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The importance of forgiveness and mindful parent behavior is emphasized, along with the need for people to be mindful of their parents' behavior. The speaker also warns about the importance of respect towards Prophet's name and respect for his parents. Representatives and individuals should show respect towards parents and children, building bond with them and showing support.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, kilometer Sleeman, Kathira rubbish roughly somebody who is certainly 170 years or more probably a mirage.

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But the brothers and sisters are salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him, we seek His help and we ask for his forgiveness. We again praise and thank Allah to Allah for keeping us alive in this beautiful month of Ramadan. I asked Allah Allah to bless each and every one of us. I ask Allah to Allah, to gather each of us in turn metals results and

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also I asked Allah subhanahu wa taala to help our brothers and sisters, everywhere around the world, me.

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My brothers and sisters is a beautiful Hadith.

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This hadith is not only beautiful, but it is also a warning.

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It is reported by Abu Huraira of your loved one.

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When he said that we saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was ascending the pulpit, the member.

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And he said we noticed that when he took the first step, he said, I mean.

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And then he took the next step. He said me

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and then he took the third step. He said, I mean, and this intrigued us a house. And he was asked to the prophets that Allahu Allah, you will send them your suit Allah. We heard you say, I mean three times when He ascended, remember,

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the prophets of Allah wa alayhi wa sallam, he said, Well, Gibreel Allah, He Salam came to me.

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And he said, When I took the first step,

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Gibreel alayhi salam, he made a DUA, he said,

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that the one who witnesses Ramadan,

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and if not forgiven by Allah,

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then let him because in Jahannam, and let him be thrown far away. And he says to the Prophet, say, I need and the Prophet said, I mean,

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in the second step, Gibreel RLV Salam, he said,

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If one person, if a person witnesses or sees one of his parents or both of his parents at old age old age, and does not honor them, does not respect them. Then may he be thrown into the hellfire and because far away say I mean, and the puppet said, I mean,

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and then in the third step, Gilardi salaam he made a dua by saying, the one he is your blessing name. And does not saying salutations upon you. In other words, but there's no say sallallahu alayhi wa salam, then let him be thrown in hellfire and because far away, say me, and the Prophet said, and

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I want all of us to think about this for a moment. The first step

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is all about Ramadan. You know, sometimes it intrigues me and it makes you think, How can a person not be forgiven by Allah? In the month of Ramadan? Allah has made the battleground easy. Your enemies locked out.

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Our enemy is locked up this Ramadan How can we not be forgiven by Allah subhanahu wa taala when he's given us this month where blessings are in abundance,

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the prophets of Allah who are late he was selling them we know that famous Hadith mon sama Ramadan, Iman and YT sermon, but who fear Allah who matter?

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Man Alma Ramadan, Eman and what he says and the Wookiee Allah will matter condominium man Paul Murphy Leila Kadri, Eman and whacky servants, the who

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was giving so many opportunities for our sins to be forgiven. We have a faster month of Ramadan, whoever stands at night in the month of Ramadan, whoever prays at night in later to Lucado with iman, and we're hoping for rewards that Allah Allah forgives all of his past sins. The battleground is easy. Your enemies locked up. How can we not be forgiven by Allah? Yes. The prophets that Allah has sent them tells us they will be people. The only thing they get in this

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month is hunger and thirst is something to think about. And that is why this hadith it's a warning for us. That how can you not be forgiven when the Rama of Allah is so great? The Mercy of Allah is so great, the blessings of Allah is so great, his forgiveness is so great. So we need to take advantage. And the question is, do we feel different? Do we feel that this is working? Do we feel like that we are on the path towards forgiveness from Allah subhanahu wa taala and in sha Allah,

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but let's change our way from the past. Some people they false yet they continue to sweat. Some people they false yet they continue to live. Some people they false, yet they continue to backfire, slander, they continue to break ties of kinship. They continue to fight overwhelmed.

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They continue to change others in the business and the fastest.

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So we need to think about this. How can we be forgiven by ALLAH SubhanA who was the second step he took?

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It's unfortunate that the society that we live in, where we don't give importance to our parents,

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the respect and honor to our parents. We forget the point and the fact that our parents brought us up when we were helpless when we couldn't do anything. We forget the area where Allah subhanahu wa Tada. He says, Well, hold on Buka Dabboo Illa. Yeah, what Bill Wiley they gave me a sense that Allah has decreed that you shall worship none but Him and your parents is dutiful. Not only both of them, but one of them at old ages doesn't matter. Whoever is alive at that moment, be dutiful towards them, they look after us.

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Subhanallah we think about this, the way we were brought up the way our kids are brought up. And sometimes we go into two different extremes. You know, sometimes when we were brought up, we were brought up obviously, in a very cultural household, within illness, utmost respect to a parent, and I'm sure a lot of us have experienced this, but most respects, your parents look at you for that. If they give you that I lost you know what's gonna happen.

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But it was respect. That could be one extreme because kids can't connect with their parents anymore. Youngsters that cannot connect, because I'm gonna get that stuff will beat him up at home. Right? One I want to start glanced and doing something wrong, call us, you know, you're not gonna you're not gonna do anything anymore. That's it. So that if I give it to my kids,

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really loudly Subhanallah he get embarrassed in front of people. But the respect is gone, because they've gone to the other extreme. You know, I want to be a friend to my kid. There's no such thing a lot of people say Be a friend towards your kids. No, it's not about being a friend be friendly, brief friend friendly towards your child. Yes. But demand that respect, that respect is very important. And the parent and the children should see that they come up to you. Yes, when they make a mistake, they know they can rely on you to fix it to help them no problem. But demand that respect. Never let go of that because friends are at the same level. Be friendly towards them. And

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you will see that honor that they give you that respect that they give. And if your parents are still alive today, give that respect to them. Give them honest wisdom, take their advice. Insha, Allah Huhtala because we don't want to be the person who the Prophet said I mean, that it will be cost far away and burning into the hands. The third one, the third step he thought, when we leave the name of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, yet we are too lazy to say his name or to send salutations upon him. You know, it's not just about saying his name or sending salutation that's part of the Hadith, yes, but there's something deeper. You know, for us, to

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connect with the Prophet. We should know the Prophet, we should love the Prophet, we should respect the Prophet. You ask a lot of people today, they know about certain famous individuals they know in and out about them. They read their biography, they watch them online, they do everything because they want to be like them. But when you ask them questions about the prophets of Allah, Allah, Allah or your Salam, nothing, they will not know who he is who he was, who his children were. Some of us he probably don't even know the names of his children, the names of his wife. If I asked you can you name 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran will be very difficult, very difficult, but we can name an

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entire football team. That's easy. So Pamela, so the NVR we forget the life of the prophet that allows them we forget, but yet look at our Prophet towards us. Look at the love he had to

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To us, once I showed her the Allahu anha saw the Prophet SAW Selim and saw that he was in a very happy, happy mood. So you shall not be Allah want her, sat down and put her head on his lap. And she asked him, she said, can you make blasphemy?

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So it shows your love for the prophets of Allah I suddenly made a special dua. He said Allahumma Philia is multiple feminism be her who am I to ask her? Well, Ma Ma Ma sobre como.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam made a special do Oh Allah, say again, I shot. So give her passing her future see his sins that he's done in secret and his sins that he's done in the open. And I should look very happy. He smiled. And in the proper notice, though, and the prophets of Allah, I didn't tell him you said, it seems like it's dry that I have made makes you happy, makes you content. So he said, How can I not yearn for the love source? What a beautiful do i that is? He said by Allah, I make this dua for my ummah, in every single solar. In every single dollar, he made that dollar for me. That's the purpose of the law to send him on his deathbed. Now imagine us in our deathbed, what

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we will be thinking of, yet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam thought about us on mercy human, he will think about his own man, or Buddha or the Allah one. He looked at him and the Prophet said to him, that I wish I could see my brothers. I wish I could see my brothers. And then the Sahaba delivered in tree. They said, Yeah, this would allow us to be your brothers. He said unto him as hell you all are my companions. My brothers are those who will come after me. And who follow me even though they did not see. I wish I could see them to Pamela. That's our purpose it Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And you know Subhan Allah.

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We want to recognize it. We want to look for him on the day of judgment. Everyone will be running around frantically, no one will help each other. Nobody. You will go to different prophets, asking them for help, they will say enough is enough. See, go to this person go to that person yet because Grosman will be looking for you.

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Our Prophet al Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be looking for you. And he was asked ya rasool Allah, how will you recognize your Allah? He said, from the traces of will do you know when you wear high vis and you go out, for example, to teach us and we wear high vis students know who the teacher is in the playground, and they can recognize them. The Day of Judgment, you're, Hi, this is your book, because that's going to shine. The prophet is going to be looking for you to kind of love and if it's telling you to come in his group that is alpha. That's how much he loves us. He will be prostrating in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment asking for forgiveness for us. Yet we

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say Oh, is that only a sunnah? I don't want to do it.

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That's our love towards the puppet. So there's something deeper when you hear the name Mohamed Salah Who are they he was sending him it should shake you that I want to be like him. And if you truly want to love him, then follow his sunnah and as a follow as they say, the Sahaba as they used to follow the Sunnah because it was sunnah and we don't follow the Sunnah because it's

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right the words are the same but the way we say it is different the understanding is different. So let's this Ramadan be a time for us to connect with the protocol Salam let this Ramadan be a time for us to understand this will not allow us wait. Let this Ramadan be your time and at a time when you meet your family your parents especially build that bond very strongly. And let this Ramadan be the Ramadan where Allah to ALLAH forgive your sins completely. us Allah subhanahu wa taala to give us complete forgiveness. We have to look to Allah to mend our bond and strengthen our bond with our parents. We asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us love the prophets that Elijah send him It

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deserves love and may Allah Allah grant us all paradise together with the prophets of Allah. I will become a little more comfortable with

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the love

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