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I wanted to talk about today based on a couple of apps

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and basically relates to what I talked about earlier today.

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And that is, from soup to Sumo. I am a 53, which we discussed in the author very briefly. Last jhana he says,

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to see him

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in the mind of

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a lost power tells the prophets a lot that you tell them say, Yeah, very badly. Oh my slaves

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for Allah and forcing him, those who have wronged themselves, they have transgressed against themselves by sitting. By disobeying the law, they have this they have done a disservice to themselves,

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Lauterbrunnen tomorrow,

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they are forbidden from ever, under any circumstances, despairing from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the light of the movie, Jamia

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las panatela, or forgive all the sins of a person in a while for him. Certainly Allah alone is the one who is all forgiving, and the constantly merciful.

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It's very important for us to understand

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that a lost power to Allah, His mercy, his forgiveness, his benevolence, his compassion, his kindness is something that has no it has no limits. It has no boundaries. It has no restrictions.

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It is beyond any of the sins or any wrong that any person could do.

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I lost my job and his mercy knows no limits. His forgiveness is beyond our comprehension. And to illustrate this point to us to make us understand that if a loss of autonomy

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was to address that, oh, my slaves, the ones who have complete eema are the ones who have Taqwa are the ones who are extremely pious

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that Allah subhanaw taala can forgive all of your sins, this wouldn't have had the same impact, as much as what a large power Johnna in this divine wisdom. And in his most miraculous way, how it must have done it has emphasized his point to us.

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when when when a teacher wants to show how generous he's feeling that day.

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He doesn't just give the sticker to the best student of the class.

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He doesn't give the golden star little sticker he's teaching second grade or third grade. And he wants to show the class how generous how kind now

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you know how happy he is today. He doesn't just give that little sticker to the best student of the class that does approve when

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that student gets a sticker.

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He finds the worst student he gives all the students a sticker, even the worst student of the class, the kid who constantly talks, who throws things across the room who never listened to what the teacher says he's always bothering the other children. That student even gets a sticker that day, that shows how generous the teacher was feeling that.

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And of course, what

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is the most exalted example.

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There's nothing like our last final agenda. But just to make us understand the thought the concept behind this is that a large part of our town is pointing out the evil sinful. And what I want you to know here is not only just addressing the believers, there's no restriction here than being a believer. This is even reaching out to the disbelievers. And the cathar. And the machine again, that even the sins they are committed the ship, they are doing the job they are involved. If they repent, and they come back looking forward to the mercy of a law they come back to a lot even though most Palmetto will forgive them.

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When this is something we know

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from the time of the prophet to license till today, we always have converts or reverts whenever you want to say brothers and sisters in our communities who have taken Shahada.

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How much power in this they are they are fully embraced by the forgiveness and the mercy and the blessing of lost power.

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Hello attendees reaching out to the farthest, the worst, the most sinful.

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The ones who unfortunately I mentioned this earlier today, the ones who unfortunately even sometimes we make the mistake are very inappropriate even we say things like, oh, like I just forget about him. That's not even worth your time. Oh, that No, those guys, they're just way too far gone.

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We say these things, these are very inappropriate things to say. We have no right to pass any type of this judgment on anyone. I talked about this in the dumps here a couple of nights ago about how this was the attitude of

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judging people. Based on maybe what they've done in the past.

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Who was rotten is Mercy is beyond our comprehension is so vast.

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In the footsie a loss the profits of ISO tells us Allah says, no benefit.

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Even if your sins were to reach the limits of the skies, meaning if a person was to cut start sending, and you would go on sinning, so much so that he would fill the entire Earth all the way to the sky full of his sins. But if you wish to repent to Allah subhanaw taala seek Allah's forgiveness. Only one time sincerely, Allah subhanho wa Taala says he would forgive all of the sins all at once well, while Apple Valley in our last panel will not this will be nothing from

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this will not even wait anything on the law to forgive all of his sins one shot just directly. Allah will take his sincere repentance, sincere repentance, not only that, but Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran

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11 Java Rama Amina

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Allah smart Allah tells us in a place in the Quran, where he says,

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Allah who said he has

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not only that, but a person could repent to Allah, go back to Allah, ask the forgiveness of Allah make an intention to change his life. And all of his sins, not only will allow us to forgive them, but a local convert all of his sins into good deeds for that person.

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This is how merciful Allah is. We have I said this earlier today, as well. But we're How long is a very, very strong word. It can't be thrown around lightly.

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It only applies to very, very specific and certain things. In fact, one of the things that Vanessa Eve did, that Doom dem, was the fact that they would make things harder, which we're not.

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So we have to be very careful about those words.

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But one of the things that is how in our deed, is to despair of the mercy of a western country, it is how it is forbidden, unless forbidding us in this ayah, la Takata, Mirage mochila. Never, ever despair, from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala no matter what you've done. And so sometimes, we all find ourselves at a local, we all have been in situations where we're even ashamed to look in the mirror. We can't even look at ourselves. We all have those moments where humans were weak. We have to strive to avoid those situations. When it happens, it occurs.

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In those moments, never despair with the mercy of Allah never feel too filthy, or too dirty, or too shameful to go and spread your hands before a lifespan of a toddler and beg and cry for his forgiveness. Love. Mercy is beyond any sin that we could do. It's much more powerful, much more greater than any act of disobedience a slave could committed. So we have to constantly have this firm conviction in the mercy and the forgiveness of Allah. There's a fine line between being aware of our sins and being mindful and being very basically accounting oneself and between getting down on stuff. This is beginning to lose the hope in the mercy of the last round in the forgiveness

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never. We constantly have to remain hopeful in another eye on the Quran as well. The lost power to Allah tells us in Surah 2000 I number 32 Allah subhanaw taala says through my own rough Maliki tarbela Dena Safina maneri babina.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that we have made inheritors of this book the Quran, we have given it as inherited we have made inheritors I Latina stuffing I mean

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certain people certain individuals, whom Allah has chosen from his slaves, he has made them the inheritors, of the inheritors of the book of Allah.

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This is talking about the believing woman and

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distributes them into three different categories. The first category our last panel tada says, For men who voluntarily enough so the first one from among said, they are the ones who have done wrong to themselves. They've wronged themselves by sending and disobeying the law. And then he says, woman who Nakata said, then the second category are the ones who are kind of in between, they do some good and they do some bad, they go to the machine one day, then they don't press a lot the next day.

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They're nice to somebody one day, then the curse somebody The next day, most of us in between the two. They're constantly kind of, you know, going back and forth trying to find their way. And then our last one will tell us as my main home savvy home bill argv, the love, and then there are those from amongst them, who are savvy coming up, they are at the front line of doing good deeds are at the front line of doing good deeds. These are the most righteous people of the community, the most knowledgeable of the community, the people that are identified as being good people within the community. But even though my federal law says this is only by the permission, and the wisdom of

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law, that they have the ability to do these things, they need to remember the credit for this goes to a loss of control time. Allah said, Daddy come work for me, this is the greatest blessing of

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this, in and of itself, is the greatest blessing. But what I want you to note here I was talking about a huge gift being given to the Luma being bestowed upon mankind. And that is our allies, I have made them the inheritors of the broth, I have made them the inheritors of the book of Allah. They inherited this from this book of Allah. And this is the greatest blessing.

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In this is the guidance in this is the cure for all the problems. And this is the mercy of Allah. This is a new, this is a light.

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But when a large power begins to break down the categories of the three people, the three kinds of individuals who have inherited this book, which one does you mentioned First,

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the most righteous, no.

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The ones right in between.

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Allah mentions the ones who are the most sinful.

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The most simple ones are mentioned first.

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reminding them that did not leave you out of this lesson.

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You might go on sinning, you've been disobedient. You haven't paid any heed to a lot from you. But Allah did not neglect you.

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Allah did not neglect you. He gave you the same blessing that he's given to the most righteous monster.

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This is how I always try to explain to us how merciful he is, how kind he is, how generous is how loving he is. These are the attributes of Allah,

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how loving he is,

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towards his slaves, that he mentioned his blessings. He mentioned his forgiveness. He mentioned his mercy. He mentioned the blessing of the Quran, by first mentioning the most sinful of his slaves.

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So think about if we actually started doing good, think about the great blessings received.

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So we should never ever despair from the mercy of Allah. Never despair from the forgiveness of Allah, no matter what situation we're in.

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When like I said earlier today, we everyone else closes their door on you.

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The door of Toba is always open

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the door that will take you back to the last panel Machado always remains open for you.

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And when you are at your lowest point, it's that door. if nobody's calling out to you stronger than ever more than ever. Come back come back. Don't well literally means you're going to have to come back to have

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to come back to us.

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So we constantly need to remember the scope. Remember to seek the forgiveness of Allah. Remember to seek the mercy of the loss Renata, the prophets of Allah Islam has taught us so many beautiful things about the world

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in what the prophet Alayhi Salaam says that the door of Toba is as vast as from the east all the way to the west.

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Doesn't matter how many senior carrying with you through the door. You know, it's almost think of this as the imagery even in the Hadith of the Prophet to let you know when you're carrying some luggage. What do we call sins? What do we call like, if somebody has some bad things? We call it baggage, right? That person has baggage. He has baggage, she has baggage. Everybody has baggage. So you know when you're carrying

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luggage, you're carrying baggage and you're trying to walk through a doorway, and it's too narrow, it's too tight, too small, you have to put your bags out. You can't walk through all your bags,

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that door of the West so wide. So you could have all the sins of the world and you could still walk through that door.

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That's a forgiveness of the last round. The Robert Allison told us, he said up until your soul man you have up until your soul is like leaving actually leaving your body up until that point of

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time, a will and can Allah can and will accept the doba the sincere repentance of his slave up until the point where his soul is actually physically leaving as well.

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That's the opportunity we have.

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So we need to seize this opportunity. And we can't put it off till tomorrow till tonight till anytime. I need to immediately repent to Allah, seek His forgiveness, seek His blessing, seek His mercy.

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Like I mentioned, this is the month of Ramadan this last few nights of d'amato from Allah. This is the questions. You know something else is very interesting about something very interesting. If you think about it, once again, no example can truly

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explain how great and how merciful and how forgiving lost power that is. But just to try to kind of conceptualize it.

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Think of the person in the entire world who loves you the most. Whoever that might be the one person in the world that loves you the most.

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Let's just say it's your mother. Because oftentimes, I say about mothers, mothers are in the strangest of a must prioritize creation.

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A mother, if her son was a serial killer,

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did horrible acts horrible things for rendus things. When he's been given the death penalty and executed, these mothers probably don't cry, my son is done.

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Even though our son was an axe murderer, or something crazy like that. This is how mothers This is how compassionate they are, how loving they are.

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So imagine your mother.

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Your mother loves you, no matter what you do. You could keep doing wrong to her. You could keep disrespecting her. You could keep disobeying her, you could keep doing bad things or whatever it might be stealing something from her disrespecting you or whatever it is.

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And every time you come back, I'm sorry. She keeps thinking that it's okay no problem at all. Just don't do it.

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Keep forgiving, keeps forgiving keeps shrinking.

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But eventually, a time will come where Ivan t would be

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that this is enough. Or if you if somebody, somebody he had the habit of he started stealing things from his mother.

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No matter how much his mother loves him.

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The dynamic of the relationship would begin to change. She wouldn't trust him as much. She began locking away the cash and the jewelry.

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Things like that.

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But less power to Allah is so loving, so merciful, so compassionate, that when we commit a sin,

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when we break a commendable law, when we disobey Allah subhanaw taala.

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And then we do toboe we actually become near dear and closer to Allah than before we have committed the sin. We've done something wrong. We should be even farther from the mercy of Allah. But when we come into sin, and we make Toba, Allah subhanaw taala brings us to the near to him. We become even dear to Allah that we were before we have committed this. Allah subhanaw taala loves this quality of a human being. Because he's crazy human being with this weakness that we all forget, we all slip up, we all make mistakes. We're all going to mess up at one time or another. But the quality that our loves is when that slave goes back and begs and pleads for less forgiveness. Allah subhanaw taala

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loves this within.

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He loves this to see from see this from mistakes. So we need to remember this. This is how loving and forgiving and merciful was prioritized. And then two other points that relate to this. One of them I made earlier today as well, that these ayat they also show us with a lot of mentioning his greatest blessings, the Koran, and when I was mentioning his forgiveness and his mercy, when he speaks first, before he speaks to the pious and the righteous when he speaks first to the sinful

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then we need to understand we have no right to ever by any means under any circumstances, to pass any judgment on an individual. We cannot

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Never, and this is a very, very bad. This is a very big problem within our communities oftentimes. And unfortunately the most, the more religious we tend to become the more self righteous we tend to become as well. May Allah subhanaw taala save us on something we need to be very conscious and very careful about. When we start getting more religious, more closer to a law, begin practicing our Deen more get more knowledgeable. Oftentimes, arrogance is a side effect of gaining knowledge. We can start to become self righteous see ourselves as being bigger and better than other people never.

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Absolutely never the profits a lot instead of always doubling every person, he treated every person give them every opportunity. address them so respectfully and equally. That one time this is a whole nother there. So I don't want to get started down this other up. But that one time where the prophets a lot of them seemed somewhat somewhat disturbed or perturbed by that by the blind. So having a beloved

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when he seemed somewhat disturbed by him interrupting him while he was giving Dawa to the leaders of flesh. What did he do? He reprimanded the prophets

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he reprimanded the prophet to manage the dead man, no matter how simple or how feeble he might seem,

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that man is just as deserving of the same respect the same accord the same time, the same attention that any great leader formation might be worth.

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So this is something we need to remember, we can never pass judgment on anyone.

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And the next the second point related to this that I wanted to make is that if Allah subhanaw taala loves nothing more

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than his sinful slave, turning around and coming back to him, leaving his bad ways, and correcting his life, if Allah subhanaw taala loves nothing more than this, the Think about that person.

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And how much of us power tele would love that individual who was the means and the cause of having people change their lives and come back around back to a loss? Think about them.

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The one who is the motivation, who is the cause, who is the means who's the one

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who's the one that kind of push nudge somebody along onto the back, on the road back to

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the door through the door of Dover, the person who's kind of encouraging a person through the door, think about how beloved that person must be to illustrate that he is bringing his slaves back to a law. And you know what those type of individual, you know, basically who This describes, this describes the profits allow the seller and the seller to sell.

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And the same opportunity is provided to us as well, of helping other people as well become closer to them. Once again, keeping the first point in mind, not by being self righteous, or by being preachy, or by judging people and rebuking people and yelling at people and telling them how sinful they are. No, through love, through compassion, through mercy through kindness.

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Bringing people along, helping people sometimes people, there are individuals today out there, just waiting for somebody to speak to them nicely kindly. They want a sympathetic ear, that will sit maybe listen to them for a few minutes. They just made me want some company especially like amongst the youth, they just want somebody to be able to hang out with

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and then when somebody is there to hang out with them, be nice to them. treat them like a normal human being.

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Then they don't care if you take them to the bar where you take them to the masjid. They're yours to take wherever you want to take.

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This is what we can do. This is what we need to begin to do. We cannot get too comfortable in our own little comfort zone. This is my Western microm my salon I forgot my heart, my camera, my my my that's it everybody else Leave me alone.

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We cannot this was not the attitude of the prophets Allah Lisa.

00:24:24--> 00:24:29

By no means the mentality of the prophets Allah or the approach that resides with the prophets.

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We need to make an effort ourselves. Start making dough by returning back to a lot and become the means and the motivation

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and provide others an opportunity to also make domain start coming back to a loss.

00:24:45--> 00:24:51

So May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to practice everything that we should have heard this. So how