Abdul Nasir Jangda – Tafseer Of Surah Yaseen Ayahs 59-62

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The concept of "people agenda" is discussed as a powerful way to transition from talking about people agenda to talking about the people have felt. The speaker emphasizes the need for forgiveness and a test to determine one's success, as well as the importance of practice and learning Islam to achieve their goals. The speaker also discusses the struggles of achieving Islam's agenda and the importance of following a straight path to achieve it.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim see

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yard any

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new shape on any

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movie was why

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he had asked

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for them.

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Today we'll be doing is number 59 through 62.

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In the previous passage, or rather, this entire passage is third passage of the sutra that we're studying right now, of course, we've talked about it many times that this is focusing on the life of the hero after the fact that there is a life after death, and exactly what will transpire in that life after death, after people in mankind are resurrected. And so the beginning part of this passage was, of course, an introduction to this, this theme that this concept is very, very important concept and theme of open up. And yesterday we talked about the people of Paradise, and how it was powerful, that talks about a very, very beautiful, very vivid, very graphic manner, lost power data

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the pleasure and the enjoyment, and the bliss and the happiness of the people of Jenna, the people of paradise. Now it switches over to the other party. The other side, that of course, there is another group that we all know about that knows how to gender, US However, now of having the mean of the people of the right hand and people of the left hand, people agenda people of hellfire. So let introduces us to the to the people of Hellfire in a very powerful way. This I am number 59 of so students he as he is a very well known very famous ayah. And there's remarkable stories about this ayah that people of the past scholars and knowledgeable people, pious people who understood the

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depth of the power of the meaning of desire, sometimes they will pray like their night prayers of the MLA prayers. And they would read this one ayah. And it was so powerful, so captivating, they would recite this ayah over and over and over and over again, it comes about one scholar that he just kept reciting his Ayah this one over and over and over again all night long and just kept weeping and crying as he reciting this iron over and over again to morning time came. So that's what a powerful, that's what a powerful idea is, because it's very profound the way you transition from talking about people agenda to talking about the people have felt a lot doesn't dissolve and all of

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a sudden seemed like an idea number 55. He said in the US have an agenda. Most definitely the people of general the people have gardens and paradise. Alright, the companions of the gardens agenda. He doesn't say it this way that he says, No, no, no. He says 1001 tells you this is the command form and the word MTS literally means to separate something that was mixed.

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So I'll give you an example. I was actually at somebody's house the other day for thought. And on their coffee table they had, you know, people put like little snacks and stuff out on the coffee table. So he had some nuts and things like that. Some peanuts and different things like that. And in there yet m&ms as well. mixed in it was all mixed up. So of course, you know, I was picking the m&ms out of there. So I wasn't interested in eating any of the peanuts. I was picking up the m&ms. And you know, we just tried a few jokes about that. But like those peanuts in those m&ms are completely just mixed up. But when you separate all the m&ms out of the peanuts, and you separate them

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completely, that's the meaning of the word MTS is to completely separate something that was mixed up before. So So however, Allah addresses these people, and he says, I want you to separate. You were mixed up before meaning in the life of this world, you were all mixed up.

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Everybody's crossing paths, living in the same neighborhoods, kids going to the same schools, shopping at the same supermarket

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attending the same thought parties.

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And this is very, very profound, that sometimes there can be a lack of realization of the path that somebody is going down. obliviousness, you were just living

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all mixed up together. There was no distinction, right or wrong people agenda, people, everybody was mixed up. But there were some people who were living a conscious lifestyle, finally did cross paths you didn't drive up and down the same streets, you lived in the same neighborhood, you're getting to the same school. Sure. But at the same time, those were people that were living a different lifestyle than you are. And then you people don't realize addressing,

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you had no consciousness of Allah, you didn't care about the command of a law, you didn't care about a wing about a law, fine, you might have had like some similar social circles as people, like I said, some interaction, you lived in the same area. But at the same time, there was a difference between the two.

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So this is showing us something very profound, that we're living up mixed up in this world. And this is telling us something else, sometimes

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the punishment of Allah

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some people who are living in disobedient life to Allah, disobeying a law, being grateful to Allah to continue living life, taking like I keep saying, they have jobs and houses and schools and neighborhoods and they they live life

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in a very harsh, open manner in the life of this world, but that should not fool that

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there shouldn't be validation they should take this as validation. I look, I don't, I don't believe in Allah. I don't pray. I'm not grateful to Allah. Allah, I commit all these long list of sins, but I don't see lightning coming down through the roof of my house.

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I don't see the punishment of a law coming to get me in grab me. I make a comfortable living I live in a nice house, I wear nice clothes, my kids go to the best schools, we drive nice cars, I mean, everything's, everything's okay. They should not confuse that as some type of a validation Oh, Mashallah. Because the Quran tells us that the blessing of Allah is of two types.

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There's quantity and then there's quality,

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a libretto quantity to people who are even disobedient in humans mentioned a while ago

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about a condition when they forget that they which they will remind you of the poor on the messenger Islam, it was reminding that you need to realize your purpose and your your, your real purpose in life, why you were created what you meant to do with, but they forget that they neglect that they ignore that Alesis for a while, we have opened the doors of everything apart.

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Let me get very happy and they enjoy, they live in happiness, and they're enjoying all these, all these things that Allah has given to them.

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We take them all of a sudden, without any forewarning.

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They're bankrupt, empty handed, with nothing left to show completely hopeless of any good ever coming their way. So some people will live this life. And this huge punishment of the lower left fall upon them when they leave this world and they move on to the next life alone will hold them accountable. So they shouldn't live in delusions. This is a trick of Shabbat.

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You must be a good person, you must be doing everything okay?

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Everything is going good for you. Like I said, No have stone ring down on you with your name written on it from the sky. You must be doing fantastic.

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Keep doing what you're doing here. All right.

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So this is a trick of Shabbat. But on the Day of Judgment, I was saying

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I want you to separate yourself now. Yeah, fine. You lived in this world, I gave you time. I let you do what you needed to do. But now separate yourselves. You know who you are.

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And you know, today is the third time that this word has occurred in this passage. Very few I have the third time this work for the old man

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in the US have agenda in yo yo My God means today, today. Now and I mentioned this previously, that the reason why this word is used is trying to make some pictures as if it's happening right here right now. It wants you to live it It wants you to experience it on an emotional level. Put yourself in those shoes. Imagine yourself going through this. So imagine standing there in a group of people and you see the you see the gates of genda and you see the blazing Fire of * right in front of you. Reality is reality today, there's no more delusions now. There's no second guessing there's no confusion. You see everything from the way it is. And you're standing it all of a sudden now it's

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being said, All right. I want you to separate yourself. Criminals, people who have done wrong, people disobeying the law separate yourself, you know who you are. Imagine just a sinking feeling their personal life. Imagine being in that position. Just that sinking feeling. Oh my god. I'm one of those people. No, no, no, no. And then he's gonna try to hide themselves.

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He's trying to try to pretend like you belong with the other room. But nobody can play games on that day.

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And one knows exactly who you are.

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And he'll separate those people.

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So imagine that feeling. So what that will do is like you're being called out 1000 to separate yourself today, and you are getting on Oh, criminals, the word literally means doesn't mean just being a criminal, it means that convicted, sentenced criminal,

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somebody who did something wrong, and now he's having to deal with the consequences of his crime, he's having to pay the price of his crime. That is a convicted sentenced criminal. So let's call him That's it, you're convicted, everything is done, you're convicted, you're sentenced, come on, now. You know who you are.

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Now, it was kind of hard to tell them why this is happening. And this is the blessing of the forum. Think about this.

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Think about this. You know, sometimes when somebody does something wrong, and then they are given the sentence or the penalty or define of what they've done wrong. You know, sometimes people say, if I knew it was this bad, I wouldn't have done it.

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If I knew it would be this bad. I never would have done that. This is what I would have to pay. I wouldn't have done it. Well, guess what? Allah subhanaw taala. so merciful. This is what's meant by the mercy of Allah, you know, people, there's a lot of discussion today. And non Muslims and atheists and people like this. They bring this up, they see Islam or on your Lord a lot. So So venue so vengeful, so angry, so merciless, talks about Hellfire and punish people and bourbon people. But it says, No mercy, or forgiveness. So Hon, Allah, our Lord is so merciful. He's given us every opportunity. At the end of the day, there has to be some responsibility on our shoulders. There has

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to be, that's the only sensible thing.

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So look up merciful, Allah is Allah is letting us know, in advance. It's like you're being told, okay, you're going to have to give a test. You have a test in seven days. on here. By the way, here's the answer key for the test.

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You have a test in seven days. Here's the answer key. Here's the cheat sheet. You have 60 days to memorize.

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60s, you have to memorize it. And then the show from the 70s gives a test.

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How easy would that be? And if somebody still feels the decimals fault, is it the teacher? Can you say, Oh, what a teacher? What a horrible teacher. He likes to fail these students. It is stupid if somebody said something like that before.

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how merciful is that teacher? How nice is that teacher? He's so nice. He's probably a little too nice. He's making it too easy for students. Allah has given us all the answers right here. He's literally telling us what will happen to these people, what their mistake was what they did wrong, what they could have done, right? He's telling us everything right now right here in advance, so that we can read it, we can understand it, and we can fix it. Now if I still go home,

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and I don't do anything about it, and I don't live it and I don't fix it. Then who I have to blame myself. I'm the one. I'm the one. So I was going to address addresses these people.

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I hadn't had I not given you responsibility. I have literally we've had are not interesting to you had I not given you the responsibility major responsible. You have any other sense of other Oh children about what happened? What responsibility did I give you? What did I tell you just not to do what was your own responsibility, and let them initiate

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that do not allow you to shape one that do not worship shape.

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And the word worship normally translated but the real meaning of the word that means to willingly enslave yourself to something to become a slave of something to devote and dedicate yourself to something that don't devote dedicate yourself to ship off, don't become a slave of shape, don't become a slave of the system of shape.

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And what does it mean to be a slave of shape on worship shape? or What does that mean? It means don't end up following the path that shavon have laid out, which is based on arrogance.

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Device disobedience, look back to what what was the what's your thought on when the law created automatically set up and told me what to do so he told the police to do so. What did he say? He refused denied arrogance conducted even now.

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You created revive Ukrainian infant claims claim. I'm better. I'm better than an opposite. You told me to do something in front of arrogance, defiance, disobedience.

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unapologetic, not remorseful for what he's done. headstrong, foolhardy.

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And then on top of that for me,

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I swear by your power over law, Your Honor, your power, your mind, our law, that I will leave all of them.

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All of this, all the children, all the human beings

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have come from in front of them from behind them from the right or left from the left, or come at them from all angles, with all different schemes, all different types of confusion. And what's the crux of the winner? When did you do

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A few days ago, I talked about the, the concept how the program develops obedience within us. How the Quran teaches us how live and sugar is one of those very

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sugar gratitude. Becoming grateful is very important. It's a direct result of the reminder of the art and becoming grateful makes us obedient, makes us slaves. It makes it it makes it very easy for us to completely devote and dedicate ourselves to a shitbox problem as he was.

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And he made a promise that I'm going to make sure that most of these human beings are grateful to you.

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So worshipping champ on enslaving yourself to shape on. Giving into shape on buying into the tricks of Juba means becoming ungrateful to Allah, Allah de pollution. So as I told you not to fall victim to these tricks, and this deception did not become ungrateful, but to remain grateful to maintain your focus

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in the movie, why? Because most definitely he shaved on the comb, he is for you. exclusively for you. He is I do want to be He is a very, very clear, known open animal. What is it? This is mentioned time and time again, that he's been a very open enemy a very clear enemy. You know what this means? First of all, it means that she's gone from hiding his animosity to us. I mean, the promises he proclaimed screamed, low, we ended up benchmarking.

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I will most definitely all of them astray.

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sociopaths are hiding is animosities hatred for us.

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There's a passage in the Quran, I covered this in some of the

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sessions that I did last year, last month and talks about a conversation that the people of Hellfire will have a chip on.

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shutdown will tell the people that Hellfire has been described as seen, it's like Shabbat, is like the holy stands on a member of fire in Hellfire, all the inhabitants of jhana are in front of him. And he addresses them and says, When everything is said and done, they're all due to Jonathan. He's going to tell them in the

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lobby the true promise to you.

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I also made a promise to you, but I lied to you.

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I have no control over you. And I couldn't make you do anything. All I did was I simply told you Hey, why don't you try that? I reckon I made recommendations to the one who followed my recommendation.

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That's your fault.

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You're the one who saw the commercial and said, yeah, that seems like a good idea.

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You were the one who bought into my advertisement, my marketing. That's all. I'm in the business of marketing.

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I'm a marketer. That's what I do. You're the one who bought my stock who bought into what I was saying. But

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don't don't blame me. Blame yourselves.

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like yourselves. So she, he's the openly declared he's our enemy. He doesn't want good for us. He wants bad for us. That's the first thing. Second thing for us is clearly telling the enemy. The prophets told us your God is your enemy. Look at the human experience. Look at human beings all around you. It makes it obvious that the headline and the package is not good for people. You know, if you look around, look around you in society. And you see people being obviously disobeying a lot following a lot a lifestyle, the lifestyle of shape, the lifestyle they ship on is peddling. You will look at people who are living that life. It makes things very obvious. Only once again, a

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lonely thing a person who has a cloak over his eyes. It will take a person who's not thinking clearly not seeing clearly doesn't want to see the truth, to not realize because when you look at such people, you know what you see, you see small, temporary moments of pleasure.

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You see small, small, temporary moments, experiences of pleasure

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but overwhelming

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The more the more long term

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effects, or the long term implications of their lifestyle is that they're miserable. You find more happiness, true happiness, no contentment, no peace, no tranquility, no real satisfaction in life. No real pleasure, no real happiness. small, small little moments here and there verse. Just like if you know somebody who takes drugs when you try to convince them, what are you trying to convince them that I know for the first 15 minutes after you take after you take a hit?

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The first 1520 minutes you feel fantastic.

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Oh, whatever, maybe even 30 minutes an hour, you feel great on top of the world on the cloud.

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But what are the long term effects? miserable? If nobody around you scared away all your local, you're constantly just craving and feeling and Jonesy.

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So you try to tell them because you see how miserable this human being is, except for those couple of hours a day when they're taking their drugs.

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Otherwise, this person's miserable, and you're trying to tell them well, people who are living a shavon lifestyle and the same way, they have moments of pleasure, but overwhelming them with real contentment or happiness or satisfaction in life. You don't mean you're faster

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or faster. The happiness that you feel the tranquility and the peace that you find peace of heart the peace of mind that you feel when you're standing in Somalia and listening to the beautiful Bing reciting don't experience in green, he most definitely for you is a very clear, very open, obvious enemy. So what does I want? What lessons What did I tell you to do? What did I want you to do in life? Well, Tony brown rather than to worship me, what I want you to do what I given you a responsibility. What I wanted you to do was that you enslave yourself to me to allow you devote and dedicate yourself to me to a lot you worship me, that is realizing that the real purpose in life The

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real purpose that Allah has given to us in life is to worship a lot to serve a lot to devote dedicate ourselves, to be slaves.

00:22:17 --> 00:22:21

To be slaves and completely live for the sake of Allah. live to please Allah.

00:22:23 --> 00:22:35

That was your purpose. And what is the slavery? Real law? What does that entail? What does that involve humility, humbleness, knowing, realizing, I don't know everything. I don't know anything.

00:22:36 --> 00:22:42

Allah knows everything. Allah knows everything. He knows what's best for me. I don't know.

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yourself. Allah has given me everything that I have to be grateful to Allah. Not only has he given me everything that I have, and I realize that but I'm grateful to him for it. And I'll do whatever it takes in order to express my gratitude to show him that I'm grateful. Well, yeah.

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So this, this, this last part of this, if this razor unit, very powerful, how that how that is, is really shallow. It's a pointing word. And there are two types. There's how that how

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that goes for FAR, how that means here. And what's the consequence? What's implication of something being near? It's right there. It's accessible. If something's far enough to get up and walk and go get it, when something's near right next to you just pick it up, right, just like that. It's a lot easier to access unless and this is it. Revenue. Is this easy. It's right there. And what is it so often stuck in a straight path?

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a straight path? I mean, look how accessible that was, look how easy it was, look, I'm naturally work because is it unnatural to be obedient to Allah tells us our innate nature.

00:23:57 --> 00:24:01

law tells us to be obedient to Allah, to devote and dedicate ourselves.

00:24:03 --> 00:24:07

That was this right here. This was the straight back.

00:24:08 --> 00:24:11

It was just that easy. It was that simple. You can have access to right there.

00:24:12 --> 00:24:45

When you left, the easier way for the difficult. That's something that's important that we have to understand what a lot of opinions of Allah and what Allah has made permissible is easy. This obedience of a law and going after that, which allows me to be permissible is actually more difficult. It's tougher, it's rough. It's it's difficult, has more consequences. But you left the easy left the comfortable. You left the very accessible you went to that which was inaccessible. That was difficult. You put yourself through more trouble to end up in more trouble. See, that's the trick of Shere Khan.

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And then finally, your boss says, despite all of this, you know how sad the condition of unkindness despite all of this, the you know everything we've talked about now

00:25:00 --> 00:25:18

This everything seemed pretty obvious seems like basic elementary level lessons. Don't follow Chicago follow a lot, of course, obey a lot, of course, worship, a lot of worship. And of course, the straight path is the best way of life the quickest, easiest way to get the agenda to get to a lot, of course.

00:25:19 --> 00:25:29

But you know what, despite this being so obvious, and so easy and so simple, you know, how pitiful sometimes people are, how pathetic human beings can be when

00:25:32 --> 00:26:10

Allah says, but what's the reality of the situation that most definitely, he has led a straight from amongst you. GB let Jamil come from the same root as the word Javelin every language, which means a mountain, it basically means like, something that's huge, going way up high into the sky. So what did you mean, when you say like this, it actually means a huge group of people, a huge group of people, a huge collection of people that literally, it's like, they're stacked up on top of each other, you know what this hall is completely full. And you see, it's like, people were sitting on top of each other. You know, when a hall is really full, you say, oh, man, at eight, it was

00:26:10 --> 00:26:12

horrible. It's like people were sitting on top of each other,

00:26:13 --> 00:26:33

consuming, huge crowd of people, literally where they're stacked on top of each other. Allah says that, despite all of this shavon was still able to lead a straight from amongst to a huge, abundant crowd, just a huge number of people, chipping them getting a huge number of people

00:26:37 --> 00:27:00

to use this, that's literally what it means. Didn't you think, for a moment? Didn't you apply your brain your intellect from for a minute? Because if you would have thought just for a minute, you just open your mind for a second, you would have rationally just considered what you were doing, and what were the consequences of the choices you're making. You wouldn't have done this. A sane intelligent person can do this with

00:27:03 --> 00:27:06

people in intelligence. They don't make foolish choices.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:18

You would have you would have realized what you were doing. But you didn't think and that's what's really, really, that's what's tragic. That's what makes people like this criminals. You know why? Because

00:27:19 --> 00:27:32

education, or they have the highest, they're very intelligent, master's degrees and PhD degrees and professional degrees. Very successful, very intelligent, very educated people,

00:27:33 --> 00:27:39

in their work in their jobs in their businesses and their careers, exceptional exemplary

00:27:40 --> 00:27:50

in investing money in politics and society, social navigating community, social status, all these things. Oh, they're fantastic. Brilliant,

00:27:52 --> 00:27:54

amazing, exceptional.

00:27:55 --> 00:27:56

So they're so good at everything.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:16

But the brain shut down when they came here. They didn't apply themselves mentally, intelligently, intellectually, but we believe other places. And this answered another question. Sometimes people say, you know, the SOP is so logical, so reasonable, so obvious, that all these brilliant people,

00:28:17 --> 00:28:26

so many brilliant people, in all different walks of life, who maybe didn't realize the truth of itself? Maybe they even came across this or interacted with Islam

00:28:27 --> 00:28:30

came across it, but still didn't accept it.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:34

So were they not as small as we think they are? Or?

00:28:36 --> 00:28:37

On the other hand, is there a problem?

00:28:38 --> 00:28:46

Well, there's two answers to this question to how to solve this predicament. First thing is we know hidayah guidance is in the hands of a liaison who guides people.

00:28:48 --> 00:28:50

It's not it's not based on qualification, it's a gift.

00:28:51 --> 00:29:27

But there is another answer to this question as well. And the answer to that question is that sometimes people don't apply that same intelligence that they bring to the table at their, at their colleges, or at their work or at their businesses or society or politics or money. The same fervor the same energy, the same intelligence, the same commitment that they bring to other things in life, they don't bring it when they come and sit down and talk about guidance and diet, a lot of solide question and demon dishon. They don't bring those things. That's a huge problem. And even within the Muslim community, even those who have said,

00:29:29 --> 00:29:44

that's a huge problem. We don't bring our a game to the we bring it to work, we bring it to business, we bring it education, politics, we bring it all these things. We don't bring our a game to me. These are very ritual thing. Stand up.

00:29:45 --> 00:29:59

About two and a half minutes is a good amount of time to be standing. You're going to reserve this for about this week. And we don't bring that same level of intelligence. What does it mean? What am I saying? Why, what's what's the depth of it? Let me reflect on it.

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Understand and commit myself to do and that's why the prophets of the Quran and the prophets, Elijah asked us to do one thing when we practice and that is

00:30:11 --> 00:30:22

practice Islam, practice being live Islam with excellence, do it into the best of your ability. And on that on the promises of Allah, forgive me on

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a local further guide those people who will give further guidance and these people and those are people of true intelligence. So what we covered today from number 59 to number 62 is kind of an introduction. First of all a separate so we talked about the amazing people and the amazing gifts and the blessing of the pleasure of Jannah that they're enjoying for it number 55 258. Now away 957 you know who you are, you've been convicted, you've been sentenced in a separate step aside, and then I was giving an introduction, alas, letting them know that Listen, if you feel frustrated, if you feel angry.

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Well guess what? Be angry at yourself, or let him do this to you did this to yourself. We received a dietary in the recitation sotto voce. So to move in our last rounds, Allah says in the

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that the people who have disbelieved who are disobedient, ungrateful and this believes in Allah, you know, they'll be called out to them and they'll be told lemma for too long and accurate remarketing.

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If you're angry with yourself today, well guess what? you're frustrated with what's going on today. Allah was even more frustrated, more angry with you. When you used to be called to EMA

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called to the mind for the Quran, but you disbelieved you rejected. So this has happened to you because of your own choice. And I hadn't been able, I had given you a responsibility and that ownership on their own human being, don't follow the path of Shiva in the hula Corrado, he's your open enemy. He's called himself your enemy. But can you treat him like a friend? That's the other thing I wanted to say about?

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ninja use your brain. You know, if you have a child, you have a son, and some bad kids that are taking advantage of him. They do something bad, and then they get him in trouble. They do something bad. And they go to the principal's offices, and he did it.

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And he continues to give him the elegant What do you eventually tell him?

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To forget? I don't even want to punish you anymore. Just Are you really that bullish? Are you really that simple minded? Can't you? Can't you don't you understand they're taking advantage of you? Can you tell the difference between Who's your friend and who's your enemy? allies telling you the same thing? You treat your dog like a friend even though he was your enemy? And who was her true friend?

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Who was the worry of the dog he worried the molar of the movie The believers of law. He was your true crown. He was your ally. He was facilitating everything for you. But you ended up neglecting a lot Who was your true friend and you treated your open enemy your worst enemy should fall like a friend.

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Didn't you think even for a moment and because you didn't think what ended up happening? One after the other

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that you find this huge crowd. huge number of people literally where they're stacked on top of each other. All of them were led astray by shape on a less power until they give us all the ability to practice everything. That's what sent her some have a nice, big mission with

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