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order to subdue that pain. He SallAllahu Sallam would take stones and press the cavity of his stomach in so that his stomach would not produce the same amount of pain as the pressure that the stones were putting on. This is the life of the Muslim in Mecca. And when we look at the advice and the summary of Allah subhanaw taala, we see something amazing. Allah subhanaw taala gives the Muslims the command and the obligation to make Hindraf to leave Muscat and to finally save themselves and to be rescued from the persecution that they were experiencing. They're in. And so the prophets Allah wa salam. Now again, this victory or this relief was not given all at once you

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don't see all of the Muslims and there weren't that many of them. You don't see all of them gathering together and walking and going to Medina. That's not how this worked. They were still under the persecution of those who had power in Mecca. And so the prophets, Allah Salam, strategically would engage in dispatching and sending companions to Medina, one by two, two by three, some during the day, some at night. And we have stories of how the Prophet ISIS was Saddam did this, how much tension there was, how much anxiety there was, and how dangerous in fact, this was the Quran would send out people to chase down the Muslims and bring them back because their

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biggest fear was that these people could live in freedom. The Prophet I spoke to Sudan himself, was the last to go. He chose his beloved companion of a bucket acidic. The Prophet ISIL to Sudan, told him as Sabah as Serba. Yeah, back, you're gonna be my companion on this journey. And on this journey, the prophet ISIS will set up a bucket of Siddiq. They went and they were out and headed towards the city of Medina. Of course, that story is its own Subhanallah about how the Prophet SAW Selim left and the trustee had to place in Allah. But for the purpose of time, we're not going to be able to go into the details of that wonderful story, maybe in sha Allah in the future hold the

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shake. McHale can do that for us. But as he was on his way, sallAllahu sallam, he and Abubaker were being chased. The Quran had sent hunters, bounty hunters, individuals to go and capture them because this was the worst fear that they had being realized, was a free state, a free sovereign existence for the Muslims. Does that sound familiar? And so when the Prophet SAW sent him another bucket went, and they were being chased down, they had to take means of precaution. And one of the means of precaution that they used was that they took shelter in a cave known as a lot of sold a little bit outside of the city of Mecca. There is a mountain called the devil of soul of the mountain of the

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bull. And in that cave, or in that mountain, there is a small cave. And this is where the prophet ISIS will sit on and Abacha Siddiq very difficult. By the way, I've climbed it, it's very difficult to climb. And over time, you can imagine how much harder it was for them SallAllahu wasallam what are the Allahu Anhu how much difficult, more difficult that was for them to climb, but they climbed it, and they took shelter in that cave, and they hid in that cave, from those people that had been sent and paid and commissioned to find them. Allah details that moment for us in the Quran. And he tells us something so powerful and so beautiful. When Allah Tada is speaking to the believers, and

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speaking to the community at large and Medina, and he's telling them about supporting the Prophet SAW Selim and his mission. He says ILADS en su ILADS en su farecard NESARA hola who he says that whether or not you decide that you're going to support the prophets also alum, Allah supported him. It's not up to you. And this is a point that's for me when I read this verse, I was shook because the one of the frustrations that the OMA is feeling. One of the frustrations that all of us are experiencing is the frustration of the absence of assistance from those in positions of leadership, whether they be Muslim leaders, or whether they be

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I thought at one point to have been allies in leadership positions, the frustration that we feel is a frustration and I will say this very carefully. It is our own fault. Because Allah Tada tells us, il en su Faqad NESARA. Hola. We have to have a deep conviction that whether or not a king or an Emir or a prime minister, or an MP or a mayor makes a statement, Allah statement is supreme. And it's not about them. Our trust in people is misplaced. Our trust in people leads to our own disappointment. Rather our trust in Allah needs to be first and foremost. So Allah Tala makes that clear. It doesn't matter if you decide to support the Prophet SAW Selim or not because Allah Tada did support him when

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it's a kraja who Lavina Cafaro then His name is Matthew LOD. Do you remember when those two people Subhan Allah, Allah brings the number here, he didn't have to bring the number. He could have said Do you remember when they were in the cave? But he says to to remind us Subhan Allah that numbers have never mattered. Every battle in the history of the Islamic tradition. The Muslims were always, always down always the underdogs, right? I apologize for using the word dog, always those that didn't have the advantage. SubhanAllah. But Allah Tada being on their side was something that gave them this incredible advantage. What did the Prophet SAW said him, say, to have a bucket in the

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cave, when they were sitting in this cave, and they were hiding, you see this, this idea details that from a macro lens. But we have Hadith in which the Prophet saw some of the Bucher, their conversation was shared.

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And Abubaker was in fact scared. And that's a very beautiful point as well, by the way, because no one had faith greater than a bucket from the nonprofits. People who are not prophets. America was the highest of faith, but he felt fear. He felt it not for himself, he felt it for the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam. So you and I feeling what we feel, feeling despair, feeling sadness, feeling, anger, feeling a little bit of hopelessness, feeling fear, that is not a trait that goes against our iman. In fact, that is something that Allah created us with it is part of our nature. But every Muslim, as much as we have our nature, we have to meet our nature with the nourishment of

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Allah. Meet what you feel with what Allah reminds you of. So the Prophet X will Salam when he sees that Abubaker is scared, and Abubaker he tells the Prophet saw some of them in this cave, it's a very shallow cave, he says, Yes, Will Allah if these people who have come to find us, if they simply walk by this cave, and look down at their own feet, then yes, will Allah undoubtedly they will see us? Undoubtedly. And the Prophet SAW Selim very simply and very calmly, tells his best friend tells his companion. Yeah, bad luck, math and Luca is Nene salifu. Houma Allah, what can I tell you a bucket? What do you think about to that there are third is Allah? What do you think? Do you think

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that their third will ever abandon them? Do you think that their third will ever allow them to feel the crush of defeat? Do you think that the third will leave them hopeless and in despair, no. Have faith have faith in a time when nothing else tells you around to have faith? In fact, everything around aboubaker told him what? Give up. There's no hope here. The cave is too shallow. They sent too many people. It's too hot. It's only you too, you're going to be found out the Prophet SAW sent him said what last time then is your Cooley saw AB de la times and in the la hermana. In that moment, the Prophet SAW Selim did not chastise him for feeling fear. But he said meet your fear with

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something stronger with Allah. Meet your fear with the courage that Allah will protect you. And so this emotional reaction, you have to fight it with your faith. Whatever you and I are feeling about this situation. Do not fight your emotion with your knifes. Do not fight your emotion. Do not try to battle back the feelings you're having with how your next response or your rationale responds, No, put faith first and foremost, trust in Allah Subhan Allah to Allah

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Subhana Allah the next point that the scholars of Tafseer they bring at that point, right when they're in the cave, their back is up against the wall, they feel no place to escape to and they have to place their trust and Allah after the Prophet SAW Selim makes this proclamation, then Allah Tada says, the ends Allah Allah Who Sakina to who Ali, and then a lot of places this Akina

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up over him. By the way, interesting point here, it's only referring to a little bucket because the Prophet SAW Saddam was never worried Sakina to who it only over him singular, because it was the only one who was concerned the Prophet SAW Saddam had full trust. Right when he left, he told the ally when he was left in his bed, he said, what I'll see you in Medina, he had no doubt that he was going to make it. But Abubaker because he wasn't a prophet of Allah, he had a much more human reaction like you and I. And so Allah Tala NS Allah Allah Who Sakina to who Ali, that Allah to Allah placed a Sakina over him, that fell over him that trait that gave him this tranquility, that solved

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the problem that he felt Subhanallah This is the fruit of placing your trust and Allah, many of us want the Sakina before we place the trust, and we realize that that sequence is out of order. You cannot feel full, if you haven't eaten, we want the feeling of fullness, but we're refusing to do the work. You have to place your trust in Allah. And then your heart and eyes will be open to seeing all of the elements that will give you that Sakina that you're looking for. Why? Yeah, who will be Julian limitado has Subhan Allah, and then Allah aided them. Allah aided him with armies with an army Subhan Allah that he was unable to see this part of the I was looking at the Tafseer yesterday

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and I was saying, What does this mean? Some scholars talk about angels, that in the battle is better. For example, there were angels that came down and helped some scholars say no in the cave itself. This was talking about the spider that had that had woven the web, and that there was a nest of a bird. And when the people came to look for the Prophet SAW said about a bucket, when they saw those artifacts, they said, well, there's no way that they could be hiding in here because it would have broken the web of the spider. So they overlooked it. lumps on Aha, they didn't see the spider. They didn't see the bird. But these aided Abubaker and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but

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Subhanallah another tough see it opened up this understanding. And that is that sometimes the soldiers and the armies with which Allah aids people that they can't see, are in fact their own brothers and sisters that are not there with them. The DRaaS that you and I make for our brothers and sisters and Philistine, you become part of the minute of Allah to Allah, you become part of his army and your your eyes as the Prophet SAW said I'm said or the weapon of the believer Allah Allah has given you such strength, such agency such so much Subhanallah in your DUA, do not underestimate and do not turn down the opportunity to be part of beatitudes and limitado ha the armies with which

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they cannot see or the ones that they cannot see. And then Subhan Allah Allah Tada finishes the summary of this moment when Giada Kelly Mehta, Lavina Cafaro, Sophia, Allah to Allah Subhan Allah, He placed

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this indignation and this humiliation and this absolute absurdity, the lowness of it, everyone can recognize whether they say it or not a sofa, the thing that is humiliated, it is debased it is the lowest, he made it incumbent that all of their words AlLadhina cathodal, would be defined by their loneliness. Last night, I was watching some of the interviews, as many of us do to help us cope, to help us look for Is everyone seeing the craziness that I'm seeing? Or am I truly being gaslighted still, by a world that refuses to witness this, and we are seeing people Subhanallah we are seeing people that a year ago

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took on this self identification of being an enemy of the Muslims, Candace Owens, and all of a sudden now she's tweeting that Palestinians deserve the right of freedom, and dignity, and what's happening to them is completely out of line. This person, brothers and sisters does not want to step foot in this building. She is too afraid. She sees a hijab and she walks the other way. But Subhanallah the argument of the occupation, is so debased and is so full of contradictions, and it's so full of absurdity that even the people that have no sympathies towards the Muslims or towards the Palestinians otherwise are seeing now that what Kennametal Lavina Cafaro a sofa. Those who

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disbelieve their words will be debase we have to have faith in this. And subhanAllah he finishes it for us, luckily but Allah He He had earlier and Allah's word will always be the highest. You scroll social media, and you see people with no connection to our religion to our faith, saying that they saw a video of a man a woman, a child, around rubble with blood, dirt on their face, and amidst tears because it is chaotic. It is painful. We can't deny that

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But amidst the tears they responded to their humanity with what hamdulillah Hussmann Allah when yet Maliki and these people with no access to Islam, so what are they saying? What is giving them this faith? What is giving them the strength and people respond to them and say this is the Quran. This is Islam. And now you have people not Muslim yet reading the Quran for their own nourishment. They're finding softness, they're finding, you know, this ability to be reminded of the justice of this world by the book of ALLAH subhana wa Tada Allah Tada says, When He promises us this, that he will place what he meant to law he he or Leah will law who is even Hakeem and Allah Tada is the one

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who is the most majestic, the greatest and he is the one who has the most wisdom we ask Allah to Allah to grant us some comfort through his words. We asked a lot to Allah to give us the ability to feel his Sakina just like Abubaker did. We ask Allah Tada to uplift those who are being oppressed all over the world? Whether it is our brothers and sisters and Philistine, whether it is our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, or our brothers and sisters in Sudan or in the Congo we asked you Oh Allah, to please uplift oppression Oh Allah do not make us a means of oppression Oh Allah make us means of relief and give peace and tranquility the hearts of all believers Yet Allah

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Muhammad Allah Amina critically how there was stuck for Allah he will not come while he sadly Muslim enormous demand for stock photo in the hula hula Rafi.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashraful, MBA woodmansterne. Inside know Muhammad salallahu Salam wa ala early he was heavy hitters, marine, brothers and sisters, there's a narration of the Prophet ISIL to Sudan from bass that I want to share with you. Because as I read it, I felt a reminder, I felt something that would maybe benefit myself and benefit everybody here. If my boss says that the prophets Allah Allah Salam said that NF is somebody Allah Mata Cara who later on he says that when you know that you can bear patiently with things that you dislike, there is goodness in it for you. And Allah Tala says or the Prophet SAW Selim says Caden cathedra were in the nursery.

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He says there were no nostre ma Sabri. He says victory and the assistance in the victorious aid that you're looking for. It is tied hand in hand with patience, that this idea of being able to endure difficulty is what will inevitably bring about victory. And this is the lesson that we see if anybody deserves to receive victory immediately. His name was Mohammed Abdullah SallAllahu sallam, and even his trial, even his difficulty. Even the Meccan era lasted over a decade. And even when he arrived in Medina Salallahu Salam, there was still no rest from trial and difficulty. SallAllahu wasallam in the 23 years of his prophethood were marked by difficulty they were describing him molto

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Rasul, Zahn lays Allahu Raha diamond fakra, that he was constantly thinking constantly he had this, this grief about him Salah Salem, when he was concerned about the safety of his ummah. So the Prophet SAW sent him here is telling us that this victory that you're searching for, is a victory that is paired with patience, and then he says, well, NL Faraja mild Caribee he says that know that relief always comes with some affliction. You can only experience that relief Subhanallah when you've been through an affliction, and then he says, when they might also use raw and he says that verily, every difficulty is paired with ease as he quoted the eye of Allah's parents, brothers and

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sisters, one of the things that I think is very important for us, as we experienced this as an ummah, a painful experience for us as an ummah, is we reflect on our own state. And we think about how the people that are experiencing the trial firsthand, are doing their job, but we have to also do our job. Part of our job is to be people that make dua that donate that pray that engage in a battle for the relief of the people who are being oppressed. But the other part of it is an etiquette and an edit that we are to have with our lives. I want to remind everybody, that while it is not a problem and while it is not sinful, to go on and take care of your families, we need to be

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in a state of remembrance about the trials that the OMA is facing. We said that the Prophet SAW Selim always had the concern of the Ummah, on his mind and on His heart, as we live our lives, the guilt that we feel should be shown by not boasting or showing things that we are engaging in. This should be a direct result of our understanding of the reality of this dunya if not, Allah he says something beautiful and I want to end with this. Many of us up until this point, had a lot of hope and aspiration.

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And in the comfort of this life, but now we're seeing that no amount of money, no amount of power, no amount of political advocacy, nothing that we thought was our salvation gave us salvation. Up until this point, it's been a month and every resource that we thought would give us success has fallen flat on its face. It not, Allah says lo a shaka laka ngulia thing that once Allah has illuminated you with the light of certainty, lot of ITIL accurate to Accra booty Laker min en taharah la ha, you will see the afterlife as being a place so close to you that you can't even travel to it. It's right in front of you.

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I am hearing and I myself am experiencing with my brothers and sisters, this absolute disappointment and this absolute disinterest in the dunya while our brothers and sisters are suffering and I'm here to tell you that that feeling is a healthy feeling. That is a feeling of iman that I don't want to go out there and celebrate and post pictures of celebrations. While my brothers and sisters are worrying if they can even sleep for 10 minutes at night that I don't want to now I might have to eat dinner and take care of my family. That's part of your responsibility. But I'm not going to go to fancy steak houses and post them online and show off. Even though this is something Allah has made

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permissible. I'm not going to be callous about that while people that I know who share my kalima are unable to even eat bread and water because it's not being sent in. And in that zone that you're experiencing holding back. If not less as you will start to see the app data in a way that you've never seen it before. You will completely lose interest here. You won't think that this place will bring you happiness, well accurate title ever thought we ask Allah to audit to make the outcome more beloved to us than our dunya We ask Allah to Allah to protect us. Why not send you out of dunya Akbar Hamina we ask you Allah not to make this dunya our greatest desire but Oh ALLAH that our

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Africa is our greatest desire Oh Allah we ask you by all of your names and attributes to protect those who are being hurt. Oh Allah we asked you to free those who are being oppressed Oh Allah we asked you to give she fat to those who are being who are sick Oh Allah we ask you to cure those and to give relief to those who are injured or we ask you to give happiness and tranquility to those who have lost Oh Allah we ask you Allah by all of your names and attributes Oh Allah we don't know every name. We don't know every age we don't know every person Allah but you do. And Allah your knowledge is complete our knowledge is incomplete. So Allah we ask you by all of your names, Oh Allah, to give

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to what those who are in need, give them what they need your Allah. Oh Allah allow us to be a relief for those who are oppressed. Oh Allah allow us to continue in dua. Oh Allah save us from hopelessness. Oh Allah save us from despair or Allah save us from feeling like we can never do enough of Allah and allow us to realize the power of coming closer to you and making dua to you. And Allah will not let it get to you. So Luna Allah Nebia you will live in Amarillo, Salim Ali. He was a limitless Nima. Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad came out so later Allah Ebrahim or early Ibrahim Phil Alameen. In Nikka Hamid Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed came out

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about Okta, Allah Ibrahim while early Ibrahim for Alameen in Naka Hamidah Majeed in the Lucha yet motivated it What son? What at that quarterback way in Khalifa che will monka you about it you're either coming to Allah come to the Quran empty masala

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llama llama como Hola. Hola, como a shadow?