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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of purifying oneself through actions such as bathing, walking, and praying to overcome impurity and attain acceptance. They also touch on the legal sense of the Sun airline's stance on the Koran and the importance of learning the Hadith and the legal sense of the Prophet sallama. The discussion also touches on the history of Islam, including the rule of Phone Shallays, the importance of washing one's hands on Friday, and the use of the Hadith of the Prophet sallama as an option for bathing. The speakers conclude by stating that they will continue to discuss the topic in the next segment.
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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam wa barakaatuh Allah.

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Allah alayhi wa sahbihi woman sarara sahbihi wa

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ala t Watanabe de la umidigi mean seldom at the Sleeman kathira. about

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last week, we've included the chapter of Babu who has the chapter of the etiquettes of relieving oneself from the lover towards the latter part of the book of purification, and there's only three chapters remaining. And so today inshallah, we will begin with the next chapter, which is Babel was re Hawkman by Bruce Lee was

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more or less everything that's gone before this stage, everything that we've discussed so far, generally speaking, refers to how to purify oneself when it comes to minor impurity, when it comes to minor impurity. And the way to do that is obviously we do so when a person is in a state of mind impurity. So for example, they relieve themselves they go to the bathroom and so on and so forth. Then the way to overcome this purification and to come back into a state of purity is via Waldo. However, within the Sharia, there is also another type of impurity and that is major impurity. And so, two of the three remaining chapters will discuss types of major impurity and this chapter is one

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of them and how to purify yourself from that major impurity. The major difference between the two is that minor impurity is something which is purified by whoodle. So, when you're in a state of mind and purity, the way that you lift off the impurities by making widow or ablution as is attained within the Sharia, whereas major impurity the way to lift off major impurity is by hustle or bathing. And so, there is prime The primary difference between the two, when it comes to major impurity, there is a type of major impurity that only applies to women. And there is a type of major impurity which applies to both men and women. So, what applies only to women is what is known as

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hail, what is known as a woman's monthly cycle, and that inshallah we will come on to and other related issues, and that inshallah we will come on to in the final chapter within the book of purification.

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The other type of major impurity which both men and women undergo

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is what is known as Genova, what is known as Genova. And that is what happens after ejaculation and when semen leaves the body. And so this is also a type of major impurity. What the author Rahim Allah does is he will mention this chapter and then after this, you will go on to the chapter of the yamo. And so now that we've discussed how to lift off minor impurity, and then major impurity, He will speak about what to do in the case of not being able to do either of the two due to some circumstances, and that will be the chapter of Tmm. And then he will come back on to Babel hailed which is the chapter of mentors, and this is the normal the norm within the books of fiction, what

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the spoilers of what the scholars of federal law generally do when it comes to ordering the chapters in the book of purification.

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So Abraham's Rahim, Allah says Babel, mostly what happened in the journal also,

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in the technical Sharia linguistic terminal, the technical terminology of the Sharia also refers to using water all over the body in a specific way, using water all over the body in a specific way. Now, just as when we spoke about Waldo, we said that there were, if you like two ways of making Waldo, there is the way which is known as what is the best way the way of the Sun and the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make possible and that is the perfect and best way that every Muslim should strive to attain and then there is what is known as the technical way of making meaning that this is the bare minimum that you have to do in order for you will do to be

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accepted. Now, as we mentioned at the time, that's not to belittle the status of what is the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, nor does it mean that that should be neglected. And I remember shellfish or Justin a few weeks ago gave a very good lecture on the importance of Sunnah. And so the point here is only that this is what when we speak about what is the bare minimum, in the sense of the shear It is only for the benefit of the technical sense in the sense that if a person were to come, and they were to say, for example, that I was making

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Will do. But I only had enough water to wash my limbs once Connor wash it three times only washed it once is that will do now valid? Is it sufficient for that person to now go and pray and make tawaf and teach the Koran? Or is it something which now we say no, you have to go and make Waldo again, this time with three times you wash your limbs three times, or if you can't find enough water for that, then you make three or more. So this is the purpose of studying the legal sense of Moodle. And so likewise, in also we have the same as well, we have the way that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make also and this is the way that we should be making muscle. And then you also have

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the bare minimum, what is the bare minimum that a person needs to do in order for you to technically qualify as hostile so that a person can then go and pray and do all of those other acts of worship? And so the terminology or the definition that we've given here for hustle is the technical definition, the bare minimum that a person needs to do. And that is to make sure that water touches every single part of their body in a specific way, why do we say in a specific way, because then it differentiates what is also in the in the in the Sheree sense from just taking a shower. So for example, if it's a hot day and the person's tired, or maybe they've had a long day of work, they

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come back and they make awesome they take, they take a shower, there is a difference between that shower and what is technically qualifying as a whistle. And so that's the importance of that definition.

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Also is one of those things which has been mentioned within the Koran and within the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So just as Waldo is mentioned, both in the Koran and within the Sunnah, likewise Muslim is one of those things that has been mentioned both in the Quran and within the Sunnah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, we're in boonton, juban foot baharu that if you are in a state of Jannah by major impurity, then seek purification. And this purification is referring to whistled and so it is implied within this verse, and the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there are many a Hadith, that speaker by Wilson and obviously we're

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going to come on to a number of them as well. And it is by the, by the consensus of the scholars that is a part of our religion.

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Those Rahim Allah He mentioned the title and he says Bible also the chapter of also obeying what happened in general and the ruling of the one in a state of Geneva have major impurity. And the German person is the one who is in a state of major impurity in Arabic language, he is known as Juniper and the state is known as Genova. So the state is Genova and the person that is in that state is known as Juniper. And why is he called Jonah because generally, the Arabic language means to stay away from, to refrain from. And so when a person is in the state of Geneva, they stay away from acts of worship, to to stay away from prayer, they stay away from baloff they stay away from

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touching the Koran, and so on and so forth. And so a person makes each Tina they stay away and refrain themselves from these acts of worship. And so they are known as

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the first Hadith or Abraham's Rahim Allah mentions within this chapter what Islam is that 93 is the hadith of Abu Salah

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Cody You're the one who called Paula Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah minalima perahu Muslim was to fulfill Buhari, the authority of sorry, the Iranian law one who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said water is from water collected by a Muslim and it was also mentioned inside him Buhari. One of the things that we've learned so far in the style and the way that Ibrahim mahama gathers these bodies and the way that he places the materials chapters one of the things that we've mentioned, is that one of the benefits of studying a book like Buddha almarhum is that it perhaps Rahim Allah won't just mention to you, for example, only authentic hadith, but often he

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mentions weak Hadith and he will even say himself that this hadith are we so that a person knows that these are Hadith are weak and therefore the rulings based upon them are weak rulings. One of the other things that he will also do Rahim Allah is sometimes he will bring abrogated Hadeeth. So how these, which even though they are authentic, their rulings have been abrogated. And again, it is to show you that even though this hadith is authentic, it no longer stands in the sense that their ruling was abrogated by another authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And again, it is so that you can appreciate it is so that you can appreciate these technical issues of

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the Sharia. And therefore you know, if a person comes to you with this hadith that this hadith has been abrogated by another Hadith, this hadith the first 3030 mentions is an example of that. So this first hand is according to the scholars of Islam has been abrogated. So just because a hadith in Sahih, Al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and it is authentic doesn't always mean that the rulings will still apply.

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Some of those Hadith Hadith have been abrogated. And so therefore it is important when you come to the bookstore and you come to the books of Hadith, that you study them with a scholar, you study them with a student of knowledge, you study them through a book you study them online with, with some kind of a shock that goes through them. And so therefore, you know, that this how do you deal with those in Bukhari and Muslim, this is the warning of the Hadith, because for the average person, if they find a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, they will take it and adopt it without looking at the finer details of the Hadith. So in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Al

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Maktoum in Alma water is from water. The scholar said that the first water what is what are these waters referring to? The first water is the water there is the normal water that we use to purify ourselves so just gentlemen water, whereas the second water is semen what comes out of the body, and so this is water is from water, meaning that one water will wipe away and cleanse the other water. And Allah subhana wa Taala within the Quran equals semen ma equals water within the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says in Surah, tarneit fully upon the man that mankind has been created from a thick murky type of water and a large region is referring to semen. And so what this hadith is saying is

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that the obligation of Ghazal and this is basically what these are, how do they fit these first couple of Hadith are talking about when does also become obligatory upon a person. So like we said before, when it comes to auto lenders who do become obligatory when a person leaves themselves widow is now obligatory upon that person, in the sense that they can pray and the comic tawaf and they can teach the Quran until they make widow again, that's the time now of obligation. So what about also windows also become margin. So according to this hadith also will only become larger, after a person exactly, it's after semen comes out, and this is the Hadith and Matt minalima, water is from

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Siemens, Siemens from water, and therefore one will wipe away the other. And so therefore, according to this Hadith, if a person for example, if a man for husband and a wife, their private pots were to touch, but nothing happened more than this, then no person would be obligatory upon until semen came out until there was ejaculation. So this is basically what this hadith is speaking about.

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And this obviously isn't saying Muslim as Buhari, but then when we go to the next Hadees Hadees, number 94, we find a different ruling. And this is why this abrogation occurs. And there is a hadith of Avaya Ravana before errata the Allahu anhu call, Paula Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either jela Sabina should be held by mucha de Vaca de

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la de de Muslim Manuel Amiens in the forgivable hora de la Wang who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if the man sits between the limbs of the woman and then he exerts himself then Wilson is obligatory upon early on in the national Muslim even if no semen comes out, or even if he doesn't ejaculate. So this how do you how do you Tomohiro the law? Again in Al Bukhari and Muslim seems to contradict the previous Hadith in the previous howdy if there is no puzzle until a person ejaculates. Whereas in this Hadeeth, no. Now, even if there is no ejaculation in the original Muslim, even if nothing happens, so long as those two private parts touch, the now muscle is larger.

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And so because the two ahaadeeth are contradictory is not possible to combine between the two, it's not possible for a person to come and say that there is a middle path in this. And so therefore, what we say is that one Hadeeth will

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abrogate the other. So how do we know that it is this hadith that abrogates the previous one? Firstly, because it's hard, it has extra information that the Hydra doesn't have extra information that the Hadith doesn't have. Secondly, because there is integration in Muslim Imam Muhammad on the authority of a wave lowcarb or the long run and it is authentic, that he said that in the beginning of Islam, they would say that water is from water, quoting the hadith of abou serene water is from water and this was a rasa. It was something which facilitated ease. It was at the beginning of Islam, but then after this, it was abrogated, and bathing became obligatory. So in this narration of

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available Caribbean Muslim Imam Muhammad, he explicitly says that this ruling was then abrogated. So in this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophet son alone while he was still missing, and there is another Hadith also similar to this that if the two private parts meet the double cannon, if the two private parts meet for the vegetable vessel, then Watson becomes obligatory and so therefore the ruling is when does also become manager. The Watson becomes larger for a husband and a wife if the two private parts touch and meaning

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Even if nothing more happens in this even if there was nothing else after this, that in and of itself would be sufficient to bring about Walsall and the last panel to Ireland was best

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had Islam and 95 one only Salama rhodiola one Muslim was brought to Abuja Paula to Rasul Allah in Milan is 30 Minute.

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Alma tilson tellement Pan Am is urashima de la. So in this hadith now, Abraham's Rahim Allah is going to speak after speaking about what the normal means of Muslim is what normally takes place in order for us to become margin, He will not speak about something else that will also make awesome margin. And this is the hadith of own selama that she said when the alarm rang her that also named the wife of a Buddha has said O Messenger of Allah. Indeed, Allah is not shy of the truth. So is it obligatory upon a woman to take a bath if she has a dream? He said yes, if she sees water, and then the rest of the Hadith and this is beautiful finale.

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So this habit this hadith is on selama on cinema is the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she narrates the room Celine, another of the female companions came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and also name is the mother of who, so no, no.

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No, okay. She is the mother of NSE pneumonic for the long haul, the mother of Anna's pneumonic, and she married a bottle her late one, she married a bottle Shannon sorry rhodiola one and that's why in the famous Hadith of the ruling of alcohol coming, the alcohol was made haram and, and famous the companions within spilling their Wiener in the gutters and so on. It is the hadith of NSW Malik and he was at that time serving his his his stepfather, Abu talhah. And the other men, he was serving the mind. Then that ruling came and then about how ordered him to spill the wine in the alleyways of Medina. And so on Salim is the mother of an automatic rhodiola one, one Hmm, and she is the wife of

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oberheiden Saudi rhodiola one she said O Messenger of Allah Indeed Allah is not shy of the truth. This is a very beautiful way of an a very beautiful etiquette that is shown here by this companion when addressing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because the issues that we're talking about here are issues which a person wouldn't normally speak about an address in public because of their nature, they have a very private nature. And it's not something which you normally talk about. However, the Muslim needs to know the rulings of their religion, they need to know the Sharia law. And sometimes only a way of knowing that Sharia law is to speak about these issues, speak about them

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openly in public or speak about them and you go and approach someone and you ask them to answer your question. And so if no one spoke about them, and they were studied, and they were mentioned in books, no one would know the words of Allah and Allah azza wa jal himself says in the Quran in the Lucha Libre study minute, Allah is not shy of the truth. And so she came that even though it was something which is a private sensitive issue, she came with this beautiful etiquette to the prophets on a long while he will sell them and before asking him this question, which normally would have been very difficult, especially for a woman to ask a man, she said this at the beginning, quoting

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this verse in the Lucha Libre study, Allah is not shy of the truth meaning of a lie is not shamed the truth, then why should we be shy of the truth, and that's why scholars said, and scholars of Islam said that shyness is from Islam, and we know from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that from the attributes and characteristics of a large xojo is that he is shy, Subhanahu Wata, Anna. And many companions who shy such as Earth man, if you're a firm on the long run, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say about him, should not be shy from the ones that the angels are shy from. And so the angels are shy as well. And there is a characteristic of the Muslim to be shy.

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However, the scholars say that that shyness is frowned upon if it comes in between a person and worship, where it becomes in between the person and seeking knowledge and coming closer and closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so therefore, in this setting, or in this setting, and in this context, it is wrong to be shy, and speak about these issues. It is wrong to be shy about these issues, because Allah is not shy about the truth, nor is allowed for a person to be shy about this, if it will help them learn their religion. And this doesn't just apply to issues of muscle, and Janab, and so on. But if a person for example, doesn't know how to pray properly, maybe they've been

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Muslim for 10 1520 years, they still don't know how to pray properly. It is the it is their role, it is their job, it is their duty to go and ask about how to pray, even though it may be embarrassing, and a person may be shy because after 20 years of being a Muslim, they still don't know how to pray. It is worship obligatory upon them. And so in this context, there is more shyness nor should the person being asked

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looked down or frown upon that person or embarrassed that person in any way, do something which would prevent that person from seeking that knowledge or from learning about the region of allow coming closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So here I'm Celine rhodiola and her after mentioning the spiritual etiquette, framing the question in such a beautiful way, she says, on messenger of Allah is the hostel upon a woman, if she has a wet dream, and so by this automatically understand that the ruling for men is that yes, there is a coastal if they have a wet dream automatically because it was, it's already assumed in the question that it is a ruling for men. But she wanted to know if

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that same ruling applied for women. So if a man has a wet dream, then he must go and he must take also. Whereas now for a woman she wants to know is it possible number one for a woman to have a wet dream? And number two, if she does, then machine may hustle. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes, if she sees anything, so it's not just sufficient for a person to see a dream, but then they don't feel anything well nothing comes out. But if that something does come out, if they inject clay and so on, then they must go and they must make awesome 700 Rahim Allah after mentioned the padding to speak about when also is Virgin and that is the norm that when a husband and wife

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have relations that he mentioned this other issue as well. In another context another way that was also becomes virgin is when a person has a wet dream and a lot of xojo knows best had Islam a 96 one Annecy bumalik Amalia Lang Allah Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Filmora to turn off human me hammer euroregion pinata la de de Muslim father to Muslim upon ohada Poland I'm filming in a coma shaba authority Amana Cebu medical the Allahu anhu said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said concerning a woman who sees in her sleep what a man sees that he said that she must take a hospital or a bath multifocal gnarly, collectable enamel body and Muslim and in the notion of

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Muslim or Muslim said and is this possible on the profits on the long run? He will sell them said yes. Where does the likeness come from?

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This How do you even know Malik is very similar to the previous Hadith. And as we said, NSW Malik is the son of insulin. And so he knows this hadith in the second narration, or the long one Houma and so he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said concerning a woman who sees what a man sees in his sleep. So again, the prophets of Salaam is establishing the ruling for the man implicitly, but it's understood it's known that this is what happens with the man that they have over three minutes one of the signs of attaining puberty when a boy goes through this, that automatically it also will become worship upon them. So I've been hajra him online. He's a Hadith of

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the prophets of Salaam show that it wasn't a question for a man to ask meaning that men didn't need to know the answer. They understood it already. They understood it was for a woman. Why did they ask this number one because they want to know is it possible for a woman to have dreams? And number two they want you to know from the prophets of Salaam is the semen from a woman meaning does a woman have some type of fluid within her as well? That is considered to be like semen having the same ruling of semen and being considered to be Ma. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said concerning the woman who has a wet dream, yes, she takes also she takes a bath. So it's the same

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morning for men or women. If she sees in her sleep, or a man sees them, she has awesome. However, in the next generation of Muslim, the Roma Salim said, O Messenger of Allah, is this possible? Well, how

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is this possible? she's referring to in the previous Hadith she's referring to? Is it possible for a woman to have a dream? However, in this Hadith, she's referring to is it that a woman has this type of fluid? What is considered to be the semen of a woman? Alma has the same ruling. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yes, and where do you think the likeness comes from? Meaning that a child man is born, he will either look like the father or the mother, or the child will have some of the features of the mother and the father. So there will be a likeness of both parents or there may be a stronger likeness of one parent over the other. And so the prophet SAW

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Selim said that if the woman didn't have this type of fluid, then where does this come from? Where does this likeness come from? And is similar to another Hadith of the man who came to the profits on the loan while he was selling, and Bedouin men and he said, O Messenger of Allah, my wife has given birth to a child, that is different to me. He has a different skin color to me. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do you not have camels? And he said, Yes. He said, What is the color? They said, brown and red. He said, Do you not get a white one roadblock one every so often? He said, Yes, he said, so where does this black or white camo come from? He said, perhaps one of his

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

ancestors had that color and so now through the

00:25:00--> 00:25:27

Jesus come through meaning through one of the blood or through the blood, it's inherited in that child. And so the process of said, and maybe your child is the same. And so the child will resemble the parents and features in blood type, you know, genetic, so on and so forth. And we know this now, in modern studies, that a child's going to have a similar gene pool and, you know, if one if it's an inherited type of illness that a person has, then it may go to the child as well.

00:25:28--> 00:26:13

And so this is exactly what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is saying, to almost Srimati Allahu Allah, that where do you think the likeness of the child comes from from the woman's side, if she doesn't have this type of fluid, which is number 97 100 Chateau de la Juan Hippolyte de Salalah alayhi wa sallam ayakashi luminara Minar in Geneva mo melodrama. Amina he Jama woman was still me yet Raja Buddha would also have even hoceima on the authority of Arusha, the one who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would be from for you would be for major impurity from Geneva, you would base on the day of Friday of Juma he would believe from copying Jama and he would bathe

00:26:13--> 00:26:36

from washing the dead overstable meat and this is cooked by Buddha would unauthenticated by hoceima. Even though Abraham Rahim Allah mentioned that it's authenticated by no hoceima the vast majority of the scholars of Hadith have declared this hadith to be weak. They have said that it is a weak Hadith, the likes of Emanuel Bihari Imam Shafi even Abu Dawood generates his Hadith himself. All of them say that the Hadith is weak.

00:26:38--> 00:27:16

However, we'll discuss it anyway these four issues simply because they mentioned in this hadith number one, the first one we discussed any way which is Jana, by major impurity and we said when major import human Watson becomes obligatory after major impurity, and by each of the scholars, if a person is in major impurity, then it is worship upon them obligatory upon them to take awesome it is rajim. Today Listen, and they are not allowed to pray, nor is the prayer correct, nor is the wife correct, nor are they allowed to Quran, Koran, and so on until they make all sorts of awesome becomes viagem for them, and this is by each marked by consensus of the scholars of Islam. The three

00:27:16--> 00:27:54

remaining issues are issues of difference of opinion, when it comes to washing on Fridays, or taking a Muslim pride inshallah, we will come on to the show Lee in another Hadith. So we'll leave that discussion till then, the third issue, which is a Jama or copying some of the scholars that it is recommended to take to make also from copying. However, the majority of the scholars are not of this opinion that is not recommended. But rather it is something which is more back, it is allowed, if a person wishes to do it, they may do so. And if they don't wish to do it, then they don't have to do so. However, a few of the scholars said it is recommended. A lot of this seems to go back to a while

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like copying why these issues have been mentioned is because

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they say that

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Wilson is one of those things that returns a person to the full energy, that it makes the person more energetic and makes them a recuperates the energy and so on and so forth. And everyone knows this in the morning, when a person wakes up to have a shower, you feel better, you feel more awake, you feel more energetic. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recommended that a person after having made relations that they should take generic take also from Geneva, that was not allowed for you to pray until you do so. So after you you've had relations or a person has relations, then that the hosel and then they pray, so that it will be more energetic and attentive

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in their prayer. Likewise, on the Friday prayer, because it's so important, and its obligation is so strong in Islam, a person makes all sorts of that when they attend the Friday prayer, the energetic, they're more attentive to the 14, they listen to the hotbar better, the mind doesn't wander, they don't feel sleepy and tired and so on. Likewise, copying some of the scholars said cutting because when you remove blood from the body, it automatically weakens you just does a person will be weakened after relations. And so, copying weakens a person as well. So, when they take a bath, then or also again it will return the energy to them. And likewise washing the deceased is something

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which is arduous, it is something which takes a lot of energy and effort in order to watch the deceased and therefore person takes hosel again to in order to become more energetic. So this is one of the reasons that the scholars gave in terms of this grouping. However, as we said, when it comes to coping, the majority of the scholars of Islam say that it is not a Sunnah to take a bath from coping and I don't know of any Hadith regarding this either. And likewise with washing the dead there is no Hadith to the best of my knowledge. Speaking about wisdom when it comes to when it comes to washing the dead mama knows best. And the Hadith is because we said what is number 98 we're under

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the hora de la Sati for mama

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in the Muslim world Amara

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Allah alayhi wa sallam and your tassel. Rama. pasa was upon Ali.

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So Abraham Rahim Allah is doing as he's going through all of the possible reasons that they may be for a person to make Muslim. So he's not even go into the description of Vasile until much later on what he's doing now is establishing all of the reasons that make Muslim obligatory and when he will go into the description of Muslim. So this hadith of Abu huraira, the alarm rang in the story of Buddha when he accepted Islam that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam ordered him to take Muslim and this is collected by the result. And it's the original story is also found in Al Bukhari and Muslim who knows the story of somatic cell. So anyone who knows we're referring to the memory cell.

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He was brought to LA and he was from the tribe of Benny hanifa, who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was captured by a group of people from the Prophet from one of one of the armies of the prophets of Salaam sent out they captured him not knowing who he was, and they brought him back to Medina. And previously he had rejected Islam. He had rejected Islam, when given Dawa. And so he came and the prophet SAW Selim said to them do not know who this is. And then he said, No, he said, this is the member had been authored, and he was the chief of his tribe, and so that the prophets of Salaam or did he be

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tied to the pillar of the mustard. And he was tied for three days. He was tied for three days every day, he would come in, he would say, What is your news of for mama and Mama would say that my news is good. If you, if you kill me, then you will kill someone who has many people within meaning he has a big tribe behind him. And if you let him go, that He is someone who will reward you handsomely. And so the process of them would leave him to come back and come back until finally he freed him. And so once he freed him, then he came back of his own accord, and he accepted Islam will be a long run. And it is said that he was one of the first people to go into Makkah and say the

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Tobia out loud, and so the prophet SAW them. When they captured him, he was on his way to Makkah to make ombre, but then he was brought to Medina. And then when he accepted Islam, he went back to Mecca, and he entered, making the Tobia out loud and he said that he was the first or one of the first Muslims to do this for the Allahu Allahu wa. So this is the Hadeeth of fu mama within this hadith. In one chain of narration, it says,

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oh, in one of the narrations, it says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ordered him to be hostile when he accepted Islam ordered him to Muslim when he accepted Islam, and so therefore, is awesome logic upon him is awesome worship upon him.

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This is an issue of difference of opinion amongst the scholars of Islam. It is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars of Islam. Some of the scholars said it is obligatory, it is obligatory upon a new Muslim, to take muscle and they use this hadith of full mama and use another Hadith also, which is similar to this another individual that when he accepted Islam, he went and he made awesome. Some of the other scholars said he only makes Muslim, if there is a reason for it. So if for example, before Islam, he was in a state of major impurity, or maybe he never took a muscle because it's not part of his religion or whatever, then he would make awesome then he would make

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awesome and some of the scholars said there is no muzzle upon him at all. Doesn't matter about the state in which he enters into Islam. There is no muzzle upon him at all. And the stronger opinions used to be that is a recommendation is recommended for a new Muslim to Muslim, but it is not obligatory. That's because this hadith of Puma Busan in the integration that is in Sam ohanian Sahih Muslim. So mama is ordered to make Muslim but he makes also himself so when the prophets of Salaam read him, he went and he made a whistle and he put on new clothes. And then he came back and he accepted Islam. So his Wilson was of his own choosing, not because of a command of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam and so therefore it is better for them to make Muslim and it's highly recommended, but it is not something which is larger and Allah knows best.

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How do you cinema 99 wannabe sorry for the Allahu Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Paul Giamatti valuable Allah tell him of Raja Sabha, the 30th anniversary that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, bathing on the day of Joomla on Friday is obligatory upon every mature person upon every adult. And this is collected by the seven scholars of Hadith meaning it is in Bukhari and Muslim and many other books of Hadith. And this hadith would seem to imply that Wilson is on Fridays that is watchable on every adult everyone has reached the age of maturity and over it is worship upon them to make Muslim, however, will take this hadith along with the next Hadees Hadees number

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100 to look at this issue, as a whole

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That is the Hadith of

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the Allahu Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mantova. Yeoman Juma it fell behind when a woman is Salah fellows to Raja Hamza Hashanah who Tourmaline and the 30 of Samora who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whosoever makes will do on the day of Friday, then that is sufficient and whosoever takes a bath Mickelson then also is better and it is collected by the five and it is authenticated by Timothy and other scholars of Hadith. So now again, you have this issue or this situation we have to authentic hadith. In the first hadith of Abu sorry about the long run, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seems to imply that Mosul and bathing on a Friday is

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obligatory upon every adult upon everyone that reaches the age of maturity. Whereas in the second half of the hadith of someone or it is as an option is allowed for you to make muscle if you wish to. But you must make Budo meaning as you would normally make when you come to play any prayer. So that is what you must journey from a muscle that also is better. And so, as you can imagine, the scholars of Islam have differed over this issue. Because of this difference in these two Hadith. The vast majority of the scholars including the four emails of the Muslims are of the opinion that wholesome and bathing on this day of Friday is recommended. It is not obligatory, and is

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recommended, but some of the scholars said that it is obligatory. However the vast majority including the full Emacs of the month have say that it is recommended. Shuffle Islam, even a Tamia Rahim Allah said, there is recommended unless a person is in a very dirty state, or maybe they're very sweaty, or foul odors emanate from them, then for them it is watching. For them it is watching. And so this is how to tame your Rahim Allah combined between the two Hadith he said that the general rule is that it is recommended. However, if for example, a person is working in a very dusty place, and they come very dirty tomorrow, or maybe they have a very difficult job, maybe then manual labor,

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they spent a lot of time in the sun and so they will come very sweaty, and they will have an odor to them I found older than now they would have to make muslin and then it will become larger. And he basically, he bases this upon the honey the variation of the law that is found in Bukhari and Muslim that she would say that the people would come for the day of Friday for the hotbar. And they will come from their houses and from the works of place from the places of work in places like our Valley, which is one of the parts of Medina, one of the districts of Medina. And she will say that some of them would come and they would be found and they would be dirty, and they would have a bad

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odor to them. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say to those people, if only you would wash on these days, meaning if only you would a Muslim on these days. And so even taymiyah Rahim Allah he based his opinion on this hadith as well. And so that is that if a person is in that state, then they should take muscle, because as we know that foul odors also harm the angels of a larger region. And that's why a person that is colic and uninsured come into the masjid. So likewise and especially so on the day of Joomla where the odor maybe will disturb the other people who are praying, and especially if they're trying to listen and be attentive in the hotbar but the mind is

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preoccupied with other issues and it will pay Mahima home law said that even though it isn't a recommendation, it is one of the most heavily recommended acts in Islam. And so you have some num waka which is heavily recommended something which is highly recommended within Islam. Even opium Rahim Allah said that this taking the bath on a Friday is more highly recommended than we thought it is more highly recommended than making Moodle For example, when a person touches their private parts of for example, when a person touches another woman or whatever is this issue is more recommended than any of those showing its importance in the religion and that a person should take also if and

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when possible, and unless the witch knows best and inshallah that's what will conclude our show next week. We'll we'll continue and inshallah finish the rest of that chapter. So if there's any questions, inshallah we'll take them otherwise we'll conclude

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in that original Abdur Rosa it says that he was commanded for the notion of Bukhari and Muslim it says that he went away himself took the whistle and then came back.

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So that's more authentic.

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If you break when we spoke about if you break when the no you just make refueling, as we mentioned last week, the etiquettes of relieving oneself is that you then clean yourself and then you would make

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Okay, so inshallah, we'll stop there.

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