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empower your faith,

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my brothers and sisters, why there is a need to empower our faith to empower our every mom.

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We know

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we know my brothers and sisters, that because of various factors, certain

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times we feel we

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we feel that internally, our amount is effective. We feel that we are down somewhere, we see that we are not well connected with a lot to handle.

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And this is the field in which every one of us have. Therefore,

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it's a dire need for all of us to empower,

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to energize, to revive

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there is nothing more precious for belief for a believer in a panel than his faith, he can never compromise

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his fate, he can never be in

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his face, because he knows internally that this is the most precious thing he has, or she knows. So how do we empower our mom? How do we empower our faith in love?

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My brothers and sisters,

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as a great blessing for us, as a great narrative for us have done and study certain factors that could empower our exam that will empower our faith

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or the point that will empower our remark that will empower our feet in a most powerful dialogue is reflection and remembering, understanding, pondering over the names and attributes of a law.

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My brothers and sisters, when was the last time

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when was the last time that you sat on by yourself and trying to reflect, to understand, to relate to know you and mind creator? When was the last time that you sat all by yourself and started pondering?

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And asking this powerful question. How is a last panel?

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When you ask this question, my brothers and sisters,

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you will realize you know you will explore you will understand the greatness of the last panel will die because this will give you the answers which will empower your among. For instance, let's explore. Let's understand a couple of names and attributes of a most powerful die in C see how it impacts our hearts and minds how it strengthens our spirit of Islam, how it empowers our remote.

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I mean when you're talking about a loss

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we're not talking about someone who's a creation. We're talking about someone who is the creator, the pilot, the Robin,

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the creator, the provider, the Sustainer of everything that exists.

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My brothers and sisters

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sisters, I would like to request you to please be silent inshallah.

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To achieve the fruits from this session inshallah. Because this game

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understand all these words this gathering inshallah witness on the day of judgment in favor of you inshallah, if you're all sincere in gentlemen in conveying in listening in understanding the sense of Islam decoding of Allah Subhana Dada data, the position of the last panel God I know the hearts and minds with all sincerity, then this would testify, this will testify on the day of judgment in our favorite show. So I request all of you to focus on this few minutes inshallah which will definitely help us to achieve the fruits from this day.

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So my brothers and sisters,

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let's take the supreme Name of Allah, tala, which is a law, which is a long

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name of love, when you actually pronounce it, when you actually speak it aloud. When you say to your heart, even

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your heart at receives a kind of contentment, because the name of the law is again not named or given or title or enshrined by anyone. It is given by God Himself.

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who called himself as a supreme master name, oh,

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can you say yes to me, my brothers, oh.

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This is a very powerful name. It means the one who dissolves

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kinds of worship, out of absolute love and satisfaction meaning that when you call

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your hearts

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filled with contentment, and your hearts are happy, our baseball,

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unaddressed, my brothers and sisters, our love comes from the root word,

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which means the world deserves to be worshipped out of absolute love and satisfaction, now is along the cloud from the root word allow which means the one through whom creation rushes with absolute love and affection.

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A lot

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it means the one the one who is the protector of all time, a lawyer is the one

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whose creation we look at, we are amazed. We are amazed when we look at the drawing of power also loves and

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that is Allah. Allah is the one who is beyond our comprehension. However, he is the daughter of infinity, that is,

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when we see a love, our hearts are strengthened my brothers and sisters, because this is the name, which includes the meanings of all the names and attributes of us, that is Allah amongst

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himself as a writer and a writing comes from the root word.

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you see a loss of power of data, he is absolutely merciful, His mercy is infinite, there is nothing beyond the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala meaning His mercy as

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it is the mercy of Allah that He has given you in the life

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that he has given us.

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It is a

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blessing less given us parents, children and everything that we see in possess a last panel data is outright wrong and our writing my brothers and sisters, these two again are the very powerful leads and attributes.

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He is on and he is already at a loss of power of data sharing with us with the creation Welcome to say one share one level one point cross His mercy with us and out of that mercy as a result of that mercy, we the creation, even the humans, even the animals show gratitude show mercy, we eat

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Children show each other show compassion and affection with each other.

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And you can ponder right now, right now, do you

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imagine a day without eyes, my brothers and sisters, imagine a day without your eyesight.

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You see, we the humans, unless something is taken from us, we would never realize the importance of it. So what I'm saying

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to you right now, he is taking care of you. You see, right Ma, it is also in the connotation when when, when a woman becomes pregnant, her womb is called as grandma. You see how mother or how a pregnant woman she takes care of a baby, without he or she has, without the baby asks, and takes care of her mother, think about a law.

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Writing, He is merciful to the pea. He is we all

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right, so that my brothers and sisters, if you ever tried to, to worship Allah, from cradle to grave to nothing but worship Allah, still we do not deserve to get into jeopardy.

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We need to back up our mother with the mercy of us.

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The best of

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the best

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is the

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need to be backed up by the mercy of a boss.

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So see the mercy of

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see the mercy of the last panel dialog at the time,

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by the mercy of Allah to get into

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an array of brothers and sisters, he is our rumble. He is our rubber meaning the Lord, sustainable change provider. controller, owner of master Dominator I love Canada and we see our relationship with Allah is master and slave. Master is alive is a rock, and we are the slaves of Iran. We are the proud slaves of Iran. We do not submit to anyone. Without anyone. We don't subjugate ourselves to anyone. We don't show any kind of action or intention which we all do a lot anymore. No, we submit ourselves alone. And that is allowed. He's arrested. You see the relationship of master and slave is that we need to do what our master sees. That's how the relationship of mastering status to my

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brothers and sisters have lost power guys is

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he is he is adorable. This is very powerful name again, my brothers and sisters, how many of us can challenge that we don't commit sin. We own commit sin. How many of us would say that we don't do mistakes. We all do mistakes? How many of us can tell when was the last time that you sin intentionally or unintentionally? When was the last time my brothers and sisters

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so we need to make

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exciting time

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for them.

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Since my brothers and sisters, this is the chance right now to connect to Alliance

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messed up my life.

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Give me

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Give me rest.

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He's ready.

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He is ready.

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He named himself so that he may accept you remind repentance. He's an offer so that he may forgive you and

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he's supposed to that he may

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not just that, not just that he's

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leaving the one who just does not forgive. He wants to give

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you see when you go back to the last panel title.

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You know, I hope that we all we all

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My job and since we all are disobedient slaves of Allah, we go back to a law with absolutely minded certainty that he is the one he is

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in that he loves to forgive. So never shy away, never go anywhere. Go back to LA, go back to a love and ask a love for protection, as a love of givers, as a love

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for repentance, my brothers and sisters, this is the first way that you can actually empower your learning with love panel diocese in Nevada, I mean everybody in each is only those who are conscious about Allah, they love. They love a love of Allah.

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You see a loss of power with God. He is known to his names and attributes, he is known like pondering over the creation, so connect to a lot and empower your love by deflecting the names and statue. Number two brothers and sisters is reciting and reflecting upon the core,

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we can never expect our lives to be blinded. Without this book.

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We will never be able to guide ourselves without the book of laws.

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And our relationship with the Koran should be as a person who needs a manual to operate his machine. You just can't operate that without a manual and this is a manual and be aware of the warning. Be aware of the warning that is mentioned in the program for all of us to be aware and partially unconscious. So that we should not be our

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last panel data records, the complaint of loss of

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license, you know who is

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he is the one he is the one my brothers and sisters who always invest in his life for the guidance of mankind.

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Who did not see the day the night

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sacrifice for you and me.

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He is sent by Allah has

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mercy to the creatures, all of us. Allah reports that you can imagine the severe job is complete. If we disconnect ourselves from the Quran, look at this. Listen to this.

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A lot of our diocese into football tournament 25 to 30 or countersued we are ob And on that day, and on that day, you'll be down on that day. Our last panel dynasties are going over to Europe. And on that day, the Messenger of Fallout z

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These are the people this is my nation. These are my people I

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might be wrong employee.

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I used to pray. I used to cry.

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These are the people of mine.

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My brothers and sisters, this is a serious warning. And in my game.

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He says migrating hatred out from the crowd means not reading it, not memorizing it, not understanding it, not practicing it not promoting it, not reflecting on it not judging your life like not ruling your life by me.

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These things

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will never be able to

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go wrong

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in order to empower you.

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that will remind them how you feed.

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The term team of brothers and sisters is recognizing and remembering the status of the last panda as I mentioned that point blank tracks in the graph, if we were able to count if you were told to go the sales of a lot of us we will know we will never be able to count them

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never be able to count

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when we consider this factor. Remember what are those famous that love how God has done reflect upon the famous

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See, if you look at your own self, just look at your own self. And you would model the famous that Alaska has done. And you know, as I said, imagine a life without names one day, without legs one day, without hands on day, we

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live a life like

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you would appreciate. You want to excel the same as

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me. You just gotta get rid of it.

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You just got

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a new one, he is that good to go, you know, to ask every day, you know, as America still provides you and me. So in order to empower our thinking,

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what do we need to do? Remember the famous of our last panel data? The fourth thing my brothers and sisters

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is Be humble and submissive to last.

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And this is really, really important. You see, we have no, no position to be proud in front of philosophy.

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We are the slaves of the last time and how does the slave in front of his master, he is submissive, subjugated in glory. And that's reason.

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A lot of reasons if you ask, ask like this, don't,

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don't show like this, ask like this.

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And we are the beggar Allah says in the Quran, a lot of money on

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Ally's ranch and we have done so far Ah, we are the basis of a law. So ask the law, be submissive,

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submissive to a law, we have no right to be crowded out of individual law. We do not want to be among those people who were out of it as

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they want

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in this life, and they will be punished in the year after, we don't want to deal with them.

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In order for us to prevent Easter

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and that will empower our

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brothers and sisters. empowered

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is remember mine, if you remember Allah, He will remember you. You see It is we who are in need of Allah.

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The whole month and you work

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and your boss doesn't give you salary.

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You will go back to home.

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You go back to home.

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Again, give me your salary. I want the whole month. Right?

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We need a last panel darling 24 by 7365 days a year, the whole year from cradle to grave and in the middle.

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Remember a lot for indeed, most of us lack the absolute satisfaction in our house. We go up and now it goes up and down. So how do we empower how we find that self energy, that satisfaction

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with the remembrance of a lot of parts by sitting at satisfaction, empowerment, and this is one of those pounds honestly. So remember Allah subhanaw taala in order to empower your

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6.1 brothers and sisters give priority

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to us command or your desires. Every time we face a situation there we have two things. One is the commander of law into his own desires. If you choose the commander of law, you will be successful if you choose what you desire, and he will say so choose a law for your betterment.

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Enjoy brand

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you will never achieve righteousness height

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unless you give up that which you love the most. And that is what the handle of the MPL and this hub. They give up everything for Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the seventh point to empower Every man is to perform opportunities after obligations that will connect you and connects you in a stronger way to Panama. But

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the next thing is be alone in the last part of the night. Now this my brothers and sisters just experienced this

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Once a week, when only you and your

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only you and your run, and you contact you connect, you interact with you around

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in the sense that you have to repent a lot of data for all the bad deeds that you've done for all the sins that you've done, repent to last paradise at that part of the night and have lost power and power your image on

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being the company of righteous people. You see, this is very important as the Muslims, when you move into society, make sure that you are indeed circles in the society in the companionship of those remind you of a lot of those who remind you about

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a dog remind you about about a year after

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that keep you stuck fast, that will empower your demand in the last panel.

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And the last is the way from the people even never be with you. If you want to be with them in the in the ashram. They would like to disassociate as shikon he will do everything possible to aid you in this life. But then he will disassociate as if he doesn't know the whole line. He always deceives you misleads you and you're falling down, but then only hereafter, he says I just invited him. He accepted my invitation and by the way,

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so stay away from the evil people and the evil society evil companion. This will keep you empowered your

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brothers and sisters.

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We have only one life. And this is a gift from above.

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You and me are getting repeated, reminded us opportunities again, Elementary. And the last panel Donna. Remember, we are going to stand before a long day. Let us up

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all the time. Whenever we're feeling and we do feel weak in our feet. Remember these things for these will help uplift you and improve you in your genre.

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Because all of us are going to desire to be in the company of pursuit of love, self love already.

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I would like to end my talk with an island which began with which I began my talk at age

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15 I have a 1990 which our last panel dynasties weren't good.

00:27:50 --> 00:27:50

Yep to

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worship your Lord until certainty comes to you until death approached. We asked the last panel data to help us die on Islam in the best position of a man inshallah

Empower Your Faith – Ahmed Hamed

Br. Ahmed Hamed delivering a faith strengthening speech at The Second New Muslim Retreat in Dar Al Ber, Dubai, UAE.

Date: 07-02-2014

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