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The transcript describes the history of the Arabs and their actions during the Middle East conflict, including the deaths of two tribes and the use of deadly force. The speakers emphasize the importance of following guidelines and avoiding offense, as well as the use of signs and messages to inform individuals of guidelines and avoid war. The Prophet's actions are under control, and the goddamn word "arrogant" is not a permanent habit. The speaker also discusses the use of messengers to inform people of actions and communicate with others, as well as the Prophet's actions to strengthen people and strengthen their faith.

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without having to rely on salatu salam ala Rasulillah hamdulillah him then you have in your MO You Cafe OMA Zita or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in while early he will be here Jermaine, Allah who live NEMA and pharaoh now on fattener Bhima. And Lim tena was an element here Kadeem arbitrary surgery where Sidley Emery, opposite the melissani of coho coli. Visit near Illman. Or visit near element or visit near Alma. Allahu Allah Salla Ileana Jota who said hello and has an ADA sheeted salah, left off at Iron number 84. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says

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Allah says we're 100 Nam etha calm.

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Let us speak on edema

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wala to curry Jonah and full circle Mindy it comes from a Corolla two more into Tisha dune.

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So these are all of the malefic we talked about them yesterday, right the different oaths that Allah took from the covenant that Allah subhanaw taala took from the Israelites. So he says, Now what is 100 meter bacame lattice we gonna Dima? These are the last two covenants that he took, which he mentioned in these verses.

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Remember when we took that covenant from you, saying that you're not going to be spilling blood of yourselves? Nor are you going to drive yourselves out of your homes as well? Thumb a Corolla two more and Tom cash hidden.

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And you agree to all of this, and you are witnesses to this as well right? Now, what does it mean, to spill the blood of yourselves ie your brethren and in turn yourselves because you as a community, constitute yourselves people all together, constitute you as a community. So when you spill somebody else's blood, you're spilling your own blood as well. That's one way of looking at it. The other way is that when you spell someone else's blood, they're going to come after your blood.

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Now while add to Regina and full circle, and you're not going to drive yourselves out of your houses as well, because when you drive someone else out of their home, they're going to drive you in turn out of your homes as well. Now, this particular idea right after that, Allah says, thumb into her will.

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Now the law is talking to the yahood the Jews that were there in Medina, can some of you come over here?

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Now, the prophets Allah Allahu Allah wa Salam is being commanded to bring these verses to the Jews were in Medina, right

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there in Medina. So Allah addresses those Jews. Now those Israelites, he says, You are the people from Anthem, how old are you? Are those very people who after your forefathers had given been given a covenant and oath, a promise, and they had they had already agreed to it as well. They had a pledge with Allah azza wa jal, they're not going to kill, they're not going to drive people out of their homes as well. You are those very people who now are killing people, ductal Luna and fullcycle. What to carry Jonah Federica min come in, dare him. And also you take a group of people and you drive them out of their homes as well. Now, what's the story behind all of this? Well, in

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Medina, there were two major tribes of the Arabs there was the tribe of Al Hasan. Whenever you hear XYZ al Hazaragi, he's from Alpha Suraj. And there was also else as well else and because Raj, these are the two main tribes they were all non Muslims, whether it be O's or Huzzah, Raj or it be manual Plano ca or Benenati from the US now benoquin aka well no lead and Beto, Pura Allah all five of them these major tribes in Medina all of them are non Muslims. However, Ben will

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bet on the lead and bento Quran Allah these are the Israelites, these are the Jews. They came to Medina with one intention they heard from their leaders that over here at some point around this time, there will be coming of a profit and that profit will be in this location and let's be the first ones to believe in Him because they had prophecies telling them of this prophet so they came to Medina for this reason. They're not indigenous Medina, Ian's keep that in mind. They're not indigenous Medina's they came to that region with an intention. Now when they came here because they're not indigenous people, they have to ally ally with someone right, aligned themselves with

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somebody. So Ben Rocha, you know God chose

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was to align themselves and ally themselves with Al Hassan Raj and Ben on the lead, and Benno Cordova, they align themselves with us.

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So what would happen is whenever else and husbands would go to war, because these are two separate tribes, they have blood between them. Whenever they would go to work, then huzzah Raj with benoquin, aka the the people from Anoka Anoka. They would fight against their own brethren from Bernal Cordova and but another

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Okay, in doing all of this, because they're trying to live up or they're trying to support their allies. In doing all of this, they end up killing themselves either on people, the Israelites

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and they also drive one another out of their homes as well. Because I was doing that to the Hazaragi is in the cars Raj is doing that job as well. So in turn, Binaca Anoka on the one hand, and veteran Alina Corolla on the other hand, they're doing it to each other as well. So Allah says, despite the fact that you had taken this covenant, you are taking this oath you had made this promise now you are doing the same very thing that you were told not to do, or your forefathers were told not to do so Allah reminded them of the commandments now he's saying you are breaking the commandments. So this is an address directly to the Israelites at the time of the Prophet and in Medina. So and

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then after all of these covenants you are those very people who are killing themselves are either brothers, and you're driving yourselves out of your homes or again your brothers but the law Haruna Lee him belief Mueller Diwan Yeah, you help the mushriks Remember, these are still more monotheistic people, they are people of the book. So De La Rue de la him. Bill is me with Edwin, and you help the machine again, against your own brother and in sin and in transgression as well.

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We're in year two como Zara. But there's one thing they live up to, we're aiming to come Ansara to further ado whom, well who am I? How long are they coming? coraggio home, but when they come to you, as people who've been people who've been imprisoned, if they come as captives, you do ransom them. They've also been commanded of another commandment. And that was that if one of your brethren has been locked up, you go and pay for the ransom, you ransom them. So Allah is saying, you kill your brother ins, you drive them out of their homes, but if they come to you as prisoners, you pay up

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and ransom them. What who I will help Ramona la comida carajo man all along, even driving them out of the homes was haram for you. So you're following a portion of the Book, and you're not following another portion of the book. That's why Allah says EFA told me No need to be validated. keytab what the Quran to be about? Do you disbelieve in a portion of the book? And you believe in another portion of the Book of adult me knowing about other kitap Do you believe in a portion of the book, but yet reject another portion of the book, you believe that you have to ransom your brethren or your brothers, but you don't believe and you don't act by the other guidelines and that is that

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don't kill people and don't drive them out of their homes? For not just that women with early can men come Allah is June 5 dunya. Someone who does this who does such a thing I missed you. He will only be granted human humiliation within this worldly life while your woman Dr. Matthew or Dona Isla, Aisha dill adab. And on the Day of Judgment, they will be returned back to the most severest of punishment. Why am Allah who the HA feeling hamata Malone Allah is not heedless of all of this that you've been doing.

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Allah continues and he says that without you can live in a store I will hire the dunya Bill ACARA these are the people who have bought who have traded with bartered who have exchanged this worldly life for the hereafter. They are telling you that fire is only going to touch us just for a few days. That's it. Uh, Yama, Duda. Allah is saying no, no, no, no, no, no, these are people who have bought this worldly life. They wanted the pleasures in the comforts of this dunya and they treated that in for the hereafter been after Salah you will offer for unhulled either Allah will not ever ease up the punishment upon them. wonder whom you and subtle and nor will they be helped neither in

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this life nor in the Hara.

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After as well oh, well, Tina Musa kita waka phenom in the Hebrew rosary, and we gave to Musa alayhis salam and over shorty and definitely

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it's very emphatic, we definitely gave to Musa alayhis salam al Kitab. The book that our dogs will have seen him embody, he built Watson. And after Musa, we sent a lot of messengers. Now this doesn't mean that there are no messengers before Musa alayhis salam. But the reason why Allah is highlighting that over here is because all of the Rasul all of the messengers that come after Musa alayhis salam, what's their task? Up until recently they set up, all of them are sent to the new Israel email to remind them to follow the guidelines in the Torah.

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And that book was given to Musa Ali Salaam. So that's why Allah is reminding that those messengers, they were also sent to you people as well we gave you Musa alayhis salam, we gave you claim Allah, we gave you the book and we gave lots of messengers who came after as well. Well, Tina II Sabina, Maria.

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And last but not least, Teresa Salam also came to you and we gave him clear guidances or clear signs and the units What were these clear signs? There were so many clear signs. He was the one who would bring the dead back to life he was the one who would cure the people who are sick so there was many signs that Lisa La salaam were also get what was also given as well. So we get gave Risa his very existence was a sign as well. We gave Lisa Alayhis Salam Elba unit

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the signs were a year the noun will be wrong.

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And we also helped and aided him with Rohan and others with Gibreel la Salaam.

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As Aquila Murgia accom rasool Allah be Marilla Dawa and Phu Kham is the Cabal doomed for failure can get them to Maria contacto.

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Is it that every single time a messenger comes to you with something that you don't like?

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is stuck about whom you start to become? What's your cup? Did you start to become arrogant against the prophet? Now over here again, I go back to it. Ask yourselves, do you have this quality as well? Because Allah is not giving us the stories just to hear them. And that's the end of that. So we don't fall into them as well. When we get guidance, do we start to become arrogant and feel like, Oh, we're too much. We're too great to air all of this. You have to ask yourself this question because sometimes, we end up writing people off, because they're not talking our desires.

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And then those people who are speaking our desires are like, this is the one that I want to hear. This is the one because he's giving me everything I want in this life. Right? But

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this is what he did as well. Allah centered them for that a coup Lama jerk umara zulum Bhima, Allah Dawa. And

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every single time a messenger comes to you with something you don't like, you start to become arrogant. So you deny the messenger, and you say, this can be a messenger. This one is not.

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Not this one. He doesn't know.

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You can't deny the messenger altogether. You have to look at the message if it's acceptable according to the Quran, the Sunnah, according to the guidelines, we have to accept your message, and you have to reject your arrogance.

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What's the real conduct alone and also, failure conducted on a group of them you end up killing as well, they killed a number of messengers. It's reported that they killed the idea and Zakaria even though there are reports to another effect, as well, but we know that they killed messengers, not just one. But notice over here, something very important 50 You can get them to a group you belied and denied. What sorry, you can duck to noon, and a group you are and this is the future and present tense. You are basically continues continuing to kill. It's not like you've stopped the killing. It's continuing. You're still continuing to kill these messengers. Why? Because they attempted to

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kill the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well. In Haber, there was that woman who brought from Hiber that woman from the Jews, she brought

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the prophets of Allah who it was said lemon animal, a sheep that was cooked, and it was poisoned as well. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he ate from it. And he said that this particular arm, the shank, it's telling me that it is poisoned. This was

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adorar that spoke to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that in the prophets I send them immediately after eating. He had Bichette when we brought this hobby with him, and he ended up eating and he died from that food by him a Hula, hula, the I know, and the Prophet ate it. And he, after just having one bite, he said, This animal is telling me even though it's cooked, and this was one of the miracles of the Prophet, and it's authentically reported, that it's telling me it is poisoned. And so then the prophets, I said, Lim asked to have that woman brought to him. And he asked her, Did you poison this animal before you feed fed it to us? And she said, Yes, I poisoned

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him. I poisoned the animal. So she admitted it.

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So the prophets has similar naturally asked the very next question, the prophet is very calm, even in such situations. So because it's all under control, right? This is the prophets of Salem. It's all under control. So the Prophet commonly asked her, Why did you do that? So she said that I did it. Because if you were to be a prophet, you would not be harmed by it. And if you're just a king trying to gain kingdom, then at least this way, will save us the trouble. Okay. And of course, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was cured from it, but not completely, okay, he wasn't harmed from it in the sense that he didn't immediately afterwards die like we should have been brought up.

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But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was affected by this, throughout his life throughout the rest of his life. So the remainder of his life, the prophet would occasionally feel the effects of that poison. Because remember, poison can sometimes poison you completely, and you die. Or you could be poisoned in some capacity, but that affects your body and your function. You don't die from it. So the prophets I seldom didn't die immediately after this. And that's why the Prophet told that woman that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will never allow you to become someone who basically executes your plan upon me.

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But that effect, it led to the Prophet being weakened. And throughout his life, he felt that pain to the end of his life when he was with our Isha, in a hadith in Bahati, although he relates it malapa And what is my Lacan mean? If you come to the Buhari lesson, inshallah you will learn that, but Imam Al Bukhari he reports this hadith, not as a primary Hadith in his book that the prophets I said, Lim said to Aisha Radi Allahu Taala Haha, I am continuing to feel the pain this was in his last days, I'm continuing to feel the pain from that food that I ate in high bar

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all the way till the end of his life.

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And some of the reports have it that the Prophet tried to treat that as well in different ways. One of the ways the Prophet tried to treat it was he did Hey, JAMA, this is what Abbas said. And towards the end of his life as he's dying the prophets of salaam even though he used to discourage eating audience uncooked the Prophet aid in this incident, why? Because they say that this has a positive effect against poison as well. Anyways, the prophet died, and many of the scholars they believe that He died a Shaheed implements rude it's reported from him that he says that the prophets I said Lim died a shaheed. In this way, both things happen, he didn't get affected immediately by the poison.

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So the prophets of salaam was protected by Allah and that we until he finished his message, but that poison continued to weaken him till when his message was already fulfilled now, so Allah allowed him to die a Shaheed this way, he got the status of a murderer as well. salAllahu alayhi wasallam so that's why Allah says, for 30 but get them to a group you love, belie what 30 A conduct alone and a group you continue to kill.

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Because this is the present and future tense. They were doing this all the way till the time of the Prophet and they did it to the prophets. I said, Let me as well. While God will pollute buena Wolfen. They said Our hearts are completely enveloped and covered up. They're sealed.

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Meaning they they have a veil on it. They have a real laugh on it. They're covered up

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Bella Anahola who will be goofy to him. So they are trying to excuse themselves. The reason why we're not following your message or Muhammad, our hearts have a veil on it. It's has nothing to do with us. Right? This is how God has made us. We've got a veil on our hearts. We can't really rip it off. We can't take it off. But Allah Subhana Allah Allah says no, no, no. The learner whom Allah who will be cool for him. It is Allah who has who is cursed them because of their disbelief. Third kalila meiomi known it is Allah who has cursed them because of their disbelief. Now, what does this mean? Does it mean

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Every one who disbelieved is cursed by Allah azza wa jal know, here we're dealing with people who have the knowledge, who have the,

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the Sefa the attributes of the prophets and send them written with them in their books, they have the questions they need to ask to make sure whether this person is a prophet or not. They've got all that knowledge, but they're choosing deliberately not to follow that knowledge. So Allah says, when you do it like that, Allah curses you. And so you get turned away from guidance. The learner whom Allah be goofy him *a Lila may or may don't. And because of that is only a very few of them that ended up believing. And it is true that from bundle Binaca and bundle Cordova, and veteran the lead, the Jews that were living in Medina, are very few believed. They were a very small number. In fact,

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in Behati, the prophets I said, Let me said, No, I'm gonna be I shout out to middle here, hood, lamb and abelia hood, if only 10 of the Jews had accepted Islam with me, then all of them would have accepted. And what that means is not that only 1010 specific ones, because from the leaders, the problem was that some of them they're going back to their leaders, and they're asking, Is this the right guy? This is the same one you've been telling us. But when he turned out that he was from Benway seminarians, they were hoping it's gonna come from his app. They said, No, no, not this one. This is not him. This is not Mohammad, that's written in our books. This is some other person,

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right? So they follow their leaders, and they don't end up believing.

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Now those people they will be questioned by Allah on the Day of Judgment. We can't say definitely, they're going to hellfire, right?

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Remember, there's never we don't definitely put anyone in hellfire except for who we have clear passage in the Quran or the Sunnah this guy himself is going to hell, because someone may have some confusions, right? Allah divided even these people into different categories. Some of them are absolute, because they have the knowledge but they don't want to believe another group. They're like, they don't really have the information. So they follow their leaders. Right?

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So I say that the prophets has a limb when he says, No, I'm gonna be harsh Allah Terminalia hood, the arm and abelia who this is not talking about any 10. It's talking about specific 10 Who were the leadership? How many of the leaders of your hood actually did accept Islam during the time of the Prophet Salam, not too many. But we have two very famous ones or one of them is very famous Abdullah bin Saddam. He was from the clergy from the hood. He was from the learned men in the Jews of Medina, and also Haiti, who was also from the hierarchy but he was not very famous in the Sunnah. Why? Because he died. Soon after accepting Islam. He accepted Islam right before a battle. And then he

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went into the battle and Allah subhanaw taala had given him shahada, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to have his mercy on both of them and ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the tofield are some of the Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in wahala early he was a huge man