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Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning about Islam and the benefits of it for one's life. They suggest that the knowledge of Islam is a crucial factor for achieving success in HUD, and that learning it is a journey that benefits everyone. The speaker also advises against taking too long to get to the point of not being satisfied with what you know and suggests that learning will be beneficial and beneficial for everyone.
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As I've been preparing in sha Allah to join the column hedge group this year in 2020, I've been talking to a lot of people having a lot of conversations in the community, with different people about hedge. And I become aware of the different things that people are very nervous about when it comes to hedge. I thought one of the things that are shared with everyone here today is that some people I talked to I come across are very concerned that they don't know enough about HUD itself, to be able to go ahead and sign up and put down the deposit and actually go for Hajj this year. They keep on worrying about the fact Well, there's so much I don't understand about Islam. There's so

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much going on. I don't really understand there's so much about the life of the prophets, a lot of I don't know, there's so much about the rules and regulations and fick and technicalities that I'm not aware of yet. And if I go ahead and try to go for hunches here, what if there's not enough time for me to be able to learn everything,

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then I don't want to go for Hajj and not do it properly. While that's a very good, you know, mindset that you want to make sure you're able to do the best Hodge possible. At the same time though. What I would once again suggest here is that knowledge is one of those things, the knowledge of Islam, the knowledge of the religion is a sea without chores, there's no end to it. There's literally hundreds and 1000s of pages written about just how to perform the hygiene, all the technicalities of hygiene if you keep on waiting to get to that particular point. Once again, I'm afraid that you're never ever going to reach a point where you'll be fully satisfied with what you know. Rather, making

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the intention to go for hygiene actually taking the motivation to go for HUD sooner rather than later can actually serve as a very powerful motivation to start learning more seriously and to start to start taking your learning a whole lot more seriously. The second thing is that Islamic knowledge is different than other kinds of things where it's a lot about the buttock I it's a lot about the blessing, what type of lower you are limo como la, be conscious of God, and God will teach you what you need to know. So a lot of times it's not just about the right information, but it's about the benefit and the depth and the understanding of that knowledge and that benefit that depth that

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understanding only comes from Allah. So when you have a noble intention, and you're trying to back it up, Allah subhanaw taala puts a lot of blood but aka, Allah puts a lot of blessing in your knowledge and your understanding of your knowledge. And then it'll be truly truly beneficial, a whole lot more beneficial. The profits a lot from Thomas into this application, a lot of money as Luca Raman nafion or loved bless me with beneficial knowledge. So one way to have beneficial knowledge is to make an intention to do good, and then push forward and Allah will put a lot of benefit and blessing and Baraka in your knowledge. So my advice, make the intention to go for Hajj,

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go ahead and sign up to go sooner rather than later. And then start your journey of learning. And undoubtedly you will find a lot of Baraka and a lot of blessing in your knowledge and in your seeking of knowledge.

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