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Las panatela refers to the Quran in the Quran itself as houda. houda means guidance and linguistically speaking the word hedaya houda. All of these are derivatives of the same route. It refers to holding someone by the hand leading them down the path, taking them on their way, making sure that they are on the proper way to their destination, like personally escorting someone to theirs to their destination. That is what the base and the roots and the origin and etymology of this word referred to in ancient Arabic And to Allah subhanaw taala. use that word when describing the Quran houda Allah subhanaw taala in Surah earlier on so number three is number 138. Allah

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subhana wa tada says, have a unruliness. This is not only just a clarification for humanity, and for humanity sake, well who then

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but it is also guidance for humanity, it will help humanity reach its destination, which is a life of dignity and meaning and purpose in this world, and the eternal bliss and happiness and earning the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala in the life of the hereafter. That is what the Quran teaches us to do. That is what the Quran is God is taking us to if we just allow ourselves to be led by the Quran, and that's why many of the scholars have talked about it many of the Sahaba ra the Allahu taala, on whom they actually talked about it that people end up having two types of relationships with the Koran. Either they follow the Quran, and in that case, operon will lead them to paradise,

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or they neglect and ignore and turn their backs on the Quran. And the Quran will pursue them. The Quran doesn't follow them, the Quran will pursue them and they will come after them. And once it catches up to them on the Day of Judgment, then their fate will truly truly be terrible. May Allah subhanaw taala make us all people who follow the Quran so that the Quran will not be chasing us down. Rather it will be vouching for us on the Day of Judgment.