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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim see

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Nikki Schofield

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shala Today, we're probably only going to study one eye a

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couple of reasons for that, first of all, the IIS server 68 is kind of a conclusion, sort of a conclusion of the last passage that we study is very closely related to the IOP that we covered yesterday. But at the same time, it kind of serves as a transition over to the following passage where it's, it's a very critical, crucial ayah. It's concluding the last passage and transitioning us to the next passage. So it's probably more probably more appropriate to study individually on its own. Secondly, hello had had an interesting day, so I'll probably be doing one. So, but tomorrow when you've had an interesting day, and I've had a good day that will be at your expense. So I

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number 68, says, what my normal Homer lackeys fulfill Hulk, very interesting, very powerful, very, very sophisticated words. I don't want to say complicate it because otherwise facilitated for unlimited listing are very sophisticated words, a lot of do a brief translation that I'll explain the exact words The law says, And whosoever we grant extended life to whosoever we grant him extended life, we increase his age, not kids who feel hope we cause him to regress in his condition. We cause him to deteriorate deteriorate in his physical condition in the mental condition in his overall condition will cause him to deteriorate and to regress.

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So don't they think? Don't they process this, though? Don't they understand? So now let me explain the exact words that are being used. First of all, was prioritizing woman, Whosoever. Now so this is kind of presenting like a hypothetical case of situation. But I'll explain how this is very, very practical and Ally's pointing up. No, I mean, who this comes from Irma, of course, age, and mean, which is the verb the verb pattern that this comes from the brain, it means to increase in age to increase in age, so to grant time to grant extended age, extended duration. And one other thing that's interesting about the verb pattern, the pattern that it comes from, it has the implication it

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implies something that happens little by little step by step stage by stage. A good example that I can give to you of this is in the Quran. When Allah talks about sending something down revealing something he either says enzyme or Tenzin in Xiao z in Dublin, so send something down all at once. Tenzin means to send something down little by little piece by piece. So in a lot of talks about the Koran, specifically when Allah talks about the Quran in comparison to the other books that Allah the other scriptures that are like revealed, like in the beginning of sort of Allah and Allah when Allah says

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and will enter the talk of an eg so large power, China is talking about sending down the Koran. He uses the word Tenzin methanolic. Accidentally kitabi

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kitaoka will help nessa Radhika kita will help. So he uses the word mezzetta when talking about sending them for under mezzetta literal little by little because we know that Rob came down over the span of the life of the profits a lot he's up but when the law talks about sending out the door wide he says Angela torrado energy so similarly here the word no I'm mail comes from Tammy. It literally means to slowly make something grow in age or slowly for some things ah to be increased or its duration to be increased. So Allah says whosoever we increase him in age we grant him an extended duration of life. What am I more I mean, who knew that kiss fulfilled

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we call him and now this comes from the word next neck. So this literally means to like flip something over to flip something over to take this the top of something and put it on the bottom to flip something over. And the point of that is it's used metaphorically speaking to talk about how something regresses or something goes backwards. Something gets flipped around something like they say the the the script has been flipped to flip the script and for something to go backwards to turn back around. So Allah says we make that person regress fill hope in his company.

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In his creation, so everything that Ally's created about us and that he's given us that he's all the faculties that he's given to us from physical strength and intelligence, the ability to think even emotional capacity allows power to us as we make this person regress in all these different areas. Now, this is a brief breakdown of some of the words within the first part of the ayah. Now, let me explain exactly, kind of summarize what's being said, basically, what our title is pointing out is that when somebody as they continue to get older, as they can continue to get older, they start to their body starts to slow down, their mind starts to slow down, even emotionally, they become,

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things become more and more difficult for them, they regress, they deteriorate slowly, physically, emotionally, mentally, in all aspects that person, and this is something

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where he talks about creating the human being a lot

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less creative created you from weakness, because when child the baby is born, it's helpless, weak, Allah created you from from weakness, from autonomy by the doctor, then what comes from that weakness strength, allow them gives you strength out of that weakness, you continue, you get older, you start to become more and more competent and capable, and eventually even independent from autonomy and body.

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And then what happens out of that strength, from that strength, again comes weakness and eventually old age. So this is what a lot of our Intel is talking about here, that as the person continues to get older, and older and age, it's like he starts to regress, he goes back to the point that gets so detrimental, like a watchtower teller talks about in sort of, to hedge a lot of Europe, or the UK, like

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a lot talks about to the point where that person gets returned back to the worst of ages, to the to the worst of that person's period of life, the gala, Yanomami got to the point where after knowing something he concretely positively, knew something, he then doesn't know it anymore. And I mean, as a medical condition to talk about it. This is something I got to see up close and personal, my grandmother towards the end of her life she developed all times. And it was to the point where she wouldn't even recognize your children, she would recognize my own mother, her daughter, and everybody was a stranger. She'd be terrified when she woke up in the morning. And so it gets to that

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point of that type of regression that takes place within the human being. So let's say this happens to people. This happens, I feel I have to think about this. Don't they take this into consideration? Haven't they considered this thought about this? Now, that's what the IRB is. And so in and of itself, it's very profound. It's reminding you that the blessings we have, because remember, it's been so far in the sutra, we've seen how people who the messengers Prophet was we saw that they rejected and they they refuse to be denied it, and they were arrogant in their denial, their rejection of it, then they deny it and they rejected don't hate the concept of the one that's a lot,

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then they reject it. And they even were in denial about the life of Xavier after the fact that there is an afterlife, and that there will be accountable there. So usually, what is it that gives that that allows a person or enables the person to continue to be arrogant in this matter, and continue to deny it is usually although

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the the the capability that person has strong, healthy, intelligent, making money and living a good life, enjoying himself, friends and family, these things, can cloud a person's judgment, he can say you even read the IRS, where this person becomes arrogant on the basis of this, that you know, I have everything going good for me, what are you talking about? What are you talking about? I'll have to face the consequences of my actions and the choices I'm making. Now. They'll come back to me later when you talk. I'm leaving it up. Everything's all good. What do you what do you say? So this is what deludes a person, oftentimes, a loss is reminding humanity, that whatever it is, that is

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diluting you, whatever it is, that you pride yourself on, realize and understand that as you continue to get older, because time is something everybody craves. Time is something that human beings crave. More than anything else, they crave time. And they want more time. Well guess what? When you get your wish, you don't be careful what you wish for when you get your wish. When you do start getting more and more time, you know what happens? It happens as a consequence of that. Everything else starts to fade away. So it's a catch 22 you're happy and you're strong and you're bright in your intelligent. So you figured you know what, I have a bright future. I could live

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forever like this. Bring it on, bring on life. Well, guess what, when life does come your way and you know 20 years turn into 4030 and then 40 5060 7080 you know what's happening during that time, you're getting more time. Sure. But everything that you enjoyed about yourself, everything that you pride yourself on is just withering away. It's decreasing.

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Since it's just degrading away,

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it's all gone. So this is something very profound that Allah subhanaw taala is pointing out here to humanity as a wake up call, as realization. And this is something like I said, first of all, like a hypothetical is being presented here, Whosoever, but at the same time, this is a very real thing. Because this is something, somebody can just look around. Everybody, I mean, even this young person can't see past tomorrow, he can ever imagine himself with white hair, or walking with a cane, or not knowing where he lives. That young person who thinks that's preposterous, I'll never be like that.

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You know what that person can look at somebody in his family, a neighbor, in his community, walk down the street.

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Somebody you can see, you can just look all around you. And you see plenty of examples of this. Forever, I even go and volunteer help out and maybe some of the nurse nursing homes in places like this. And you'll see how real this is. This is a reality of life. So this is a wake up call. Now, to conclude, what I wanted to talk about here, and this will take a little bit of time, is there's a lot of discussion among some of us alone how this ties in with the previous passage. Because if you just kind of take it at face value, it seems like this is kind of a tangent. It was talking about like a look at the last few slides, a lot of talks about that on this day, their vows will be sealed

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over and depending on their hands will speak to us, but does have to be backed up. Man can get support, and their legs will testify about that which he used to do when I was shuffling.

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If you wish, it was as if we would have willed we've just completely rubbed out their eyes, like mutilated their eyes. First of all, sir, they would have been wandering around stumbling around looking for the path for Allah you see what how are they ever going to find it and see it? Well on the shopping I myself now. Allah says if we were willing to just completely mutilated, completely destroyed paralyze these people, I haven't got any other modality of where they stand up their place right now for muscle bar will do. What if they couldn't go forward? They wouldn't be able to move on from there, nor would they ever return back and turn back, come back. So this was the passage. Now

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how does this tie into the passage? What's the connection here? So there's a few different opinions that the move assume they present. The first one is that, like the law says, it sounds I explained yesterday about how these two scenarios, these two hypothetical possibilities that Allah presents, knowing the shot will help us not allow, you know, Michelle and myself now, these are very scary, very powerful, almost horrifying concepts. When you're visualizing a picture in your head, it's scary. A last Ramadan provides this as evidence for that, that don't, nobody should think that this is some type of a, you know, just a crazy,

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imaginary scenario. And that it really couldn't happen. Why? Because you see them happening at a lesser level, at a smaller level, everyday, all around you a month, somebody just right, where they're standing for their eyes to just completely pop out of their head, or somebody where they're standing to just completely fall apart and just become like a useless piece of meat. That's like very extreme. But you see it happening gradually. That's why they weren't automated. That means that the region, the region, the step by step, that word is being used, you see it happening all around you slowly, all the ways in that you can speed up the process. You know, if somebody gets very,

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very, very, very old, what's possible, but their eyes stop, they have trouble seeing, they have trouble hearing. They can even have trouble talking. They wouldn't be able to walk around, maybe move their arms as much anymore.

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Isn't that person pretty much just happened to sitting there just there for the sake of being there? Yeah, but that happens slowly over time. Otherwise, they can speed up the process and make that happen with somebody if you will, but he did out of his mercy. Second thing is that

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Allah subhanaw taala shown just like this young, strong, handsome, capable, intelligent person becomes old and feeble and weak and simple minded, and emotionally, like just very difficult. Just like a person goes from such an amazing condition to such a horrible situation. Similarly, Nortel is addressing these people who right now in the temporary arrogance and conceit and the good life that they're living right now, in that arrogance, and in that temporary condition. They're rejecting the messengers they're rejecting a law and but the belief in the law, they're rejecting the concept of the law. Well, by sending them a message, look around you. Have you ever known somebody who's big

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and strong and handsome and smart, and then they give you an old weak, simple minded person,

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an old just senile person? Well, guess what, you could also go from all your pumping Your glory today. You could also go to being completely humiliated in disgrace. So the

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Luck and reverse people situations over here in this situation there were no neck this would be the crux of the of the aisle would be the core of the aisle, like a lot of clips people situations around. So right now you have the upper hand in that little thing that might be going in until we let the keyboard low in the shuffle. Carlos, Lucia Allahu Allah, should we feed the people for longer than he would have federal himself, you have this arrogance today where you might be on the other side of things tomorrow. So realize your situation. The other thing is that of course, some of us even point out that this in and of itself is an evidence of being resurrected being brought back

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to life under the judgment that somebody went from being helpless as a baby to be completely independent and strong and capable, and goes right back to being helpless again, as an old senile person. Similarly, you you're living in this life, you'll die, but I want to bring you right back to life, and bring back past situations alike and bring them back, like you see happening with the old senile person, a lot brought back

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a lot brought back the worst part of his life, the most helpless, useless part of that person's life a lot brighter, right back to that person. What made you think a lot can bring you back to life. And then finally, this is a really powerful point. This is something that really, really sticks is the fact that

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what I said in the last two, if he said lo Masha would load us, if we would have worked, we would have done this.

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But what does that mean? We didn't do it. This didn't happen with these people. We didn't do that.

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So well, I'm saying is that unless you do that, to these people, he didn't just completely rub their eyes out. He didn't just completely mutilate them and make them paralyzed where they stood.

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Why? Why did he do that to them? Or rather, what did you do to them? If that's not what he did?

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Well, if we would have, we would have done it, but we didn't. So what did we do to that woman.

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Rather than that, that's kind of like, you know, getting out of things a little bit easier.

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Getting out of things a little bit easier, that want to just run a quick end to everything.

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And then there's of course, the suffering in the hereafter which we read about. But

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that's not enough. The suffering the Hereafter, as a consequence of how they, how they interacted with

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their crime against the law, though the suffering that you're after, but they also have a crime to pay for in this union, this world. The believers, the messengers, the prophets, what they did with these people, how they behaved with these people, the arrogance that they just that they showed that how boastful and proud and arrogant they were, they have to pay the price for that. And you know what the price for that is? They get humiliated in this life. They grow old. And they say, they're not as strong as they were. They're not as loud as they were. They're not as smart or at least, they thought they were smart. But they're not. They can't play those games and those tricks anymore. They

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can't they can't, they, they just don't have what they had before. And so not only are they now no longer do they have that upper hand, but they become old and feeble, and humiliated. You know, it comes about Abu lahab is mentioned about Abdullah Abdullah was very aired, how we interacted with the prophecies of how we dealt with the problem. And we responded to the message here.

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There were some people who made a quick and likable jab.

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But there were some people who had a long drawn out horrible end, like Apple apps, he eventually became really, really sick and really ill, to the point where like, his body was rotting.

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And it got to the point where his family members couldn't stand to be around him anymore. He just smelled too bad. And he was, he was in a horrible, disgusting condition. So he literally locked him up in a room, they put him aside and nobody would go near him. Nobody would talk to him. Nobody would do anything with him. And it said that towards the end of a disaster, and he just became crazy would just yell and scream like a wild animal.

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Because they isolated him, and in the sickness and disease. And I will know why he was called double now is also interesting. Because he was so handsome. His face was like, bright and he had like rosy cheeks and he was like a really handsome person.

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And so now he was ugly and old and deteriorating and just losing his mind and nobody was around. Nobody cared about nobody loved him and eventually ended up dying and didn't even know he was dead for a couple of days. When they finally went to go check them out check on him after a couple of days your phone's dead body there and nobody would go near his body or even touch his body. Even his own sons are like no, no, we're not dealing with that.

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Eventually they paid some somebody they paid some some slave or so laborers and worker to come grab his body. The guy literally dragged wrapped up his body drag this body out, went outside of the town and just threw it out there and they said some dogs or wild animals probably just came in at his roommates. Ages really that's what happened. This is what

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life gets drawn out. And they see themselves deteriorating before their very eyes and they become humiliated and disgraced even in this life, what's waiting for them in the afterlife in the Hereafter is waiting for them. That doesn't change anything.

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But even in this dunya lummix is long drawn out torment and torture and punishment for them. Why? Because of the arrogance that they exude the conceit, the pride, the boastfulness that they have, because of that they end up paying this price.

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So don't they wake up and realize what they think it has given them this fine thing use it realize all around you. Something so obvious has been presented to you just realize you may have lost the ability to practice

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some kind of language.

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Even though he was dead for a couple of days, when they finally went to go check them off check on him after a couple of days he finds dead body there and nobody would go near his body or even touch his body. Even his own sons are like no, no, we're not dealing with that.

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Eventually they paid some somebody they paid some some slave or so laborers and worker to come grab his body. The guy literally dragged, wrapped up his body, dragged his body out, went outside of the tablet just threw it out there and they said some dogs are wild animals probably just came in at his roommates, ages really. That's what happened. This is what

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that life gets drawn out. And they see themselves deteriorating before their very eyes and they become humiliated and disgraced even in this life. what's waiting for them in the afterlife in the Hereafter is waiting for them. That doesn't change anything.

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But even in this dunya lummix has long drawn out torment and torture and punishment for them. Why? Because of the arrogance that they exude the conceit, the pride, the boastfulness that they have because of that they end up paying this price.

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So don't they wake up and realize what they think it has given them this mind think use it realize all around you. Something so obvious is being presented to you just realize you may have lost the ability to practice.

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So how do I you

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know, that kind of stuff.