Abdul Wahab Saleem – The Act of Worship That Muslims Have Neglected

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The importance of remembering Allah's actions and words in shaping one's behavior is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of intentions in rewarding actions and the use of words to describe actions. The title Islam is used as a form of presentation to the gods and is linked to the Sun shar' statement that everyone is the one who earns praise and popularity. The importance of remembering God's word and using it in everyday actions is emphasized.
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In Alhamdulillah Nash model who wants to you know who want to steal Pharaoh

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when there always will be law him in Shuri and fusina women say he earthy Amma Lena Maria de la who Furla moody Lola

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woman you ready to go follow her do

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what I share do Allah ilaha illallah

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wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he was a Zulu who emerged for all cecum what a year Joby taco Allah azza wa jal for inna Hooser to fit dunya well Hora our facility will Allah Ania

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with Akira Kumiko Lila heater Allah your levena Allah helper toccata he will attend moto Illa and tombs Nemo.

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Indeed all praises due to Allah Allah azza wa jal, we praise Him, we thank him We seek refuge in Him, and we seek help from Allah who visit he will journal alone. As for what is to proceed my brothers I remind you again, of the Taqwa of Allah who visit you will

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have the consciousness of Allah who will visit the world Jalon in your privacy, the consciousness of Allah, in public, the consciousness of Allah, between yourself and Allah, the consciousness of Allah, between yourself and your spouse is the constant, the consciousness of Allah, between your children and between your parents, the consciousness of Allah, Allah Azza wa Jalla. Remember, Allah is going to resurrect every one of us and we will stand before him. And he's going to ask us of every little thing that we did, and we didn't.

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So remember the consciousness of Allah in every relationship.

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There's one act of worship my brother, and my sister, that is very often forgotten.

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Whenever you we think of worship, we think of Salah. We think of zakat. We think of Siyam. We think of hedge, we think of camera. And all of these are acts of worship. But there's one act of worship, that is very easy, very convenient. It doesn't take much time. And it doesn't take much effort. But we forget, because human beings are very forgetful. And that act of worship is the act of worship that Abu darda or the Allahu taala, and who had described and he said that this is the best of actions, he said that, should I not tell you have the best of your actions? Should I not tell you have the greatest of the actions when it comes to reward? Should I not tell you of the purest of the

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actions to Allah or Buddha? Or is it well Gernon? Should I not tell you of something that is better than for you to give gold and silver as sadaqa?

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He said,

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Should I not tell you of an action that is even better than for you to meet the enemy? And combat Should I not tell you of an action that is better than all of those combined?

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All of them they said Bella Buddha is a Sahabi so when he's saying such a thing, he's saying it upon knowledge, he knows that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said something to this effect. And he said the Quran Allah He to holla remembering Allah, Allah bless at all.

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Remember Allah in all of your actions, in all of your relationships, in every affair of yours. Do not forget Allah by your tongue. Do not forget Allah by your heart. This is a very simple action. Sometimes when you look at all of the different rites and rituals that we hear of, it gets complicated. And that's what happened to one of the companions who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and he said in nasura, islamicate Kathrada Ali, for Mooney be a Marine attache that will be all of these rituals of Islam, they've become too much of a prophet of Allah. Tell me one thing, one thing that I will do and I stick to it, so I can have one thing that I can focus on. So

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, La Raza Lusaka, rato Berman Vickery Allah, make sure your tongue is always moist with the mention of Allah Allah azza wa jal, this is a very simple action. But this is an action that what are the what are the people Jebin used to tell us that this is one action that is the most capable of actions in terms of saving a person on the day of judgment? He said, a child of Adam can never do it.

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Action, which is more capable of saving him on the day of judgment from the torment than the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala remembering Allah, saying, Subhan Allah, how perfect you are or Allah, look at the creation of Allah and how Allah has perfected it.

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It couldn't have all occurred by chance, Allah Allahu Akbar, look at the magnificence of the creation of Allah. And then remember that Allah is even more magnificent that all of this, look at the fevers that Allah has fevered you and I with and see hamdulillah

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all praises due to Allah. The difference as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in an authentic hadith, between a person who's alive, and a person who's dead, is the difference between a person who remembers Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal, and another person who doesn't remember Allah method who lives he is kura Bessho when levy la escuela the example of the person who remembers his Lord, and the one who doesn't remember his LORD cometh, that is how you will make it is like the example of the dead in the alive. The person who remembers Allah, His heart is alive, it's alive, it's been shined, it's been cleansed, it's been purified. And that's why Buddha he used to say,

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there's a way to shine everything. And the way you shine your hearts is by remembering Allah Allah, Allah Azza wa Jalla because this is what brings you back to life. You're a dead man walking, if you don't remember Allah. But even if you're on a chair and you can't walk, you are more alive than a person who is an athlete because your heart is a life. You're connected to Allah. So according to the Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wa salam, you are the example of life. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us this spiritual life, Allah whom I mean, my dear brothers and my dear sisters, those people who do not remember Allah, they are the halfling they are the people who are heedless people.

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And those heedless people, they end up falling prey to their desires. And Allah told us in the Quran, when he said wala to Thurman l fell, called The One victory now, whatever however, we can Unruh Furuta don't follow the person who we've made his heart he lives from our mansion and our remembrance, what did the Hawa who and then he ended up falling prey to his desires, because the person who doesn't recall Allah, He will fall prey to his desire, his knifes will become like his Lord, He will be falling prey to that knifes. He will replace that void in his life with the knifes and the shaytaan.

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Hara You mean a distillery Julio Kula who furball will be removed enough see was shaytani as everyone play him, he says that they left the servitude they left the servitude that they had been created for, and that was a servitude to Allah, Who is that he will Jalon and because of that, they were tested with the servitude of their own souls, their own desires, and also that of shaytaan. So when you remember Allah, Allah allows you to obey Him. When you remember ALLAH, ALLAH no longer leaves, you're a matter of Furuta you're not all over the place, you have a focus, you know the direction, you know which way to go. You have a compass, you have a moral compass, you have a

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spiritual compass, you have a ritual compass, you know what to do, you're focused. And that's why the people have vicar, they're focused. They understand exactly what they need out of this life and what they need to do within this life. My dear brothers and my dear sisters, the Prophet told us listen to this hadith the Prophet told us the immense reward of vicar of remembering Allah of saying Subhanallah Alhamdulillah and other Afghan

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if after this, your heart doesn't get moved to remember Allah that nothing will move your heart.

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It is you who will be able to change yourself.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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that, while Hamdulillah He said temblor only Meezan

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by simply saying Alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah, you end up filling your skill of good deeds. And he continued, and he said was to the Heron Allah He wouldn't hamdulillah him LAN Oh ALLAH Tim la OMA Bina summer what you will Earth

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that when you Say Subhan Allah alone, when you say

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Alhamdulillah alone, those two, they ended up filling everything that you can see within the horizon between the heavens and the earth would reward for you.

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By simply saying Subhan Allah say it Subhan Allah, by simply saying Allahu Akbar, you end up getting so much reward, that it ends up filling everything between the heavens and the earth. And everything in between as well. This is Subhan Allah, this is an Hamdulillah. And that's why Imam Al Bukhari, he finished his day off with a hadith and he started it off with a hadith as well. He started off reminding us of the NIA and he told us the Hadith, in which the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us that true actions are only by intentions, and the measure of your action is by your intention. And he finished off with a hadith of the wicked.

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Because it's the intention

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and the action. It's not about how much you do. It's about how well you're intended, and what you choose to do.

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He told us the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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where the prophet said Kelly Medan huffy for dunya. Hello, Lisa. There are two words they're very light on your tongue.

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13 attorney feed me is on but they're very heavy on the scale on the Day of Judgment, you already know how heavy they are. When you say simply Subhan Allah and hamdulillah Tamela and they fill up your skills of good deed and they fill up whatever you see between the heavens and the earth.

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He said sallallahu alayhi wa salam there are two words are the two sentences that are very light on the tongue and very heavy on the scale. And they're very beloved to Allah, Allah azza wa jal Do you want the love of Allah. Here is the way you get the love of Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Say Subhan Allah he will be handy he Subhan Allah He Levine, how perfect you are, oh, Allah azza wa jal. And I say this by your praise, and how perfect you are, Oh Allah, Who is that he was jealous of him that magnificent as well. But your brothers, this is a dua it's very simple, but it is very heavy on the book of good deeds, this is a dua it will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Remember Allah in every situation, there is no specific manner to remember Allah. And what I mean by that is you don't have to be sitting in an upright position. And that's why it's easy. You don't have to be standing, you don't have to have well do you have to have nothing except for the fact that you're in a pure situation in a pure place, and you have a pure intention. And you have a pure heart, sitting, standing lying on the bed, and you can use the kind of Allah subhanaw taala and your skill and your book of good deeds, they begin to start counting, and they begin to increase and your skill gets filled up by every single word that you say my dear brothers, and my dear sisters,

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there's a hadith in Sahih Muslim and also in Sahih Bukhari as well. In which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us of a group of people that sit in the masjid and they say Subhan Allah, they say and hamdulillah they say Allahu Akbar, and they say La Ilaha illa Allah. This is a sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, take some time out, sit after us. This is one of those times which is preferred to do thicker, sit after fajr take some of that time to really remember your Lord. Remember your Lord will will do we will answer in the morning time and also in the new evening time as well. I ask Allah subhana wa Bucha Allah to allow us to be from the people of vicar

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or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in while early he was so happy to Jemaine Alhamdulillah him then you have in your Emma who will you Catholic woman's EDA was Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine but your brothers and my dear sisters, although every thicket is good, but the best of the wicked is the Quran, and that's why Allah has to Algernon. He refers to the Quran multiple occasions at multiple occasions within the Quran as a thicket as well as the one through which you can be mentioned by Allah and the one within which there is a mention of yours as well.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala describing the Quran he says, solid will earn a thicker

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sword and I take an oath by the Quran, the one within which there the Dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA

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I want to Allah. So one of the best ways for you to remember Allah is to open up the Quran and read the Quran. This is a form of wicked and there specific of God to do after us and after fajr as well which also entail the Sunnah of the Prophet and the Quran as well. My dear brothers and my dear sisters, this is one riba that Allah doesn't want you to do just a little bit of, he wants you to do a lot of this and your belief will dictate and your connection to Allah will dictate how much dhikr of Allah you will do. And that's why Allah tells us in the Quran, yeah, you have Levine, who's good Allah has the Quran Kathira Oh, who you believe remember Allah a lot. And when should you be

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remembering him was a bit who who book rotten masala and remember him and mention him and express His praise and express His perfection in the morning time and also in the evening time as well after fajr and after awesome. These are the times in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had dedicated these times to remembering Allah. But Allah wants to remind us of something very special.

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He wants to tell you and I

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that he's not just telling us to remember Allah alone.

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Allah is also remembering us. When we remember Allah. Allah remember, remembers us as well as the prophets. I said, Let me told us in a hadith Bootsy, that Allah or Buddha is that he will Jarrell said, Whoever remembers me in a gathering, I will remember him in a gathering that is even greater. And even within this verse, Allah told us and he said, Who will levy you So Leon aleikum wa Mala you get to who he is the one who, who does Salaat upon you, or he expresses your praise? And He has mercy upon you as well. And he allows his angels to make dua for you all. Why? Because you're mentioning him. When you mentioned Allah, Allah expresses your praise in a gathering that is greater

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than the gathering in which you mentioned and expressed the praise of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Subhana Allah, when you do that, Allah is remembering you at this very moment.

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When you say Allahu Akbar, Allah is remembering you, he is expressing your praise in a gathering that is greater than this gathering. How many people today are running after mentions, they want to be mentioned by a celebrity. They want to be tagged by someone famous or a channel that's famous or something of that nature. Allah is saying that when you mentioned me my slave, I will mention you

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What greater of a mention Can you have Oh, Abdullah, what greater of a mention Can you have?

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Then the mention of Allah Allah azza wa jal himself, but your brothers and my dear sister

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one of the moments in the year to remember Allah even more is after you can include your CM. Allah tells us in the Quran, well, he took me too late that actually took a beer Allah Allah Maha Docomo. So that you may complete that. So you may complete the month of Ramadan. So you may complete the number of days that Allah has prescribed upon you to fast and after that, you say Allahu Akbar that there could be rot.

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You do those that could be rot. This is one of the ways to mention Allah, Allah Buddha is that he will Joanne and the Sahaba they were very keen on this. And the way to do this is that after the Maghrib of the day in which eat will be the next day, meaning the day when Ramadan finishes, let's say Ramadan is on Sunday, Friday night, right? Saturday night, after that, you start doing that, that could be a lot and you do that till the Imam gets on the masala and he begins to pray and he says Allahu Akbar. till that moment, you can do to clear off and there are different ways to do Technorati is by simply saying Allah Akbar. You've done one way of the creek. You've expressed the

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glory and the praise of Allah or Buddha is that he will general Allahu Akbar Robina Tina Fey dunya Hassan off in karate Hasina Bettina dabba now what are the hidden agenda? tema? Abrar? Yeah as these we have a firm working in salata in the Salah didn't have an infection you will moon come when they could Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah Mantis narrow

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