Abdul Wahab Saleem – Train Yourself to Become Beautiful

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of physical beauty and how it is a choice made on a daily basis. They stress the importance of showing one's personality and maintaining a strong character in a situation. The speaker also emphasizes the need to be mindful of what comes after departing and not to allow anger to make one lose focus on how the person is behaving. Additionally, the speaker shares a hadith from the Prophet sallua alayhi wa sallam that advises not to become angry and not to let anger make one lose focus on how the person is.
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In Al Hamdulillah number two who wants to you know who when I started

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when I was a biller him in shooty and fusi now I'm in sejati Molina manga de la who Fela moody Lella comingled Zulu fella ha de Allah. Wa shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah or shadow no Mohammed Abdullah he was a pseudo who bad

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for all sequin what yeah be Taqwa Allah azza wa jal for in Hosea Adolphe dunya. Well, okra, but your brothers and your sisters, I remind you of the Taqwa of Allah Allah azza wa jal ash, as Allah or Buddha is it was July. He told us in the Quran, to fear him to have Taqwa of him to have consciousness of him. Yeah, you are living a man who Allah, haka to party.

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Oh, who you believe, have the consciousness of Allah the way he should be understood the way you should be conscious of him, the way you should have fear of him, the way you should be in all of him of Allah, Allah is a theology that

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I want to talk to you today about beauty.

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And when we think of beauty,

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immediately we think of physics, we think of physical beauty. And there is beauty in physics as well.

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And Allah subhanaw taala talks about the fact that he's made human beings beautiful.

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Leopard Holopainen in Santa Fe is an aquarium, we've created human beings

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in a beautiful way. We've created human beings in a perfected way. Fatima, Salah, Bashar and Sophia Gibreel came in front of Maria Maria Salam, and he stood before her as a symmetrical human being as a beautiful human being. So Jibreel an angel, he comes in a symmetrical, beautiful form, so there is physical beauty.

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But there is another type of beauty. And Allah talks about this beauty as well. And that is a metaphorical beauty. That is a beauty that is in the way you react, the way you act, the way you behave. And every single thing has an aspect of beauty. You can beautify almost everything. Sometimes you see someone doing an act of charity, and you say that was beautiful man, someone says some kind words to you say or to somebody else, and you see it from afar and you go up to them and you say, that was beautiful. So there is beauty and other things as well.

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So there's no problem in wanting to be beautiful, just as there's no problem and wanting to be physically beautiful as well. There was a man, he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, the prophets has sent him said a hadith and he said that whoever has an atom's weight or even a slight bit of giver arrogance within their heart, they will not enter Jannah so man, he got a bit concerned so he came to the Prophet to sell them and he said in the Raju that you should go in your corner Phil will Hasson when Allah who has written a man always loves that His clothes are tidy and they're beautiful and he loves that his shoes are nice as well and beautiful. So the prophets are

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seldom said that that's not given. In Allah ha Jamila new hibel Jamal, Allah is beautiful. And he loves beauty. That's not arrogance. True arrogance is when you stop submitting yourself to the truth when you feel that you are above the truth. That's what the Prophet said, I give out, both old and healthy will humbleness it's when you start to reject truth because you feel that what you have is greater. It's when the kuffaar of Qureshi rejected what the prophet had because they said he's just like one of us. It's when the children of Israel there was rejected the prophets of salaam because they said that he came from his heart, he came from his marine and not been always hot. So this is

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where arrogance comes in the middle.

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This is where arrogance comes when you reject the truth. Because you think you're greater than the truth, you think you're greater than someone else who's bringing that truth to you because of a reason or another. And at the same token, true arrogance is when you begin to look down upon people. So if you're beautiful Allah has given you that physique Allah has given you the dress code Allah has given you the body, the car, the life, the wife, Allah has given you, children, all of those signs and marks of beauty Allah has given you that and then you start looking down upon other people, that's arrogance. Not that a person wants to beauty for themselves. This is physically but

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then there's another type of beauty as well. And that is beauty

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in the way you behave, and the way you react.

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And that is actually even more beautiful because sometimes people

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can have physical beauty but another people just may not have physical beauty. This is part of the human existence and the experience people are born in different ways.

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But when it comes to your beauty of character, this is a choice you make on a daily basis. This is a decision that you take on a daily basis, you decide how you're going to react, some people are given beauty even in their character, but others have been given the option to make that choice. So you have to make that choice every single time you react. And that's what, that's what you already said. Um, he referred to when the children they came, when we sort of if they came to our Coven, they said that your son has died for Akella, who them, right.

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He's gone, it's over, it's finished. So he's tried to muster up all the strength. And he said, possible and Jimmy, I'm going to be patient. And I'm going to be beautifully patient. It's like when you see a person, he's going through a very, very tough circumstance. And you look at the way they behaved. And you say, he handled it so beautifully. We say this in our social culture as well. Sometimes you see a person behaving and you say, Man, that guy just handled it so beautifully. That's what he's saying, I'm going to handle it beautifully. So it's when you take the situation and you take the most positive aspect of that situation out. And you give yourself consultant and you,

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you man up to the challenge and the situation. And in every single situation in life, you have that option to become a person who totally loses focus of his moral compass. And another person who knows he understands his moral compass requires for him to be patient. Allah has required for him to be patient, and Allah has made illumination Allah has made light, Allah has made beauty within patients. The prophets are settled and said, I'll Sadhguru Dr. Owen, he said that when you're patient, there's light within that. So that's a choice that you and I make when you're faced with a calamity. How are you going to react? Your reaction is who you are. That's why they call holo hook.

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Because the word holo comes from the word hello, creation.

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And they say that true character is your reaction. Because that's something that's inside of you. It's almost innate within you, it's something that's been become part of you. So when you do your exercises, your moral exercises, your social exercise, every time you get into a situation, you sit back and think about it, and see how best you can behave, eventually, that best behavior is going to become part of you, then it will be your hope, then it will be part of your health. It will be part of your existence, it will be part of your innate reaction, then you will be able to handle any situation and you will be that person. The prophets are sent to me he said that a Cebu in the

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submittal Hola. True patience is when you just have the calamity befall at that moment the way you react. That is real patient, patience. And Allah told us of this as well, when he said was sabe Rena filled your emotional base. The people who are patient, at the moment have difficulty at the moment of hardship at the moment of war and battle and turmoil and difficulty. Those are the people who are truly Vish patient, your patients come out

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at the moment of truth. And the only way you can establish that as part of your character is if you give yourself time to exercise you exercise your soul, every time you're in a situation, sit back and see how best you can react until that reaction becomes part of you. So it's part of your, your muscle memory of your of your neffs of your soul, it becomes part of your soul's memory, it knows how to behave every single time, it's in that situation.

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So patients can be beautiful. Similarly, when you're in relationships, there are ways you can react which are beautiful.

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And then there are ways you can react that are not so beautiful. Even a departure could be beautiful. Sometimes there's people in relationships for a very long time. But now they're stopping that relationship, that relationship is coming to an end. You have a choice to be beautiful in the way you behave at the end of that relationship, or the way you you can have another behavior as well. It's a choice that you make every person makes that choice. And when you do that people recognize you for who you are, they will see the beauty in the way you behave versus the ugliness in the way you behaved as well. And that's why Allah told us when

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Marriage is coming to an end in more than one place. Allah says facility her will know Sarah hon Jamila, let go of them when you're departing Sarah Han Jamila in the beautiful way. So even that divorce, it could be beautiful. I handle cases of divorce. So I know this, there are situations where people behave in a beautiful way. And it's equally bad to scenarios. But that neffs of the person comes out at that moment. You have a person who knows how to handle himself, he understands there are things for him. And there are things against him and another person who loses his moral compass or her moral compass, and they start yelling and screaming and shouting and throwing a

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tantrum like children, even though you're dealing with adults. But it's a matter of the neffs. It's a matter of the knifes. So you can have a departure very beautifully. There was a couple a few years ago, many years ago, who got into a divorce.

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And all of their friends and family. They wrote a mutual email to them. And they said that we sat down and we weighed the pros and the cons of our relationship. And we realized that after living together for so many years, we can't continue to go on like this. We respect each other, but we can't maintain this relationship. So we want everybody to know, there's no real problems that we have between us. And what I mean by that is it's not like they have grudges between them. Of course, they have problems for them to be departing, but they don't have grudges. And nobody should be making any stories about them. That's it. They sent that email out. And they carry on life after

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Because they have children together, they still have to be parents. They have to be people of responsibility. But then you have another group of people that you see on a day to day basis, what happens, fights over custody, who's going to keep the child someone takes the child of blocks them goes back to their country. Come on guys, you're adults, we're adults, Allah says facility, ruhuna, saraha, and Jamila, when you're departing, do it in a beautiful way. Because sometimes it's not going to work. Sometimes situations, your relationships just don't work. But when you finish that relationship off, whether it's a marital tie, or it's a friendship or whatever it may be, just do it

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in a beautiful way. You don't have to carry on being related, but you have to be beautiful. The hook, the rules on your character, don't change. Allah wants you to remain beautiful, Allah wants you to maintain that beauty as well.

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And he wants you to remember, as Allah tells us in another IRA, he says that while Athens will forget living when you're departing, just remember that you have an opportunity to go the go another mile, go the extra mile, you have the opportunity at that point to do some more height, more than you need to yes, there's obligations.

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And for sure, when you're departing, every man wants all their rights and and they don't want to give their the obligations that are due to other people. Sure, that is the knifes but Allah says, This is your opportunity to show your true hook, go the extra mile, do something more, if there's some monetary, you know, relationship that you have left as well. If you can be charitable, be charitable. That's your opportunity to show who you really are. That's what Allah wants from you.

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And that's why when Allah told the prophets I send them to depart away from the machine again. He also told them for them also to be beautiful as well. This was right in the beginning of Islam. When Allah saw that if the prophets of salaam came out open with his message immediately, it would have some consequences and so the prophets I send them was told by Allah, Be patient. That's the first thing while spear Allah Maya Kowloon, be patient about what they say Why Julie home Hedren jameelah and migrated away from them and the way they're behaving and their reactions, but in a beautiful way. So even when you're breaking up relationships, you have a choice, the prophet is being told to

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distance himself from those Mushrikeen but he's being told to do that in a beautiful way. You have an opportunity to be an obnoxious human being and show that to the world at that point. And then you have another opportunity or another option and that's that you can show the beauty to the people the prophet is being told even if you have to migrate away from people go away from people disconnect from people but do that in a beautiful way.

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I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to become beautiful human beings are SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in early he was such a big

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Al Hamdulillah him then he was in your MO Who are you careful OMA Zita Salalah SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in early he was so happy as your main

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but your brothers, I'm not saying that there is no room

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For harshness, there are moments in your life where sometimes you have to be a little bit firm. Sometimes you have to be strict. Sometimes you're going to become angry and that anger is also justifiable. There was moments in the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he became angry as well. So that anger has its place. Not every anger is bad anger the prophets I said that when he said lotta hubbub is not trying to say, don't become angry, even though that's what it literally says, because the prophets has sent them himself had also become angry, some situations, the Sahaba would also become angry in some situations. But what he's saying is, don't become subject

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of your anger. Don't allow to make the anger make you lose focus of how you should be behaving. Don't allow that anger for you to become a person who's obnoxious, who doesn't know how they're behaving, loses his moral and social compass. He doesn't know what's justice, and he doesn't know what's oppression.

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Sometimes you have to become angry, especially when the herds of Allah azza wa jal are being broken, especially when the boundaries of Allah azza wa jal are being are being violated. That's a moment in which the prophet would also become angry. But it wouldn't be for his personal self, that the Prophet would become angry.

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So I want to leave you off with a hadith that every one of you knows, you've heard it, I'm sure because all of you are Muslims who come to the masjid, sometimes for 1015 20 years, maybe more.

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You've heard this hadith. But I want to share this hadith with you from another angle.

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I want to share this hadith with you from a linguistic angle, which if you were to understand, then the application of this hadith will become easier. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, in an authentic hadith, he said, the most heaviest thing on your scale on the Day of Judgment will be an Hello person will be the good character. This will be the heaviest thing

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and then hook on Hudson

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is a type of character that has become part of you. It's become your innate nature. And as a poet says, We're Mamata Kuhn and Demeter Eman Holly Putin. We're in Ha ha Allah nasty to me. Whatever Haleakala whatever character that's innately part of the nature of this human being. Whatever character of that nature a person has, even if he thinks that other people can see it, it will become apparent, people will be able to read right through him. And that's because when you have innately you're not a moral person one day or another, that innate nature will come out. And it will become evident to people, people will see how you reacted in that situation. Now, I'm not saying

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people don't have a lapse of hooks, sometimes. Yes, people can have that as well. Everybody can make mistakes, the best of us can make mistakes. But when it's part of your nature, it will be recurring, you'll happen again and again. People will notice it, you will notice it that yeah, I was able to handle myself here but as soon as it got a little bit tougher, couldn't handle it anymore. And for that you need to exercise that we do no force. Literally, they have this concept of exercising your soul. How do you do that? You you train yourself, you train yourself you made a mistake, then you have to make some consequences for that mistakes to yourself. You went wrong.

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Even if the wrong was a very serious give yourself some consequences. Say to yourself next time I raised my voice with my parents, I'm going to go and give sadaqa because there shouldn't have been doing that these are my parents. These are the parents that Allah had commanded and decreed that I be kind to I be polite to I be dutiful to next time I do this that or the other wherever your lapses, give yourself consequences. That's you training yourself. Because you know sometimes a person knows better who they are.

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Well in San Juan, de basura human beings, they are the ones who know themselves even better. This is how human beings are you know where you fail. And you know where you get it right sometimes arrogance will stop you from admitting that but you know it and I know it as well. So when you see those problems within yourself, give your own self consequences make a jar in the house sadaqa say to yourself every single time I go wrong over here to correct this wrong I'm going to go and do some extra Salah when you start training yourself and you show yourself there's consequence for what you're doing. It's a positive consequence because in that Hassan it you the hipness a yet when you

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have good deeds, they end up wiping away your evil deeds. So when you give yourself that training in sha Allah

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on the scene of the evil you did get wiped away. But at the same token you're being trained as well. When you keep training, then good will become part of your character. Then you will have a hook and Hasson I ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to grant us a photocopy.

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Allahumma Denali is an o'clock now ideally sending Illa and whilst anassa Ye are hilariously for enhancing Anessa you've learned or have been a Tina fit dunya Hassan have an afro Latina, Latina hada Banagher whatever the signal Jana thermal Abrar yeah as is we have a farm

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