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There are people in this world who deny that they do anything bad because shaytan has beautified their deeds for them. And there are others who admit that they’re bad, but blame others for it, just like Prophet Yusuf’s conspiring brothers who used that as an excuse to throw him into the well. This is the biggest lie you can tell yourself. You are the only one responsible for the way you are and for the choices you make. Pointing fingers and assigning blame won’t change anything. Some of the greatest prophets had terrible wives, children or parents, but they endured. We cannot hide behind other people to justify our own flaws but must fix ourselves to the best of our ability.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. everyone welcome to amaze by the Khurana series in which I like sharing with you things I find amazing about the Koran today. A phrase that the brothers of use have mentioned what Kunal mean by the he Coleman slowly him, after you throw, throw him into a well or kill him even

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after that, you'll have the exclusive attention of your father. And then, you know, some time pass passes, and you will be good people. But the economy Mr. Lee comments on these people have in their mind that they are bad NIV they're not saying they're good people, because they're saying we're going to become good afterwards. So yes, I have a problem. But the reason for my problem is that one over there, and once he's out of the picture, then I can actually be a good person again, there are people in this world who deny that they're bad at all, like Shabbat has beautified their deeds to them, and they think that they're doing great, you know, they're there. Well, homea Sabina and Noemi

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have seen una Sona. They assume that they've done great work. But then there are people who actually know that they're wrong. They know they're messed up. But they won't acknowledge that it's themselves that has to change, they'll blame some outside factor or usually some other person and say, so long as that person's in my life, or so long as that person is doing this, this and this, I have to continue to be, you know, a terrible human being. And once I can get rid of them, or cause them harm, or do you know, in this case, even kill them or remove them entirely. Until I do that I have no way of becoming a good person. In other words, your goodness is now entirely dependent on

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another. This is the biggest lie a person can tell themselves that you hide your problems, your own flaws and character, and you've masked them as somebody else's, you know, somebody else's The reason nobody else is the reason for the way you are you are you have the ability to change. And you can't blame anybody else. Otherwise, there's no difference between you and us as brothers. You hope to become a better person, but you know, how can you You're still with this, this person over here, or they're still in us because of my dad. It's because of my mom. It's because of my brother. It's because of my wife. It's because of my husband.

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None of that should matter. None of that shows some of the greatest prophets were married to some of the most terrible women in the world.

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And they were the greatest people. Some of the greatest prophets had terrible children.

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Some some prophets had terrible parents, that they didn't say, Well, I had a tough upbringing. And I was gonna say I had a tough upbringing. What do you want me to do? He's not gonna do that. So patola we cannot hide behind other people for our own flaws and character. Yes, they impact us. Yes, they emotionally scarred us. But you know what, this is a disease and we have to we have to learn to stand for ourselves. This is something Allah teaches us in his book. But in Santa Ana de basura lol camara de la This is what I want to leave you with your human being is actually in best view of his own self. identity. He suggests even only on himself, meaning you cannot see anything more clearly

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than you can see yourself. Even if you come up with excuses. You deep down inside, you know and I know May Allah make us of people who don't hide behind excuses and don't put our problems and our flaws as the responsibility of other people burdening them with it may allow them to help us fix ourselves to the best of our ability and better our relationships with people all around us. barakallahu li walakum salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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