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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fasting during the month ofams and the need for people to start out the day fast. They stress the importance of fasting and the meaning behind fasting, as well as the importance of praying with the church during worship. The speakers also emphasize the importance of praying with others during busy hours and emphasize the need for support during programming shootings. attendees are encouraged to share links with others and to support their work.
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Mr. Lackey well hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was talking he edge marine Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome back to another session of Ramadan FAQs, where we

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try to answer your questions.

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And hamdulillah we've been doing this everyday here in the month of Ramadan for the last half of the month of Ramadan. And inshallah we'll be doing continuing to do it throughout the end of the month of Ramadan. So let's go ahead and jump right into it, and start answering your questions in sha Allah. All right. So first question that we have today, we're going to start with questions about fasting because again, that is obviously relevant. If someone became very sick and fainted after getting the first COVID shot, and the second shot is scheduled during Ramadan.

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Is it okay if this person doesn't fast and makes it up later? Or should this person start up fast and then break it if necessary? So I think what the questioner is asking is that if somebody is scheduled for their vaccination during the month of Ramadan, then is it okay for that person to go ahead and not fast that day, or should the person start fasting that day, and then if they don't feel well, then they'll break the fast and make it up a later day, that person should start out the day fasting, because they are not sick, yet, it is not a certainty that they will be sick, it's very likely it's possible, whatever the case is, but because they are not sick at the moment, they

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technically are not excused from fasting yet. So what they need to do is like, for instance, if someone's going to be traveling, and they're not already traveling, they need to start out the day fasting. And then once they start traveling, now they are allowed to break the fast enough started the fast. So same thing will apply in terms of sickness, you can kind of anticipate it and not fast, start fasting. And then if you don't feel okay, then of course, you're able to opt out of the fast and make it up at a later date.

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someone saying if you're on a plane and don't know if it's sunset, how do you break your fast? Again, you just have to kind of guesstimate, you look out the window. If it's dark, then you should be good to go. Alright.

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Someone said that in grades seven and eight, I broke my fast for invalid reasons. What do I do specifically? So assuming that you were of age, at that point, you would basically not only makeup that day, but when you say you broke it for invalid reasons.

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I'm, I'm pretty sure that's, you know, though, I think I understand what you mean. And so, technically speaking, you would have to not only make up that date that you broke the fast, but you would have to do what we call a kuthodaw you would have to pay a penalty. All right, which can be fasting for 60 days. Two months consecutively, excuse me, are feeding 60 poor people out on my sacking. Alright, so a kuthodaw should be offered. We're lucky to allow them to survive and Allah knows best. Okay, can they live because it'd be on different days in different countries?

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I don't know, to be honest with you. But there are some narrations that some of the companions did comment on that and did say that, um, that some people did.

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Some of the companions did state that, you know, it's possible that les little Thunder is different days for people in different regions. You know, overall, what we always have to remember is never restrict the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala

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All things are possible with the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay.

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We have

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someone asked a question online. And that question is, there's a fatwa given by scholars about a way this account can be given to a mother says school they said that they said to give this to an algebra person first with intention that the person will then gift it to the mother. So is this a valid way of paying Zakat? So technically speaking, you know, by the lecture of the law, sure. Does it really align with the spirit of the law?

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Well, luckily, Allah knows best I would venture to say no, that it doesn't really align with the spirit of the law.

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So I would discourage it. Now, somebody could technically try to argue that but technically, it's permissible and it's okay. And no one's doing anything wrong. Technically, technically, technically. And that pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Well, luckily, Tanada.

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So saying, Can you please talk about subject to our while reading the Quran? Do you do this as at the end of the day? Or wait until the end of the surah? How do you do this such a very good, very simple, you do this is that at the end of the idea in which such occurs, the way you do the subsidy is that if you're standing up, you can go from the standing position, if you're sitting down, you can just do it from the sitting position, you will do one such as by saying Allahu Akbar,

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go into such a, you will say normally what you saying such as Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah, there is a special blob, but that is sufficient. And then you will say Allahu Akbar, and you will sit back up.

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And that's it. You're done. All right. You don't have to do Salaam or to seam or anything else. Okay.

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Another question is, for other prayers, should they be performed at the time of the original prayer? For example, making up the heart of the whole time? No, that is not a condition. You can make them up whenever you get the opportunity. Next question, what should we think about during prayer? Should we think of the meanings of the words or thinking about the blessings in our lives? Neither is really bad. I would, once again personally advise thinking about reflecting on the meaning of the words that you're reciting. You're reading them for a reason. Right? So that's what I would emphasize.

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Another question, someone saying that in the subcontinent for last night's Ramadan, we were told to read, but the armory to make up for the Miss for prayers. Is this authentic? It's not a question of authentic or not. What they're basically I think, trying to say is that the last 10 nights are very blessing nights. You want to you want to be praying during those nights, you want to be doing good during those nights. You want to seek forgiveness during those nights, you want to make up for any make any mistakes during those nights. So that's why they're saying that why don't you start making up all the prayers you have missed during the lesson nights.

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All right, so that's what's called cada armory

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can force him to be prayed together or should it be prayed? Two plus two? All right, can unfortunately be prayed together should be prayed to by two, two plus two.

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For some that can be prayed together. Now, it's so it is permissible. It's okay. However, it's a second question Now, which one is preferable? Is it better to do the forcing that together or split them up two plus two? So it depends, right? First of all, you're praying in the nighttime or you're praying in the daytime? Okay, and then number two, there's a difference of opinion at night. Everyone generally agrees, praying two and two and two and two is better. But during the daytime, there are some similar prayers like the her

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before the war, that some of the scholars like Amanda hanifa say they should be prayed that it's better to pray them for all together. And then some of the scholars that came out Miss Sheffield he say it's better to do them two plus two. We're lucky to turn on him Allah knows best if I want to break out next question.

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If one skips with to pray after 200 but then couldn't wake up and misses the winter how do we make them up? You just pray them after the sun has risen? You just don't do it during your time and then you don't do it after you've prayed for and then you don't do it during the sunrise. You do it after the sun has risen. Okay.

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If I want to break the 100 next question if I want to break 200 should I pray three whichever with the Imam after taraweeh and get up after he says Salaam are not joining on the winter prayer. Okay. Um the better thing to do in that situation. So, what I would honestly advises to pray with him with the email

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And then still pray your tahajjud I know you're trying to save your with it. But Ramadan's The only time that we can do within the congregation so it actually would be more advisable to do that with the with the mom get that blessing of the Jamaat the congregation, and then still wake up later or stay up later in premier tahajjud however you would like. We're lucky 10 out of a solo.

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All right. Do you still do a sister of tilava? When you hear in if such that in a past recording?

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The general position of the scholars is no.

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There's no sense at the level when you're listening to old recordings. But luckily xR as opposed to like a live stream verse citation. Okay.

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Very good. And someone's asking that, as a new mom with a few weeks old baby, the sister says, with the level of attention and care that the baby needs, how can the mom benefit from him along especially lesson nights when there's almost no time and energy left after caring for the baby. So this is where you have to remember the very powerful element of difficult what the boy what to that quote, right? connecting your mind in your heart to Allah subhanaw taala reflection, focus, contemplation, just connecting to Allah subhanaw taala

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you know more your mind in your heart

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is a very powerful way to be able to have that benefit during the lesson days and less than nights. And always remember and understand that Allah subhanaw taala knows your circumstance. And Allah subhanaw taala understands your situation better than you do. And so, in very little that you do, you will find a lot of blessing and a lot of reward and a lot of fulfillment and tranquility, in shot loving Allah.

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Okay, so I know that I got started a little bit late today.

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But I'm going to wrap it up for today. Kept it a little bit shorter. Just a lot of different things to get to it is the last 10 nights, the end the last seven days of Ramadan. But I appreciate everyone for logging on for joining us. zachman located on Baraka, Luffy calm, thank you very, very much. And as a reminder

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that tomorrow, Saturday, late night, basically kind of like you say Saturday going into Sunday

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we're going to be having the film for young it's going to be a really awesome beautiful programming shot loving the love.

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You know with very powerful reflections from our scholars have alum, so please plan to tune in and join in and login. If you go to Calum live.com if you go to

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If you go to lm live.com, then in sha Allah, you will be able to

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view the whole program and some folks are asking when is the program start, it will start at 1pm Central Time 1am Central time, but if you go to find them live.com right now, you'll be able to know exactly what time that is for you timezone wise and you'll be able to schedule a reminder so that you'll be reminded of as soon as the program goes live. So please please join us for that. And as always support alarm.com all of this work

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is 100 loving done by the team here our column and we are happy to serve and happy to make all these resources available. All we ask you is to support the work that we are doing and go to support column comm share that link with others as well. With that inshallah, I will go ahead and wrap up today's FAQ and I will see you all again tomorrow, which is Camilla who came on was set out on a comme rahmatullahi wa barakatuh