Comparison Between The Muslim Boycott & The Coronavirus Lockdown

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa salatu salam ala ZD mursaleen mowlana Muhammad wa ala early he was hired by a woman to be at home with Sonny Liu Medina Baba respective brothers elders. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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wa sallam and welcome back hamdulillah.

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I thought we take this opportunity today to speak about

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because we've come fresh out of somewhat of a lockdown speak about an incident which happened in the time of the province of Milan, he was alone and you would define the as a, you could define it as a lockdown, you could define it as a boycott. And this was the boycott of the Muslims and the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and things that we find very difficult in a period of three, three months. The Muslims were boycotted for three years.

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So inshallah I want to just historically this mentioned the boycott of when they were in the valley of Abu Talib.

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And the background to this is that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam came with is opened our new kind of three stages you could say,

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how the mushrikeen interacted with the Muslims or they wanted to pressurize the Muslims. First was that when the progress of Muslim gay was opened our they came to Abu Talib and they said to Abu Talib Batali

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your nephew is giving his Dawa and we don't like his dog because it contradicts our beliefs. So tell him to stop giving the doubt.

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So Abu Talib who was the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, You know, my nephew, I'm an old man now.

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And the rest of Quraysh are pressurizing me. So my request is that you desist from this dow, you stop the Dow.

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So the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Oh, my uncle, if they were to place the sun in one hand, and the moon in the other hand, meaning that they would give me control of everything, the heavens and the skies.

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So they were the place the sun in my one hand in the morning, my other hand, and then tell me now we've given you the sun and the moon, we've given you everything there is you're in control of everything. Now stop the Dow.

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He said, Oh, my uncle, I would still not stop the tower because it's from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So seeing his nephews resolve about our lives, let him carry on.

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Then came a stage, which is the second stage which we are going to speak about today, where they said to the bunny, Hashem, they said to them, Look,

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give over Muhammad,

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and we will do with him what we want to do mean that we will kill him, otherwise, we are gonna break total ties with you.

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And the third stage was where they gathered in da da, da da, and the Muslims were migrating. And they said, Look,

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if one person goes and kills Muhammad, then what will happen is that the bunny Hashem will want revenge from that one person. What we do is that youngsters from every single clan from the Quraysh, because Quraysh was the tribe underneath it that you had the different clans is that every clan gives forward a couple of youngsters, and they kill him at the same time.

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So this is what they decided but last Hamadan informed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah was one of my great and they didn't have the opportunity. But today I want to speak about the seventh year of the Dow, and the seventh year of the Dow, the machinery key, the people have said, we've had enough of this man, and we've really had enough of the bunny Hashem as well. And therefore, they decided 40 of them the leaders, of course, as leaders of the clan, what they did is that they decided to rewrite the Constitution. It's very interesting. Why? Because the Constitution of Makkah was the mecca was a holy place.

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in Makkah, people were, you know, they were looked after

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people America was a place of an appropriate place of security. Therefore, you wouldn't harm people.

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But when they did that they rewrote their own constitution to oppress a minority, which were the bunny Hashem and the Muslims. So what they did is that they wrote a, a text of boycotting the Muslims. So briefly the text was this.

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You can't marry from the bunny Hashem the bunny Hashem cannot marry from you. You cannot buy and sell with the bunny Hashem and the bunny Hashem cannot buy and sell with you. You cannot interact with the bunny Hush.

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You cannot go to their homes and they cannot come to their home your homes

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unless they give over Mohammed to us. That was it unless they give over Mohammed to us. Now, Abu Dhabi was in charge of the bunny Hashem. So now they in this issue, so when you say you can't interact, Makkah wasn't a huge place. It was all Quraysh

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when you can't interact are the only people they knew who they could interact with with the courage. So the entirety of Quraysh now boycotted you can't marry them you can't buy and you can't sell. So what Abu Talib did is that he told the entirety of Bernie Hashem Listen, leave your homes and go to the value of abode polyp for those who have been to Makkah the the value of Abu Talib is you know with the house of the province of Lhasa with the Messenger of Allah was born. There the maktabah that is where the that is where the shabby Vitaly is, that is where the value. The reason that he did this he moved the entirety of Bani Hashim was to protect the message of a loss of lives and that

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all the money hashima in one day, every single member of the Bani Hashim mood besides one man,

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Abu lahab,

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the batida Ibiza habima who Allah cursed in the Quran, he would actually boast about the fact that I'm not with the bunny Hashem I'm not with the Muslims. I'm not with my nephew I am with not and

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so all of them now move to this place. Now, I want to bring this how we understand this. You just come out of a lockdown. Yeah, you remember the early days of the lockdown. You want it to go to the shops, only shops which are of necessity were open. So you go to as there you go to Lidl wherever you go, I know none of you shop illegal.

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And you go and you go to Aldi, and is a huge queue, and you're saying I'm gonna have to wait an hour, an hour and a half just to buy those things that I don't even know if I'm gonna get toilet roll at the end of it. I don't know if I'm gonna get flour, I'm gonna get rice. But you wait an hour, an hour and a half. There was no as the

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there was no legal. There was no LD in

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you, if corporations boycotted you, you had nobody to do business with

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nobody. You couldn't go to your local corner shop. They also put spies so that what the spies would do is that they would stand around the valley so nobody could bring food in. When the traders would come into Mecca, the first thing that they would do, they would warn the traders make sure do not interact and do not sell and do not buy anything for bunny Hush

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now for three months, for three years.

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The nourishing is mentioned sometimes they would eat berries, sometimes they would eat leaves to survive on.

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And the amazing thing about this is who was boycotted so Pamela,

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the vast majority of Bernie Hashim at that time were not even Muslims.

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The entirety of Bernie Hashem stood with the message of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, against the Amish for the cousin. And they starved for three years. They suffered for three years on principle.

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Today Muslim can stand for anything on principle.

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These are not Muslims. You know, you know you see today that Muslims are boycotted in this place, Muslim of your press go Burma. You know, you go to Congo. You go to

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Syria, Iran, sanctions boycotts all these.

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But there's one defining factor with all these places.

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They are all people of faith. They are all Muslims, and therefore because of their faith, they can take it. Gaza, Jerusalem. These people, the vast majority of them were even Muslims. They left their homes for three years. They starve for three years Saudi Arabia Casa de la and who says he says one day I went out to relieve myself said I was so hungry. Sad, who is one of the tenants guaranteed gentlemen, Mr. Java da whenever he made a deal, I was accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Sad says

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I was so hungry. I went out. He says, I felt something wet. I felt it could possibly say I felt it could possibly be edible.

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He said I ate it. Is it until today? I don't know what I it.

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It says when we would go and relieve ourselves. He says our state was such that we will relieve ourselves. And our deprecation used to be like the droppings of goats.

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For three years, this is what the Muslim went through.

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And there was a group amongst the mushrikeen, who actually had sympathy for the Muslims. So one was a man called Mr. Zhang. We don't have time to go through everything, but one was a man called Mr. dimension. So I'm very, very interesting was not from the bunny Hashem was not even from the family or Abdulmutallab who was the grandfather. He was from the corporation, but he had this concern. So what he would do is that he would sneak food in

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so over a period of time he sneaked food and then one day he started thinking to himself said this is wrong.

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These are our people.

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It's a How can my children eat and drink when other people from our people don't have anything to eat and drink? So he thought who can he speak to? So he said the best clan to speak to is the buddy mazuma the name of zoom I was a military clan amongst the Quraysh has been bullied from was the was from them will lead him to Merida was from them. Also a good job was from them. But he thought he can speak to the leader because Abu Khalid Abu Jamal so he said who could he speak to? So eventually he finds the head and so hails money mum mother was from the bunny heart. So he thought he was the best person so he goes to the head and he says, Oh, hey look, these are our people. For HR our

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family, our children sleep at home, eat and drink. And for three years we have seen these people suffer

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so here's it I agree with you. But what can unite

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with two individuals?

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He said go find me somebody else. So he goes through now he goes to multimedia ad

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and motivate me as he goes to multimedia ad and he says these are people starving to death is a May you be destroyed. What can one man do? He said find me somebody else. He said I already got you somebody else. He said who he said myself is no find me somebody else has it already got somebody else. Oh here. He goes to a boo boo, boo boo story would also sneak food in he was the cousin of Khadija rhodiola and ha the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the really interesting thing is well, I the the really interesting thing is that they made a condition that there was no boycott on Khadija Rue de la

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busca de la insisted that she remained with her husband. How old was Khadija? The province Allah was 47 years old at the time. She was over 60 years old. She could have easily stayed at home and said okay. Know what she stayed with her husband until the degree that one day Deborah either les salatu salam descended upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he said, O Messenger of Allah Khadija is about to come in, with some food

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kana that Allah gives her salaams and I give her my salaams imagine Subhana Allah, that Allah gives her his salaams and I give him my salon and tell her that Allah is prepared for a beautiful house in gentlemen. Where there will be no noise and there will be no difficulty. There are massive Why did Allah

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mentioned that there will be no noise and no tightness in this house. Why no tightness, because they say because this woman had tied herself in this dunya for the sake of Allah swamp Allah dounia you tire with your say dounia you tire yourself for the sake of Allah in the Akira is a turtle bliss menara de la Terra kar raha, as the son of would say, whoever once conferred that in this dunya he forgoes comfort in this dunya you forego comfort. And and shortly after

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that the boycott finished, Khadija rhodiola and how passed away? They say, Well, how can she pass away for the book of finishing the 10th year, they say because of the fact that the three years that she remained with the message of a law in the valley had weakened.

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So I'm gonna bring a sham now he's got four people, several books, you say find me somebody else. So then he goes to the fourth person.

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And now there's five of them. So they say let's go to the Kaaba, that's where all the leaders would sit. So they go to the Kaaba, and one of them stands up and he says, I want to say something.

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But he Hashem is our family.

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They're starving. They're going through difficulty. They women and children have nothing to eat for three years. We should tear up this boycott.

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So Abu Jamal stands up and he said, Never you will never stand do that. Then the second one out, the five stands up, he said the same. The third one stands up, the fourth one stands up. And finally American Hashem stands up and he says, the boycott must finish. This is after three years. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in the valley.

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And alarm reveals to him that the boycott which was placed on the door of the Kaaba has been inside the Kaaba has been eaten by insects. So he sends his uncle Abu Talib, and Sal Batali, go and check.

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So butanna goes and Wilds he reaches the Kaaba, he sees these five individuals arguing with the people of God ah.

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So Abu Talib

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wasn't a Muslim, but he believed what his nephew said.

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100% so he said to them with before he went to the Kaaba,

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he said, Listen,

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Mohammed has told me that the insects have eaten the paper which you had written the boycott on.

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If it is, if he is wrong, then we will leave you and you can deal with him.

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But if he's right, then you will lift the boycott. He goes to the Kaaba, the entirety

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of the page has been eaten up by insects besides the name of Allah subhanaw taala Peacemaker llama

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Bravo is our Finally I want to take a lesson from this.

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Two lessons. One is the lesson look three months in in lockdown. We can go and exercise you can go wherever we want, we can go to the shops, and we find it difficult.

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And we have people who are real role models, the Sahaba but even some of these individuals were the bunny Hashem weren't even Muslim. They died on cover. But look how they stood for principle.

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Look how the sacrifice for the man that they loved the brothers Allah Salah, although didn't die with a man upon him.

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And therefore, you know, often when we give the talk was sukanya

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shocker. The car Allah gave you sugar, you know the money Allah gave you sugar the family Allah gave you now sugar has a total different meaning sugar for the massage it

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sugar for being able to come to the machines, sugar to visit your family,

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sugar to go even to work, sugar to attend classes, those things that we take for granted day in, day out. Today they have a different meaning altogether.

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And the other thing I want to mention

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is a man Sham

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who actually became a Muslim after Fatima. One man

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not a Muslim,

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but had the concern for the Muslim cause. Well, he

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wasn't a Muslim himself but has a concern for the Muslim course.

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worked day in day out, spoke to people made enemies within his own people for a group of people that he wasn't even on the DEA.

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And today you have Muslim suffering in the world. But Muslims never say a word.

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Never rigors. Nothing, no two hours, somebody puts a message on Facebook, just just Facebook. This Facebook, he puts a message on Facebook. And you and I won't like that message because it might bring some heat on me.

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Show me an apricot

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or some fruit, which has been split into two and it's gonna align it we'd like it.

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suffering of the birds never say a word.

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Never put your hand in your pocket to assist.

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And this was a man who wasn't a Muslim. But he had a concern for the Muslims at heart. Allah when he says in

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a lie is not referring to him that the believers are brothers and sisters, he's referring to you and I.

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But we won't we won't speak up. And here you have a man who is a non Muslim, he she remembers him

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that with the finger and the concern that he had

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May we make dua my time is up obviously we have a couple of the rooms after this. We make dua

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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give us the ability to have other and do shocker on what we have those things that we realize and those things that we don't realize the mailers pump Allah always keep the massages open, may Allah subhanaw taala make our massages vibrant. My last $1 give us this time will lie this time.

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If this time Listen,

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when you come out this there are two types of people

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there are those who have come out and they they they are desiring for the dunya you know I need to go back to work I need to earn money. And they are those who have reflected

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in this time in these three months and thought you know what? I need to get closer to what

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I need to have sugar and I need to have other on what Allah has given me. Because you know what? What you have most likely witnessed, possibly is the greatest lockdown ever recorded in human history.

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You know, the flood of new LSF slump? The aroma have an extra laugh regarding the flood of new la salatu salam was it local?

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Or was it the entire world, many of them say it was low.

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So if that was local, then there has been no other lockdown in history recorded as what you have just gone through.

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A lot is in control.

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Allah is in control.

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And therefore brothers and sisters brothers. Let's take this three months to think about our lives. Think about who is in control and think about our outcome. Think about a final outcome Allah Subhana Allah preserve you all may have lost $1 keeper tonight in the near united again for those of you