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A lot of us recognize this voice Allah the Almighty will order the AngelList Rafi Ali salaam to blow through the hole. This is a legendary voice of Sheikh Mohammed Abdul Jabbar. Yeah, his videos went viral. Yeah, some time back because he was mashallah passionately speaking about the Day of Judgment, the jaw and all of these topics, and it had like movie clips to match with it. And it was really powerful because we had something visual other than a stock footage of mountains on a one hour lecture and the stock footage, it's like it's still got the bars on the right and the left you know, I'm saying and we're wondering why people don't want to listen. And then there was some

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problems with the channel and with the people he was working with the pretty much done him over. So now I'll hamdulillah he's back. And this time we can actually see his face here. He's got a new channel, so definitely subscribe to him. Link in the description. Let's get on with the reaction thought