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Spit out hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah this is your brother Abdul Wahab Salim with the daily reminder.

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Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, Allah either a Lucia when they Li they OSHA. Of course, every single one of us has either memorized the sutra or has heard it numerous times, rather innumerable times in Salah.

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Allah says the night as it envelops, what is the night envelop the night envelops all of humanity. When the night falls, everything becomes dark. When the night falls, it becomes extremely dark

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within the entire world. So Allah says in the Quran will lelee either yaksha the night when it envelops all of the world. Then Allah continues, and he says one, either

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when Heidi data jela

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and the day when it becomes bright. And the interesting thing is that our last kind of a diagnosis agenda, using the verb form defy Allah, which

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has a connotation of something occurring gradually. So if you sit in the morning time, and as I was doing just this morning, you sit in the morning time and you look at the eastern horizon of the sky, you will notice that the sun is coming out slowly, it will be coming out slowly. And as it gradually appears, gradually, then a half. The morning time also appears along with the gradual progression of the sun, when Heidi that agenda.

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So these are two things, two concepts, the night and the day, if you go to the youngest of children, maybe my daughter that's about four years old, she knows that it's nighttime now. And it's daytime Now,

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depending on the time of the day, she'll tell you it's dark outside, it's not dark outside, it's really bright out bright outside, the sun is in my eyes feel safe. Every single one of us children, the older the elderly, all of us know the night from the day.

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And for that reason, a law starts this beautiful suit or with the beautiful message with the night and day because this is one difference, that I know that you know that every single one of us knows, but then he continues to something he knew people are going to defer vote. And he says

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when I hung up at the carnival, and I also swear so a lot of swearing first and foremost by the night, then he swears by the day, then he swears a third he takes a third oath, and he says, and also by the creation of the male and the female.

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And why does he do this? Why does he take an oath now a third time between something that is two things that are opposites as well. Essentially, he talked about the day and the night or the night and the day, two things that are opposites that now he spoke about another two things, both of which are also opposites. The reason for that do your brother, your viewer to your sister is because of the fact that we as men and woman upon this earth are men and woman upon this earth, we have separate tasks

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we aim for the hereafter Yes we do. That is one goal that we that unites us but the tasks that we have been appointed or we have been, you know given by Allah subhana wa tada are separate tasks, rather the tasks that nature has given us also a different nature, ie the nature that we see around us otherwise everything is the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. The tasks that we by nature have are totally different. And closer to each other, a shotgun, or even a woman, a poet says, a woman or a mother is a school all by herself. If you prepare the school, well, you would have prepared a humanity really, really well. The next generation is very, very dependent on the woman. We're at the

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crossroads of a time where the woman is manipulated for different purposes. You go outside, you see billboards, signs that you know you always have to hide your kids eyes from sight from gaze from you, yourself have to lower your gaze, you look up, you look down every direction you see, there's something that you're not supposed to be looking at. There's something that you wish your family was preserved from. This is a tough time. This is a time where we have to realize this message in this verse that a lot discusses the day and the night then he talks about two other opposites will not hold up at the counter. And then he gives the reason why he had taken this over.

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To begin with,

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in your condition, you old man, you are a woman, you have two different tasks upon this land.

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The way you're going to strive is going to be totally different. A man is not like a woman and a woman is not like a man. There's two different entities. When it comes to the tasks that we have to undertake, I cannot do the type of things that my wife does. I have to tell you, just for the past two days, my wife has been sick. I'm going crazy because I'm taking care of everything at home.

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And vice versa, women will tell you when they step out of the house, and they start taking control and they start taking charge of the responsibility that the man is obliged by Islam to take care of IE, earning the bread IE taking care of everything outside IE making sure that the family is preserved and safe. The woman also gets exhausted because a lie is created two different creations for two different tasks. Otherwise, we would have either all been men or all been woman, there wouldn't have been a difference and this is my message to you. of double hepcidin make sure that you recognize the difference between man and woman Don't play with it. We don't have to look down upon

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one another but we have to do is we have to cherish we have to respect and we have to understand our roles upon this planet or someone law CDM Hamilton. He was so happy here to me.