Karim Abuzaid – Is the Penal Code (Hudud) in Islam just a Scare Tactic

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The police officer who was involved in the death of George Floyd was fired and charged with murder, while they were attempting to save businesses from going up in smoke. The police officers were also seen trying to save other businesses from going up in smoke. The Prophet's legal message is discussed, including its use in Islam, as it is used to scare people and indicate when someone will be executed. The criminal code is also mentioned, as it is used to indicate when someone will be executed.
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Brothers in Islam for being here with us

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on the death of George Floyd and

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I was really touched by the that video when I

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you know I wanted to watch the game but

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I couldn't you know I really couldn't and in Sharla here is

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a clip of it.

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Prosecutors say officer Derrick Shaaban had his knee on George Floyd's neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, including two minutes and 53 seconds after Floyd had become unresponsive this afternoon the county prosecutor explain why the charges came today. We have the officers body worn camera we have statements from some witnesses. We have a preliminary report from the medical examiner. According to the charging documents police were responding to a call of Floyd using a counterfeit $20 bill during the attempt to put a handcuff Floyd into the police car. The defendant pulled Mr. Floyd out of the passenger side of the squad car held him with a knee to the neck. At one point another officer asked

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should we roll him on his side? Shaaban replied No staying put where we got him. Prosecutors contend Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police. His underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in a system likely contributed to his death. But the prosecutor says the preliminary autopsy does not support that Floyd died from strangulation. Benjamin Crump represents Floyd's family. They were very clear in their position that it should be first degree murder charges and the other offices should be arrested to the third precinct police building where the four fired officers work was at the center of the anger.

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After police abandoned the building, protesters set it on fire. The city warned people to retreat in case it exploded. At dawn National Guardsmen rolled in to clear the grounds area immediately. State police are here you can see them behind me holding down this block. Behind them are the firefighters doing the hard work right now. They are dousing the flames trying to save the rest of these businesses from going up in smoke.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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You know, there is a verse in sola to land file

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with Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and this is regarding someone who was fighting you

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someone who was actually in battle field trying to kill you were in Jana who is selling me fejn Allah, what our kilala law

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and if they retreat to peace,

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you could see that George Floyd was, you know, peaceful. He was not struggling or giving the officers part time.

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In that video, to the extent like Dr. Taha just commented,

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minutes ago, that the officer who was placing his knee on his neck

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which really strangled him, I disagree with that report.

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was placing his hand in his pockets, meaning he's not threatened by him. Imagine Allah subhana wa tada is telling us that, even if he was giving you a hard time which led you to do that, that if he is now giving up, and he's begging for his life,

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I can breathe,

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then you should give it to him. That's what the verse says.

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Another scene here, brothers and sisters in Islam, which you got another three officers standing and seeing injustice done

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to one man

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and they don't want to speak out.

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They are as guilty as this officer who was arrested. They are still looking into Islam says when you see and I think Dr. Thor has weight, mentioned the Hadith at least two times in our conversation.

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When you see something wrong,

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you must do something about changing it.

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Let's look at these three officers

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with the hand. One of them could have pushed. I'm sure they heard George Floyd.

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The way that we heard him I can breathe. Meaning demand is suffering is dying.

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And I'm talking about these three officers.

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They should have stopped this man.

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This officer from strangling George Floyd.

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And that is something that Islam teaches us brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in an authentic hadith says, on sort of a Hawker volumen of Luma

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give a to your brother, whether he is oppressed

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or whether he is an oppressor.

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The Companions understood, yes, it makes sense

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to aid my brother

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if he is being oppressed,

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but how do I eat my brother? Have he is oppressing

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Cafu and have

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you stopped him from oppressing?

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That's what Islam teaches.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Dr. Taha sided the verse and Salatin bacala

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Welcome felucca saucy hyah tune. Yeah, Ali Al babbie.

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La La Quinta flown.

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Indeed, in Alka sauce is the sauce that you bring the killer to justice. And you deal with them right away. There is life in this.

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And I commend it by saying this is the proper approach of scare tactic, the proper context of a scare tactic? Because recently, we had a brother who came out and he's saying the whole dude in Islam, the penal code in Islam were meant to scare

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people. And quote unquote, medieval time I don't know what is the medieval time

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described this time to be the best of times. Hi urine. So currently, the best of mankind is my alma

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mater, Molina Luna home, then those who followed them,

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through Medina Luna home, then those who followed them.

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we use the terminology mid evil time to describe the best of people.

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There is something wrong here.

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Please give us a break.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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There is a protocol for the penal code for the huddled in Islam to be established.

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There is a way to do it.

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First of all, you have to have a judiciary process.

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You have to have witnesses.

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You have to establish that this person did it.

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And this is not carried out by the individuals rather by the people in charge. Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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This is the way we should explain the whole dude, the penal code

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and Muslims executed penal code in Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did it a bulwark of your loved one who did it almost did it? Whether it is related to adultery, or whether it is related to killing or whether it is related to stealing, whether it is related to drinking. The five areas with Islam came to protect. But they were never meant to be just a scare tactic. Yes,

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they are scare tactic. Because if the perpetrator, the one who's about to kill, if this officer knew

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in his heart, that he is to be brought to justice and he will be executed. I'm telling you, he will be scared. But the only way for him to be scared of that if it was done before.

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If it was done before,

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not to be a scare tactic, brothers and sisters in Islam. When Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about the penal code, the penal the criminal punishment in Islam, to the one who commits adultery. He said, Well Yeshe had

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Either bavuma pause if a two minute mean and let movement believers witness the execution of this Why? That is how you make it a scare tactic. Then they know

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but it's not meant to be a scare tactic. That's not the initial reason my dear brother May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide you

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may Allah subhanho wa Taala guide you

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may Allah subhanho wa Taala guide you brothers and sisters in Islam

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