Kamal El-Mekki – Signs of the Hour #09 – Minor – The Mahdi

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming deadline for the trial and the importance of identifying judge's actions. They provide examples of how the judge's actions may affect their opinion of actions, and discuss the history of the Middle East and the lack of police protection during the conflict. They also touch on the confusion surrounding the MDR and the MDR lineage, as well as the origin of the " Haleymes" and " Haleymes" news updates.
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salam, ala rasulillah mean? Wa alayhi wa sahbihi about. So, today we're talking about we're continuing or we're continuing with the signs before the day of judgment, but we're going to start with the melody and the melody puts us at a dangerous place because right after the MADI we start to see the major signs before the day of judgment begin. It's it's important to talk about the malady and understand the the rough timeframe in which he appears what the world looks like the world in which he appears, so that nobody can trick us nobody come and tell us that they are the melody or that the melody is five years away and we need to establish a Halawa before the melody gets here.

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And, and that has been used in the past and people have gotten in trouble because of the same exact ideas and thoughts and the more you know, the more that knowledge will guard and protect you in sha Allah.

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All right, so let's start with this hadith narrated by an Hakeem in his in his Mr. Raj, by I will say that he wrote the Allahu anhu the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said towards the end of time, the malady will emerge. Towards the end of time the Matthew will emerge, Allah will provide rain for him and the earth will bring forth its vegetation. wealth will be plentiful.

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Or Yeah, wealth will be plentiful or bountiful capital will be plentiful and the oma will grow. He will remain for seven or eight years. All right. He is one of the minus signs we said some scholars mentioned him as a major sign but that is not correct. The major signs are 10 the malady is one of the minor signs. Now, let's look at another Hadith because we have a lot of descriptions so that when he does come, we can identify him, right? So in this Hadith, it's narrated by Odin, a tirmidhi, Abdullah Massoud narrates that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if there's only one day left on earth, meaning there's one day before the day of judgment, Allah is going to extend that day, make

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that day long,

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will prolong that day so that a man from me or from my family can come, he will bear my name. And his father will bear the name of my father. So let's remember that rule, we said, you have to put all the narrations together. Like if you just look at this narration by itself, you're like, I don't understand what what's going on. But if you, you know, attach it to the one we mentioned earlier, and the one we're going to keep mentioning, you're going to get a bigger and more complete picture of the malady and who he is and all that. So, here the process is saying, it's another way of saying he has to come. He has to come before the day of judgment. Even if there's one day left alone make

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that day long enough just for them. It comes you understand. So then the president says that a man from me or from my family from me and from from my family from my lineage will come. He will have my name and his father will have the name of my father's well that means the maddies name will be Mohammed bin Abdullah. That will be his name. It can't be Hassan Abdullah Ford, and then he tells me I'm the Maddy. It has to be Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah. So his actual name is Muhammad. His father's name is Abdullah. Not he went and changed it in court. All right, he was he was a little dizzy and then he went

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he was eligibility went to the court became 100 of them the law is like, why do you do that my friend? He's like, well, that increases my chances of becoming the Maddy.

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Yes. And there's two zero years chances are still zero now.

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So what Okay, then what about the melody then? I know we know a lot of people now their name is Maddie. But his name is not Maddie. It's a title which means the one or the most guided or one that is guided. That's what it means from Hey Daya. Alright, so guidance here is not his name. That's just a title. His name is Muhammad. His father's name will be Abdullah just like our prophets and the low audio Salah.

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He will be from the lineage of Arabic

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Hello, hello. But from the side because you know the processor lamb from Fatima who married I need to be tall if she had an Hassan and Hussein. Now, he's going to be from that lineage but from an hesson there are a number of narrations that indicate he will be from the offspring of a husband specifically. Whereas what's interesting, for the shy, they have it through and sane. And they, in a sense, have a problem with an asset, because for them, the whole their whole religion is built on. It should have been the halifa and then his sudden should have been the Halifax Nova cannon Amara man, he was just waiting for his turn. And they took it a number of times so

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and Hudson and what he did you remember the alum, when it happened was young he held them and he said in Ebony, high the cedar he said, This son of mine is a seed. He said he and he is like a leader a master. He then he said and Allah will unite two groups of people through him. And so after a little bit longer on who was assassinated and hasn't became the halifa, but there were two qualifiers. So for the sake of Muslim unity and for the sake of the oma, he abdicated, he gave up the hill alpha. and maga became the whole oma came under Amalia. He did that he gave that up and he gave up the dunya and, and ruling for the sake of the omen for the sake of Allah for the sake of the

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unity of the oma. And so that there will be no bloodshed. It's a very noble act. But this is a very big deal for the Shia, because she had the whole religion is it should have been the halifa. Now ibaka not on earth man and his children should have been taken over after him. So now in their scenario, is supposed to be after the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but a worker comes and takes it for two years. So at least waiting in the sidelines, according to them angry waiting for his turn, then it's his turn. Finally, when Obama dies, he should come. Nope. Omar becomes the halifa for 10 years and he's in the sidelines angry now it's been 12 years, then almost stabbed or the law on who he

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dies. Now it's his turn, finally, then artheon comes and takes it over for 12 years. So 24 years, he's been waiting and it's finally his turn. But when he becomes a halifa, it's a time of turmoil. It's only six months long, then he's assassinated. And then rightfully so his son now should take over, hasn't takes over after years, right after all over two and a half decades. And then he is like, here I give it up. So for the sake of unity that's why they have a problem with in for lack of a better term. They have a problem a problem with it hasn't.

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But he will be through the progeny or the offspring of Allison and that's as if like Allah, Allah is giving him this gift was like almost to repay him for giving up the Hillel for the first time then it comes 1000s of years later, but through one of his offspring.

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the description of the MADI, this is in sunon, a Buddha would and I will say the 100 narrates from the prophets, Allah xlm he says the melody is from me, from me meaning from my family, he will have a prominent forehead and a pointed nose which is what is called an aquiline nose and aquiline nose is a nose that where there is a bridge, it also has another other names Roman nose has other names, but basically a nose where there is a bridge here. And he will fill the earth with fairness and justice as it was filled before him with oppression and injustice. And he will rule for seven years young black ooh sobre Sydney, he will rule for seven years. So this is the only authentic

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description physical description of the malady is that he will have a prominent forehead and it will have this aquiline nose or this nose with a bridge on it. And, and that's it. Everything every other idea describes his physical description would be weak or not authentic. This is the only one that we have that is authentic. So now we've got his name. We know his title is Maddie, the guide to the one or the most guided, his name is Mohammed Abdullah. He has that prominent forehead that bridge on his nose right and he will be from the family of the prophet SAW Selim his offspring through specifically going back to El Hassan Allah, Allah Allah.

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And when he comes a low provide rain for him and the earth will bring it vegetation, there'll be a lot of wealth and capital will be plenty of capital and the oma will grow and he will rule for seven or eight years. All right, great. Now, some interesting things, some things that will happen before he appears, there's a hadith and, and you know, there are a number of these Hadith that the scholars have, let's just say propped up to the level of acceptable or so here.

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For example, even magia mentioned that this hadith is kawi. So he

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basically the Hadith says there will, there will three, not three will fight one another for your treasure, each one being the son of a halifa. But none of them will gain it. Then the black banners will come from the east, and they will kill you in an unprecedented manner. Then he mentioned something that I the narrative Oban says then he mentioned something that I don't remember. Then he said when you see him meaning the MADI then pledge your allegiance to him, even if you have to crawl over the snow. If the mud is out, your number one task is to pledge allegiance to the melody. And you have to crawl over the snow. How will I know? It's the melody like I just saw a crowd and they

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said that's the melody. So do I go examine him check out his nose ask him his name. Show me proof that you're

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you go up to him. I need to see some ID sir. How do I know you're you go back to a lesson student

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the way we know.

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It actually, it's like this. It's when when you know, you know meaning when he comes out. Allah subhanaw taala will make the entire room accept him instantly. So so that's why going back to the movie that I met who lives in Florida for 15 years. He's arguing and debating with people that he's the Maddie. Nobody has accepted him. He said he had 15 followers. And you don't want to meet those guys. Like

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if he could convince them like I don't even want to meet those guys. But the point is that

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the like he's struggling to get people to believe whereas the MADI everybody instantly knows it right? And he has acceptance in large numbers.

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Okay, so.

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So going back to the Hadith were saying before his time the President said three will fight one another for your treasure, or another nation mentioned the treasures of the Kaaba. So three sons of a halifa will. So that means one there will be a halifa and he laughed.

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And the scholars also mentioned that you clearly will be strong because beta mock this will be under the control of the Muslims we know it's not under our control today. It will be under the control of the Muslims and the Luxor will be under the Muslims control. Because the man he casually prays there when he emerges he will pray to mock this not free beta democritus that's why some people tell you we're waiting for the Maddie because the Maddie will Friel Oxo Sharif. No, he won't. Okay, no nothing said that the Maddie will free up so you feel you know what I'm saying? Meaning it creates this laziness in people when there is nothing I can do because the math the math you will feel x

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also what can I do for Alexa? I have to just sit and wait till the mid comes. So we watch movies and play video games and drink tea until the Modi shows up and does the work. No. Doesn't say that says the mighty praising Alexa. That means somebody already freed it could be under this halifa who clearly has some strength. And what's interesting is if you look at the story of the Maddy in it is a lesson for you the man he doesn't you know, he knows that he can't kill the gel. And only he said no Maria can kill the jug. We're going to talk about that later. But he doesn't just sit and wait for a second for him to come and get killed in the jail. He sits puts together an army and fights

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against him day one. And then he's ready to fight day two and then a stylist descends. So the method he didn't wait for Isa to do work. You don't wait for the Maddy to do your work. But the idea that the Mad you freeze folstein is not correct, it will be freed before he comes. We'll learn how to honor them. And we don't know like, how much before is it soon? Should we make God that we see it freed? Alone? I mean, yeah, we can make God see it's free. I mean, not that you mcdata live until the time of the man at the end of the journey. What do you want to deal with that stuff for just it's better to die before that happens? Anyways, the point is,

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we see that it's a it's a good halifa. So, one narration mentioned that three sons of a halifa will fight like a civil war, the likes of which the oma has never seen, and they're fighting over the treasures of the Kaaba. So what does it mean that treasures of the Kaaba? Are their treasures buried? Is their gold buried under the Kaaba now, or in the future? Will someone bury gold under the capital, it will be a known thing where they put this many tons of gold under the Kaaba and what have you, or, in a way as so that's, the scholar said, one, that it could be that in the future they might put some gold under the Kaaba or somebody thinks for some reason there's gold under the Kaaba,

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but other set the treasures of the Kaaba, the halifa whoever is in charge the ruler, he controls the Kaaba, right. And he also controls the treasures meaning there's a car the wealth that comes in. So that's in their explanation what it means that treasures of the capital of the island but it's very plausible.

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Makes sense.

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All right. So, we see that this is, you know, towards the end of time after the Civil War, the President said the likes of which DOMA has never seen

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and we also see that the malady is not specifically in the times we're talking that we're living in right now. It is true and we said this multiple times, that the world that we live in right now can change very much in 10 years if certain things happen it's very dramatic things on a global dramatic things on a global scale if they happen in 10 years the world will look very very different but right now you know the oma being you know, broken up into these different nations and Republic's and states and all that. No sign of a halifa insight. And it's, it's not Maddie world right now. It could happen our lifetime, may be quite unlikely allow them the point is, nobody can these are

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issues of the unseen anyone tries to act smart and tell you according to calculations, tell them go back to the drawing board and calculate all over again. Anyways, and then we also and it also mentioned the, you know, the bows and arrows, and we explained that we don't necessarily have to regress back, you know, to bows and arrows.

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the man who said, Yeah, you know, if we,

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he will fill the earth with justice, as it was filled before him with injustice. And there's one Hadith that says he will resemble the Prosser lamb, he will have the name of the problem and resemble him in manners, but not in looks, he will resemble the problem in manners, but he won't look like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the Hadith I mentioned that he will be from all this one specifically has a he has a missing link, basically, it's the it is the slightest type of weak Hadith, basically, this one that I mentioned.

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Okay, and, and it's a claim who mentioned that he'll be from the offspring of an assassin and the wisdom behind that you mentioned that.

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Allah never saw Salah mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala will rectify him in one night, you fled la houfy Laila, so Allah subhanaw taala will rectify him overnight, some scholars said, that means he will repent overnight, and his repentance theory says that that's his opinion that he will repent overnight. Others said that alone make him righteous instantly. So he's just a normal person. Maybe he prays maybe he doesn't pray. But the point is, he's under the radar. Nobody knows him. Nobody like sees him when he's 14 in the fifth class and sees excellent manners and says that boy, Mohammed Abdullah, you know, something that boy might be them. It is an amazing kid. Nobody knows him. It's

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largely under the radar. And then overnight, he Allah rectifies him, does that mean he repents overnight? Or he just becomes a righteous person overnight? Does that mean also that he was not a good person? He wasn't praying. He was doing harm before that. Some scholars say no, it doesn't necessarily mean that it just he is not known. And then he becomes the best person in the oma over night. Okay, so we've got a good number of the descriptions of the madness so far.

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Yeah, he will emerge from the east and his initial supporters will also be from the east he will arrive in Mecca, and the people will give him the pledge the br the pledge of allegiance, and he will refuse it. Alright, we're gonna get to another ad that tells us exactly where they give them the pledge between them calm, and the rockin the corner and the macom of Ibrahim, that's exactly where it is. And then but what's interesting, he will refuse the buyer, he will refuse. He doesn't want the responsibility the scholars say, but that's why when you see someone asking you to pledge to him as the MADI we're asking you to follow them or believe in them or on all these channels, what

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have you, then they're already disqualified because you just now you don't match the description of the matter. First of all, we're not between the Rockland mcom we're not even in Mecca. And two, you have to not want it. Okay, I'm going to tell you some interesting stories. When if we have time or maybe next time.

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So that's why we said anyone who says or has a video on YouTube and there are maddies who have channels on YouTube what Maddie dasuquin claim to be the muddy and the many the say follow me or hit the like button and follow me and subscribe, then they're not the muddy.

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What's interesting is, if you when you look at videos of the bottom, I think I explained this before, you will see a lot of police officers and they're there actually to protect the Imam because the moms do get attacked and you know one was knife some you know a number of years ago but more

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Interesting than the Imam is the microphone that Imam is reciting into. And so those police officers VC they're not praying while this was going on they're just waiting they're they're guarding the Imam and they're also guarding the microphone because of mostly because of people who will claim to be grabbed the microphone and scream that they're the MADI now

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why don't they like why don't they come to click and grab the microphone and say they're the MADI one because kohara will hurt them. All right. But really on a serious note, because there is no use announcing it here. The melody is pledged to in Mecca and that's why everybody who thinks they're the mighty tries to scream that into the microphone. in Mecca. There's one video that says, you know, a young man claims to be the MADI, and it's like, the man was just Salaam Ali Kumara to LA Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and then you hear this young man, like maybe you know the sounds like he's anywhere from 17 to 20 you know, that kind of voice? He just grabs a mic and he screams and

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then Maha Delmon. Tada I am the awaited mahadi. And then you hear the police wrestle him to the ground. Oh, yeah. So many people trying to do that.

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There was one of my actually my best friend, the chef Yusuf Idris. He was on pitch TV and a man came on pitch TV and claimed to be it became a very popular video with millions of views. You may have seen it, where the man comes and claims to be the MADI. So chefs have asked you know, you know, he could have asked him many things to prove he's not the man the way you just asked him if he spoke Arabic, because mid will speak Arabic. And the man obviously didn't speak Arabic the audience started clapping. But to prove himself he started reciting Al Fatiha like I know some Arabic. I know some Arabic eels. isordil Fatiha anyways. So

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we said he will rule with fairness and justice for seven years. And I'm gonna get to when he comes down the world not when a sad incident comes down. And all that happens at MIT. So

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some of the misconceptions regarding the malady and I'm going to talk about some of these people who claim to be the malady next time some of the misconceptions or some people believe that Maddie was here then went into hiding club if you were here, stay out there. Why are you going into hiding?

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We're gonna next time talk about the sheer beliefs concerning the malady that he went into a cave and he's hiding in that cave for 2000 years. What do you do in a cave for 2000 years? What are you doing? What are you doing? They have gym equipment training what is happening in a cave and

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and he was here then he went into hiding this doesn't even fit the mold of anything and his profits don't do that. No, him we'll talk about that when we talk about it.

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Another misconception is that we must you know, either search for them or create them it you know, we're sick and tired of what's happening to the oma we're going to have a contest. It's going to be called Maddie idol. We will have judges. And if your name is Mohammed Abdullah, come, you're a contestant if not change your name. And come also we

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you know, something someone sent me this clip. Were

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somewhere in the Far East. And it was like a show like American Idol or something or like, you know, Matthews got talent, something a mom's got talent or some Imam idol. What I understood from the clip what they sent in the description is that it was a show

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to see who who would make a great amount, excuse me.

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This is one of those gotta drink days, you know? So they come in front of the judges, and it was just from what I understood, if it is accurate, very cringe worthy. Like each one comes in then recites some Koran and the judges were like, Okay, good, good. Then each one has to give a little mini hope but just to prove their worth as an email. Like I don't think he should

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struggle like that to get an email position anyways. It was very, so maybe we'll do something similar to that. maddies got talent, have some judges.

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And then people vote Who do you think would make the best Maddie? Alright, I think I dragged this on for too long. Let's move on.

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There were some people who said they were the mahadi and others who claimed the others were the mighty I didn't call him a man by the name of Abdullah Abdullah Noosa said olive oil is the mahadji

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All right. He said no Maria. There were some scholars who had this weak opinion that he said no, Miriam is the MADI he's the one who will return and fix everything and all that. Mohammed Abu hanifa there was okay. A man by the name of Mr. Eben obeyed McAfee, this man and most are ignored by the McAfee. He said Mohammed did not Hannah via was the Mati who is Mohammed. He is actually a great man and one of the scholars and he was the son of Alibaba Vitaly. So we have al Hassan and Hussein and then we have Mohammed

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Hana v Why does he have that different name? Why isn't he called Mohammed bin Ali bin? Have you thought it? Because

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it hasn't Hussein we're from Falcon model the llama Anna and everyone knows what, what a valuable like what valuable lineage that is. Falcon if you recall was the first one to die after the prophet SAW Solomon he whispered into her ear and, and then she laughed. He told her you'll be the first one for my family to join me to die as well. So she dies, I rewrote the Allahu anhu. Of course, he gets married again. So he gets married, and he has this son, here's others, but we're focusing on Mohammed here. And he's known as ignorant hanafy and sort of a bin Ali when we follow Him, because to separate him from that lineage of Fatima from Prophet sallallahu Sallam which is a very

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respectable and very wise thing to do. So Mohammed V is referred to his mother and hanafy even though he was a legitimate known son of Alibaba solid anyways, somebody claimed he was the MADI then there was a Abdullah and Burberry died in 514. After the hijra, there was Muhammad Ahmed. Okay, so we said the name has to be Mohammed Abdullah. So far, what do we have Elena Vitaly, a sub memoriam? Some said the halifa Alma de of the ambassador Empire will return towards the end of time and he'll be His name is Alma de. Okay, he has to be Mohammed Abdullah.

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Obaidullah, even my moon. That's not Mohammed Abdullah, Abdullah Al Burberry. Gara. Close but wrong also. And then Mohammed Ahmed, Abdullah, Abdullah, a Sudan he, he himself said he's a marry this guy died in 1885. So this was not very long ago. We're going to talk about him later. Until today. There are people in Sudan who think this guy was a man. And, and

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like when

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I'm out of I don't have words to describe this, like, it is so ridiculous to think that he's the man. So like, the Mercedes descriptions are so clear, and this minority died in 1885. So we know that he didn't do any of the things that were mentioned about the Medina Howdy. So now when you ask people do you think he was the Maddie? They'll say, I don't think he was the Maddie because you couldn't have a brain and think he is the Maddie because nothing that was from the sunan described and I didn't happen to him. So there's no way you could say he's the Maddie. So they say I don't think he was the Maddie. But I think he was a Maddie

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golden girl Adam. A Maddie, what is this a Maddie. And who said they were maddies Who said that? Who said that? So now we're going to open up this can of worms. And everyone will be like I'm not the Maddie. I'm a Maddie. And yeah, and welcome to the maladies associate all of us are mad. Okay, anyways, let me stop. Then there was Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah, Al Pani, ooh, this one it gets dangerous. And this was claimed by a man a man by the name of God, a man had been saved an OTB This was 1979 when a group of young men thought they had the Maddie amongst them, and they went into the huddle and lay it lay under world. They took control of the atom seize control of the harem for two

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weeks. That's a story that I'm going to start with next time inshallah. But we've reached the end. So we're gonna stop here for today. And we'll see you next Friday bitten in La Jolla here for tuning in for your attentive listening. What sort of La mobarak Ambrose Rahmatullah alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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