Tawfique Chowdhury – 10 Of 12 Journey Through The Hereafter

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam for achieving spiritual health and success is discussed, including the use of Allah sub hangers wa Taala and the importance of protecting one's own privacy and faith. The history of Islam, including the legal system used to suppress religious groups and the use of the "has" in the name of Islam, is emphasized, along with the need for unity and brotherhood to protect against violence. The importance of unity and brotherhood is emphasized, as it relates to sex and privacy, and parents should teach their children to be kind to them and respect them.
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In a movie

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alameen wa Rahmatullahi wa Juana in Allah Bali mean? What a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah wa Lena will fit.

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Under Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah, Allah He asked Allah salatu wa automata slim, Welcome brothers and sisters, Islam and your friends to our series of lectures on the journey to the hereafter. Today be the level we taking one of the most important tests that Allah subhana wa Taala has created for the believers. And that test is the test of the Surat and the Surat is an amazing testament Allah subhana wa Taala a test upon which even the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be so afraid, a test which even the prophets Allah subhana wa Taala will beg Allah subhanho wa Taala for safety from that test. But before that, we had spoken yesterday about how we would all meet up with alcocer

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insha Allah to Allah, if you die upon Islam and Allah, Allah wills, we will all inshallah meet up a little closer. In the meanwhile the disbelievers are being thrown into the fire of *, while the disbelievers are being thrown into the fire of *. Allah subhanho wa Taala will, out of immense justice will not only judge between the disbelievers and the believers, and the the jinn and mankind, but he will also judge between the animals as well in between the animals animals who hurt each other. So Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said that he will even Allah subhanho wa Taala is so just that he will even judge between a honed ram that hurt a ram that doesn't have horns and did

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something, some harm to them. So let's handle it, Allah will judge them and give them compensation. And after Allah subhanho wa Taala has judged even between animals and and perfected his justice and shown the perfection of His justice upon upon the creation. At that point, he will say cuanto raba, he will he will tell all of these animals to become like dust, and at that point wants to deliver was what the disbeliever has, is being thrown into the fire. And obviously he's still blind. And he doesn't know all he can hear and smell is that he has been dragged in. And he's been thrown into the fire of * and he is trying to scream but he can't speak neither can he hear nor can he see, but

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he senses that the

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animals that are being turned into into dust at that point, the believable the disbeliever will say yeah, like 10, akin to taraba, or how I wish I was dust or how I wish I was this before that. Remember, at the time when Allah subhanho wa Taala was giving what had ordered his book to represent it in his left hand. And his judgment was pronounced that he would you would dwell in in in Hellfire for eternity. And at that point, the the disbeliever had said yeah later Hakuna telcordia or how I wish the death was the end of it. And now again, he is in so much regret that he's constantly constantly hoping that that he was that he was actually a dust that he was not never, never a human

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being that actually was going to be accountable, that he was perhaps in a plant that was cut down and eaten. And so it was therefore never to be comfortable. So panela so so much so that even the companions of the solar system were so afraid of the of the of the Punisher, Allah subhanho wa Taala that even Abu Bakar audiological, who was well known, who was well known that he would be from the people of gender era sola sola, Selim, had already told him that he will be for the people agenda, even Abu Bakar used to say, Oh, how I wish I was a plant that was cut down and eaten up, or how I wish I was a tree that was cut down and eaten up. And even though I'm audiological, he used to say

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that we're lucky to have the earth and everything that was in it. I would give it all away. I will give it all I mean, this is on his deathbed and our new rhodiola who knew that he would be with our solar system and gender. Our solar system had already told him about the palaces that Mr. audiological would have agenda. At that point rulers at that point, I'm one of the one who on his deathbed even he said Oh how I wish that I had everything in this world that I would if I had everything in this world, I would give it away to preserve myself from the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala My beloved brothers and sisters Islam, this is the fear that the companions had.

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This is a fear that we should have of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then thereafter, we'll be asked to come towards the bridge and we come to this issue of the bridge, the Surat which which which we have all heard of perhaps, and this is a Surat that will be a bridge between connecting the plane of resurrection and the plane which is just before the earth which is just before the gates of Jeddah and so between that is a is a small thin rope.

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Below the rope is Johanna. So the Surat is actually above Johanna. And as our solar system described I'll describe to you as he described as the solar system described the Surat, he said the syrup would be sharper than the sword. He also said the chalok would be thinner than hair. He also said the syrup would have hooks would have would have thorns on his side, that will cut the people as they try and cross and they will try and hold them back and they will try and grab people as they as they as they try and cross and also on top of that, from the fire of *, a huge claws that come out of the fire to grab the people as they're trying to cross the bridge and grab them and pull them

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down into Hellfire and Subhanallah This is the spirit and upon which when even when even the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala come up for a come upon it. They will say Oh Allah Selim, Selim or Allah, how are we going to come across this? Have you ever imagined for example, have you seen an acrobat in a circus doing the type rope for example and how you were standing, will lay heat sometimes acrobats, as you know, they use a stick to balance we will not will not have any stick to balance, we will have to cross this thin wire which is thinner than hair thinner than hair, just just take a hair of yours and see how thin that is, and sharper than a sword. How in the world are

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we going to cross this? How in the world is Allah subhana wa Taala expecting us to cross this? surely, surely we cannot cross this except with the mercy of Allah. Surely we cannot cross it except by having this amazing pelicula reliance on Allah subhana wa tada as Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said, Surely if you had to work on Allah, if you had truly relied on Allah, and had true reliance on Allah as you truly should rely on him, that Allah subhanho wa Taala would provide for you every day, just as it provides for the birds that they go out in the morning with an empty stomach and they come back at night with their stomachs full and Allah, Allah has provided for every

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creation, and we never knew where they would ever get their food. So Let's all try and have this amazing talk Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala I want you to say something with me say husband, Allah, say husband, Allahu Milwaukee, husband, Allahu nirman, Joaquin haspin, Allahu Namah, Joaquin, Allah subhanho wa Taala is enough for us. And enough is your protector. And enough is the safeguard and enough is your helper for us. And if you say that be Illa insha Allah, this is what will take us across. And truly if you say that no harm will come up upon us because truly, Allah subhana wa Taala is enough for us. And if he tested that, if he's the one who created the surah, that He will surely

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help us to cross it be in Allah and remember the debacle that Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam had when he crossed when he was tested by being thrown into the fire, and when he was tested by being in front of the king and having to defend himself and his faith, when he was tested by being asked to leave his family in the plains of Mecca. When it was barren, and there was no one day he was asked to leave his wife and his newly born child on that on the plains of Makkah. There was no water there at all. Imagine the tobacco that he had. And also imagine the tobacco that Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam had when he was asked by Allah subhana wa Taala to even slaughter his own son. At that point,

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Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam went ahead and try to slaughter his son. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says you have indeed succeeded in your test. And at that point, it was practically replaced that you know, it's my lovely sort of slam with a around from from a heavenly around from from Jenna and he slaughtered the ram instead. And so we find this is the

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this is the total that we should have. And as a result, the fruits of our code, look at the sums of water, feeding millions and billions until the day of judgment, and it will continue to do so a small spring where it comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala knows, never dries up and will never dry up until the Day of Judgment be the law by the will of Allah. This is the fruit of our call. If you truly have it, Allah will surely let you cross and as a result of this debacle and other people's good deeds Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said people will cross some of them will cross that bridge at lightning speed and others will cross at the speed of a fast horse and yet others the speed of a

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fast camel and yet others will try and run and yet others will walk and yet others will crawl will crawl on that on that serata and try and try and cross and and and Subhanallah at these speeds according to the level of Eman and your taqwa you will have to cross with Allah so we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us of the people of strong Eman And for us to go back to worshiping him at the lab. Then thereafter we are on the planes just before Jenna we are on the planes of gender and whilst people are crossing the people of Kabbalah at the people who did major sins will be thrown into into jahannam will the claws of Johanna will grab them will tuck them in the face down and as

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he's mentioned that they will come and they'll grab the face and then we'll we'll we'll pull the people down by by grabbing the Face Face down into Johanna as people are doing that as all of this is happening the people in

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on the plains of just before jahannam, just before genda are then having other accounted for once again. So they will have the second accounting. What is that accounting at that point the believers because no one will cross into that playing just before agenda, except the believers except those people who died is Muslim in Idaho where upon Islam and they died upon the Shahada. And they, of course used to be from the people who used to pray, because if you do not pray, then you cannot be a Muslim. And at that point, was there standing on on that on that plane just before the gates or gender on that plane, that people will be judged between the differences that they had between

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themselves. So the Muslim brother who had a problem with his other Muslim brother, this was slanted his Muslim brother, this one to the right of his Muslim brother, on that point, Allah subhanho wa Taala will judge between them. And at that point, those people who had who had slandered his Muslim brother had spoken back against him had given given him up to the to, to the disbelievers had had over had harmed his Muslim brother in any way, had had spoken Illa fame, perhaps back bitten him etc, will give his deeds to his Muslim brother. And at that point, if this person does not have any more good deeds, he will be then thrown into the fire of of * SubhanAllah. At that point, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala will allow people to intercede for the people in Johanna. And so at that point, our solar system will intercede for the people of Africa by for the people who are from the people of those who actually died.

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Those who were put into Hellfire, and they were the they were the ones who did the major sins, and unless properly did not forgive them. And so Allah punished them in the fire such as the ones who drank alcohol such as, for example, the ones who committed Zina such as the ones who, who acted with with magic and they spread black magic and they and they

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did these acts such as for example, those people who kill the soul without you right and murdered anybody without the right, but there was still Muslim in these are the people that are sort of similar make dua for and for them to be taken out of the fire. After all of that, of course, the angels was also intercede, also, that you had that the martyrs will also also intercede for 70 people from his family and friends and also Allah subhana wa Taala will let the scholars intercede and other righteous people intercede on behalf of themselves and for their families. Also people will intercede for their friends and Muslims will intercede for their friends. And at that point,

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Allah subhana wa Taala will take people out of jahannam because of their friendship, and this is something we must remember to actually have and strengthen our friendship. My brothers and sisters in Islam nothing can break us up. Remember that we will be friends on that day inshallah by the will of Allah if we truly believe and so let's preserve our unity let's preserve our friendship in this life. Otherwise we cannot be friends on that on the hereafter and and Subhanallah it is for our own interest to preserve our friendship. Do we not want our friends to ask Allah to please us to please Allah subhana wa tada Oh Allah we fasted with him or Allah we prayed with him, or Allah we fasted

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together in Ramadan, we pray that away together Ramadan, or Allah we did Hajj together a mother or ally know this brother, he gives a cut in your cause, Allah Please accept our intercession for him and take him out of the fire do not want that surely we do so preserve our unity in this life, preserve our friendship in this life. Nothing can break us up law here Nothing can break us up. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran in Mena fo verily the believers are our brothers. Verily, the believers are brothers for us little by Nahuatl, so therefore join the hearts between the brothers and sisters, join their hearts, let people forgive. Let people forgive each other.

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Let's overlook those harms. If he has insulted he or she has insulted you, so what? Forgive him if she has stolen from you? If he has stolen from you? So what they say it's a gift for you, my brother, if he has if he has harmed you in some way, then just make dua for me I love forgive you. Forgive me, perhaps I have also harmed you in one way and I don't even know so be forgiving and be an overlook the false sometimes some people may even harm you with worse than that. Some sometimes people get angry because some people have as harmed their family members or perhaps said a word of incorrectness against a lie or slander etc. and against the family. This is all an attack on the

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honor forgive them, my brothers citizens love because our unity and our Brotherhood is more important. Surely on that plane just before gender, we will remember that our unity and our Brotherhood is more important than these petty differences and arguments that we have. Surely even Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that even if we were to kill each other, we are still brothers. Yes, if we were to kill each other, and if I were for example, if I were to kill your child, for example, and your apple of your eye, your beloved child or your beloved wife, even then for example, I would still be your brother. Look at that Allah subhana wa tada says quotevalet como kasasa from

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kotla. Verily, the punishment for manslaughter is capital punishment. And this is something which Allah subhanho wa Taala has ordained and horrible with the the free man for the free man will be able to be laboratory and the slave for the slave will also

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unfair and the woman with the woman and then look what Allah subhanaw taala says phenomenology Allah who mean a he, he she or so whoever his brother forgives him, who is was Allah Allah talking about Allah talking about the Wali and McTell, the the Wali, the guardian of the person who is killed unless parental is saying so if the Wali of the person who has been killed forgives the murderer, and is an illustration of uses the word Aki so here we find that Allah subhana wa Taala saying that even if the murderer has killed a Muslims child or any any any person under the care, even then they are still brothers and this is why LS la still uses the word, a few you know, whoever from an old

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fella home in a T shirt or furtiva with viral or Adobe that says Allah subhanaw taala says, And at that point, please do not forget to not forget that even if I were to kill you and kill your brothers, you'd still be my brothers. You'll still be my friends, you still be my brother and my sister. So please brothers. Join your hearts and come back with unity with Allah and thereafter. Thereafter after the Muslims had interceded for their brothers at that point, Allah subhana wa Taala will intercede at that point. Allah subhanho wa Taala will say the intercessors have interceded. Now there is no one left to intercede except the regime of Allah at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. At that point, let's handle what Allah will take a scoop of people and with a big scoop, he will take people out of genda those people who have no head that they've ever done, except that they died as believers, however, they were still being punished and they will not the people who are taken out of johannah because of because the intercession as Allah subhanaw taala will take them out of the terrible torment of the Fire, and and, and and put them in Sharla into gender. And these people are the people who had no good deed, good deed or they died upon upon upon no good deed except that they were still believers. And I remember reading that even Buhari Rahim Allah, He used

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to say Oh Allah, I know that I have done nothing, you know, cause or Allah. This is Eman, Bihari Rahim Allah a person who is so righteous who is to pray to rock up is the harder with every Hadith used to write down and what a righteous email he was, how much how did you memorize how righteous he was, he died as such a righteous Muslim, a scholar Islam, and look how much of the oma billions of people all benefited from the Hadith that he had collected. This is the same Buhari who used to make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. At night, he used to say Oh Allah, I know and when he wrote this hadith down about Allah subhanho wa Taala, as mercy when used to when you would take out from

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Johanna those people who had done no good at that point, Mr. Bahari used to say Oh Allah, I know have done nothing in your cause. Or Allah I know I've done nothing yet Allah, I'm thinking and I can't think of anything that I've done, which is significant or Allah to deserve your mercy, Oh Allah, please or Allah.

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Take me out of the fire. Oh Allah, please take me out of the fire Allah, please include me from those people that will be taken out of the fire in your mercy. Yeah, this is this righteous Imam, this righteous man making dua to Allah subhana wa Taala. Knowing that Allah subhana wa Taala would be so strict in punishment, and so severe in his accounting, that's vanilla, perhaps you will not even this Imam might not escape punishment. And look at the fear that that what he had in his heart and used to make dua to Allah or Allah. I know. I will not escape the gentleman Johanna. So please, with your mercy from that group that you take out from Johanna, please include me in that group you

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love at least please include me in that group. So are you of those people my brothers and sisters Islam who you think that you have guaranteed yourself to have agenda be like this Imam and have Taqwa and fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala thinking that truly we have not attained paradise as yet and we are probably from the people who are from Johanna Wallace patella, please forgive us, and make us from those people who enter agenda or lawmakers from those people who are forgiven, and from those people who are taken out of out of the Hellfire by your mercy, we are hermetica your hammer, I mean,

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there are brothers and sisters and snap people who will be put on near the gates of gender and made into rows of 120 However, 120 rows because as the IDS mentioned, people will enter gender in 220 rows and inshallah we will come to the the the description of gender in the in the in the next couple of episodes inshallah, but before that, our group of people will be taken out of this out of this group and will be put on a plane, which is just above the plane of this plane, before the gates of gender and this place is called an aircraft It's a special place are called the planes of our of and this

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is a place where, where there are fruit trees and it's like this earth, except that these people are forbidden from entering gender, and they're also forbidden from entering jahannam so even the best will be allowed to mention Who are these people? And this should if you want to go back to the seven children the Quran, as Allah says in the Quran, Allah Allah out of Eurasia alone URI for Nicola Mishima, whom one other US harbor jannetty and Salam aleikum lamea dahulu ha homea to my own and the upon the era of our men who who recognize the people agenda by the by the signs and they say Salaam to Salaam to your people agenda. They have not entered

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People are often not energetic, but they are hoping to enter gender by the by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Who are these people? These are the people who disobey their parents. And so Jenna was forbidden for them. At the same time they struggled and they fought in the cause of Allah. And as a result, Johanna was forbidden for them. And so Subhanallah Look at this, if you disobey your parents, gender is forbidden from you. If you disobey parents gender is disappeared from you. And of course, these are the people who will be pulled out of and perhaps Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive them. And Subhanallah remember what insistence not be good to our parents? Truly,

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they're our best friends. Why should we not be good to them? Because truly, they have, how much difficulty did they go through? And will I remember duration were one of the companions of Abdullah Massoud of the Alo and who was actually Abdullah in a bath of the land who carried his mother on his back all throughout Hajj throughout arafat, and Mena and was Delica and all of the ones and then he came back to Abdullah but even at best unsettle, Abdullah the best I carried, I did all of Hajj with with my mother on my back. At that point, I believe the best way to learn who said will lie this does not make up for even one tinge of pain that your mother went through. This does not make make

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up for even wanting Japan your mother went through when she was delivering to you. So so how can how can our parents tell us how much good in them and blessings if they did they have for us truly, they're our best friends, even if we do not realize it. So my brothers, sisters, Islam, remember that, that that we must be righteous to our parents, we must not be ashamed of them. I take the example of competitors or sources from when they used to have a child that was born. And and they used to bring to the school and they used to say jasola Look at my child, or people look at my child, this is how great my child is. Whereas now that we have grown older, and our parents used to

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do that with us now that we have grown older, we are we are embarrassed of bringing our fathers and our mothers in front of our group and saying, Oh people look, this is my beloved father, or people or this is my beloved mother. This is my best friend. These are the people that I love for the sake of Allah. They are the people who have had so much good upon me. So I'm proud of them just like they were proud of me.

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My brothers and sisters, Islam do not disobey your parents, they could either be kind to them. And remember, Paradise is under the feet of your mother's Paradise is under the feet of your mothers.

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Remember the hydro solar system when a man was asked a companion resource Islam was asked by Rasulullah to c'est la ilaha illAllah at the time of his death, and he was not able to say La la la la This is a companion of the solar system, even authentic had even though he was told to say La la la la, he could not say that point was all of a sudden said search search for his mother, something could have happened and they found his mother and his mother was angry with him. And they said what is wrong or mother? Why is it that you're angry with him? Because he said because she said because he prefers his wife over me. Something as simple as that mother was angry. And this companion

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rustlers Islam could not say let you learn the law and support that point ostracism said gather all the wood and build the fire. Do you want us to throw your son into the fire? Do you want to punish your son into in a fire? At that point? The mother said no, I forgive my son. I forgive my son at that point that people rushed back to the companion said c'est la la lala at that point, that companion May Allah mercy upon him said La Ilaha Illa and he died. Yes, salam, we could be prevented. We could be prevented from dying as Muslims because of our disbelief of being this dishonorable to their parents. So please honor your parents make dua for them. Do not speak bad

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about them. Do not prefer anyone over them. Be kind to them as Allah says in the Quran. Waka darbuka Allah tabuteau Allah and Allah. Allah has ordained that you do not worship anyone but Allah will validate the Sunnah and kindness to parents in my evolution and the goalkeeper Adama is one of the reaches old age with you Oklahoma, or both of them fanatical lahoma officer Don't say no to them. Wollaton hermano shun them say Go away. Go away. Stay there you old man. You old woman. Leather Don't be Don't be harmed to their wallet. Don't even say off to them. So therefore How can you say even worse, worse to them for Lata Coloma forgotten huduma wakulla, Hama cola Karima and say to them

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a beautiful word. Work with lahoma Jana have eliminar Rama and spread your wings and mercy around them. waka rabbit Hama Kamara banasura and say to them or let Have mercy on them, just as they used to have mercy with me. And I asked my beloved parents, also to be kind to your, to your children as well, for the first seven years, play with them for the next seven years. Teach them for the next seven years, be their friends because truly they need your friendship now and and I know that a lot of things that you're doing for them is because of your love for them, but be their friends. And and in a time like this in the 21st century with all the difficulties that the youth are going through,

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the best thing that parents can do is actually be their friends. So be their friends, teach them to obey, obey you to be kind to you, to respect you to love you. Teach them the manners that you have learned. Teach them your values, teach them to be true men, teach them to be true women and be the light impart upon them your love, and remember that if they may go out for you, then truly you will raise up in gender and on that day people parents will be told to go higher, higher agenda. And on that day the people will say Oh Allah, the parents will say well, why are you giving us go higher higher agenda. At that point, Allah subhanho wa Taala will say

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This is because of the dwell of your children for you. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make our parents preserve our parents to enter them into gender to forgive them and be kind to them just like they were kind and to and to make us true to friends with our parents and to make our friends true friends with us. Until the next episode insha Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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