Said Rageah – The World Of Jinn Episode 2

Said Rageah
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the creation of Adam and Eve by Allah and the frustration of the people of the United States with the loss of their father and partner. The hosts discuss various topics including the use of animals as symbols of Islam, the importance of human intelligence in achieving individual goals, and the need for individuals to be mindful of their actions. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for peace TV.
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smilla rahmanir rahim Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he can even say he didn't want to be in a hammock. Early, he was so happy a Gemini. Welcome back to another unique episode from the world of jinn. Now the first we need some Hannover to add a step that we will go tonight or first point that we will be talking about is the creation of Adam and Eve is solid to us.

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Now here, Allah subhanahu wa tada he had masterplan.

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And in that plan, was that he would create a successor, generation after generation who will rule this earth. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala. He presented or he mentioned his plan to the angels not to seek their approval, or to agree or disagree because the angels have a loss of handle what's Allah do not disagree. They do not have the ability to disagree, to disobey. They were only created to obey Allah and serve him subhanho wa Taala niacin en la, Ma, a modern way of Allah my motto is when they do not disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala and they do that which they were ordered to do.

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So Allah said to the angels, and listen to this very unique conversation between Allah subhanho wa Taala and his creator one of his creation, the angels that chosen creation.

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Now, Allah said to the angels, in Ninja in the honey

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with color of Booker in Monica when we remember or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when your Lord say to the angels, in Ninja in an orderly halifa now this is what a lot presented to the angels,

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the angels knowing something perhaps that we cannot understand because we don't have full knowledge of it. They have certain concern and they said after geographia money you've seen fear. Well yes, we could deema one No, no sir behind behind our knock on this number cut this beautiful speech of the angels of a loss of Hannah wattana they said to Allah, Oh Allah, are you going to create being on earth? Many years Sofia was spreading mischeif

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disobedience. When you speak with Dima and he was shed blood would kill innocent be, ya know some before behenic while you have us who will praise you day and night. We're grateful to you you would never disobey you will know this.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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did not dismiss the concern of the angels with harsh words

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or a repulsive statement. But Allah said to the English and look from the lot of Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, from the kindness of your Creator, he said to the angels pilot in the no matter Talamo, I know that which you do not know he didn't know. So you ignorant.

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You don't know what I'm talking about. But law said in the law.

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And this is a lesson for all of us brothers and sisters.

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That if you're talking to someone who is less fortunate than you in terms of status,

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in terms of n knowledge, in terms of anything of this Junior, we should approach that person with kindness and say to them like a loss of Hana without assets through the ages if they speak of something that we do not approve in the manner

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now here, Allah create Adam Allah he set up to a center and when he created Adam,

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Allah said to the angels

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for either So wait,

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one or two fee him he wrote he

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forgot hula hoop surgery.

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He said

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when I fashion him

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when I blow my soul into that being

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then all of you should press straight for the malleus Allah

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People usually don't even know the meaning of Adam. And we always say we are Benny Adam, which we are many Adam.

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Just as a side information, Adam AlLahi salatu salam, the word Adam

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means from a dark.

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When Adam Adam, he set out to a sudden was created, he was not white, or too dark.

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When a loss and the angel to bring the clay, the dirt that Adam was made off, they did not gather the clay under dirt from one spot. I'm bringing it back to Allah, but they chose from different spots of the earth. That's why we have different colors, because Adam AlLahi Salatu was Salam was clear from different parts of the earth. Likewise, because he was critical in different parts of the earth, we have different man's some of us very rigid, very harsh, very strong in their approach, others are very soft, very kind, very mine is because of how we were created. And because this was the nature of the earth, some of us are easy to approach and to talk to others, some hand a lot, it

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is so difficult to approach some of the Earth is so soft, somewhere so solid and hard. This is the nature of a human being. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said when I create this be with all that mix in it, mixture of this mixture of that.

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He said to the angels for the husar God forestry for other

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as soon as you admire their respective brothers and sisters in Islam, frustration or to time

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sujood eva frustration that we do because it is an act of worship. Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah said Western and Singapore honestly pray in this state or make sudo Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam needs to do that in order for us to make sudo. So this is a form of sujood that is an act of a bad, it belongs only to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. second type of frustration, was the precision of greeting called sujood.

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This was given to only two people as far as I know, to Adam alayhis Salatu was Salam. When the angels were ordered to prostrate for them, and to use of Allah His Salaam, when his father yaku, his mother, and his siblings came to Egypt, and then he elevated them to the throne. And then they may sue us for use of Annie, his salatu salam, for call the avati had that we know me. Oh, Father, this is the interpretation of my dream that I had before. Now, what about us? Should we allow someone to make suits for us? No, because we're admin in Jebel Ali alone, and he came from sham. He came to the city of Medina. And he ran to the Messenger of Allah and he made sujood. And then the messenger over

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last year more ad, what are you doing? He said he had a sort of law. I came from them. The Kings, the person, the Romans, he said, and there's subjects that they're people who follow them, they follow them, they make switches for them your solo law, you have more rights for sujood than them. So Rasulullah said no, no one is allowed to make sujood for anyone. Now here, Allah is talking about the angels and everyone in the presence of angels. What do you I mean, what do I mean by in the presence of angels? Was there someone other than angels with them? This is where we will expand insha Allah subhana wa tada after this short break, so stay tuned. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Rahim. Welcome back.

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I'm Zack and

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for watching peace TV and watching this show world of jinn.

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Now, let us continue with what I said earlier, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He gave the order to the angels and all of those who are with the angels now

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Allah is telling us in the Koran, and this is very, very unique, very beautiful, very vivid. See the beauty one of the beauty of the Quran is when Allah is talking to us in the Arabic language, the words of the Quran have the power to paint the picture the image in your brain, to the point that you see everything vividly. And in my mind, in your mind, probably, you can imagine a loss of Hanover to either over his throne, angels and the man in his solitude. Salatu was Salam. And says, We have never seen Allah subhanho wa Taala and no one ever seen Allah subhana wa tada? No, we've seen the angels. But only when we can imagine vividly and clearly is the face of a human who is Adam

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and Eve is Salatu was salam, a loss of Hannah what Diana created him with his own hands. He's the only human being that was ever created by the hands on the loss of Hanover to Anna direct. Now, Allah says to the angels fucka Ola who saw God first for surgery, the meta equal to

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all the angels, frustrated

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to Adam, due to the orders that came from a loss of Hanover in a release, except in release. Now Subhan Allah

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we know the angels of the law do not just obey a law

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and the orders was given to the angels. Does that mean it means was from the angels? The answer? My beloved brothers and sister is no

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but it leaves was part of the assembly of the angels he was there with them because he used to worship Allah subhana wa tada with the angels. And when Allah gave the order, he gave the order to everyone who was there, and he please did not make sujood though he's less than angels a law

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and Holly patient forbearing

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and Cody Aziz, who has the ultimate power to punish and forgive did not punish employees for the rejection of the order of a loss of Hannah Montana, rather a loss of Hannah who once again over the lap, on

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the clock that we can learn from this lesson.

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A lot of a movement.

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Now here Allah asked him nice Altima manner aka indifferent nirmanakaya Anta student in Mahalo to be

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he said what stopped you prevented you from making sushi what I have created with my own hand in another ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna said nema hanoch to be a that which I've created with my own boat, my own hands, my two hands was an indication, direct information from the Oran that Allah subhanho wa Taala had to have two hands. And the last that ended up on me Mahalo to be the my both hands. fair question.

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Former superior from the creator of the universe, from the one that was no need to one of his servants

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and the owner respond so unique. The owner responded at least came up with was not apologizing for what he did. But he said no, I will mean hakaniemi na

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t Listen to this.

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He said I am better than him. I am better than him.

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And he justified by saying You created me for me smokeless fire wahaca hoomin tin can you create him from a clay from a dirt I am better than

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Subhan Allah.

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Instead of obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala he decided to

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use his logic against two orders of Allah

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and follow his desire

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to feed their brothers and sisters in Islam.

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When the orders of Allah comes, we only have one option and one option alone. And that is to say submit now what

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We hear and we obey. We hear your statement or law and we obey us, we don't say,

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but this is what I mean. This is what I understand this is what I want, this is what should happen, we should say something

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from this brothers and sisters

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from this arrogant respond,

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self centered individual responded to his creator with such response, you will learn the following the evening subhanho wa Taala you will learn

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that he believes he used logic over the shadow, the rules of Allah subhanho wa Taala You will also learn that it believes he purified himself

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because he said Anna Hiraman I am better than he, I'm better than him.

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And this is called Tez Kia to knifes. When the person purifies himself and he says I am this I am that. That is unacceptable. The unknown loss of Hannah with Allah He says in the Quran, what are to the enforcer come who are Namibian money, tapa, do not purify yourselves. Do not give yourself a status of righteousness, Pierrot a place of Eman

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because a lot and he said, I know

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who is the true, righteous. And that's why he is so low and he will send them when a young lady came, and he said, What is your name? She said, righteousness. The messenger Allah said no change the name

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of a person even name or was he was named by his parents a name that it states or gives a person status of righteousness? He should or she should be changing that. But it leaves he gave himself that title. And he said, Anna hi Roman collecton Amina wahaca, who, in theory

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he blamed Allah subhanho wa Taala he blame because now when he disobeyed Allah, and Allah said, What is it Allah subhanho wa Taala removed? And then he said, For Bhima wait and he said, You're the one or a law who led me stray? You're the one who caused me to be like this. So he just obey Allah subhana wa Tada. base on his conclusion and disobedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, let us see

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where do we both have in common

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for humans, and jinn.

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both of us were blessed with intellect, with brain that allows us and enable us to develop

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years ago, when Allah subhanho wa Taala was talking about the human embryology or what happens in a human development,

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the science, the science of that time out or the evolution of science did not reach this level, that a person is able or through the equipment, they are able to see the fetus and see the development that takes place. So the reason that we develop is because Allah gave us the intellect

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and the brain to always analyze and improve. You would never see an animal, a dog or a cow or a cat or a camel, or horse.

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That would change his his status. A dog was always a dog, and he would be a dog until the end of time, he will be a dog. You will never see a dog who will fly or come up with new device, create something innovate new thing, you will never find them because they don't have the capacity that we were both blessed with.

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Also, we were giving the willpower to choose. Now Dana, who Sevilla ima Shakira, we're in Makkah fora, we have guided them both ways we gave them the option to be to choose to write just have all the evil.

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So we all both have that. Also, other thing that we have in common

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as both of us are responsible and accountable for what we do on the day of yom Okayama.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring our deeds in and jinn, both of us recorded in a book

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We offer with our own action, a book

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that we authored our own actions, not ink and paper, but actions. And Allah was say to us, pick your book, this is your book,

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cover have enough second yom is a video book, and you just yourself today. So we both have that

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as a human and Gene, we both receive the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala form the messengers of Allah, from the jinn and from the ends, keeping in mind that all the messengers of Allah, the one that has been inspired, were from the ends from the humans, however, they receive the message of the messengers overlock through other means, through other being in between.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala stated in the Koran, that some of them are true believers, others are not through the tongue of the jinn themselves when they said, we're in the middle casita, wamena, Duna, Danny, Conoco, he says some of us are righteous and some of us are evil, some of them are evil, and they said on we do follow different paths, different way of life. So, they have that also a will power to choose a message that they receive from a loss of panel what

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you realize the common ground that we both have,

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and we will touch upon a point, which is one of the crucial point of this, that will also explain why a person can be possessed by a gin why a person would act like a person was insane person out of control, a person who would lose his control and react and do things that was unusual uncharacteristic of him

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and sometimes to the point that he made go hurt or even killed someone. What would make him do this is because of the struggle of the cause of the point that we will be talking about, and this is the point that inshallah we will continue with the next episode in this panel with Allah panics audible as it was said, I'm mursaleen Salama, Hamza hamdulillah horrible animal ch Allah soon saramonic rahmatullah wa barakaatuh

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