Abdul Nasir Jangda – Tafseer Of Surah Yaseen Ayahs 55-58

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding the investment in reaping the rewards of one's actions, finding the good news of forgiveness, and finding the peace in the absence of one's heart and soul. They stress the importance of minimizing one's ownind emphasizing others and finding personal pleasure in avoiding distractions. The use of automated technology and words like "has" in describing people as "has" and how they relate to the culture of the movie industry is discussed.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim see

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have an agenda.

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I have an agenda

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Feedly daddy pilot or

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Rob Roy.

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To briefly recap what we've covered so far, we are in the third passage or portion of the school, which is talk which is focusing on the life of the hereafter. The fact that there is a life after death, and what will exactly transpire there. And this is a third of the three major themes or concepts that macaron focuses on overall the territory and focuses on these are three core aspects of the mind and belief in faith. But especially welcome Brian early revelation focuses on three areas, though he'd witness of godliness of a lot, the Salah prophet with messenger, and third is asking about the life of the hereafter. So this is the third of those three things. Now, in the

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previous passage, we talked about how the Day of Judgment, the Day of Resurrection will commence, basically, how it will happen, how everything will transpire. And I talked about everybody being brought back to life being presented before it was, as was promised, previously within the swan, and then finally talks about the perfect justice, the absolute perfect justice that will be

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that will be done on that day. And that is that each and every single soul will be rewarded will be reconvince, will face will come to terms with exactly that which it had done. Everybody will basically find the investment, they'll be reaping what those what they've sown. And so now this part, these four items that we're going to study today is number 55 to 58.

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If you remember the beginning of the summer talked about two types of people. First first group of people was some up and down.

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There was the first group of people was it's equal, it doesn't make a difference, whether you want them or you have been warned that these people are not going to believe that

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Allah's decision has been confirmed in regards to the majority of them. Don't be expecting them to believe that was the first group. The second group was but why do you go about and still conducting your message? Why should you still be pouring your heart and your soul into this effort and to this cause in the Moto denominator article

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that you are warning those people the one who it follows the reminder, we talked about that quite a bit of detail. Well how she arrived. And he fears that principle, even in the absence when nobody else is around, and we both feel guilty. So give the good news of forgiveness, and the most generous, noble reward to this type of person. So now that we're talking about the outcome, that was the objective of the seller, profitable, you focus on those people, that's why you're doing what you're doing is because of those people, even the passage about the we've talked about those people who believe in a loss.

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So now it's focusing on what will transpire with those people under the judgment, what will happen because we've talked quite a bit about the group of people who aren't believing and we're going to see more of what's going to happen with them. But what's going to happen with the good people, the people that follow the reminder the people that listen to the messengers, the people who believe in Allah, what's going to happen to these people. So in line number 55 losses in general, that most definitely the word in that in the Arabic language is is apathy shut is to remove doubt. It's for emphasis, most definitely. US have an agenda, the people of Paradise, the companions of gentlemen.

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So it doesn't say Adam geneticists as

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the companions of the companions of Paradise. It shows a more, it shows that this is where the

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People belong, that they are the inhabitants, the dwellers, the companions. And it also emphasizes another aspect, the fact that there'll be a group of people all hanging out together, and they're not going to be by themselves. But there'll be many companions agenda. And so the companions of Paradise alone today, remember the last passage that we said in the last few if you studied as well, we talked about how a yo, it's kind of making you visualize it the Word of God saying today, basically, this word is telling you to close your eyes for a moment and visualize picture like you see the inhabitants agenda, because the description that's about to be given to you is very, very

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descriptive. It's very imaginative, it's full of imagery, it's something that's very real, that you can picture in your mind literally. So the word is supposed to tell you listen, just just think about visualizing fee sure when in fact you want that these competitors companions of Paradise genma fie chauvelin. Fie means In short, in the Arabic language means something that like an indulgence, something that you indulge in something you engage in something that when you get involved with it, it kind of you forget about everything else.

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Almost like entertainment, a game a hobby. Have you ever seen children, they play video games?

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Have you seen when people play video games, they have no idea what's going on around them. It doesn't mean the house burned down or after facility. They won't stop.

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Right? So this completely, I mean, this is Texas country. So we know football, what happened to the football game is coming on.

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Doesn't matter what a football game is coming on.

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selection, indulgence, a hobby. Let's talk about something a little more productive. You know, somebody who likes to read a lot.

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When they're, they're just reading a book, you have to call them two, three times a loop a

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few times, you don't even realize you were speaking to them. It is so engaging, so absorbed in it. So that's called the showman. All right. And while in the life of this world, we're told to try to minimize our indulgence within these types of things and be a little more productive, spiritually productive, socially productive, give more time to family and the people that are brought upon us. But in general,

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in general person will be told that you sacrificed, like a lot of the scribes are believers in what we're learning that we want to know they always say, they don't indulge in useless things.

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But on the Day of Judgment, this person will be told this believer was going into agenda you will at that time, we will listen, you gave up your indulgences, your hobbies, the things you like to do in order to be a better person, fulfill the rights of people be more spiritually productive, give more time to Allah, and Dean and Islam and the question of Iran today, do whatever you feel like Hulu, what should

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he drink? Just live it up? Why In exchange, email the buyers in exchange of my last left Infineon and hollier would you invest it into in the days that have passed, the days that passed before all the time, the energy, the effort, everything that you invested into it, in exchange of that, so you are focused in the life of the world, you get to deprive yourself and things you wanted to do in the life of the world. So today, he dreams is living up, do whatever you feel, whatever,

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all of your desires will be fulfilled. So we're talking about people in general will basically do whatever they feel like

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they'll just don't and wherever they want a built, there's no time limits. There's no appointments, there's no alarm clocks, and wake up calls and whatever it is that that you know, is disturbing to you. Whatever it is, that kind of cuts into your time, your relaxation, your entertainment, all that's just gone. Sugar, and the word shoehorning Allah mentions it in the common form becchio form, what that means is it creates versatility, diversity in the meaning that for everybody, it will be different and that's why I did not specify what is this? What is it that this person will go to? Because for everybody is something different.

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For somebody who might be something somebody else, something else, whatever it is, whenever you want to do, there was a veteran man who came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said Will we be able to farm and gentlemen

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I don't know why you want to farm but sure.

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Because he said that's what we do. It's what we enjoy. Even when you see somebody who has a hobby of like wood crafting or something and they got their fingers are all cut out but they got split

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Using their fingers, and they're in their garage, and they're sweating and

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torturing themselves, but that person enjoys it. Sometimes she just didn't notice.

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You know, exercise. You know, for people like me, it's really problematic. It's troublesome. Some people the way they like to enjoy themselves, they like to go run for miles. That's what they enjoy doing.

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So a person will be able to indulge or whatever they want to do Fatty,

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fatty room discussion, the word, this will basically means when somebody is sort of just somebody is very happy, joyful. So he's just happy. They're laughing, and they're smiling, and they're kind of there's a word I don't, we don't use it too much anymore, and column by word, but this ain't getting this is really just kind of just just energetic. So much energy, just don't know what to do with just really, really happy and really excited, you know, when you get so happy. So inside, you're in such a good mood, you're borderline kind of goofy, right? That that's fucking

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Johnny Johnny, to the point where you just, you just you don't know how to contain yourself, you're so happy. And it's such a good time. So these people will be indulging into these hobbies, or these things that they want to do fucking on. And it's not any type of, they don't feel any like in this world. Even when we engage in some entertainment. We know it ends, we know we have an appointment, there's something hanging over our head. But these people will just be out of their mind happy just having such a good time. But we nothing else, nothing else that will distract them. And then they'll use the word fee, the preposition fee. In mean, they'll be completely absorbed. They'll never, like

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I said mentioned, they'll have no distractions, no appointments, no end times nothing. They can just do it as long as they want to do.

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So in this habit agenda, and you're so these companions agenda today. fishable. In fact, they're completely just absorbed into their hobbies and their entertainment. And they're fun. And they're having such a good time that you can't even imagine. This is a descriptive of the people who description and people in general. Now,

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let me ask you guys another question sometimes, okay, so let's just say somebody who's having a good time, somebody who's had, you know, indulging in their hobbies or in some entertainment. But when somebody does that by themselves, they do it all by themselves. This is a second kind of looked at this and get kind of lonely after a while, it gets kind of boring after a little bit. Other people kind of consider somebody like that to be kind of a loner, kind of a weirdo. Right? You'd like to do things in company. You'd like to do things with other people. You just sit by yourself. If you play video games with like four other friends. You're playing FIFA or Madden or something and you're

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playing with four other friends. That's a good time. But what if you spend three hours playing video games by yourself? Something's wrong with you.

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That's an activity, there's something wrong with you, and why aren't you with other people. So and at the same time, it gets kind of lonely after with. So let's say that these people in general will not indulge into these activities, or into these hobbies and entertainment is fun, by themselves, rather who was on them and their spouses, their companions. So they'll have their their wives or for women, there'll be their husbands will be their fields.

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And they'll be sitting in shades. So it's as if they're sitting outside.

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So it's like the perfect combination, the best of both worlds. They're having fun. They're, they're doing whatever they want to do.

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They have friends and family there with them, having fun with them. They're sitting outside in a beautiful scenery, the gardens of genda the gardens in general are something we can't even imagine is little bits and pieces of descriptions jetpacking, 13 and 11 how rivers flowing from these gardens, like literally waterfalls coming out from these gardens, and rivers flowing from beneath them. And the Parag describes not just ordinary rivers, via an alma mater remain lady ice and water that ever stenches what and how do we never bottle rivers of milk that will never go sour? Why not? I'm going to humbly admit that to the shouting in reverse of the pure wine of gentlemen. One out

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woman I sent him a sofa, and rivers of pure honey.

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And these will be guardians of Jenna, the literally the grass, the blades of grass. It'll be like diamonds and pearls and rubies and valuable gems and stones, like as rocks and different things out there. And in the gardens of the trees and Jenna

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describes the trees of Jonah, that only a single rocking feeling you have

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that if a person was to ride a horse for 100 years, he wouldn't be able to cross the shadow of the truth shade cap

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By the tree. These are the gardens, the gardens of Paradise. so beautiful, so lush and so amazing. So this person is sitting outdoors in this unbelievable, beautiful scene.

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All right, but he has a shade over here with the shade of these trees that like we talked about feedlot in and change a lot, if you will. Now usually when we sit outside is let's just say it's a nice, pleasant, beautiful day, and you're sitting outside under the shade of a tree. Alright, then maybe you got to put a sheet down and you're sitting on the ground. So it's nice, but it's not the most comfortable sitting position. Maybe there's a bench or you took a folding chair out there or something. It's not the most comfortable seat. But what about these people? Once again, it's the best of everything I learned I was like literally the best.

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The best explanation I can give give to you, based on what we understand the Best Contemporary explanation of this I can get you. It's like a recliner, like a lazy word. The word I like and he can is the singular of it. It literally describes like a couch or something you sit on. But it's kind of like in between a bed and a couch. Like something that's kind of lets you sit in a position that is between buying down and sitting up, which is we call what we call a recliner. So imagine having a lazy voice in under the shade of a tree on the most beautiful days in the most beautiful place you've ever seen, with whatever form of entertainment you like. And not only that, but it's

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not just one Lazy Boy, there's like eight lazy boys and all your friends and family are there. It's just unbelievable. You couldn't even dream up a scenario like this. And this is what

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that's describing this people have given to us feeling that in

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their leg back into lazy boys in the recliners just chillin having a good time. Level IKEA. Not only that, but then what happens when you're, you know, you're you're indulging in some activity after a while you feel like having some snacks and popcorn and chips and drinks or something. Well, that's provided as one lump of fruits, right then and then it's waiting for them. In fact, another placement of Bronson into the hopper described how that person sitting back in his recliner, how you lead foods will do for

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the way he describes it is so this person sitting back in his recliner or her recliner, they're sitting back. And also the look up at the tree that's casting the shade over them. And they'll see that there's bunches of fruits hanging down. I mean, the food is so juicy, so ripe. So amazing. That's literally hanging down. And do you look at the fruit movie like, that looks good.

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then it'll come closer. I mean, this person won't even have to get up to eat this fruit or grab this food. Or if he does, the tree will literally bend down all the way to the mouth of the person, you'll eat the fruit no go up. And we used to be like anymore, we'll come back down and eat and then go back. It's all automated. It's all taken care of.

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You know, that store that everybody likes.

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There was a store that has all the cool devices and gadgets. Everybody would like spend a lot of time there especially guys.

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Brookstone, now it's about before it used to be called something else. But you know, you see all those automated little devices and the recliners and the machines, they go in there and you get so fascinated, you're so amazed. I mean, this stuff was the best of the best of what we've seen or experienced, since one doesn't even compare, doesn't hold a candle to the luxury. And the amazement that is waiting for these people in the home. One of them might have done and Allah basically opens a wide open, he says this was just a little preview. The reality of it is what what am I getting? for them exclusively for them exclusively for that people agenda. People who followed the reminder,

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people feared their Lord even in absence exclusively for them, make it their own is whatever they could possibly ever ask for. Yet their own means to ask to call out yet their own is from bad str.

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It's the exaggerated form. It means whatever they could ever ask for. And another opinion of my more minority opinion amongst from a grammatical perspective is it actually comes from the root of the verb, which means to claim something, whatever they could claim, and then the scholars explain it what that what that refers to is that they don't even have to verbalize what they want. When you ask for something, you call out for something, you speak it, you verbalize it, I'd like this, please. Or I'd like that. I want that right now. They won't even have to do that much. They won't even have to verbalize then the I am sort of forcing the details is that I mentioned before, whatever we have

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whatever your heart

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Your souls desire will be given to you mean that person will need to speak and who just think you just feel like an

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instantaneous instructor. When it comes to the movie have

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their own, they'll get whatever they desire whatever they want, whenever they can ever ask for anything, everything, it will be made available to them exclusively to them. So

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they'll be given some

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peace and safety towards Allah means peace and safety. So it's like a proclamation and announcements we made peace and safety. So now it's been showered down upon you is being rained down upon these people sell out. And the thing is, again, this word sellout one is it's in its common form. It means peace and safety of every type of all angles for all of eternity forever and ever, is upon these people being showered, ring down upon these people bola and this is a word, this word set out one that's been proclaimed to them, given to them like a Congratulations, said Allah. Who is this coming from?

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The angels, the messengers?

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No, this is coming from

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Odin. This is a word men from who are a rock define. Rock means the one who the Lord the master, the one who created the one who provides, sustains and maintains and guides and protects.

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So he's the one who created you. He's the one who provided you. He's the one who sustained you maintain you. He's the one who gave you this guidance that allowed you to be here today. He's the one who forgive your sins. And he's the one who entered you into agenda without any reckoning. And he's the one who has given you this unbelievable luxury agenda that you will enjoy for all of eternity. The word rub itself describes

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and that's why sorted out in describing the people of gentlemen good agenda

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all praise that at all times praises deserving worthy for who the one who guided us to this point where Malcolm and Natalie Lola and we couldn't have gotten here ourselves if

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so, this is a proclamation. This is a word from a rock, who is a Rahim constantly merciful, His mercy transcends

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cannot be contained by any time by any place. It transcends all time in all places. He was merciful to you in the light. He was merciful to you before you even created. He was merciful to you when you were in the wombs of your mothers, when you were giving birth to when you were small infant who couldn't even roll over on his own, who couldn't do anything for himself. And he gave your parents that cared for you. He was merciful to you when you were a child. You were an adult, you are a normal person who died. You went in your grade you were resurrected under the judgment. You were entered into genetics even merciful to you today. Because he's giving you all the

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peace and safety being showered on these people. This is a proclamation a word from a rock the Lord in the master who is ultimately continuously constantly merciful. And this is the end of this passage inshallah. Tomorrow we're gonna start from

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Cebu to practice everything you shouldn't hurt and real lawmakers from the people have done so how are you

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