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The speaker discusses different theories about the name Koran, including the majority views it as the root word, the minority view that it refers to a worker, and the potential influence of the internet on the title. They also mention the use of the word "the internet" to mean everything, including the internet and the internet's influence on media.

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Of course, the what many scholars called the given name of the poor on his, or on. Now, what does the word Koran mean? Where does it come from? Exactly? And what does it refer to? What does it? What does it allude to in its etymology and its origins. So the word Koran, there are a couple of different discussions and theories about exactly the name itself. So some scholars are of the opinion majority of the scholars are actually of the opinion that the word of God on come from Cora, which means to read, something and we're on is that which is read, not only that, which is read, but that which is read excessively, abundantly, repeatedly, over and over again, and with a great sense

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of importance.

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Another theory on the name of the poor, and that's minority theory, and that is that the workload on actually comes from the root word, which refers to two things being joined together, like padeen meet refers to a very, very close friend. And so Koran some scholars are theorized, also at some level refers to the fact that the Quran is the companion for each and every single believer that you never leave home without it, that you constantly have it with you all the time. And then some scholars have even gone as far as saying that the word Quran while it can maybe have an element of all these different words to it, but ultimately, it is not a derivative of any other root word. It

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is the actual unique given name of the Quran, by Allah subhanaw taala himself, and the word the Quran is called the Quran within the Quran itself 73 different places in the Quran. And the one that I'll share with you here today for a little bit of thought and reflection is very appropriately Allah says a fella yet the brunette or do they not reflect and contemplate and think very deeply ponder upon the Quran. So Allah subhanaw taala is calling on us and challenging us. Not one but multiple places, multiple places in the Quran, and that is, think about the Quran, reflect on the Quran, understand it, ponder upon it, and let it change your life.