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Yasir Qadhi
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Our next question today coming from Munich, Germany from Munich, Germany. Brother Musab says that a minor incident occurred and there must be a very minor incident, which caused a bit of a controversy. So they're emailing me to shed some light on this issue. And they're saying that recently in their Isha Salah, their Eman made a mistake when he was in the second rocker. And somebody thought it was a mistake, but they only verified that they made a mistake after the Salah was over. And so they then deferred that, okay, he made his mistake in the tilawat in some sort of he was reciting. And they verified too late. Maybe somebody knew the sooner but he was too shy, or

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he wasn't certain, for whatever reason, they didn't correct the Imam. And now the Salah is over. And so they then found out he did make a mistake, then they deferred. Some said he should do search the sahoo immediately. And some said he should repeat the entire site. And they ended up repeating the entire slider. But then they're now emailing me is that the right thing that they should have done? Or not?

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The response to this question is that the majority of our scholars have said that if the mom makes an unintentional mistake in other than the fact,

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then in this case, accidental mistakes in the recitations after the fact you do not need anything to be done. If no correction was given, obviously, if the correction is given, he is going to correct you right there, then everybody would be happy, no problem. The problem comes where the controversy comes, what if the correction is not done, and he recites a mistaken recitation, so he either mixes up and he says something that he shouldn't have said, or he goes to another surah, which is again, very common. And by the way, this is something that shocks many people to hear, but it is inside bodyside Muslim, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself date that he forgot the next

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iron, he was struggling with it. And then nobody corrected him because they were so embarrassed, or I should not say very good, I should say. They were out of respect that they don't know what's going on. Because he is Rasulullah says that I'm so and so he said in Mr. Bhatia, I am a human being like you I forget, as you forget. And so if you know you get stuck in the Salah, then somebody should correct. So he laid the foundation. And if we think about it, it is a blessing from Allah, that Allah subhana wa tada allowed the humanity of our profitsystem to be shown this way. Can you imagine? You know, if we didn't have this, what will you do? So he's hold us a law has originally

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intended for this to happen, so that we can learn because if Allah had wanted to the promises would not have made a single, you know, stuttering or stammering or not, it wouldn't have happened. But the fact that this happened, it opened the doors for us to learn, and he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam literally said to us, I am a human being like the rest of you. I forget, as you forget, he literally said unseco, math and so on, I forget, as you forget. And so if one of you is not able to finish the verse, or whatever makes a mistake, let somebody correct him, let somebody say, the verse to him. And so we learn from this, that of course, this is what should be done. But it is very common for

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the Imam to be in a sutra that nobody else knows, or that he makes a mistake. And the the guy behind him is not sure himself, and therefore he doesn't do anything or maybe even out of shyness. And so the whole Salah goes on, and it is only discovered later now we're assuming that is unintentional. Or we do believe that it's not possible for a righteous Muslim and an Imam to intentionally Oh the villa this is this is very dangerous could even be a type of cover to play around with the book of Allah. So, we assume automatically that it is an unintentional mistake. So, as we said, the majority of the fukuhara and this is the Hambali and Shafi and Maliki method, their position is that such

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unintentional mistakes do not constitute anything that invalidates the Salah, even Kodama says that even if the manner or the the meaning was changed and other than the Fatiha it does not negate the validity of the Salah, nor even the fact that this person was your mom, so your Imam is still there and your mom so if he were to make a mistake, it's not as if like if he were to break his will or something that's obviously changes his situation. But if you make a mistake accidentally in the tilawat, outside of the fact that because again, the tailor will have the

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factor has a bigger deal because that means that the fact that has a record of the salah and if the Imam if all of the people are equally qualified or more qualified than this Imam then this to make a mistake and the fact that

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that is egregious that changes any type of meaning will make the select button. However, if the entire community is of a similar nature of knowledge, and there's nobody amongst them that can recite properly and this person recites like the rest of them, then they are forgiven because of this and they're going to have such an Imam. But in any community where somebody knows the proper recitation, then that person must be chosen for the fight to ask for other than the Fatiha a mistake that is made a pronunciation error, a substitution that is accidental moving from one verse to another surah accidentally because again, it's very common that there's not too shabby verses in the

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Quran. anything of this nature happens then inshallah This is going to be overlooked, and there's no need for either says that the Soho or much less a repeating of the Salah, your Salah is still valid completely, and that's when the error is accidental and not done in the Fatiha. Now, the exception here is the Hanafi scholars which is probably why your Imam felt the need to repeat that the early Hanafi scholars they said that, if a mistake is done, that changes the meaning drastically and is not corrected, as not corrected, then that entire sila is null and void and the Salah should be repeated all over again. But then the Hanafi scholars different what defines a drastic mistake. What

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is the mistake that is so bad that the Salah will be considered to be completely null and void. And to be honest again, you can ask your local hand if you're Aloma and the experts of the Hanafi school. But it is pretty clear even to an outsider like me that the position of the Hanafi has evolved over time and later hunter fees were much more locked in Aberdeen in his famous book or rather, even Aberdeen. He says that who doesn't make a mistake of this nature, you know, to make the Salah bartered and to ask them to repeat over a trivial mistake. It is too much to do. And so Allah knows best but I would say that the default position, a minor unintentional mistake that is done

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outside of the Fatiha it does not invalidate the Salah nor does it require says that the so who rather it is forgiven by Allah subhana wa tada because who amongst us is that perfect in memory that every single time you know, prayer can be given without any mistake therefore, these things should be overlooked and no problem and there is no no penalty or repetition repeating of the salah and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best

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