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Without Him to Los Altos salam ala Rasulillah Alhamdulillah he Hamdan? Your Fini Emma who you Kathy Alma Zita for Salah Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad more other early he will be huge Marine. Allahu eliminar mon for Al now on foreigner Bhima LM tena, was it in our element? Yeah Kareem Beshara. He saw that he was Sidley Emery, where he recorded the melissani of coho coli or visit near Illman or visit near ailment or visit near Alma Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. My doctor who Salah are interchangeable has an either Sheikh Salah

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we continue on with the Tafseer of solitary Bukhara we left off at either number one or eight. Allah subhanaw taala says

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I'm to read on it and this Lulu Sula, Komatsu? Illa musalman COVID We're making it a bit delicate for a bill Imani *able Lhasa Seville.

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Do you want to ask your prophet as well, just as Musa Moses was asked prior to you guys as well. Okay. You want to ask your prophet in the same way that Musa alayhis salam was asked were made yet but delille comforable. Eman. Whoever wants to switch. Eman? Replace Eman trade Eman for disbelief for called Walesa Seville, that person has become misguided in the path. He's missed the direction he's missed the path. What's happening over here is that the people of Musa alayhis salam, the hood, the Jews, the Veno Israel, they would ask Musa alayhis salam have a number of questions that would all be for the purposes of

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an expression of their arrogance and accept expression of their denial. What Musa alayhis salam was bringing.

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They were not asking because they wanted the signs. A lot of them we've already discussed them. They were not asking because they wanted the signs they were asking because they didn't want to believe. So when they're talking about the Bacara the cow. They're not asking Allah azza wa jal about how this cow is and what color the cow is and give us more details on it. These questions are not being asked by Ben we saw him to Musa alayhis salam because they actually want to know that's not their purpose. Their purpose is they simply want to deny this obligation in any way which possible any way possible. So they keep asking questions to delay the practice and implementation of the guidance of

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Allah azza wa jal.

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So Allah says to the people of Medina, who apparently had believed,

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who also started to ask questions, he said to them, that are you asking your Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam justice Musa alayhis salam

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was also asked by his people as well, simply to deny so you're playing delay tactics with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam this is one way of looking at it. Meaning this is a an address to Muslims. But another way of looking at it is that this is not an address to Muslims, but rather it is also an address to the People of the Book who are also asking the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam specific questions like Allah tells us in the Quran. Yes, Luca al Kitab and tuna Zerah anahim kitab Amin, Osama, the people of the book they ask you, oh Muhammad, to reveal a physical book to them from the heavens. They said, some of the people have the book that the Torah was given in a

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physical form to Musa alayhis salam. Why is it that your book that you claim to be from God is coming to you in an audible format, and not in a written physical copy? So go and ask your Lord and actually they don't. They don't even say that their audacity is such that they're not even saying Go ask your Lord. They're saying you go ahead and reveal to us a book from the heavens from the summer.

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That is a physical copy.

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So they're asking the prophet to reveal even though they know the prophet is a human being just like them, he has been given a task to deliver the audible message, the message that he heard from Jabril la salaam, who heard from Allah Allah azza wa jal, that was the duty and task of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he can't he doesn't have any say in what is to be revealed and what is not to be revealed. That's up to Allah completely. And Allah said they're asking you to reveal furkids Musa Akbar Rahman, Dalek, Elina Maha Jarrah, they are they asked you such a question now. In the past it asked Musa alayhis salam, something even more serious. They said, arena Allah Jalla show

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us Allah azza wa jal clearly, out in the open let us see Allah

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This is the question of the Israelites. So the people of the book they're asking the Prophet of the question and Allah is reminding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that what they're asking you, even though they shouldn't be doing so because it's not up to them to demand from a prophet, the prophet is granted by Allah and he brings whatever Allah wishes to give. They can't become picky and choosey but don't forget, this is their habit before that they asked Moses already something that is a lot more serious than this. Allah subhanaw taala continues and he said what the cathedral mineral Kitab lo yo dude coming Baddeck of Imani calm kufan has a demeanor in the unfussy him in the

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motivation Allah who will help their food will spiral head day at the Allahu Emery in Allah Allah coalition. Allah says that the people of the book they love not all of them. He said what the cathedral Mineiro Kitab a lot of the people of the book not all some of them don't have this wish, but a lot of them do have this wish. And this is Allah speaking. So understand that this is not me, Abdul ha making accusations here. This is Allah publicity. Well, generally speaking, I'm only explaining what Allah is saying. What the cathedral means al Kitab. A lot of the people of the book they love not just wish they love

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to see you lower your dunya coming back, the Imani como Farah, to see you disbelieve after you have become a believer.

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They want you to disbelieve, they want you to fall, especially those people who have recognized that what you're doing is the truth. There are people when they recognize the truth, they accept the truth. But there's another group of people that when they recognize the truth, they become jealous of the person who has that.

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And Allah says has had them and the unfussy him. This is out of jealousy because of what what they've seen you with. This is jealousy in their own souls. mimbar demotivate Yana la Humann. All of this is happening after they've recognized the truth. So this is not to all people of the book. This is one very particular group of the People of the Book, the one who recognize that you are on the truth that Islam is in fact, the truth. A group of them, the majority of them, they end up seeing you on the truth, but they don't want to accept the truth. Because sometimes it's very difficult to bite that pill and say someone else knew it better than I did. Someone else had it right all along

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because you think that you are right. And when you're told eventually that you know what, you've got it wrong. Sometimes ego can come in your way. And this is the biggest question in life, if that can happen in small issues, where an ego stops a person from accepting the truth in day to day matters. What about the issue that is the most crucial matter in life, salvation on the Day of Judgment. So it's only natural that some people, they many people, as Allah says, And Allah knows what's inside of the hearts, many of them those who see the truth, they're going to deny it because they're jealous, especially of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam in that time, even more so.

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Why is that? Because the problem that they had was that prophet hood had left their progeny in their lineage. So they were jealous that their cousins ended up getting the Prophet. Allah continues mimbar Dima Devi and Allah whom will help fool was Pharaoh had Daya T Allahu be Emery.

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Forgive and forget until Allah brings his matter. What does this mean? Allah tells us in another area, that you're going to hear from the people of the book, a lot of harmful things, and then cathedra you're going to feel and receive from the people of the book and then cathedra harm, which is a lot, a lot of harm. And there is harm that happens, isn't it? From Islamophobes just today we had the brother from NCCM telling us about all of the cases that have been happening are all across Canada and Edmonton as well. is no different. So there is harm that you're going to feel. And so Allah is saying fairfull was for her, forgive and forget until Allah brings his matter. Now, what is

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that matter? In the early phases of Islam, Allah told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, forgive, forget no retaliation whatsoever. But later, Allah told the prophets Allah Allahu Allah wa salam, as he became stronger than

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Now it's also time to retaliate as well. So how do we reconcile between these verses which say forgive forget and then and they're going to come out throughout the Quran Inshallah, if Allah Allah has us to continue inshallah. So how do we reconcile between verses that are telling us to forgive, forget others that are telling us to retaliate as well. The way to reconcile that is that you forgive and forget, when you have the upper hand.

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You do not allow yourself to be subject of oppression, you fight back, that oppression until the oppression stops when you get into a position where you have the upper hand, then you say, Okay, I've pardoned you now that you've learned your lesson, but you don't just let oppression happen because if I let oppression go, and the next person that's oppression goal, and the third one, what's going to happen, the oppressor will begin to feel more empowered, and able to oppress even further, maybe you let it go, because you could bear it but then another person is going to be subjected to oppression because you let it go, and they can't bear it. So you have to fight back so

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that you can protect the weak

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and that's how you reconcile between verses that are telling you to retaliate and others that are telling you to forgive and forget. So you do a little bit of both you retaliate until the person says, okay, you know, I understand this guy is not weak.

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I have to stop this and cut it out. Then when that happens, you say okay, I'm glad you learned your lesson. And I let the rest of my rights go, right this is where you the forgiving and forgetting comes in. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, fat food was Pharaoh had de Allah who beat me because as of yet verses related to retaliatory measures had not come and not been revealed. This is prior to those revelations in Allahu Allah Cooley che in badeen. Allah is capable of all things everything. And what's interesting is a deed is a superlative word. And that's why every time or almost every time in the Quran, it comes with regularly in the Quran. It comes with cliche, everything, because

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it's very capable, not just capable, Allah is very capable of everything. What about the masala to the gods? When I talk about the Molly and fusi, communicating that you do and Allah He, in Allah Habima time alone ever seen. Establish your prayers and give your Zakat and whatever you present from good you will find it with Allah azza wa jal that you do her and Allah, you're going to find it. Allah will have it there for you in the lobby matamanoa will see it. Allah is all seeing of everything that you do.

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Allah can see those things. So now Allah goes back and tells the believer, believers to establish the prayer the basics of Islam gives the cart what is the establishment of prayer mean? Obviously, this is going to come up again and again. So I'm not going to explain it every single time but it's basically establishing it with all aspects of the prayer, the obligations of the prayer, the Sunnah of the prayer, making sure you will do is done right, even better perfecting the window that you're doing, making sure that if they are soon in public or idea you're also participating them before and after your prayer. What zakat giving the cat How can you perfect your granting of the God the way to

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do that is to get rid of that feeling inside of you that had I only not given this because it's not yours. When the god is due that money is no longer considered yours. Give it while you're knifes. Your soul is happy with that grant don't feel like oh my god, this portion of my wealth is being taken away. That's how you give your zakat Allah says, Whatever you grant for yourselves because when you pray, and you give your zakat

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you feel sometimes shaytaan makes you feel like I'm doing this for Allah for the deen. No, you're doing it for yourselves. Allah doesn't need you Allah is Allah honey, he's sufficient of all things. So when you're doing this, it's a present for yourself. You're presenting it for yourself. And there's a hadith of the prophets of salaam which is very, very beautiful. The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, that a human Where do you see a Habu Illa him in Mali, which one of you finds the wealth of his heir more beloved to him than his own wealth? So obviously, everybody said that we all find our own wealth more beloved to us than the wealth of our heirs. So the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said,

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There is not a single person I missed you, except that he loves the wealth of his era more than himself.

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He said, because your true wealth is whatever you give for the sake of Allah because that's actually going to be you served, it's used. It's used in a positive cause now that wealth has gone and established, eternal reward for you. However, the money that you keep, if you hoard it, and you have it to yourself, till the day you die, technically speaking, someone else is going to be using that. Now, this, by the way, doesn't mean the Prophet is saying that. Don't keep anything for your children. See, the Prophet in every aspect of his life was very, very balanced.

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You know,

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when the Prophet would fundraise, he had a very balanced way of doing it.

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And I try to follow that as well.

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Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his sunnah is a guidance and everything. Even in the way the Prophet fundraised, he wasn't very aggressive Sal, Allahu alayhi wa salam, because the people who are going to be giving technically they have their needs as well. So when the Prophet is saying this, he doesn't mean by that don't leave anything behind for your children because there's another Hadith in which the prophets of salaam teaches the Sahaba to leave behind for your children as well. In Nikka, and death are our author ticket of Nia highroller CheMin and dancehall Latin, they take a fallenness by leaving your heirs wealthy, it's better for you than for you to

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leave them behind for that they have to go around asking people for their needs. So there's a hadith over there and there's a hadith over here, what does this mean? That means that you should be granting, but you should also be leaving behind for your children as well.

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So when not to continually and fully come and in terms of the prophets,

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technique, in fundraising, there is a Hadith, a beautiful Hadith the prophets I seldom used to say regularly the South Dakota, South Dakota, South Dakota gives her the target. So you will find grace, this is the son of the Prophet. But one man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, that I have one dinar. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, The Sadhak be here LFC go give it to yourself. You just have one. What are you going to do if you give it in this cause you're left with nothing? Yes, the prophet does say in a hadith, that when you give for the sake of Allah, Allah is going to replace it for you. That is true. But he is also not calling simultaneously

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to a person completely losing focus of their financial compass. This man comes to the prophets of Salaam and he said, I just have that one dinar. He said, give it to yourself. He said, No, actually, I have to.

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He said, give it to your children. He said, No, I have three.

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The prophets Allah Salam said give it to your servant. He said I have four and then he said, Now it's up to you. Because you have to fulfill your obligations first, then you can start fulfilling other obligations. So because all of that is sadaqa as well the Prophet told us In another Hadith that when you feed your family that is a form of soda coma taka de Mola and fussy come min Hayden tecido and Allah, whatever you present for yourself, of goodness, you will find it by Allah azza wa jal in Allah Habima Dharma Luna bossy Allah can see everything you do. You don't have to explain to people, the actions that you do for Allah, Allah can see them.

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You don't have to explain to people the excuses that you have. For you not implementing something that is an appearance, obligation. Allah is your witness, and Allah is your judge. And there is a day of judgment. Wa Lu, another one of their claims, whose claims the People of the Book both Christians and Jews, laying its whole agenda Ellerman, Ghana who then Elena Psara, no one will enter Jannah except for the person who is a Yahudi or not surani Except for the person who is a Jewish individual or a Christian person.

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What does this mean? The Jew, the Jews, they said only Jews will enter Jannah the Christians they said only Christians are going to enter Jannah now, this aria doesn't mean that the Jews and Christians are unanimously saying only Jews and Christians will enter Jannah because Christians don't think Jews will be saved on the day of judgment. And Jews don't think Christians will be saved on the Day of Judgment. They each of them they believe themselves to be the recipient of absolute salvation on the Day of Judgment. So every group is separately saying the Jews are saying we will be the ones who will intergender the Christians are saying we will be the ones who will enter Jannah

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till Amani Johan. These are simply their false hopes they're dreaming. They're dreaming that they're going to enter Jannah this is just a false hopes of theirs. We'll have to Wuhan accom in country

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I'm sorry again, say Bring your proofs if you are truthful. Now let me ask you a question. After you read this verse, can you take home from the Quran the message that

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the Quran is a book that is salvific ly pluralistic. Everybody gets to go to Jana.

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Is that a message that you could take home after this? They are saying that no one will enter Jannah except for the Jews, and or the Christians say these are just their false hopes. Can you understand from this that everybody can go to Jana? But there are a group of people who distort some ambiguous verses in the Quran. And they say, and we've covered some of them already. And they say that the Quran is a pluralistic book, it is telling you that everybody gets to go to Jannah, the Jews, the Christians and Sapiens, they're all going to go to China. But no, that's not the case. The Quran has a central message, the crux of the message of the Quran. There is no message in Islam without this

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message. The central message is that those who believe in Allah, in the prophets of God in muhabba, they're the ones who are going to Jannah

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This is the crux of the message of the Quran. There is no way you can change this. If you don't understand this from the Quran, then there is a literary gap within your abilities and reality. This is what the Quran is saying. You have to play a lot of gymnastics to understand otherwise. That's why Allah says we'll have to BronyCon Bring your proofs in quantum sadaqa if you are truthful, bring those proofs. Allah wants to make people use to bring in evidences and proofs. Quran is full of proofs, Islam is full of proofs. We are a nation that is taught to demand evidence right there. The prophet is being told by Allah azza wa jal tell the Jews and the Christians Bring your proofs and

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your evidences. And the Prophet told us In another Hadith, he said, Lo your openness will be that well, and this is in judiciary issues. He said loan your openness will be the lead the German and voila, Coleman badimo. Well, I can begin to handle medary While the Amina Holloman uncom. If people were to be given by simply making claims, then there will be people who would claim rights to the wealth of other people and their blood as well. But rather anyone who makes a claim has to bring in evidence well, that can then begin at the island with the every claimant has to bring a proof. If you claim that you're who then Masada are the ones going to Jana and nobody else. Okay, let's talk

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about it. Let's discuss it. Let's look at the evidences. Let's look at the proofs Bellarmine Islam because their proofs are so weak. Allah doesn't even bother stopping at them. He says Bella and Islam What do you have? Will Allah?

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Surely the one who submits his face for Allah azza wa jal? What does that mean? submits his face for Allah.

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See, one of the most honorable limbs that you have is your face. Right? You can let a person go if they come behind you and they, they slap your hand for example. If they slap you on your back,

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and they're just trying to be friendly, you can let that go. But if someone comes and they slap you in your face, what would you do?

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You're not going to let that go very easily. No matter how the person explains it, this will be irritating. And you will feel irritated. Why? Because the face is to you a sense of honor people take honor in their face. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah is saying the person who's willing to submit his face to Allah let alone everybody else everything thing else

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he's not just willing to submit other parts of his body which you wouldn't have a problem if someone violated a little bit but the face because it's the portion of your body that you show to the world and that's the reason why the profits is settling forbade also from hitting the face as well. So this face you submitted before Allah or II everything else as well. If the face you have the willingness to submit that to Allah everything else is obviously the necessary consequence nila, for Allah wa who I've seen on and he is excellent and the actions he does as well further who Urgell who ended up be that person will have his reward from his Lord. Well, now hopefully, they him wonder

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whom he has no and there is no fear upon such people and nor will they ever grow.

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You've as well. Now the idea here is that

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they were saying, Jews and Christians are going to go to Jannah. Allah says, no, no, no, no, the people who are going to go to Jannah are the ones who are willing to submit their faces before Allah. They're willing to put it down and prostrate before Allah. They're willing to metaphorically submitted to Allah azza wa jal as well by accepting all of the guidances of Allah who will visit you in Jeddah, by practicing all of the obligations that Allah has made by avoiding all of the prohibitions that Allah has made as well. Now Allah says fella who Andrew who ended up being that is the person who really has reward by Allah, you guys, you think you're going to Jannah you don't even

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have reward by Allah, because you're by your disbelief, you wasted away all of your deeds.

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Well, hopefully him and there's no fear upon them, and there is no grief as well. And this idea of fear and grief coming together, it comes together in the Quran at least 10 places again and again. Now hopefully welcome, you know, Allah Hoffman, Allah him, Allah to half a dozen or so again and again it comes health and his fear and grief. Why? Because those two, those two things they actually do go together. If you think about people who are depressed, oftentimes you will find them afraid of things as well. Right? So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Neither will these people have fear, they will have no state of mental illness, there'll be completely happy, they'll be

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glad they won't be sad, there won't be sadness in their lives, nor will they be afraid. Neither will be afraid in this life, because they have to work well upon Allah azza wa jal, nor will they be afraid on the Day of Judgment because Allah has a great reward for them. Why not home? Yes, I don't, neither will they have grief as well? Now, I looked at the verses in which Allah subhana wa jahana. He says, Now hopefully him Allah, homeopathy. And there are a lot of them, as I said, over 10 verses in the Quran. And

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if you look at the theme, it's always around people who have Taqwa, people who believe people who do righteous deeds, people who praise Allah gives a god people who spend on the path of Allah azza wa jal, some of the verses, we've already studied them as well earlier on, and salted Baca. And here's another one. So what does this mean? This means that when you do good things, it affects your mental state, it has a positive effect on your mental state, you become a more stable human being. This doesn't mean that a person who does goodness may not be subjected to clinical depression, for example, it's possible, but the likelihood is a lot less. And statistically speaking, as well, those

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who believe usually, if they are adhered people, Islam or otherwise, they usually do end up being less affected by these mental disorders. Why because the void in their lives has been fulfilled by a being that is a higher being.

00:28:16--> 00:28:57

So that void has been fulfilled, and that affects a person positively. Now, for us, the Quran has an even greater effect on your mental health. It makes you happier, it makes you glad. It makes you more stronger as a person, it decreases fear within your life. Because you start to learn to fear none but Allah, these meetings they get established within your heart such that that effect of fear and grief and sadness and all of these things, they slowly dissipate and they leave. Because you have believe in Allah, you understand that there's nothing to be afraid of. When you have Allah, you understand that there is no need to be sad, because everything that happens within your life, it's

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because of the decree of Allah. And you understand that Allah is the ever wise. So the ever wise will always make wise decisions, you understand that Allah is or Haman Latif as well. So when he's making those wise decisions, even if they look on the outside, to be difficult pills to swallow and look to be difficult scenarios that you've gotten yourself into or the other has gotten you into, but in reality, there are some ease waiting for you. So when you understand those meanings, the fear goes, the grief goes as well. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to relieve us and all those suffering of fear and grief as well. I mean, some of the Allahu Allah so you didn't hammer them. While early. He

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was so happy he he