to tell them it has finished things where people get so easily they have to toil and suffer and suffer before they get 20% of what is rightfully their own. They are always cheated. They always antagonized people always hit them. People always deny them. People always remove things from them before we use them to achieve their own aim and they will always remain there. They are holding the

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ladder for other people to climb and they remain down there where they are. They are like the same boat that will point the direction to somebody else, yet they remain on the spot. signboards don't go to where they ask you to go to.

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Because they will forever remain there on the spot. Live has been a lot of toil for them. They have experiences with jeans, experiences with witchcraft experiences with sorcery experiences with bad dreams, experiences with dreams that are not achievable.

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Why is it later?

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If you ask this person, what's your opinion about life, you see that the life is a battlefield 440 person will have to fight and struggle to survive in almost everything. It's so much a battlefield that they can even go to their villages again.

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They are scared of going to the villages. If they have money to buy a car, they are afraid of buying the car because of envy of people that surrounds them. So many of them are so careful that they can wear a nice dress when they're going to their villages.

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While you slept so much of a battlefield for some people.

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For some other persons is a playground, everything is so easy for them. They don't even know what suffering is all about. You ask them. When was the last time you suffered? See, the last time so far was when I was going to the airport, I wanted to make a journey and then my car had flat tire so I missed my flight. I was delayed at the airport for one good hour

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to Saturday so far.

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So whatever thing we face, whatever challenges we we have before us, we must not let those challenges be our goals in life. We must remember that some other persons have pursued the same path before path of having an path of not having if you are a poor person, you know that some other people are also poor. In fact, some people are so poor that poor people call them poor.

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The same way some people are very rich, so rich, that even rich people call them rich people.

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Whichever of these area you belong to for now, don't forget

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we have the reason why we're born.

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Were you born to married? Yes, you have married

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or it is just circumstances along the line that made you to marry that person.

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Were you born to have what you have now? Were you born to drive the car you're driving were you born to have your phone you are having Are you born to have the family and friends that you have around. There are many reasons why we are being born but that particular one is very important.

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We have been born to worship and serve Allah. Remove all obstacles from your front. Remove fear of this dunya remove doubts about dunya Don't be afraid of anything about tomorrow, tomorrow's even come yet. After all. Be very cautious and be concerned about today. If we do not live up to my group,

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we achieved the reason for which you were born.

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Don't look down on any good deeds you can do. Any kind words that you can speak. Don't sit around and wait for good deeds to come and meet you get up and go look for good deeds to do. Look for somebody else to help Let it be that your life has been designed.

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are formatted to be a source of joy and blessing to others. Go ahead and bless someone. Go ahead and touch somebody. Go ahead and do whatever Good thing you can do today without deleting it tomorrow. Ensure that you remember the reason why ensure that you remember the reason why.

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Ensure that you remember the reason why you were born.

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