A case for Patience

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There is a different Arabic word to describe patients according to your context, what you are doing.

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Allow me to demonstrate and you will see how mighty this virtue is in the eyes of our Sharia.

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We said that patient is about what restraint plain. So when you are restraining yourself from excessive indulgence in worldly matters, that patients has a name.

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It's called Zoda and minimalism, special name for patients. When, however, your restraint is from a prohibited sexual appetite, that patients also has a name. It's called what I thought, chastity. When your restraint is from Rage, that patients also has a name. It's called Henneman. Forbearance when that restraint is from

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that patience is called dude, generosity.

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When that patience or that restraint, is from food and drink, that patience has a name, it's called Song fasting,

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when that restraint is from lumping your problems on other people and not dealing with it yourself, that patience is called a moral

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when that restraint is from behaving in a cowardly manner, that patience is called shujaa. Courage

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so on and so forth. So there is a different name for some of the patients according to what it is in life that you are doing, patients will follow you and a different name applies. And the umbrella term that covers all of it is called sobre patients. So you see that all of them are come at the stations of their religion can be traced back to southern patients.

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That's number one brothers.

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This is number three, we said number one, the Quranic attention on somebody is phenomenal. Lucky with so many things. Number two, it's the greatest gift a man could receive. Number three, it works with you in every one of the domains of life. Number four,

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it is a way of triumph over your oppressor an enemy.

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Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't our religion saying you got to behave in a passive way. No, you got to do what you got to do. And you got to plan and take your means and measures. But as you do that, you are defined by what you are defined by patients and what is the outcome? The outcome is as described by Allah. In terms of compassion, don't assume if good touches you, or believers, it harms them.

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We're interested come say you're doing a thorough hobby ha But when evil touches you, it makes your enemies happy. Then Allah said we're in hospital but if you have suffered patients, what that does, and you're mindful of Allah Now Eurocom que tu homeshare Yeah, they're scheming is not going to harm you. In Allah Habima Yama, Guna, Mohit and Allah is encompassing of what they do.

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So whether that enemy is an all out external enemy,

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whether it's someone claiming to be a Muslim, he or she are hypocrite, a hypocrite in reality, or going against the Islamic course, or whether it's a Muslim, a real Muslim, but they're causing you harm and repressing you and being a means of injustice. Realize that with Sobor they're scheming will not harm you. This is the Promise of Allah agenda.