Embracing Quran #03 – 3 Prophets were Sent to this Village in Turkey

Abdul Wahab Saleem


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The speakers discuss the origin of the Turkish region's culture, including a woman named Malra who was sent to a village by Jesus and a woman named Mrs. Malra who was sent to a village by Jesus. The importance of learning from these stories is emphasized, as messengers of Islam are not just a group of people but a handful. The speakers also emphasize the need to clearly convey the message in a way that reaches the heart and is rewarded, as messengers of Islam are not just a group of people but a handful. The conversation also touches on the problem of people being admonished by the media and the need for people to receive advice.

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spit out hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hamdu lillahi, Hamdani wharfing And the whole you can film as either SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in or early he will still be a Jew marine welcome everyone to another episode of embracing Quran to seed of salty asking

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Allah subhanho wa Taala continued on to the second segment and so what you're seeing when he said, What did he build a home methylene us habit karate is a helmet salon strike for them a parable or an example set for them an example

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from what else Habil Korea from the companions of the village is Jaya Hellmuth saloon when a group of motor sirloin when a group of messengers came to this particular village, okay. Now, pretty much all of the scholars of deceit, as melody mentioned, are in agreement that the Korea that has been referred to over here is the Antioch which is in the southern part of Turkey today, right above the border of Syria. So this is basically the Syrian Antioch and, and although we are pretty much sure that this particular buddy I referred to over here in the Quran, according to the amount of the mafia city and the consensus of the scholars of deceit. Is this here in Antioch, within southern

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Turkey. We don't exactly know who these middle saloon are, we don't exactly know who these messengers are. There are two opinions among the scholars about who these messengers are. Some said that these messengers that are who are being referred to over here are messengers sent from recited Salaam. And so they're not messengers of Allah, they are messengers of the Messenger of Allah isa they set up and this is a weak opinion. And the stronger view is that the are these are actually messengers of Allah, sent by Allah, Allah azza wa jal himself to the Syrian Antioch. And Allah continues and he explains, and he says in our cell na la him with nine when we sent them to

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messengers for caribou Houma. So what did they do? They ended up denying they ended up belying they ended up rejecting, they ended up rejecting these two, so we strengthen the two with a third. So the more people you have calling to Allah subhanaw taala, the stronger the Dawa becomes. So Allah sent to people and they tried to call and the call didn't reach where it was supposed to reach. So Allah subhanaw taala says, far as it says, Now befalling, then we said the third one. And so the third one, he strengthened the call for call in, in a call Marcelo. Now all of them together, unified, they said, We are messengers of God to to you or people of the Syrian Antioch, most likely that is

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the place God who

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we said. Now I'm going to pause here for a second and say that many times Allah subhanaw taala, makes places ambiguous, okay. And those are called the Hmoob, hubback, milb Highmountain, Quran, things that the Quran has made ambiguous. There's a reason why Allah subhanaw taala didn't mention where this place is, because the focus is not on the place. Rather, the focus is on the story. And such as the case would many other stories where Allah has the ability to tell us the name of the person in that story, but Allah chose not to.

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And sometimes that name is important. So Allah brings the name into the picture as well. Even though I said that pretty much all scholars at the FSI are in agreement that this place that has been referred to over here is this year at Antioch. But that doesn't mean that it is significant and important. The only thing we get out of that is that there were messengers sent to that region as well. And we know that even know how they salaam his ark is set to be buried within that same region. So every region had prophets who had come to that region. And Allah told us of this in the Quran, when he said, we're in Manila, Halophila. And I see that there is not a single OMA except

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that there has been a warner within that within that group as well and within that OMA as well. So it doesn't really add too much extra to our knowledge for us to know whether this is the Antioch whether this is some other place, it doesn't really add anything any other value. But this again, does not mean we shouldn't be looking for these things. Why? Because the Sahaba were actually very keen on this. There's a group of people today and also among them of a city who say, all these things are no really no real value. But I personally disagree with that opinion. I believe that if we can know with a certain degree of conclusive it, then we should try to find out what this is

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referring to. Because this is the word of Allah as much as we can understand that the better it is, maybe we don't see the benefit in it today. Maybe centuries later, we might see the benefit of it. We know the place where these prophets came and these messengers came, let's say centuries later, they go through

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Some sort of archaeological projects over there and they come to something that makes reference to this, we wouldn't know until that time occurs. And that's why every information that we can conclusively know or even with a certain degree of surety know, then we should hold on to that information regarding the Quran and we should look into that information regarding the Quran as well. Although the focus remains on the lesson, because Allah subhanaw taala wants us to learn the lessons from these stories and that's why he gives us these stories. So what's the lesson in this story? We'll find out very soon. Allah subhanaw taala continues he says all three of them they got

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together and they said we are messengers sent from God Babu who said

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the people of that village the people of the Antioch they said man tomb Illa Basha Miss Luna, you are but a, but people just like all the rest of us, while Manzella rock, man, woman, che, and Allah, that man, the Most Merciful hasn't actually revealed anything. And you're just making this whole story up. Now notice, they say we are Musa loon and they don't say we are Rosalie because the thing that the people of the village to which they've been sent or denying is that they've been sent by God. So they are reinforcing the idea that we are morsel ie we've been sent by Allah subhanaw taala. Okay.

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And then elaboration permethrin Oh, man, man, woman, she into Illa tickety boo, and they're saying, now you guys are just a bunch of liars, you're lying in this particular fact of yours. And in this particular statement of yours, and and there's no truth to what you're saying.

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These prophets, these messengers of Allah subhanaw taala, they replied back. They said, You know what, we don't necessarily have enough evidence for us to be able to prove to you and any evidence that we have, perhaps you're not willing to accept it. So they said, We're not gonna Yeah, no matter what happens, at least our Lord knows. Abu nyalam In Na Na Komm Namo saloon, our Lord surely in and of assurity indefinitely. So Allah subhanaw taala says over here that they are seeing it so emphatically enough, is among the tools to emphasize. And then law. The lamb over here is called La Motoki. That's also another mechanism to emphasize as well. And Moodle said only it's an it's an

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Farrell and they say a smart nouns are stronger than verbs in terms of the meanings that they render. So Allah is saying that they are basically you know, saying it as emphatically as possible that Allah knows. And even that, you know, Allah knows the knowledge of Allah is infinite, in that in a cupola Masetto we are sent to you, and we are messengers sent by God to you, while Marlena, il Bella, holy, Moby. Now, there is a lesson to learn over here, when you go and bring the message to people, sometimes people are going to reject you. And sometimes you will have no other way to console yourself except to tell yourself that you have been blessed with this knowledge by God and

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you're bringing this message to the person before you. And that's enough because you know, that Allah is watching. And Allah is rewarding. These people who are messengers of God, and they were rejected, they knew that Allah is watching and that Allah is rewarding. And just like that, you and I for bringing the message of God to to the people and they don't accept, we have to recognize that all we can do is bring the message to the people, whether they're guided or guided or not. That's up to Allah subhanaw taala. But our but our Lord is merciful. And our Lord records every action that we do, and he will reward us. When I Lena, Ill Bella will mobian. And there's nothing upon us, except

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that we deliver the message, that's the best we can do. But you have to make sure that that message has been clearly conveyed, because many times people give the message of Islam, but they don't do a good job of clarifying that message. And that's why they said over here our job is not just to deliver, but to deliver it clearly the word Bella, it's Bella and it literally means to reach. Okay. And so what you need to do is you have to say it in a way that it reaches the heart. It's not just about getting it off your shoulder. There are some people out there when they're calling to Allah, they think that their only task is to give the facts as they are. That's not the only task of a

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messenger. That's not the only task of those who follow the the the example of the messengers, your job is to deliver the message in a way that it will reach and do it clearly. So it's also understood as well follow in Tata yoga, because

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now they're saying, Hey, guys, in nataka, you have now become, we think that you guys have evil omens that you've brought with you. You have an evil omen that you've brought with you because what happened at that time, as the scholars have said or mentioned, this is a speculation but

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hops, and that is that in the Antioch at that time the rain stopped for three days. And when these messengers came about the people they thought that it's the message that's causing the rain to stop. And that's affecting our crops and our vegetation and our in our farm land as well. So they said in Nakata you have now become, we have we believe that you have come with an evil omen Ilam tentar, who, if you don't stop your message, linalyl Juma Nakhon, we will definitely have a shorty and so like they're so serious about this law, again, llama Tokido, which is to emphasize and then feel Medallia, a verb which is future and present tense, which denotes continuity. And knowing that,

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okay, the tequila, which is two times the emphasis. So what's happening over here is they're saying definitely over shorty, we're going to stone you, and not only that, we're going to do it continuously learn how to do Manickam, while I am a Santa commoner, Aleem, and also, there's going to be severe punishment, chastisement and torment that is going to come from us, we're going to stone and we're going to chastise you, we're going to stone you, and we're going to punish you as well. If you don't stop, if you don't stop, so they want them to stop.

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They want these messengers to stop. And just like that anyone who's bringing a positive message to society, there's always people out there that want that message to stop. But we've got to keep on bringing positivity to the world. And we've got to keep on bringing the message of God to the world, no matter who wants to stop that message, the message is going to continue. Allah subhanho wa taala, as messenger told us of it, that this message is going to reach every household, and there are going to be people who will deliver the message. The question is, are you going to be among them? The question is, am I going to be among them? The question is, are we going to do our part in delivering

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this message, these messengers were serious, they believed in God, they recognized Allah subhanaw taala, as you know, message is a responsibility and they went against the entire society. Just think about that for a second. There were just two people in the entire village. Okay. And because those two people were weakened Allah, Santa's third messenger as well.

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So just imagine two people bringing a message to a society today, we're live in a global village. So most people, if you go to any part of the world, and you bring a message, even that a message that seems awkward to those people, they will generally be accepting, for the most part, right? Within the world. Why? Because we live in a global village people travel, people come people go back in the days, it doesn't us, it wasn't like this, you know, even the virus that we're living through right now, the pandemic, the reason why it is the way it is, is because travel has never been more easier than it isn't in modern day in today. So it's because of that, that cultures have become a melting

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pot in the entire world. And so everybody knows what other people think, for the for a great majority of humanity, especially educated people. If you don't know the details, you know, the generalities of what other people think that's not the case within this society, that they're coming to their complete foreigners in terms of thought to these people, but they're bringing the message and they're standing strong and Allah brings a third person to give them even more strength, and they're still facing the retaliation that they're faced by followed by Iran, Morocco, in the kirtan. Bell and tumko Momo city phone. So they said in response that your evil omen is just because of you.

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It has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with us. It is it. Are you saying this is because you're being admonished because we are coming to you with a message and we're admonishing you, you're saying we've rigging some evil omen to you because people don't like to be advised. When I select doula Comala Kyla to hipbone and NASA, hey, I gave you advice. But you don't love people who give advice. Nobody wants to change themselves and recognize their own mistakes and faults, and the person who's smart and intelligent, he's able to recognize his own faults. And if someone is bringing him those faults, he becomes happy and excited and grateful that someone was able to

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pinpoint his faults, so they can fix it within this life before the afterlife. And they can fix it before it's too late. So they're saying maybe you're just think that we're a bad omen, because of the fact that you've been admonished by Anton como Mazuri phone. The problem in all of this is that you people are the problem. You are the ones who are transgressive. You are the ones who become transgressive against your own selves. So sometimes we have to question ourselves, are we the ones that are the problem because many times when someone comes in gives us advice, the first thing we say is Subhanallah this guy, you know I helped him all my life and this is the result of it. He

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comes and tells me this is wrong.

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with me, and that is wrong with me and you didn't do this and you didn't do that. Perhaps you didn't. Perhaps you were silent the whole time. Maybe you have some good in you as well. But at the end of the day, everybody needs that advice. These messengers were sent by Allah subhanaw taala to deliver that message, and they did and they're like, at the end of it, there's no evil omen in me, you're the one who doesn't want to listen. You're the one who is aggressive and transgressive against yourself. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala protects us from transgression against ourselves and I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala will allow you to join me in the next segment of solitaire

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seen as I continue in the second segment, a story which is very powerful, and another scene from the story which is yet to come. And it's a scene in which Allah subhanaw taala will bring another individual into the picture. So we had two people Allah sent a third and now we've got a fourth person coming as well. Just going to allow him for listening with some Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he will be here tonight.