Asim Khan – History and Legacy of Palestine

Asim Khan
AI: Summary © The Bayou Kava in China is a place of spiritual connection and is a place where many people may not appreciate what is happening. Visitors to the area are encouraged to pray to the holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy. Visitors to the shrine are recommended to see the beast and not drink water during visits. Visitors to the attraction of Jerusalem are encouraged to visit the shrine and not be drinking water during visits. Visitors to the attraction of Jerusalem are encouraged to pray to the beast and not drink water. Visitors to the shrine are also encouraged to visit the shrine and not be drinking water during visits.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Actually, in my bar.

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today's talk is entitled The story of Jerusalem, the story of beta mock this. And just to start off, let us reflect over the situation that we have today. The desperate and depressing situation that we have today in Palestine didn't come about by itself. It is almost like one Domino that was collapsed by another Domino that came way before. And the idea here is that today is the result of many things that happened previously in history. In order to understand and appreciate where we are today, you need to know the history, if you don't know the history, you will never be able to understand what is happening and more to the point you will never be able to deal with the problem properly. So the

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the purpose of today's talk actually is not about the political situation in Palestine. That is something that hamdulillah many people know about our active about. The purpose is about the spiritual connection that we should have to this place. What does it mean spiritual connection, it means, what does this land baitul mark this mean to Allah? subhanaw taala? That is a question which we will try to answer today. Because

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if we educate ourselves about what this place means to Allah, then we are actually educating ourselves about what it should mean to us, isn't it? For we hold that Allah is the Greatest, or whatever Allah holds to be great, we also hold to be great, true or not, but if we don't know what something means to Allah, then we could never really appreciate what it is in reality is isn't it? So, let us start by having a discussion. I will ask you, my brothers, tell me what is it about this place that makes it spiritually religiously significant and important, what has happened there? what may happen there?

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And besides all of this, anything else that you know, that makes this place special? I would like you to share with me. So, let's start What is it about this place that comes to your mind that says you know what, this is something great religiously speaking, because of this reason, because this happened or this will happen? You can start to so why is this place called Jerusalem beta map this in Arabic, special religiously? Yes, sir, the back then.

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Very good. So this was the the direction the Qibla of the Muslims and you will know for how long

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it was the table or for around 14 years, one and a half years or 17 to 18 months after the pro Selim migrated from Mecca to Medina, they were praying towards this place, like we are praying today towards Mecca. The Muslims are praying towards Jerusalem for this many years. Yeah, almost 14 years. That's one reason why especially, you know, Spanish generation about an asymptomatic or the louder on is one of the companions that lived longer than other companions, and so many tabea in became terrain because they met on a symptomatic or the long run. And when many of the companions had passed away, one of the followers came to him and, and as described himself to this Muslim, this

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turbie by saying I am one who used to pray to both developers, meaning I was a Muslim, back then who needs to pray to in the direction of Jerusalem,

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as well as towards Mecca and more karma. And so I have that honor he felt upon law that this is the best way to describe himself as one of those that used to pray to both herbalists Yeah, so this is one reason just one reason why this place is special. What are the reasons my brothers Yes

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Very good. Bar coffee calm This is the location from where the Mirage took place. Sorry, well mirage. The extra part is about the journey from mccarl macabre from the carrabba to mystical axon.

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The second part of the journey is from Mazel Aqsa to Allah subhanaw taala

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So there's two genders, Surat which means not gente en el Mirage anyone know which surah in the Quran spoke about journey number one.

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So as far as what is wrong, so this law spoke about the first part, but which sort of spoke about the second one

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I expect you to know earlier.

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Sir, yes sir not just spoke about the second part, the ascent. Yeah, and Mirage is literally the vehicle by which you ascend. So So the last part of this panel are the SRB Abbe de la la mina Mr. de l'homme Eden. Let's see the opposite lady. Baraka Hola. Yeah. Allah said and glory, as in a way of saying supaloc to express the amazement How amazing is it, that a lot took his slave Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to from on a journey from mercy little haraam from Al carrabba. All the way to Jerusalem, mercy will upset in one night a journey that would have taken at least a month in those times, Allah miraculously took him from that Masjid to this Masjid in one night. And Allah

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said, that place Baraka anahola, a place that has Baraka not in and of itself only, but the surrounding area to is Mubarak because of it, and that teaches us something, that the messy the upside itself is Mubarak is bless it, you know, when something is has Baraka means it has something the goodness is beyond your expectation. And also Baraka is something that is goodness lingers on forever. Yeah, for a long time. But Allah said, the land around it is also bless it because it is surrounding this message. And so some of the scholars said, the area called a sham, which in modern day is Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine together is all bless it, because it surrounds Mosul

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up. So imagine that vast land is all bless it because of this mesial axon and one of the reasons it is blessing is because the processor ascended on the Night Journey upwards to the heavens from that location.

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That's number two reason. What are the reasons? Yes.

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The second house of Allah What do you mean by that?

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The Kava came first.

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Okay, so you're saying that the first mission was the cabin second.

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who knows about this? As it was a brother saying you agree with the brother. The second message ever to be built was Alexa, do you agree? Who agrees?

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The first difference of opinion amongst the scholars?

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is correct. Yes, Hama. Other lfra are the louder and he asked the president

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which was the first mersive ever to be built? I mean, what question to ask, what does that teach us? It teaches us that the companions they want you to know which part of the Earth is most beloved to Allah. That's what they wanted to know. So he asked which Masjid was built first? And the person said, The Kava. The Cabo was the first one to be built. And then he said will in a second, he said, mercy will absorb. The name literally means the far away about the furthest. So the link is here, that the measurable haraam

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and the second mustard was the furthest mustard away from that mustard and it was an axon. And then he asked him how long in between to the person who said 4040 years. So some of the scholars that have had her they said the first to build the carrabba was administer them. And either it was him or one of his children who built a Muslim upset. So he said he sent his children about the earth and they came to Jerusalem and they established either the foundations of the masjid or the actual Masjid mission upset and so it was the second mustard to be established. Okay. Very good. Any other reasons? This Okay, sorry, somebody hasn't this, everyone

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got this? No, not masala Salaam wa salatu salam.

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Despite his longing to enter into Jerusalem, he was not able to because of his people, and we'll cover that in Sharla. One of the reasons my brothers

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Mr. MADI, yes, and who else will come to this place?

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nice restaurant. Yes. So we just went from the beginning of time and to Yokoyama on your way to Korea whether something's gonna happen which makes this place special as well and that is the return of East LA ceram He will come down to this place the person told us and I didn't say Bukhari and Muslim that ACL Islam will come down to Bay to knock this and it is there that he will fight at the journal, the false messiah and the job will try to enter inside Jerusalem and he will not be able to and he will be killed outside Jerusalem. So imagine all of these amazing great things are gonna happen towards the end of time we're gonna happen there. Yeah.

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Anything else?

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Okay, well, I wasn't sure of that. I didn't know that anything different Yes.

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Accident Yes, during the night journey the person led all of the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. In Salah days go, which is another major thing we'll come to that inshallah at the end Okay, there's something else that we missed and that is

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we shall return

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home Mashallah very good to miss this one is la Salaam was born in this place as well here born in this place, which Allah will come to more as we go along, but this is just to get you to to realize that hang on a minute, so much happened there. So much will happen there is this place is amazing. Okay.

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Now, one of the things that you missed is that the Salah in this Masjid is not like any ordinary size it

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it is multiplied, and here there is actually a difference of opinion which I came across different durations, the promises are seldom is asked which is which mustard is the best mustard. And he said it is Mazel Haram. And then he was asked about what follows after that, certainly. Okay, going back to the narration again, this is a notion that the Buddha referred to or the aloud and he was asking the person which mustard is the best after carrabba it is the mystery of the process. And then he spoke about Muslim oxa. And he also mentioned it in a number of studies the multiply the amount that the salary multiplied in muscle haram which is how much 100,000 times and in the process of messy it

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And it muscle ups are here they are two generations. In fact, they are more than two. But even tamer, Allah mentions the strongest two, he said the first generation is generation that the Salah is equal to 250 times and another region it is 500 times. So inshallah, if you were to go if you were to think about going now to Jerusalem, and I urge you all to make an intention to go there to visit this amazing place. And if you stay there for the seven days, you would pray 35 salada. And those 35 sold out will be equal to how many? Any accountancy?

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How many 35, Salah is equal two times 517,000 517,500 solos

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is equal to nine and a half years of solo.

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How much nine and a half years of solo. So if you went on a journey for seven days paid all your slide muscle up, sir, you would it would be as if you worship Allah for nine and a half years. Imagine and this is not adding on an involuntary pace, just the right type. So this is another reason why especially because the slot is more valuable in the eyes of Allah than any other place. Now, the beginning, where does it all begin? We mentioned this Heidi's already a Buddha. Sorry, the person was telling us here that the second semester to be built after only 40 years of the cowboy was messing up so and so that is where it begins at the time of Adam alayhis salaam. And from that

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time, it has been special to our last panel Donna

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who was the one who rebuilt the Muslim oxa as we know it today. This is something of an agreement among the scholars that the mess did in terms of its size. Okay, and it's a rectangular size. I'll show you the picture here. You can see it here. The red line represents the rectangular size of metal oxide, which is said to be the size that Suleiman Ali Salam built it in a hazardous Kalani Rahim Allah said, in fact, it was his father, who was the father of Solomon.

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That will that Islam very good. He began the commission to build this message or rebuild it in a much bigger size. And then the last panel that inspired him that rather it would be your son's will a man who will come to build it

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Okay, and so the red rectangular size represents the size of which when a man is and I'm built muscle ups. And apparently after he built it, he stood in the middle.

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And the middle is where you see the Dome of the Rock, you know, the golden dome that was not there. During the time of Solomon Islam, it was not there during the time of the person rather, it was built there. 72 years after the hatred of the person certain by of the American number one, he stood there, which is the highest point in Jerusalem. And he made $1 to Allah. And he asked Allah for three things. Number one, Allah give me a kingdom, the likes of which you'll be inappropriate for anyone after me to have it. He asked Allah for a kingdom, which would be so magnificent, no one after him could ever rival it. The second Allah give me judgment that coincides with your judgment,

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when I judge in a matter, let me strike the mark in accordance with how you deem it to be correct. And the third law is a law whoever comes here, only intending to praise Allah, that he leaves with all his sins forgiven.

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And the promise of son who is narrating what Solomon said, he said, and I asked a lot to accept his daughter

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and that is why so Paula, It is reported that abnormal was very particular about following the son of precedent, he would travel from Medina to Missoula oxa just to pray to rock out and he wouldn't even drink water and he will return back home in order to be under this law that I came all the way here just to pray to like our like Solomon made it to our and I don't even drink the water here to show a lot I'm so sincere in what I want imagine this is the virtue of this place. So one or two things about the the most of Oxo

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there's a difference between a masala and a mustard the masala is like the place where the place where people get together to pray the salon however the most did in this context is much bigger than the place that people pray the salon Now what does that mean? At the bottom left hand side of the picture within the rectangular circle or within the rectangular red lines you have muscle ups which is called muscle ups which is the masala ie the place where people pray the building has been established there and that is where they pray the solar in the middle you have the Dome of the Rock here. This is not a misdeed per se but rather it is inside the mustard area. So the whole

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rectangular shape and place is messed up. So

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anyway inside that constitutes missing episodes. Okay, but the praise place that people pray is the masala which is built at the very beginning of it. Okay. And this they said goes back to the time I'm going to wrap up, I'm going to hop out was the one who opened Jerusalem. Yeah, this is only 16 years after the hero the processor from above arrives at Jerusalem. Imagine the person who initiated the conquest of Jerusalem during his life through which battle anyone know which battle did he commissioned, which will lead to the conquest of Jerusalem. Anyone know which battle

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Martin is another one after that

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book accident very good book was to go and fight the Byzantine Empire which was the

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eastern province of the Roman Empire. And that would lead to the conquest of Jerusalem. So you can imagine those that had his eyes on up saw during his life when he was still in Makkah and Medina. Okay. So it was I don't know how pabu arrives there as the conqueror of this place, and they didn't fight him rather they

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they welcomed him. And that is something maybe we'll speak about another time. When he came, he didn't want to build the masala in the middle. You know why? Because in the middle, that was the number one reason was that was the direction of the Qibla for the Muslims as well as the Jews.

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But by that time, the problem was no longer Jerusalem it was Makkah. So he didn't want to build the masala at a place that people would pray in as if they are still praying towards the abrogated Tabler. The second reason was is because the Jews do pray towards this direction. Always rather they would pray in that location because they deem that to be sacred for other reasons. So in order to avoid this he built the masala

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Wait for that. Okay.

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So the actual capacity of this whole place, they said is half a million, half a million people can pray inside muscle up. So according to this rectangular shape, this is what some people have said, is heavy.

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Okay, so

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that's the masala Yes, bottom left you

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see, that's what that's that's why I mentioned that there is no purpose to it as if there's no religious purpose to it, but there is historical significance to it. Maybe we'll come to that in Shama. Yeah, so in terms of where is it? It's in the middle of the masjid and the Wailing Wall This is on the left.

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So this is see see the Dome of the Rock? See, that's the middle of us Luxor. So it makes sense like that would be that that would be the focal point of the Qibla Do you see?

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It is many reasons Sharla and like I said, Don't make it too political debates. This is more of the spiritual side inshallah.

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Okay, so let's move on. What is the ruling on visiting this place? What do you think after you heard all of this? If someone will say to you, what is the ruling islamically on visiting Muslim upset? What do you think? Is it Why

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is it recommended? Is it permissible? Which one would you think is

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very good Mashallah, it is mazahub even taymiyah Rahim Allah said, there is a consensus amongst the scholars and to be honest, I was quite surprised. He said there is a agreement amongst all scholars that it is most the hub recommended religiously to visit this place. You know, that means just like you and I like to go and visit Mecca and Medina for Ramadan. In the same vein, should we like to go and visit most of the how many of us have that yearning, really and truly, this is a lesson for us. Then moving on other profits. We have Ibrahim alayhis salam and his nephew, loot Allah Islam, Allah smartos in the Koran one at Jaina wahluke en el arte de la te Baraka nafi heard in Ireland mean SoTL

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ambia, verse number 77, Allah says, and we rescued and delivered Ibrahim and load to this place, which Allah again refers to as being blessed. So Ibrahim alayhi salam, as well as loot, they came and they lived in Palestine in Jerusalem and fact, Ibrahim al Islam actually passed away in Jerusalem

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and his grave again he says by agreement of all the scholars is in Palestine, as well as his son is half Yeah. And there is this picture here. This is picture of mercy lolly. Mercy will Holly again was not built in the time of the person nor was it built by the companions. Rather, this was first built as a church by the Christians.

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The one of the Muslims came

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after the time of selection Lina up. He is the one sorry, the Muslims during that time converted this church into a mustard. And then I don't know whether it was the Christians or the Muslims, they built some tombs inside. And supposedly they said that is waiting for humanism. And some of his family are buried. However, if Nikita said, though, there is agreement that Ibrahim passed away and his power is in this area of Hebron.

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The exact location is unknown. Yeah, the exact location is unknown. So it's upon Allah in this blessing land is the body of our father Ibrahim al Islam. Amazing. Yeah, bless it.

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Then you have yakko la Salam jacobellis salam, as you know, from the story of use of Father of use of his Yaqoob Where did they live? Initially, they lived

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in Palestine. This is where they lived, and then they migrated because of us values from to Egypt. Now Yaqoob his name, or he was referred to as Surah Al and the followers of jacobellis Rama known as Benny is Surah. Al Yes, yeah, Benny is in now, they were in Egypt now because that's what he offers his children and his children's children. They became very ill they went Egypt until when? When did they leave Egypt?

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So musala Islam? Yes, at the time Musa masala Islam, another prophet of a lie sent to them when it's like, and they are. They're enslaved. to frown. Yes.

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Oh, yes, good questions. My brother's asking at the time where he brought him a lesson was it Palestine? And was the Israel Israel? You see all these borders, and the names even. They're not existed until modern times the area was just known as Jerusalem. Yeah. And it changed hands between Muslims and non Muslims and art worshipers and so on and so forth so many times. Yeah. So this is this is what happened. So anti muslim was Jerusalem. And so now it's Jerusalem. And the idea of Palestine Israel that came like in our time, yeah. Okay. So then you are more or less from and he rescues very ill from the brutal regime of her own. After liberating them from slavery, he brings

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them to this blessed place Jerusalem.

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And they are told by Moosa, let us enter inside we need to conquer this place. What did the people say?

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They said no, inside this place, there are some scary people.

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This is what they said in the common Jabarin inside there some scary people. We're not going to go inside. How what a response upon for these people to the Prophet, after he's just split the sea for them. They say to him, we're not gonna listen to you. We're gonna stay right here in hoonah we're gonna stay right here Moosa, you go sokola with Europe to go fight them, can you imagine. And as a punishment, they were then barred from this holy place for how many years 40 years, made to wander around here made to wander around

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the deserts who had to suffer alongside them, Mosul Islam, he had to suffer with those Panama. And Mossad is surrounded nicotine wrote in Alameda when he longed for juice and so much that once he went to a mount mountain in Jordan, which from where his think is called Mount Nebo, you can see into Jerusalem, and then he made a door to Allah subhanaw taala. He said in this talk, or be a Dini in an update, mocha de la mia 10 behavior. He said, Oh, my master, allow me to draw close enough to this blessed place until I'm just a stone's throw away from it. I know that I cannot enter, but just let me get that close to it. I'm just this much away from it.

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And the process of often rating this he said, If I was there, in Jerusalem, I could show you where he's buried somewhere outside, under a red sand dunes Parma. So Allah subhanaw taala accepted his law. He passed away, just literally outside of Jerusalem. This is musala Islam. Then you have yuusha yuja became a prophet after Musab al Islam. In fact, Lucia was the young apprentice, during which story Moosa goes to see who cater very good, and who is the Fattah who comes, goes along with him. yuusha the user is like the apprentice of Muslim. Okay, musala Islam, Allah makes him a prophet. It was you shot and then took benissa ill to go and conquer Jerusalem. And here amazing story. The

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people fought with us shall Islam to enter into Jerusalem, they fought alongside him. However, keeping in line with the Jewish tradition of not fighting on Saturday on the Sabbath, when they entered when they were about to enter into Jerusalem, the time for Madrid was coming and it was Saturday was going to start. And that would mean they have to stop the fighting. Here. Instead he Buhari, the person who mentioned that the rU shamli to Allah, and he said, looking at the sun, he said in the key more on more and more. He said to the sun, you are just the object of Allah's command as well as me being the object of Allah's command, then he made out to Allah, Oh Allah, hold

00:29:05 --> 00:29:27

it back, hold it back. And Allah answered his door. And in the next few hours, Jerusalem was conquered by Russia. And so they entered into Jerusalem. They so now Benny is that our, our inside, then you have Tao the restaurant. And as you mentioned, Dao de la ceram. he initiated the conquest of

00:29:28 --> 00:29:55

the building rather of the metal oxide, but it was his son Solomon who, who completed that building. One of the interesting things about the ldls round is that he was given a very beautiful voice. Yeah, mesmerizing. And indicati Rahim Allah. He said that when Tao would begin to recite as the bore the religious scripture, the birds in the sky would stop in mid flight and turn back to listen to him recite.

00:29:56 --> 00:29:59

Yeah, do Ballew away. be mad

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Law says in the Quran, all mountains chime, the vicar of Allah with him as well as the birds. Imagine the birds and the mountains, chiming the vicar of Allah with this man though that is, it was his sons for a man who would be a great king as well as a prophet. And he is the one who built muscle upset. They, then you have three Notable people zecharia, Hassan, and his son is

00:30:30 --> 00:31:14

yahia la Salaam. And then you have Miriam on Instagram who gives birth to and he said Islam, all of these figures are coming at the same time. All of them are living were in Jerusalem, all of them. So Zachary, Allah is around he makes it to our to Allah in the hifter nawala murai. He makes a dua to Allah now, you know, when I first read this two hour, I thought to myself, Spanner is asking for a son. And I thought of it in a worldly sense, you know, people, they can't have children, they asked a lot, please allow us to have a child. However, was he asking because of a worldly reason? Because he wanted a child he wanted the happiness of a child? No, he says in the tool noelia muhuali He

00:31:14 --> 00:31:24

says, I fear that my relatives that I'm going to leave behind, they are not going to be good enough to lead the people and to take care of mercy will upset

00:31:25 --> 00:31:31

Yeah, that is why he wanted a son in order to raise him to your righteous I could take care of that place.

00:31:32 --> 00:31:59

That was the reason and so Allah gifted him Yeah. Even though zaccaria was so old and his wife was there. She was unable to do you wonder unable to give birth? They Yeah, here comes and then you have Maria and Maria and she gives birth to Lisa Lisa and Lisa Lisa ROM is they in Jerusalem and he used to give hotbar it muscle oxygen? Can you imagine?

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That place is Al Islam used to call the people to Allah in muscle ups Ah, but very Sir, I rejected him. And they called upon the Romans who were in charge of Jerusalem at that time to take him out. And so the suppose the crucifixion of Israel is that um, that we do not believe in it took place there. That is why it became a holy place for the Christians here. That's why be a holpen. Now in the Easter holidays, there will be many Christians going to Palestine in order to commemorate what they commemorate according to their religious beliefs. Now,

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two last slides here. Something interesting here.

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broadening out from the religious narrative to a more historical narrative. Jerusalem has passed through the hands of so many different empires and civilizations. So you have the Assyrians and the Assyrians, they from the ruins of the Assyrians came the Babylonians. Okay, this going back 586 years before a salesianum. Back then, something terrible happened. And that was one of the kings from the Babylonians name was Nebuchadnezzar, book The Nasser in in Arabic. He conquered Jerusalem, and Benny Israel are made to suffer. In fact, he exiled 40,000 of the Jews from Jerusalem, and he demolished much Luxor demolished it. Totally. Thank you so much. And AXA, was destroyed by this king

00:33:34 --> 00:34:18

book, The Nasser from the Babylonians. And one of the interesting things and this is by according to non Muslim academics and historians, that the various that are ill before that time, before they got conquered and was absolutely destroyed, they became very irreligious, they became far away from Allah subhanaw taala until it is said that they started worshipping idols and they placed idols inside muscle oxide, can you imagine, inside Mazel oxide, they place idols, and there was a place called the Valley of hinnom. Valley of hinnom is still there till today. They used to do sacrilegious things they have them was they used to have child sacrifice, get a baby, and slaughter.

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And also have them is that they used to.

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They used to have a very evil type of torturing that used to happen there, so on and so forth. And this is basically just before the tragedy of Jerusalem. And for us, this is a clear sign that when people go far away from Allah and disobey Him, Allah punishes them. Yeah, punishing them in order that they turn back to him. And this is what happened to Ben Israel. The second time this happened to them. And mostly lochsa was destroyed because it was rebuilt after that is 60 years after he served his system. So imagine he said Islam was rejected by benissa you 60 years after you have this

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

General corps general Titus from the Romans. Now the Jews, they tried to rebel against the Roman control of Jerusalem. And they sent general Titus to common

00:35:10 --> 00:35:20

cause this rebellion, and when he came, he laid a seed for four months. And the Jews that tried to flee, he would get them and he would crucify them

00:35:22 --> 00:36:02

until they gave up and when he entered, he slaughtered them. And what did he do? He tried to eradicate Judaism. And so he destroyed muscle upset once again. Once again, muscle ox was destroyed, can you imagine? I mean, so much has happened in this place over the course of history. And so little Do we know that last thing we'd like to speak about is a list that it will manage this amazing gift that was given to the process alum. In the 10th year of the prophecy, known as the year of sorrow, Allah blessed him with his gift where he went to muscle ups Ah, and then from there, he went to LA slightly when he went to the heavens, one of the amazing things that connects us to the

00:36:02 --> 00:36:16

mystery, then this, this story is that when the person came to most of oxa, on block, this creature, which he described to be white, as well as a size that is between a mule and a horse,

00:36:17 --> 00:37:02

he said when he came to he tied it to a post, and he's had these and say Buhari, which other prophets also tied him to, as if to say that many other prophets have come here, riding buraq, just like I have, and they will tie him to a particular post and some said that post is on the Wailing Wall. Yeah, this is what they say, Well, I heard him and then he said, I went into muscle axon. And Allah Subhana, Allah created, most locks are in the form that it was before for the processor. And so he saw it in all of his glory. And the one ratio he prayed to Raka. When he turns around, he sees before him, all the prophets of Allah, standing there, so that how many prophecies that that is

00:37:02 --> 00:37:10

124,000 prophets, of them 313 messages. And he says, I saw was at a salon.

00:37:12 --> 00:37:48

And he was standing there, he was tall, and he was muscular. And he was over brownish color. And then I saw a salad around. And he was a man who was not that tall, and His hair was glistening, like with water. And they were both praying. And then I saw Ibrahim al Islam, and no one looks like him more than myself. He described Ibrahim to look like himself. And he said they were all praying. And this one is an amazing lesson. Imagine my brothers and sisters, the possum sees them, what are they doing? They are praying.

00:37:49 --> 00:38:16

They have passed away. But even after they have passed away, they are still praying to Allah subhanaw taala which shows us the significance of Salah in the eyes of Allah, even the prophets. They knew how much it meant to Allah, even after we die. What is Allah love for us to pray, let us pray. And so it is said that they lined up in one roll, one roll or the prophets lined up in one row. And he was asked to lead them in the Salah.

00:38:17 --> 00:39:02

And the dating of the prophet in Salah points towards not just the fact that he's the leader of all prophets, but he is the leader of all people from both the east and the west. Because these prophets they lived in different places as the person who lived in Arabia, but when he led them It shows that this man Hamza Salim, is the leader of all people from east and west. The event it is from here, it is said that from the Dome of the Rock, this is picture actually of inside the Dome of the Rock here. This part here, the most elevated place in Jerusalem, where you have the Dome of the Rock It is said that from here gibreel Allah Islam took Mohammed Salah Salem up on an ascension to meet

00:39:02 --> 00:39:44

Allah subhanaw taala and he went through the heavens one by one. So if that is true, then this partner is the actual place where there was a journey that went from this dunya into the next world, such as imagining and there's so many things about this place, which are truly amazing. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to to make us feel a yearning towards this place. That we make an intention that Allah allows us to pray at least to look out before we die. In this message muscle Aqsa, have you also asked Allah subhanaw taala to bring back the day of glory that this place once enjoyed, and to restore it in its proper place in Europe will Allah mean

An informative yet capturing lecture on the blessed land, its virtues and guidance on visiting it.

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