Mufti Menk – MUST LISTEN – Holding Grudges

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of forgiveness and learning to forgive in order to regain consciousness. They also mention the embarrassment of lying to oneself and the need to regain consciousness when facing negative circumstances. The conversation is a mix of personal and professional advice.
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Is it compulsory? To forgive others? The answer is no. It's not compulsory, if you want to hold it, hold it. But I want to teach you something today. Sometimes when you hold something and you say, I will deal with this man on the Day of Judgment, people have a right to say that. But sometimes when you say that

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you might come on the day of judgment and a few scenarios could take place. Firstly, you might find out on that day that that person was not actually wrong.

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When Justice comes, there's a chance maybe something happened behind the scenes that you did not know.

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And so you're not aware.

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I know that just let go. It's okay. Or you might find you were right. You got the justice, but you were caught because of other things that you did against Allah that He is now holding against you. Subhanallah

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had you released Allah says, We will release, forgive, don't you want to be forgiven? That's what the verse says, Forgive, haven't you done wrong things in your life? Yes, I have. When you forgive, we will forgive. That's exactly what Allah is telling you. He's encouraging you.

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But Allah's Mercy is great. So you want to heal within learn to forgive and learn to seek forgiveness, who should I seek forgiveness from? Ultimately, Allah?

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Oh Allah, if I have wronged you, forgive me, strengthen me and if I have wronged others, Oh Allah,

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He will help me to seek the forgiveness of that person.

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helped me to seek the forgiveness of that person. It is so embarrassing

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when we find out that I have wronged someone from the Ummah or wherever it may be.

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And we have to actually go to that person and say, You know what, I seek forgiveness.

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In our language, we say you had to eat humble pie. Here to eat what? Humble Pie. I'd rather eat humble pie in the dunya.

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Then to be cast somewhere that I don't want to be

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in the hereafter. My brother I'm sorry.

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I want to tell you all today, if I hurt you or offended you in any way knowingly, unknowingly, firstly, may Allah forgive me. And secondly, may you all forgive me.

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A day will come when I have to return to Allah you have to return to Allah. If you don't have a concern for that day. You have a lot of work and a lot to work on. And a lot of improvement because don't deceive yourself. Your days are numbered. Your clock is ticking. You will send the timer has already clocked perhaps more than half of the sand is down. Maybe almost all of it is down maybe a few greens are left who knows. You know as a sand timer.

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Be concerned about the day you're going to go back to Allah you will heal

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