How Much Qur’an Should I Be Reading Daily

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Qur’an is such an important aspect of each and every Muslim’s life. How much of it should one be reading everyday? How much is enough?

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff answers


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The customer is asking how much they should read daily and the representative explains that reading is necessary to improve engagement with the book. They also discuss the length of the Quran and how it can be accessed through listening, touching, and reading. The representative suggests that reading can build a relationship with Coca Cola.

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How much or on should I be reading daily?

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Peace be upon you. All of us want to be able to communicate and interact with the book of a lot. The question is, how much should I be reading daily? The real concept I want you to think about it, and let's get the question simply answered and then build off of it. The Quran is in 30 chapters originally was split into seven manizales, seven levels, seven modules. So the companions would regularly finish it one, seven parts at a time, they would finish it in seven days. After that, most recently, we'd say within the last 200 years, the Koran was then split into 30 a de making it available for people to carry around. And more importantly, there it is, finished one just a day. So

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how much Quran should I read a day? I would love for you to read one, just one 30th. That's 20 pages. Now let's split that answer just a little bit further. How much or on should I be consuming daily? totally changes your question, right? Reading puts a task to do on top of you. How much more on should I be listening to have? Should I be maybe watching a lecture about touching? How much or on should I listen to for my kids, my spouse, my friends? How much Quran should I be writing, consuming running my fingers over it. Now you get it daily if you can begin to consume one 30th of the Quran by looking listening, touching, writing, reading yourself, and at the end of the day doing

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nothing else but turning the page, you should be able to turn 20 pages a day. And once you do that, in a month, you finished up Hold on two months, three months. And before you know it you won't just be consuming 20 pages. You'll be reading them. Consume one juice a day and I think you'll be happy you'll build a great relationship with Coca Cola