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The two first questions can actually be combined. So you mentioned among the seven people that will be on the last shape. And one of the type of

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actions you need to do is when you're giving sadaqa with your right hand and your left hand doesn't know. So the first question is, how does that work in practice? Because you typically know what you're giving, and, and a question related to this as well. So you can give sadaqa without telling anyone, but you can also give sadaqa in a way, so you motivate others by doing it in public, you're motivating others to do the same. Will they also be among the seven on the last shade?

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Okay, that's a very thoughtful question and hamdulillah. So the Hadith says that

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a person who ends up giving sadaqa so that his left hand doesn't know what his right hand spent. Now, this is actually a metaphor. Okay. And whenever we're reading up on and so now we have to realize that Arabic language is a very rhetorically charged language, okay. Actually, the thing about this is that my

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studies, especially my doctoral studies, they're actually related a lot to rhetorical studies. And that's why I can assure you that when it comes to the Arabic language, there is a lot of rhetorical instruments within the language. And these instruments are not always meant to be taken literally. Okay? So when the Prophet says send them in saying, such that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand spins? Now, the question is, does the right hand have fought and does the left hand have thought

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mean the neurological connection between both hands is your mind and your heart. So that is something that is going to be moving these things around. And that's something that's going to be operated operating both of your hands as well. So you definitely you the thinker, you definitely already know what your right hand spend and what your left hand did not. Okay. So this is a rhetorical instrument to express how diligent the person is in terms of hiding the charity that he's giving. Okay, so this is the first part of the question. And the second part of the question is actually very, very thoughtful itself. And what the person is asking here is that

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isn't it also encouraged to give something up in public as well so that you may end up encouraging others as well. You see Allah subhana wa tada answered this question in the Quran,

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where Allah Subhana Allah Allah said, in to do sada bought Fannie Mae, if you were to show yourself apart, how beautiful this form of soda is, where you go ahead, and you make evident to people what you're spending as well. You show them and you why because what you're going to be doing is you're going to be encouraging people.

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Then he said, Allah said, we're into for our 200 foot karasawa if you end up hiding it, and you end up giving it to people in seclusion in while you're hiding for the solder while you're doing it privately. Allah says For who or how you look and then that is better for you. Okay, but well, then that is better for you, you get

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to see it from Allah.

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And Allah subhanaw taala will in this way. He will.

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expiate your sins and Allah subhana wa tada is all knowledgeable in Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what you are doing and your actions, okay? So this means that Allah is saying there's reward in both forms, there is a reward in making your thoughts clear for the money, how beautiful and great that is. And if you hide it, there's also good within that as well. And in fact, that is better for you. So the best equation is that some of you saw that guy, you give it in public, so you get that reward for encouraging others and other portions of yourself but you don't give it in public rather, what you do with that is, you give it in private, because Allah says Hello, hello, hello locum that is

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better for you. Why Because no matter how strong you are, in terms of your belief,

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perhaps you may end up giving sadaqa. And there shaytan comes to you and reminds you of that soda. And you end up losing the reward of that setup. But because your intention ends up changing, or you end up decreasing from that reward of your soda, because your intention ends up changing. So the best way is to have some of your deeds and privacy and some of your deeds in public. And that's why even the profits or send them the few days that he came out to lead people in thought all week, he would also go home and continue his prayer as well. Because there's prayer and seclusion and there's a prayer in public as well. So similarly when you're giving your phone call, get some of it in

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public and give some

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Some of it in private, so you've managed to collect the two rewards. And that is that the reward of encouraging others, and simultaneously the reward of doing it privacy as well. Number two. And this is also a very important point we know that Heidi's have

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only been out for the amount of data. I don't even know when you're dear brothers and sisters was a man of wealth in one day, the prophets I send them encourage further.

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So as he's encouraging others a lot longer to send them, some people they came and they gave this other

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man was one of them, he brought 4000 golems with it.

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And he came to the Prophet. And he said, that oh prophet of Allah, I have 8000 golems. And he's doing this in public space, I have 1000 columns, and 4000 of those I brought to you to give you to give us charity.

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Then another man came, and the profit of course he purged it. And he said to him, may Allah subhana wa tada put Baraka and whatever you given, and your love of bargain, whatever you've given as well being and you've kept for your family. Okay? Then another man came, and he gave charity as well, he gave 12 tons of dates. Okay, person must have had a big farm there, huh? You get 12 tons of dates we've had a lot. I mean, even me, I think about that one, I calculated it into tons because, you know, the Hadith doesn't talk about tons. It talks about also. And also, when I calculated the weight, I realized 100 watts ox is around 12 tonnes. And depending on how you measure it, because

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there's two ways to measure

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what's up into kilograms, it actually ends up becoming 20 tons of dates, the second measurement, so there's a lot of dates he brought. And then the third person he came, he said, Oh, Prophet of Allah, I worked all night, and I didn't have too much, but I worked all night. And I ended up making for a tent full of dates.

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I brought to you four of them, and I've kept for for my family.

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So then the munafo, they ended up saying that

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a loss of Hannah data is not in need of the charity of this man who only brought four handfuls of data. And as for Abdullah, even, and as for arson, those two people, they came to the prophet to send them only to show off.

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so they're giving public charity and other people are calling them show offs as well. Right. So sometimes the sweetness of this charity might also be corrupted by other factors as well. So if you want to have a sweetness of charity that reserves your award with Allah Subhana, WA tada and also keeps your, your, your personally, psychologically happy as well then do some of it in public. And that's going to come with arms, because some people are going to call you show offs, all right. And that's also going to come with the danger that you may end up having changing that intention later on, or at that point, JSON will try to capitalize on that. So fight that battle, but simultaneously

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have nice, pure clean reward in the privacy of you, yourself, and only the person who you gave to as well. So this way you collect between the two goods, about which Allah subhana wa tada says, into the sort of 29 if you give it publicly how great and beautiful will that be? And if you keep it to yourself, and you give it to the poor people, then that will be better for you in many different ways.

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what a great answer. I really like how you've put it and the specific examples